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Bedford Co., VA Chancery Causes 1755-1912

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Bedford Co., VA Chancery Causes 1755-1912

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Posted: 16 Nov 2009 1:46PM GMT
Classification: Will
Surnames: Trent
The following Court records are a summary of Chancery Causes from 1755 to 1912 that reference the TRENT surname in Bedford County, Virginia. A Chancery Cause can span a period of many years and contain hundreds of pages and only a summary of the material would be practical for genealogical research. Each case has a file number that uses the first four digits to indicate the year the cause was ended. The documents are summarized in the order provided and therefore they are not necessarily in chronological order. I did not read every page in each case and therefore some important data may have been omitted from my summary. My title for each cause lists the: file number, county, and case title. Summary by Don Trent on 14 Nov 2009.

Source: Bedford County (Va.) Chancery Causes, 1755-1912. Local Government Records Collection, Bedford Court Records. The Library of Virginia, Richmond, Virginia.

Index Number: 1784-013
Locality: BEDFORD CO

[p. 5] That your Orator, Lewis Christian who once lived with one John Benny had Sundried Dealings with Alexander Trent, Peter Field Trent & Co. for goods, wares, and Merchandise & that your Orator was indebted a Considerable Sum of Money to the said Company and gave the said Alexander Trent order on the said John Benny to the amount of £16 and 4s, which was accepted by the said Benny & Rec’d as absolute pay by the said Trent, which sum of money your Orator gave the said Benny credit for which said £16, 4s … also mentions Daniel Bates a confederate of Trent’s. Dated 27 Sep 1773 in Bedford Court & signed by J. Steptoe, C.C.

[p. 10] Answer by Alexander Trent that the complainant having had dealings with this respondent as Factor for James & Robert Donald & Co. did deliver this respondent John Bennings order on John Esdale for £10, 4s … .
Signed by Alex. Trent in Cumberland [VA] and sworn to before me this 11th day of July 1784, signed Cary Harrison.

[p. 12] A receipt for £10, 4s credited to Lewis Christian and signed A. Trent 15 May 1765.

[p. 18] A summons ordering the Sheriff of Bedford County to have Alexander Trent, Peter Field Trent & Co. appear before the Justices of Bedford County Court on the fourth Monday in next month. Signed by James Steptoe, Clerk of Bedford Court the ??? Day of Feb in the sixth year of your Reign.

[p. 20] A bond by Lewis Christian & William Cunningham to Trents & Co. for £50. Dated 26 Jul 1773.

Index Number: 1788-011
Locality: BEDFORD CO

[p. 9] Bedford County, this day came Obediah H. Trent and made Oath before me a Justice of the County aforesaid that on the ___ Day of ___ the said Obediah H. Trent served a writ of Richard Durrett on William Parrish … dated 29 May 1787.

[p. 15] This day came Obediah Henry Trent … while acting as Deputy Sheriff in said County that a writ of Rich’d Durrett ags’t William Parrish was delivered … and that some time after Executing the same that he received a letter from said Durrett. Dated 27 Aug 1787.

Index Number: 1790-006
Locality: BEDFORD CO

[p. 3] Nathaniel Roundtree states that he was security for his brother, Dudley Roundtree, for some medicine provided by Dr. John Trent. Dated Dec 28th [1790].

[p. 7] Answer of Jno. B. Trent to a bill of complaint against him by Nathaniel Roundtree … that the Complainant justly owed £7, 10s for medicine and service as a physician rendered at his special instance and request … dated 24 Mar 1790 and sworn before Thomas Lumpkin.

[p. 9] Deposition of Obediah H. Trent that in the Summer of 1788 he was called to be a witness between John B. Trent and Nathaniel Roundtree, the said Nathaniel Roundtree stated that he was indebted to John B. Trent for £8 … dated 24 Aug1790 and signed by James Callaway.

[p. 12] Bond by Nathaniel Roundtree & John Dawson to John B. Trent in the sum of £20 dated 28 Dec 1789.

Index Number: 1798-001
Locality: BEDFORD CO

[p. 6] Orator is James Gatewood who states that several years ago a suit was filed by John B. Trent against Micajah Clark upon a bond given by Clark to John Forguson … James Early and from Early to the said Trent for the sum of £19, 5s.

[p. 5] That the said John B. Trent, James Early, and John Forguson may be made defendants … dated 29 Aug 1792.

[p. 8] Answer of John Forguson dated 26 Aug 1793.

[p. 12] Answer of John B. Trent 24 Sep 1792.

[p. 14] Bond by James Gatewood & Arthur Markham to John B. Trent, assignee of James Early, assignee of John Forguson in the sum of £30. Aug 1792.

