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Will/Testament of Thomas Tucker

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Will/Testament of Thomas Tucker

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Posted: 16 Mar 2000 5:00AM GMT
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I Thomas Tucker considering the uncertainty of this mortal life and being of sound mind and memory do make and publish this my last will and testament in the manner and form following viz-
I give and bequeath to my son Pointun, one feather bed and furniture, one cow and calf and one sow and pigs to be delivered when he calls for them and I give and bequeath unto my daughter Rody, a certain proven account on the estate of James Calbert, son deceased for two hundred dollars---it is further my will and testament that all the rest of residue and remain of all my estate and effects, real and persona, whatever and wheresoever not herein before otherwise disposed of, should be kept together by my dear and beloved wife Elizabeth until her death and after her death to be equally divided amongst my dear children, viz-Jargaret, William, Jeremiah, Sarah, Mary, Pointun, John, Rody, and my grandson John Thomas Dingler; but if my said grandson John should die before he becomes of age, then his part to return to my other children, and it is further my will that my dear sons William and John should be executors of this my last will and statement. in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 27 of June, 1821.

Thomas Tucker (Mark)

Signed, sealed and declared by the testator to be his last will and testament in presents of us who have here set our names as witnesses to the same
JJ Wilkerson JP
James Beeland
Green Culbertson

Court of Ordinary November Term 1821., Came into court, J. Wilkerson and Green Culberson two of the witness to the will and being duly sworn say that they saw Thomas Tucker sign, seal, and publish and declare this intrustment of writing to be his.


One lot of earthen and glass ware 11.00
1 cupboard 5.00
1 side board 1200
2 looking glasses 4.00
1 lot of books, sugar canister and pair of cards 5.00
2 shot guns and powder horn 31.00
1/2 dozen sitting chairs 6.00
5 counterpanes, 3 sheets, one bed cover , two quilts,
4 sets pillow cases, stand of curtains, 2 trunks and 2 chests 60.00
1 clock 7.00
1 bed stead and furniture 30.00
1 crop cut saw, 2 tables, 2 spinning wheels 9.00
8 jugs, 1 loom and gear 10.00
1 safe, 1 lot of pewter, 28.00
shovel and tongs, fire dogs, pan handle and ladle 2.50
1 jar, 1 lot of tin ware, 1 lot water vessels 5.50
1 knife box, knives, forks 4.00
8 axes, 9 hoes, 6 plows, 1 lot of tools 17.50
1 lot of cooking tools 8.00
1 lot of articles of different descriptions 10.00
4 bee hives, flax wheel 11.00
2 tubs and half bushel measure 7.00
4 stands, 1 bridle, 1 carding machine, amt. carried over $390.75
1 spinning machine 25.00
1 horse whip, 2 cow hides, 18.00
7 stands and 3 smalls one, 2 scyths 10.00
2 hooks and log chain, 14 bushels of wheat 21.75
1 lot of leather, one yoke oxen, cart 152.50
1 cow, 1, yearling 11.00
1 black cow and calf, 1 black yearling 15.00
2 stacks fodder, 1 bull 8.00
1 riding chair and harness 15.00
1 roan horse 150.00
1 bay colt 50.00
1 lot of corn supposed to be forth barrels 100.00
1 lot of fodder and oats 6.00
1 negro man named Sam 800.00
10 heard of geese 5.00
2 sheep 4.00
23 head of hogs 70.00
1 grind stone 1.00
1 side saddle 12.00
1 red heifer yearling 3.00


We do hereby certify on oath that as far as was produced to us by the Executors the
within contains a true appraisement of the good, chattel and credits of the Estate of Thomas Tucker to the best of our judgement-this 26th November 1821.
James Beeland
Thomas Pennington
Gilbert Shaw
Edwin Sturdervant

I do here certify that the above appraisers were sworn to perform their duty according to law this 26 November 1821.
Recorded 22 December 1821
John Gibson C.C.P

