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Posted: 24 Jan 1998 5:00AM GMT
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Surnames: Garrard, McClelland, Gilmer, Gilmore, Whitley, Givens, Clark, Glover, Goar, Goodwin, Gordon, Grant, Bryan, Johnson, Haggin, Trigg, Harbeson, Hardin, Harlan, Harrison, Higgin, Harrod, Hart, Haycraft, Helm, Hynes, Hinkston, Ruddle, Hobson, Wayne, Hogland, Holder, Hood, Hoy, Huston, Irvin, Johnson, Kellar, Kenton, Kilgore, Barker, Kincheloe, Shelby, Kuykendall, Leach, McCracken, Lee, Leitch, Lewis, Patterson, Lair, Lindsey, LeCompt, Linn, Littell, Twetty, Bullitt, Lynch

GARRARD'S STATION: Hamilton Co OH, on Little Miami; April, 1796.


GILMER'S LICK: 7 miles from WHITLEY'S STATION, Lincoln Co.

GILMORE'S STATION: 12 miles E of Mountsterling, Montgomery Co.

GIVENS' (ARTHUR) STATION: 1 1/4 miles SW of Danville, on a branch of Clark's run; settled before Feb 1780; afterwards called John REED'S STATION.

GLOVER'S STATION: On Green River, where Greensburg now stands; 1780.

GOARS' STATION: Franklin Co, N side of Elkhorn Creek.

GOODWIN'S STATION: On the Rolling Fork; 1780.

GORDON'S STATION: 1779, Mercer Co.

GRANT'S LICK: Campbell Co, 5 miles from Alexandria, on road to Falmouth; salt made there before 1800.

GRANT'S STATION: Settled by Col John GRANT, 1779, who abandoned it in 1780 and moved back to NC, but returned and re-settled it in 1784- within 5 miles NE of BRYAN'S STATION, near where Lowe's is, on Ky. Cen. RR near Fayette and Bourbon line.

GREAT CROSSINGS STATION: Scott Co, bout 2 miles W of Georgetown; same as Col JOHNSON'S STATION.

GRUBBS STATION: Settled by Capt Higgason GRUBBS, on Muddy Creek, Madison Co, before Oct 1792.


HARBESON'S STATION: Probably in E part of Washington Co, on road from Harrodsburg to Bardstown.

HARDINSBURG: County seat of Breckinridge, originally a station erected by Capt HARDIN; laid out as a town in 1782.

HARDIN'S STATION: Same as Hardinsburg above.

HARLAN'S STATION: On Salt River, Mercer Co, 7 miles SE from Harrodsburg and 3 miles SW of Danville; built by Major Silas HARLAN, 1778.

HARRISON'S STATION: 2 miles from HIGGIN'S FORT, about 3 miles from Cynthiana, Harrison Co, before 1786.

HARROD'S STATION: 6 miles est of Harrodsburg, in Mercer Co, on the present road to Danville; settled by Col James HARROD.

HARROD'S TOWN: Or HARRODSBURG STATION, where Harrodsburg now stands, in Mercer Co; settled by James HARROD, 1774. The fort- located on the hill which, in 1834, was occupied by the seminary building, and which included a considerable spring of water at its foot - was begun during the winter of 1775-'6, but not finished until the ensuing season.

HART'S OR WHITE OAK SPRING STATION: 1 mile above Boonesboro, in same KY river bottom, in Madison Co; settled in 1779 by Nathaniel HART and some families from PA.

HARTFORD STATION: Where Hartford, Ohio Co, now is, before 1790.


HAZEL PATCH: On the Cumberland Gap road, Laurel Co.

HELM'S STATION, HAYCRAFT & HYNES: Settled by Capt Thos HELM, in 1780, on the spot now occupied by the late Gov John L HELM'S residence; the 2nd, named after Samuel HAYCRAFT, was on the hill above the cave spring; while HYNES, settled by Col Andrew HYNES, occupied the other angle of a triangle where Elizabethtown now stands; they were one mile apart.

HIGGIN'S BLOCK HOUSE: On bank of Licking; 1 1/2 miles above Cynthiana, Harrison Co, opposite mouth of Selelrs' Run; before 1786.

HINKSTON'S STATION: In Harrison Co, on South Licking, 1 1/2 miles above Higgins' Blockhouse, and a short distance below Hinkston Creek; was first settled by Isaac RUDDLE and others, and called RUDDLE'S STATION until "taken by the Indians" in 1780; when re-settled, afterwards, it was oftenest caled Hinkston's, after John HINKSON, the most prominent of the re-settlers.

HOBSON'S CHOICE: The camping ground of Gen WAYNE, 1793, on the Ohio River, blow (and now in) Cincinnati - the very spot now occupied by the gas works, but reaching above and below that.

HOGLAND'S STATION: Jefferson County, on Beargrass, 1780.

HOLDER'S (JOHN) STATION: On Kentucky River, 2 miles below Boonesboro.

