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Posted: 27 Mar 2008 6:41AM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Paris, Pence, Phelps, Phillips, Greenup, Price, Pulliam, Putman, Quinn, Rainwater, Ramsey, Rankin, Read, Rice, Richardson, Robinson, Roboleer, Campbell, Ross, Rouse, Royse, Rudd, Brock, Sallee, Sanders, Seeders, Shacklett, Skinner, Todd, Smith, Smock, Spillman, Steele, Steneregle, Hunn, Stephenson, Vardiman, Stewart, Stinson, Young, Sullivan, Summers, Morris, Surlott, Tator, Rhea, Taylor, Thatcher, Vannay, Thomas, Tierman, Tisdale, Tracy, Vance, Kelly, Walker, Ware, Welch, Western, Wilkins, WIlson, Wood, Johnson, Wood, Young
Continuation of divorces handled by the General Assembly of Kentucky.

Thomas J and Paulina PARIS, Unknown, 21 Jan 1839
John and Jane PENCE, Unknown, 20 Jan 1841
Sarah Jane & Vincent PHELPS, Unknown, 1 Feb 1839

Harriet G & Mark PHILLIPS, Unknown, 16 Feb 1837. Maiden name of Harriet G GREENUP restored

Alice A & Robert PRICE, Unknown, 18 Feb 1841
Neely & Polly PRICE, Unknown, 13 Feb 1837
Margaret M & Thomas PULLIAM, Unknown, 5 Feb 1841

Thomas & Margaret M Pulliam, Unknown, 18 Feb 1841. Shown twice, different dates.

Eliza & Moses PUTMAN, Unknown, 10 Feb 1841
Madisonia and Charles QUINN, Unknown, 20 Jan 1841.
William & Nancy Ann RAINWATER, Unknown, 13 Jan 1837

Abraham RAMSEY, no wife named, Unknown, 13 Jan 1837. Didn’t say it was a divorce, but “he be restored to all the rights and privileges of an unmarried man.”

John & Phebe RANKIN, Unknown, 16 Feb 1837

Lucy R. READ, no husband named, Unknown, 19 Jan 1837, “Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, That Lucy C. Read be released from all the pains and penalties, prescribed by the laws of this State, for marrying a second time.”

Sally & Thomas J RICE, Unknown, 14 Feb 1837
Mary & Thomas RICHARDSON, Unknown, 25 Jan 1833
Benjamin & Frances ROBINSON, Unknown, 11 Jan 1833
Joshua and Fanny ROBOLEER, Unknown, 2 Feb 1841. Name restored to Fanny CAMPBELL

Joanna & George ROSS, Boone, 23 Dec 1831
Lewis B & Agnes M ROUSE, Unknown, 21 Dec 1836
Moses & Sarah ROYSE, Unknown, 13 Feb 1841
Harriet H & John H RUDD, Unknown, 13 Dec 1831

Robert W & Areen RUDD, Unknown, 8 Feb 1837. Maiden name of Areen BROCK restored.

Abraham & Sarah T. SALLEE, Unknown, 8 Feb 1837
Nancy T & James SANDERS, Unknown, 22 Feb 1839
John & Mary SEEDERS. Unknown, 28 Jan 1837
Daniel S & Sarah SHACKLETT, Unknown, 16 Feb 1837

Simeon & Elizabeth SKINNER, Unknown, 23 Jan 1837. His marriage to Mary TODD affirmed.

Thomas & Jane SMITH, Unknown, 28 Jan 1837

Ann & Henry SMOCK, Mercer, 23 Dec 1820. She convicted of adultery and abandoned him

Sally & William SPILLMAN, Unknown, 22 Jan 1833
William & Isabella STEELE, Unknown, 23 Feb 1837

Ferdinand Hunn & Catharine STENEREGLE, Louisville, 21 Jan 1839. “That the marriage between (above parties), of the city of Louisville be, and the same is hereby, declared valid in law, and the issue of said marriage declared legitimate; and the said Ferdinand is released from the pains and penalties of having married a second time.”