First Generation

1. Thomas TUCKER. Glynn Co. Georgia Militia Aug 1793-Jan 1794 lists:
Andrew Tucker-on 1790 Ga. Census
Hezekeah Tucker
Thomas Tucker
Willoughby Tucker

Research: Data take from will of Thomas Tucker, on file Jasper County, Georgia

He married Elizabeth TUCKER. They had the following children:

2 i. Thomas TUCKER

3 ii. John TUCKER

4 iii. Margaret TUCKER

5 iv. Jeremiah TUCKER

6 v. Sarah TUCKER

7 vi. Mary TUCKER

8 vii. Pointun (Sic) TUCKER

9 viii. Rody TUCKER

Second Generation

2. Thomas TUCKER. Born 17 Feb 1796 in75. Christen in See Notes On White Pages Also. Died 27 Jan 1884 in Chambers Co. ALA.

Burke Co., Headright Grants 1790- 1795, lists a Thomas Tucker and Sara Tucker (parents?)

Research: Thomas Tucker in listed in the 1840 Chambers Co. Census; 4 males 6 females

Sources: 1850 and 1860 Chambers Co. Census Records
Jasper Co Ga Marriage Records
Chambers Co Ala Marriage Records

HH635 in 1860 Chambers Co Census. Martha (Tucker) Still is living in the household, presumbly upon the death of her husband, John C. Still, who she married in 1855.

He married Sarah F NORRIS, 13 Mar 1820 in Monticello Ga, Jasper Co. Born 28 May 1800. Died 16 Apr 1891 in Chambers Co. ALA. They had the following children:

10 i. John E TUCKER

11 ii. Nancy E TUCKER

12 iii. Sarah F TUCKER

13 iv. Lucenia M. (Cenie) TUCKER

14 v. Thomas A TUCKER

15 vi. Martha A TUCKER

16 vii. Josiah TUCKER

3. John TUCKER. Born 12 Dec 1790 in See Notes Above. Christen 69 in74. Died 9 May 1882 in Chambers Co., Ala. Buried in Macedonia Cemetary.

Research: 1. John TUCKER - 126 (12 Dec 1790 - 9 May 1882) & Mary Clay TUCKER - 125 (Nov 1792 - 16 Sep 1875)
1. Elizabeth TUCKER - 124 (30 Jan 1828 - 16 May 1910) & James WILLOUGHBY - 48 (14 Feb 1825 - 17 Oct 1896)
2. Luisa B TUCKER - 448
3. Angeline A TUCKER - 454 m. John S. Sorrells

4. Daniel TUCKER - 455 & Elizabeth ANDERSON - 456
5. Amanda TUCKER - 506
6. John J. TUCKER - 507

next door # 588
James J Tucker 28, B. GA.
Elisabeth 21 B.GA

Thomas E 5/12 ALA

In Chambers Co. ala 1850 Census John Tucker is in H587, age 59, born in Georgia. His wife is Mary, age 50. The children are Angeline age 27, Amanda 25, and Elizabeth A. 22.

He married Mary Clay TUCKER, 5 May 1817 in Jasper Co. GA. Born Nov 1792 in Virginia. Died 16 Sep 1875 in Chamber Co. Ala. Buried in Macedonia Cemetary.

Research: 1860 Chambers Co Census and marriage Records

They had the following children:

17 i. Floyd TUCKER

18 ii. Mary TUCKER

19 iii. James J TUCKER

20 iv. Elizabeth TUCKER

21 v. Lousia Bufart TUCKER

22 vi. Andaline Amanda A TUCKER

23 vii. Daniel TUCKER

24 viii. John J. TUCKER

4. Margaret TUCKER.

5. Jeremiah TUCKER.

6. Sarah TUCKER.

7. Mary TUCKER.

8. Pointun (Sic) TUCKER.

9. Rody TUCKER.

Third Generation

10. John E TUCKER. Born 1825 in GA.

11. Nancy E TUCKER. Born 1827 in GA.

12. Sarah F TUCKER. Born 1830 in GA.

She married David STILL, 29 Apr 1859 in Chambers Co Al.