Index Number: 1800-011
Locality: BEDFORD CO

[p. 2] Your Orator, Obediah H. Trent states that Wm. Board … that sometime last summer when your Orator was sick & unable to attend …

[p. 6] Affidavit of Walter Moseley that some years ago he employed William Board to tan his cowhides and at the same time William Board tanned Obediah Trent’s hides also … that the leather was Badly Taned … dated 26 Aug 1797 & signed by Samuel Hancock.

[p. 10] A statement from Wm. Board to Obediah H. Trent for tanning hides and also mentions work by Stephen Board with a total due of £3, 3s, 10d.

Index Number: 1813-013
Locality: BEDFORD CO

[p. 7] Your Orator, Obediah H. Trent that having two executions against the estate of Wm. Board amounting to £55, 15s, 0d … to apply to Michael Grayham.

[p. 9] Answer of Michael Graham dated [29] May 1793.

[p. 10] Deposition of Robert Rhodes that he had business with Michael Graham & Co., at their store in Liberty in Bedford County. That a bond of William Board for £55, 15s was left at the said Store and Obediah Henry Trent & George Asbury acted as Deputy Sheriffs for said County. 22 Aug 1800.

[p. 19] Deposition of Soloman Tracy. George Asbury appeared as agent for Michael Graham. 24 Jun 1805.

[p. 23] Summons for Michael Graham to appear in Bedford County Court on the 4th Monday in November next to answer charges brought by Obediah Henry Trent, 28 Aug 1790.

[p. 25] The Commonwealth of Virginia to William Quarles & Issac Otey, Gentleman Justices of the County of Bedford, Greeting … examining John Chetewood, Robert Rhodes & Solomon Tracy; Witness on behalf of Obediah H. Trent, Plaintiff; vs on behalf of Michael Graham, Defendant. 22 Apr 1799.

[p. 28] Franklin County to Wit: Coleman Asbury came before me John Hook a Magistrate for said County and made Solem oath, that on Saturday the fifteenth instant he left a copy of the written notice at the house of Obediah H. Trent in Bedford County, that he delivered the same to his Daughter; said to be his oldest daughter named Suckey [nickname for Susan/ Susannah]. Certified by me this 18th day of June 1805. Signed by John Hook.

Index Number: 1827-023
Locality: BEDFORD CO

[p.28] Mentions the original Patent granted to Henry Trent & John Black [Blake] Trent containing 4290 acres in Greenbrier County. Page 31 repeats the land grant information and correctly names John Blake [not Black] Trent and the Patent date of 8 Sep 1788. 21 May 1805.

[p. 36] That on the 8th of Sep 1788 Henry Trent & John Blake Trent obtained a Patent from the Commonwealth of Virginia for 4290 acres in Greenbrier County. Henry Trent sold his part, 2790 acres, to his son Obediah H. Trent. John Blake Trent sold his part, 1500 acres, to John McCabe & John Hardin. 1794-1795.

Index Number: 1871-045
Locality: BEDFORD CO

[p. 4] Orators & Oratrixes: Thomas E. Hix, James Trent, & Mary James his wife, Alexander Hix, Sarah Ann Hix, and Martha E. Hix, the last named three of whom are infants under the age of 21 years who sue by the said Thomas E. Hix, their next friend. That on the ___ day of ___ 1854 Drury Hix late of this County departed this life intestate leaving a widow, Ann H. Hix and your Orators & Oratrix: Thomas E., Mary James Trent, Alexander, Sarah Ann, & Martha E., his only children and heirs at law. On 23 Oct 1854 Jabez Mitchell became Administrator with Elijah Swain his security.

[p. 6] That Jabez Mitchell & George G. Saunders administrator … Elijah Swain has since died … 13 Jan 1870.

[p. 8] To James Trent & Martha [sic Mary] James his wife … Dec 1871.

[p. 10] A summons to the Sheriff of Bedford County to summon Jabez Mitchell & George G. Saunders, Admin of Elijah Swain, decd.. to appear on the first Monday next to answer a bill against them by: Thomas E. Hix, James Trent & Mary James his wife, Alexander Hix, Sarah Ann Hix, & Martha E. Hix, the last three are infants under 21 … 9 Dec 1869.