Jane & Patrick W STEPHENSON, Unknown, 14 Feb 1837. Maiden name of Jane VARDIMAN restored

Levi & Polly STEWART, Unknown, 19 Dec 1820. He left her in a desolate situation, gone to another state, married another woman with whom he had committed adultery in this state.

Margaret & John C STINSON, Unknown, 10 Feb 1841. Name restored to Margaret YOUNG
Jeremiah K & Mary SULLIVAN, Unknown, 16 Feb 1837
Stephen & Rebecca SULLIVAN, Unknown, 5 Jan 1837
William & Hetty SULLIVAN, Unknown, 22 Dec 1836

Susan SUMMERS, husband not named, Unknown, 2 Feb 1841. Name restored to Susan MORRIS

George & Sarah SURLOTT, Unknown, 13 Feb 1841

Eleanor M & Jacob TATOR, Unknown,14 Jan 1841, Name changed to Eleanor M RHEA & son’s name changed to John G RHEA

Charity & Benjamin TAYLOR, Unknown, 1 Feb 1839
Eliza TAYLOR, husband not named, Unknown, 5 Feb 1841

Telitha & Jonathan THATCHER, Unknown, 13 Jan 1837. Maiden name of Telitha VANNAY restored.

Joseph & Lucy THOMAS, Not shown, 22 Jan 1827
Charles & Susan TIERMAN, Unknown, 5 Jan 1837
John Wilson & Elizabeth TISDALE, Unknown, 20 Jan 1837

Isaac & Margaret TRACY, Lewis, 22 Jan 1827. “Whereas, it is represented to this General Assembly, that Margaret Alice Tracy intermarried with Isaac Tracy: that at the time of their marriage, he was destitute of property, and she had a small fortune: that shortly after their marriage, they removed with their property, to the State of Indiana, where he immediately abandoned her, and commenced squandering her property, set out on her return to her friends in the county of Lewis, Kentucky, where she formerly resided, and now resides: that he pursued her to Cincinnati, where he overtook her, and attempted to arrest from her the property: that the same, by virtue of an order of a court of justice at Cincinnati, was vested in a trustee, subject to the further order of said court, that unless the said Margaret can obtain a divorce from her said husband, the court cannot, by the laws of Ohio, reinvest her with the property; but the same must inevitably again fall into the hands of said Isaac, by whom it will be squandered, to the entire ruin of the said Margaret: For remedy whereof, Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, that the said Margaret be, and she if forever divorced from her said husband, Isaac Tracey; and that she be permitted to resume her former name of Margaret Alice Norman, and have all the rights and privileges of a feme sole.”

Maria K & Elijah VANCE, Unknown, 18 Feb 1839, Maiden name of Maria K. KELLY restored.

Adam R & Malinda M WALKER, Unknown, 1 Feb 1839
James & Elizabeth WARE, Unknown, 5 Feb 1841
Thomas L & Martha WELCH, Unknown, 9 Jan 1837

James & Elizabeth WESTERN, Unknown County, 23 Nov 1820. “Habitually a drunkard, wasted and dissipated his estate by gambling and debauchery; frequently beat and cruelly treated her. Left 7 children.

Thomas & Margaret WILKINS, Unknown, 8 Feb 1837
William & Polly WILSON, Unknown, 12 Feb 1841

Thomas & Katherine WOOD, Unknown, 23 Jan 1837. Marriage above absolved and marriage to current wife, Harriet JOHNSON legalized.

Andrew & Keziah WOODS, Unknown, 12 Feb 1841
Albert G & Catharine N YOUNG, Unknown, 2 Feb 1841

Next week I’ll cover name changes authorized by the Kentucky General Assembly.

© Copyright 27 March 2008, Sandra K. Gorin

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