13. Lucenia M. (Cenie) TUCKER. Born 1832 in GA.

She married William W. BARTLETT, 15 Jan 1852 in Chambers Co Ala. Born 1829.

14. Thomas A TUCKER. Born 1833 in GA. Christen 78.

15. Martha A TUCKER. Born 1837 in GA.

She first married John C STILL, 4 Jan 1855 in Chambers Co. Ala.

16. Josiah TUCKER. Born 1840 in GA.

17. Floyd TUCKER. Born 1817 in Monroe Co. GA. Buried Killed In Civil War.

18. Mary TUCKER. Born 1820.

She married William C GERMANY, 5 Aug 1860 in Chambers Co Al. Born 1798.

Research: William C Germany and family are listed in the Chambers Co 1840 Census; 2 males, 4 females, 19 slaves.

In 1850 Chambers Co Census William C. Germany is living in H241 , age 52 with his children by his first wife. Sarah F, William C. Martha J. Louisa, and Amanda E. he owns 38 slaves and personal value is $45,000. All of the children were born in Alabama.

Upon the death of his first wife, William maried Mary A. Tucker on 5 Aug 1960 at the restidence of John Tucker. Chambers Co. ML V 5 #590-1.


Surveyed: May 17, 1998 by Melissa Smith
Made available to The USGenWeb Archives by Melissa Smith -

Location: About 12 miles north of Dadeville, near the Buttston Community, on Germany's
Ferry Road. After crossing Germany's Ferry Bridge over the Tallapoosa River heading
towards Daviston, cemetary is visible on the right side of the road. The cemetary is
not kept up, but due to moss covering the ground, it has not become overgrown.

Note: I am listing the names as they are on the markers. In the *** ( )***
I will put my notes, maiden names, and/or spell out the full names if initials
are on the marker. I have put no spaces between some listed as they are buried
next to their spouse. The Germany's are my ancestors so I know who most of them were.
The Germany's owned the land there and operated a ferry crossing the Tallapoosa River
during the 1800's and early 1900's, although I don't know exactly when the ferry ceased
Morris T GERMANY Mar 13, 1830 Jan 23, 1910 ***(Morris Towles Germany)***
Eugenia C GERMANY Apr 3, 1841 Feb 8, 1910 ***(Eugenia C Bosworth)***

J A GERMANY born April 8, 1844 departed this life July 10, 1898

***(James A Germany)***

Cora infant daughter of G J and E L BERRY Sept 2, 1872 Aug 19, 1874

***(Broken marker...George J Berry & Elvira L Germany Berry)***

William GERMANY Feb 18, 1829 ***(Died Apr 10, 1910)***

Pvt Co D 34 ALA INF Confederate States Army

In memory of James GERMANY Born Apr 23, 1801 died Jan 15, 1871
ELTC on head and foot markers only ***(This is Elvira L Towles Germany born Feb 16, 1806

died May 7, 1890 wife of James Germany)***

Amaranda wife of B J Vines born Sept 13, 1836 died June 9, 1906

***(Amaranda Germany)***

In memory of Annie Lou GERMANY Born Nov 15, 1879 died Feb 28, 1881

1 adult grave marked with fieldstones at head and foot

Robert C GERMANY Feb 21, 1846 Nov 13, 1892

Pvt Co K 8 Confed Cav Confederate States Army

Julia Bob daughter of Mark M and H E GERMANY Born June 15, 1905 died June 16, 1905

Mark M GERMANY born July 22, 1881 died Jan 10, 1910

The Lord seeth not as man seeth for man looketh on the outward appearance but the Lord

looketh on the heart. ***(This is a 10'x10' cement slab. There appears to be someone

else buried with him but there is only one tall massive headstone with the above


Annie L GERMANY 1864-1906 At Rest ***(Only dates)***

Levis GERMANY Mar 7, 1901 Jan 23, 1904 Asleep in Jesus

1 infant grave marked with fieldstones at head and foot

John T GERMANY 1837-1923 Pvt Co G 10 ALA Cav Confederate States Army
Nancy E GERMANY 1842-1894 ***(Dates only on both markers in same plot)***