[p. 24] To James Trent and Mary James his wife the sum of $29.22 … 14 Dec 1871. ~

Index Number: 1873-087
Locality: BEDFORD CO

[p. 4] Plaintiffs are: Thomas E. Hix, James Trent & Mary James his wife, state that Drury Hix died intestate sometime in 1854 survived by his wife Anne Hix & the following children, his only heirs at law: Your Orator, Thomas E. Hix, Alexander Hix, Your Oratrix Mary James who married James Trent, Sarah Ann Hix, Martha Ellen Hix,

[p. 32] In Note for final Decree … that since the last hearing of this cause, the defendant Martha Ellen Hix has married John Henry Hix … the land has been sold and is to be divided into five equal parts and to pay one of the parts to Thomas E. Hix, another to James Trent and Mary James his wife, another to Alexander Hix, another to Sarah Ann Hix, and the remaining fifth part to John Henry Hix and Martha Ellen his wife … July Term 1871.

[p. 36] On 28 Jun 1870 that Alexander Hix, Sarah Ann Hix, and Martha Ellen Hix are infants under the age of 21 years and represented by A.A. Arthur, their Guardian. ~

Index Number: 1899-125
Locality: BEDFORD CO

[p. 4-9] The complainants are … that they are the heirs of Richard T. Chappell who recently died in this county, leaving a considerable estate, that the said Chappell died in the 21st day of June 1890 … his will dated 17 Jun 1890 was filed in the July Term 1890. The estate was committed to John E. Fitzpatrick, Sheriff of this county, as Curator. The Complainants believe the will was written with undue influence and without the knowledge or proper consent of said Richard T. Chappell … that he was the son of John Chappell, who died many years ago in Charlotte County, Virginia, who left surviving four children, two daughters by his first wife: Fannie and Lucy (commonly known as Lukie); and by his last marriage, the said Richard T. Chappell and your complainant Josiah Chappell. That Lucy Chappell married Hugh Reese & had 4 children: Lucy G. who married _____ Sharpe; Sarah who married _____ Pendleton, Joseph and John C. Reese. That Fannie Chappell 1st married _____ Price, and after his death married _____ Strain, living and dying in the State of Alabama. Sarah Pendleton’s heirs are unknown. John C. Reese died and his heirs are unknown. The said Lucy G. Sharpe died some years ago, leaving your complainants: Beverly R. Sharpe, Sarah E. Herring, Eliza J. Orr, Arabella V. Lipscombe, and Henry A. Sharpe, her only heirs. The said Fannie, by her husband Price, left: Martha A. Young, James E. Price, John L. Price, Charles L. Price, Mary A. Wise, and Emma V. Buford, as her only heirs. By her husband Strain she had children who are unknown. The said Joseph Reese died many years ago and his heirs are: the said Mary McD. Logwood, John T. Reese, who died leaving one child, the said Ada D. Reese, his only heir; Samuel Cheatwood, Sallie Cheatwood (now Sallie Smith) and Joseph R. Cheatwood, the only heirs of Mrs. Cheatwood, decd., (a daughter of said Joseph) the wife of Hiram Cheatwood.

Your complainants charge that Richard T. Chappell, who lived and died as a bachelor, … that during his last illness efforts were made by the Trents, who lived in his house and managed his affairs, to induce him to make a will … in their favor. Dated 1 Oct 1890.

[p. 11-12] The joint answer of Edward T. Trent & Eliza Mc Trent states that it was well known that the testator for many years had not only no affection or regard for the plaintiffs, or any one of them, but on the contrary that he disliked and had an aversion for them … that his brother Josiah Chappell being thriftless, that the testator took care of him for some time but finally fell out with him and refused to pay his board any longer. On the other hand, the respondent E.T. Trent had been born and both grew up in this house, never having had any other home. Their parents for many years had lived with and kept house with him. Their father died some 6 years before Mr. Chappell, and from that time E.T. Trent took his father’s place in the farming arrangement with Mr. Chappell. For 2 years after her mother died Eliza Mc Trent had kept his house, being the person in whom he had the most confidence, and to whom he entrusted his Keys; his treatment of them was kind and paternal, and theirs to him, filial and respectful. Dated Nov 1890.

[p. 19-41] Testimony of Joseph M. Crank that his wife’s name is Mily, he married her 15 years ago last January, and she is a sister to Ned [Edward] and Eliza Trent. Mrs. Trent, the mother of Ned & Eliza, died the 17th of May 3 years ago last May. Mr. Trent has been dead 7 years. They came to live with Richard T. Chappell in the fall of 1864. Ned Trent is now 22 years old and has lived his entire life in Chappell’s house. Miss Eliza Trent is 30 years old. Joseph M. Crank states that he lives 2 miles from the deceased and other nearby neighbors are: Mr. Daniel 1 mile, Mr. Oliver a short distance, Mr. John Steptoe who is the Postmaster and a Magistrate about 1 ¼ mile. Others are: Mr. William Oglesby, Dibrell Oglesby, Mr. Fegans, Mr. Weber, Mr. Nelson Hawkins, & Dr. Nelson all about 1 ½ miles away. None of these are related to the Trent’s. That the deceased was 85 years old and his farm was 1300 to 1400 acres. Dated Aug Term 1891.