HOODS' STATION: In Clark Co; before 1792.

HOY'S STATION: Madison County.

HUSTON'S STATION: In1776, the present site of Paris, Bourbon Co.


IRISH STATION: Between Danville and mouth of Dick's River.

IRVINE'S STATION: Near where Richmond now stands, in Madison Co, established by Col Wm IRVINE and his brother Capt Christopher IRVINE, in 1778 or 1179.

JEFFERSON FORT: Ballard Co, on the Mississippi River, about 5 miles below the mouth of the Ohio; established by Gen George Rogers CLARK, within the Chickasaw country in 1780; abandoned or evacuated in the spring of 1781, because it afforded no security to the western settlements.

JOHNSON'S (Col Robert) STATION: At the Great Buffalo Crossings on North Elkhorn, Scott Co; settled winter of 1783-1784.

KELLAR'S STATION: Jefferson Co, before 1780.

KENNEDY'S STATION: Garrard Co, between Paint Lick Creek and Dick's River.

KENTON'S STATION: 3 miles SW of Limestone, now Maysville, and one mile N of Washington, in Mason Co; settled by Simon KENTON, 1784.

KENTON'S (JOHN) STATION: 1/2 mile SE of Washington, Mason CO.

KENTON'S (SIMON) STATION: Several blockhouses built by Simon KENTON, who brought to them from PA, his father's family, and remained with them until July, 1784.

KILGORE'S STATION: In 1782, N of Cumberland River, on S side of Red River; attacked by Indians, same year, and broken up. Probably in southern part of Logan Co; near state line, or may be in Tennessee. Charles Barker found the following: When I was at Nashville ... checked in the TN Archives for Kilgore's Station. Several sources listed it as being the first settlement in Robertson Co.,TN. Thomas Kilgore came from NC in 1778, planted a crop of corn and lived in a cave until he harvested his crop in the fall. In the spring of 1779 he returned with his family and several others. Their settlement was very near the site of the cave where he had spent the previous summer. Thomas built a grist mill prior to 1790. Kilgore's Station was broken up for a one year period in 1783, when the Indian attacks on the settlements were at their fiercest. The group moved to the Bluffs (Nashville). The following year they returned to Kilgore's Station, and from that time on was a landmark for travelers and settlers into the Cumberland area.

KINCHELOE'S STATION: On Simpson's Creek, Spencer Co.

KNOB LICK: Lincoln Co, 5 miles S of Danville; settled 1776 by Isaac SHELBY.

KUYKENDALL'S (MOSES) STATION: 1782, Jefferson Co; on waters of Beargrass.


LEE'S STATION: Mason Co, between Maysville and Washington; settled by Gen Henry LEE, 1785, and still the home of his descendants.

LEESTOWN: On E bank of Kentucky River, 1 mile below Frankfort - settled in 1776, by Hancock LEE, Cyrus McCRACKEN (father of Capt Virgil McCRACKEN, after whom McCracken Co was named), and others - who raised cabins there.

LEITCH'S STATION: About 6 miles above the mouth of Licking, on the E bank, in now Campbell Co; settled in 1790 by Maj David LEITCH (after whom Leitchfield, Grayson Co was named.)

LEWIS' STATION: Re-settled by Geo LEWIS in 1789, formerly called Geo CLARK'S STATION - where Lewisburg now is, Mason Co., 9 miles from Maysville.

LEXINGTON: On the Town fork of Elkhorn, Fayette Co; settled by Col Robert PATTERSON, 1 Apr 1779.

LIBERTY FORT: On Salt River, Mercer County, just below McAFEE'S STATION.

LICKING STATION: Harrison Co, probably near LAIR'S or may be nearer to Cynthiana.

LIMESTONE See Maysville.


LINN'S STATION: On Beargrass, Jefferson Co, about 10 miles from Louisville; before 1780.

LITTELL'S STATION: Pendleton Co, on Fork Lick, a west branch of South Licking, into which it empties just below Callensville (Or Morgan's, on Ky Cen RR.).

LITTELL'S STATION: Now the site of Williamstown, Grant Co; settled before 1792.


LOCUST THICKET FORT: Madison Co; before 1780.

LOGAN'S FORT: Same as St ASAPH, one mile W of Stanford, Lincoln Co; settled by Col Benj LOGAN, 1775.

LOUISVILLE: At the Falls of the Ohio, Jefferson Co; laid off as a town by Capt Thos BULLITT, in Aug 1773; the first settlement was on Corn Island, near the KY shore, in the spring of 1778; in the fall of that year, a blockhouse was built on the main shore, and in 1782 a larger fort called Fort Nelson.

LOUDON'S STATION: 30 miles from mouth of Kentucky River, probably in Henry Co.

LOWER BLUE LICKS: Nicholas Co in sight of where the Maysville and Lexington turnpike crosses Licking River; discovered in 1772.


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