1 adult grave marked with fieldstones at head and foot

In memory of Lessie daughter of J R and L L MORGAN Born Jan 20, 1882 died Feb 9, 1884

In memory of Esther infant daughter of J R and L L MORGAN Born and died Apr 2, 1883

In memory of Charly and Solly twin sons of J R and L L MORGAN Born and died 7 Nov 1880

2 childs graves marked with fieldstones at head and foot

3 adult graves marked with fieldstones at head and foot

William Oscar GERMANY Aug 1, 1871 May 23, 1910 The Lord is my shepard

Annie HOLLEY wife of G L Holley died 1898 ***(Only date)***

Cumi WILLIS died 1896 erected by Ruby H Robertson ***(Only date)***

Infant son of Mr and Mrs W W WHITE ***(No dates)***

Annie E GERMANY Oct 26, 1876 Aug 2, 1961

Morris J GERMANY Oct 29, 1890 May 28, 1942 ***(These 3 graves are enclosed in a
Mary Bell GERMANY Jan 28, 1892 Nov 9, 1972 plot with cement blocks)***
1 unknown grave marked with a small marble marker at head

The following inscriptions were copied from one large monument.
The inscriptions are on all four sides of the monument.
I am listing them exactly as they are and in order going clockwise on the monument.
Side one:
Our Father and Mother
Jas. Germany
Apr 23, 1801
Jan 15, 1871
also his wife
Elvira L Towles
Feb 16, 1806
May 7, 1890

Side two:
Feb 18, 1829
Morris T
Mar 13, 1830
Ann S wife of J T Berry
Sept 18, 1831

Side three:
Mary C wife of H H Mapp
May 17, 1833 Oct 12, 1867
Thomas C Feb 23, 1835 Feb 7, 1857
Amaranda wife of B J Vines
Sept 15, 1836

Side four:
John T
Mar 23, 1838
Elvira L wife of G J Berry
Feb 16, 1841
James Jr
Apr 8, 1844
Feb 21, 1846 Nov 13, 1892

19. James J TUCKER. Born 26 Aug 1821 in AL. Died 22 Dec 1896 in Chambers Co AL. Buried in Old Rock Springs Cemetery.

next door to father, John Tucker in200cs 5
next door # 588
James J Tucker 28, B. GA.
Elisabeth 21 B.GA

Thomas E 5/12 ALA

1850 Chambers Co Census
ML V3 # 491 issued to James J. Tucker and Elizabeth Ratchford.

He married Elizabeth RATCHFORD, 23 Dec 1847 in Chambers Co Al. Born 25 Dec 1827. Died 3 Apr 1909 in Chambers Co AL. Buried in Old Rock Springs Cemetery. They had the following children:

25 i. Thomas E TUCKER

20. Elizabeth TUCKER. Born 30 Jan 1828 in71 GA. Died 16 May 1910 in Macedonia Church, Chambers Co. Ala.

She married James WILLOUGHBY, son of Robert WILLOUGHBY & Elizabeth MEADOWS, 26 Dec 1876 in Chambers Co. Ala. Born 14 Feb 1825 in50. Died 17 Oct 1896. Buried in Macedonia Baptist Ch., Chambers Co., ALA.6.

Coweta Ga. Cencus 1860
James Willoughby 31
Sarah 33
William 9
John G 7
James F 4
Lowella 11/12

Research: 1860 Census of Ga; Coweta Co-833

21. Lousia Bufart TUCKER. Born 1831 in Monroe Co. GA.

She married Abner P STEWART, 16 Nov 1865 in Chambers Co Ala.

22. Andaline Amanda A TUCKER. Born 9 Sep 1824 in GA. Died 6 Dec 1869.

She married John Sanders SORRELL, son of Green SORRELL & Susannah BARNETT, 18 Feb 1862 in AL. Born 15 Nov 1816. Died 29 Jun 1898.

