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Hazleton PA (Luzerne Co.) City Directory 1929-1930

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Hazleton PA (Luzerne Co.) City Directory 1929-1930

Dalice (View posts)
Posted: 23 Apr 2003 2:25PM GMT
Classification: Census
Below are the names from one page of the Hazleton PA City Directory for the years 1929-1930

KUHARIK, Anna (wid Geo.), h 892 Alter
KUHARIK, Michl. (Anna), lab h890 Alter
KUHN, Eliz. h518 W. 4th
KUHN, Jennie, r518 W. 4th
KUHNS, Harry W. (Clara), sub sta eng WB&HRyCo. r St.Johns, Pa.
KUJAWA, Mary, r213 W. Green, W.H.
KUKEL, Harry (Sadie), miner h800 Winters av., W.H.
KUKEL, Wasil (Sadie), miner h725 Winters av., W.H.
KUKIZ, John, lab h rear 682 Hayes
KUKIZ, John, miner h682 E. 9th
KUKLIS, Anna, shirt mkr r342 W. Elm
KUKLIS, Cath. (wid. Jos.) h342 W. Elm
KUKOWSKI, Chas. (Clara), lab h25 Laurel Hill
KUKOWSKI, Frank, gro. 406 E. Thirwell av. H.H. h do
KUKOWSKI, Frank, lab r25 Laurel Hill
KUKOWSKI, Jos. r25 Laurel Hill
KUKOWSKI, Lawrence (Ella), h406 E. Thirwell av., H.H.
KUKOWSKI, Thos., lab r25 Laurel Hill
KULAGA, Jos. (Mary), miner h737 Winters av., W.H.
KULAGA, Kath. (wid. Stanley) h905 Winters av., W.H.
KULBINSKI, Ellen, shirt wkr r45 Tamarack, W.H.
KULBINSKI, John (Mary), miner h45 Tamarack, W.H.
KULICK, Anthony (Cath.), miner h131 Old Cranberry RD 1
KULIG, Chas., lab r318 Winters av., W.H.
KULIG, Peter (Maggie), miner h509 W. Green, W.H.
KULLA, Anna, clk. The Leader r Tresckow, Pa.
KULLA, Michl., clk. Am Stores Co. r Tresckow, Pa.
KULP, Enos (Adeline), janitor Markle Bank bldg. h182 S. Fulton ct.
KULSA, Anthony (Ellen), miner h338 W. Green, W.H.
KUMMER, Vivian, clk. Charis r Jeddo, Pa.
KUNDRAT, Alex (Mary), janitor City Bank & Trust Co. h613 Cleveland
KUNDRAT, Michl. (Eliz.), cond Lehigh Traction Co. h226 Winters av., W.H.
KUNDRAT, Peter H., barbr DeLuxe Barber Shop r613 Cleveland
KUNDRAT, Verna, shirt makr r613 Cleveland
KUNDRICK, Michl. (Anna), lab h345 E. Thirwell av., H.H.
KUNKLE, Bert E. (Minnie), V-Pres. and Cashier Hazleton National Bank, h500 W. Diamond av.
KUNKLE, Dorothy E., student r500 W. Diamond av.
KUNKLE, Ira J. (Hazel), asst. formn Hazle Milk Co. r Beaver Meadows, Pa
KUNKLE, Martha B., clk. Hazleton Natl. Bank r500 W. Diamond av.
KUNTZ, Anna, student r129 W. Thirwell av., H.H.
KUNTZ, Anna, wrper r981 Peace
KUNTZ, Chlora W., tel opr r129 S. Cedar
KUNTZ, Francis, hlpr Landau Bros. r Stockton
KUNTZ, Geo., labeler r981 Peace
KUNTZ, John (Anna), lab h981 Peace
KUNTZ, John Jr. (Helen), evaporator opr Hazleton Syrup Co. h 324 W 18th
KUNTZ, Michl. (Eliz.) chauf John Arnold Bottling Co. h129 S. Cedar

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