[p. 41] Testimony of Charles H. Terrill one of the two witnesses to the will along with Joseph M. Crank. States that he is a brother-in law to Ned & Eliza Trent. That he lives on Lexington Road and rents some land from the Richard T. Chappell, decd., who lived 200 yards from Bright sharp Road. Charles H. Terrill states that he married a sister of Miss Eliza and Ned Trent 9 years ago the 5th of April at Mr. Chappell’s house. That his relationship with Joe Crank is that they married sisters.

[p. 113] That Mrs. Trent [the mother of Ned & Eliza] died about 3 years ago.

[p. 114-127] Testimony of Miss Eliza Mc Trent. My father & mother lived with Mr. Chappell before he died. My father died 7 years ago the 2nd of August and my mother in May 1887. When my father and mother lived with Mr. Chappell, they lived pretty much as one family altogether; Mr. Chappell furnished them for the table meat and bread and cows and my mother kept the house and furnished everything else, furniture for the house and other provisions except meat, bread and milk. We furnished the furniture for his room; my mother looked after his clothes as long as she lived, and I looked after them afterwards. We did not have any servant on the premises at the time of his death; I was attending to the household duties; my brother married, but I attended to the house as if he was not there. Mr. Chappell treated Ned as if he was his own son. My mother had charge of Mr. Chappell’s money and valuables in her lifetime; she kept them and after her death I kept them; my mother kept them in her trunk; Mr. Chappell had no trunk; after my mother’s death I had charge of them; I kept them in my trunk until our sale, and the trunk was sold and Mr. Chappell bought it and they were kept in it; when he was there I kept the key, when I went away for a day or so, I gave the key to him. She further states that he gave her money to keep and would say pay the hirelings, and when the tax collector’s would come round, he would say this is for my tax, when they came, I helped count the money, but he would pay, I always counted it except the last time the tax was paid; I was sick and he was sick, and I counted the money out for him before Mr. Miler came. One time he gave me $860.00; he just said take it and lay it away, he did not designate any use to be made of it, never made any illusion to it. She mentions her brother-in-law Charley Terrell.

She further states that during her mother’s lifetime I did pretty much all of the cooking, milking, cleaned up, and kept house and everything, and Mr. Chappell was as father as you would say in the house. I looked after his clothes after my mother’s death. After father died Ned looked after the farm when he was big enough; he had at first a mule and then he got a horse to ride.

Mr. Chappell got Ned a horse about 3 or 4 years before his death. During that time Ned was managing the farm, it was a tolerably large farm, I cannot say how many acres, 1200 or so; Ned did not manage all of it, part was rented out. She further states that Mr. Chappell did not furnish anything to the house; he did not have a bed to his name. He was to furnish bread and meat and cow, and my father was to furnish all of the furniture, table ware and all of the groceries. That was the bargain made by Mr. Chappell in my father’s lifetime, he stuck to that bargain, and we stuck to our part of it. Nothing was in common except meat, bread and cow, and we all lived under these conditions ever since the surrender, we lived together as a family for 25 years.

[p. 127] The testimony of Mrs. Overstreet states: I am the sister of Miss Eliza Trent and I now live at Mr. Crank’s house, my brother-in-law. My husband is not living. I live 2 miles from where Mr. Chappell lived. In March before he died in June, Mr. Chappell ask me to sew a button on a pair of pants, that was the day my brother was married … Ned was to be married that night and bring his bride home the next day, the 26th of March.

[p. 135] Testimony of Edward T. Trent that he is one of the beneficiaries of the will of Richard T. Chappell and that he was born in Mr. Chappell’s house and I am 22 years of age.

[p. 234] Josiah Chappell states that he is the brother of the deceased and he was one month short of being 85 years old when he died, and he was 4 years & 4 months older than Josiah. When his brother turned 21 he went to Bedford [from Charlotte Co.] to live on the plantation and took possession of it.

[p. 251] C.H.Terrill states that he is the brother-in-law of Miss Eliza Trent and a witness to the will of Richard T. Chappell.

[p. 256] Bartholomew Gaddy states that Ned Trent married my daughter.

[p. 264] Will of Richard T. Chappell leaves everything to Eliza Mc Trent and E.T. Trent now living in my house, dated 17 Jun 1890. Signed R.T. Chappell by T.W. Nelson; witness: Charles H. Terrell & Joseph M. Crank. Will proved 21 Jul 1890 in Bedford County Court.