Research: Chambers Co Census 1860 H 694 lists children

23. Daniel TUCKER.

24. John J. TUCKER. Born 1834 in Monroe Co. GA.

Fourth Generation

25. Thomas E TUCKER. Born 6 Jan 1850 in Chambers Co. AL. Died 24 Aug 1876 in Chambers Co AL. Buried in Old Rock Springs Cemetery.

Reference Note 50
Coweta Ga. Cencus 1860
James Willoughby 31
Sarah 33
William 9
John G 7
James F 4
Lowella 11/12

Reference Note 69
fought in War of 1812

In 1830 GA. Census, John is listed in Jasper Co. Ga. where he married in 1817.

Reference Note 71
Elizabeth A. Tucker, wife of James Willoughby, on tombsone

Reference Note 74
John Tucker was on 1883 list of pensioners, #6,846 residence Chambers Co. Ala. I,A. Burke, Postmaster at Chambers Court House, town of LaFayette do certify that W. Castly and Samuel Newman, witnesses who ttified to the loyalty of John Tucker in his claim for pension as a soldier in the War of 1812 under act of Feb. 14, 1871; I am convinced of good character for truth and veracity etc...

On 18 April 1871, before John Apppleby, Judge Probate Court, came John Tucker, aged Eighty, a resident of chambers Co. Ala declare he wass married i Jassper County Ga. on fifth day of May, 1817, that he served and wa drafted in Capt John Reed"s Co, Wimberly's regiment, Blackshears brigade, at Camp Hope, Ga. 1814, honorably discharged at Darien, Ga. 1815. He obtained a land warrand and he can not recollect whether said disschare is at Washington D C or not, If no, then it is lost.

John x Tucker (his mark)
1850 Census
John Tucker 59
Mary 56
Angeline 17
Amanda 25
Elisabeth A 22
Louissa B 19
John J 16

next door # 588
James J Tucker 28, B. GA.
Elisabeth 21 B.GA

Thomas E 5/12 ALA

Reference Note 75
1830 Ga. Census lists a Thomas Tucker in CAM CO.192

1850 Census Chambers Co. Ala. District 19#5
Thomas Tucker 54
Sarah F 46
John E 25
Sena M 22
Thomas A 17
Sarah F
Martha A 12
Josiah 10

Reference Note 78
Was a member of the 14th Alabama Infantry Regiment, organized in Auburn in August 1861. Went to Huntsville; saw actio a Williamsburg, Seven Pines and Mechanicsville, and was almost annihilated at Fredricksburg.

1820 Ga. Census lists a Green Sorrell in Gwinette Co.

BARTLETT, William W., spouse of 13
GERMANY, William C, spouse of 18
NORRIS, Sarah F, spouse of 2
RATCHFORD, Elizabeth, spouse of 19
SORRELL, John Sanders, spouse of 22
STEWART, Abner P, spouse of 21
STILL, David, spouse of 12
STILL, John C, spouse of 15
TUCKER, Andaline Amanda A 22
TUCKER, Daniel 23
TUCKER, Elizabeth 20
TUCKER, Elizabeth, spouse of 1
TUCKER, Floyd 17
TUCKER, James J 19
TUCKER, Jeremiah 5
TUCKER, John 3
TUCKER, John E 10
TUCKER, John J. 24
TUCKER, Josiah 16
TUCKER, Lousia Bufart 21
TUCKER, Lucenia M. (Cenie) 13
TUCKER, Margaret 4
TUCKER, Martha A 15
TUCKER, Mary 18
TUCKER, Mary 7
TUCKER, Mary Clay, spouse of 3
TUCKER, Nancy E 11
TUCKER, Pointun (Sic) 8
TUCKER, Rody 9
TUCKER, Sarah 6
TUCKER, Sarah F 12
TUCKER, Thomas 1
TUCKER, Thomas 2
TUCKER, Thomas A 14
TUCKER, Thomas E 25
WILLOUGHBY, James, spouse of 20

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