[p. 309-310] Final decree on 31 Aug 1894 declares that the will of Richard T. Chappell is valid and on 14 Oct 1899 the Plaintiffs make a motion that this cause be dismissed, and it is ordered that it be dismissed.

Index Number: 1899-161
Locality: BEDFORD CO

[p.4] On 22 Oct 1890 George H. Preas and Henry J. Thornhill and Martha Ann his wife state that Mahala Preas died intestate in 1890, the following are children: George H. Preas, Martha Ann Thornhill, Charles W. Preas, Sarah J. Trent who married Wm. Trent … .

[p. 14] On 19 Mar 1891 a statement by Henry C. Lowry, Gent, Counsel for the Plaintiffs that he believes the following defendants are not residents of Virginia: Charles W. Preas, William Trent and Sarah J. his wife, and James Preas.

[p. 39] Receipt dated 4 May 1897 that we received $25 each from A.L. Dickinson for our entire interest in our Mothers Estate, Mrs. Mahala Preas, deceased. Signed by J.H. Preas & S.J. Trent; Witness: B.B. Taylor.

[p. 49] For value received we transfer and assign unto A.L. Dickinson all our interest in our mothers estate, Mrs. Mahala Preas, decd., which has been sold by A.L. Dickinson, Commissioner … 4 May 1892. Signed J.H. Preas – his mark; S.J. Trent. Notarized by B.B. Taylor in Delta County, Texas on 19 May 1892.

Index Number: 1901-089
Locality: BEDFORD CO

[p. 4] In July 1895 Robert Morris states that on __ Feb 1895, [M]. G. Morris, father of your Orator, died and his will was probated on 22 Apr 1895. Surviving children are: Your Orator, Jno. S. Morris; Martha Ann, wife of Jno. Wm. Morris of Radford, Virginia; Mary wife of Jno. W. Tyler; Bettie wife of Thos. Stinnett; last two non-residents of this state; Roberta Francis wife of Fred. Murray; Sallie L., wife of Robert Callahan [sic Callaham]; James L. Morris of Roanoke City, Va.; Otelia wife of Wm. Trent; and the following children of Lucinda Goodman who is the daughter of said testator, to wit: Mike Goodman; LaFayette Goodman, Lynchburg, Virginia; and Rosa wife of Mc. Chilton; and the children of the testator’s deceased son M.M. Morris who are: [no first names are listed, just Morris six times], the last six of whom are infants under 21. That M.M. Morris the Executor died before this will was probated, and the wife of the testator has died. He leaves $1.00 each to: Jno. S. Morris, James L. Morris, Mary Tyler, & Sallie Callahan. The rest of his estate to be equally divided among his five children as follows: Robert Morris, your Orator; Martha Ann; Lucinda Goodman’s three children: Mike, Rosa, & LaFayette; Fannie Murray; & Ortelia Trent. Further that M.M. Morris died before the Testator and the Testator’s wife died.

[p. 20] The testator is called Michael Morris in the deposition of L.L. Brown on 29 May 1897.

[p. 23-37] On 15 Mar 1899 the deposition of Robert Morris that he is 59, the son of M.G. Morris, decd., and his Post Office is Thaxtons. That he took charge of his father in Dec 1893 and he died on 7 Feb 1895. His mother died on 10 Nov1893.

[p. 38] J.T. Morris states that he is the son of Robert Morris who just testified.

[p. 46] The will of Micajah G. Morriss dated 11 Nov 1892 in Bedford Co., Virginia. In the name of God Amen, I Micajah G. Morriss being of sound mind …
1st that after my death and the death of my beloved wife that all necessary expenses attending to the same be paid by my son M.M. Morriss … to my son M.M. Morriss & his heirs forever all of that tract of land lying north of the Spring branch beginning at what is now known as Scotts line … Dr. Jones line.
Art. 2: That after my death and the death of my beloved wife the residue of my property both real & personal: John S. Morriss $1; James L. Morriss $1; Mary Tyler, wife of Thomas Tyler $1; Sallie Callaham, wife of Robert Callaham $1; and to the rest of my children, 5 in number, viz.: Robert Morriss; Martha Ann Morriss; Lucinda Goodman’s 3 heirs or children: Mike Goodman, Rosa Chilton, and LaFayette Goodman; Fannie Murry; and Otelia Trent have one equal part of the residue of my property. Appoint my son M.M. Morriss my executor.
Signed: Micajah G. Morriss – his mark; Witness: J.A. Marshall, J.H. Welch, A.W. Otey. Proved at Bedford Court 25 Feb 1895 by oaths of John H. Marshall & James H. Welch. After two months passed the Sheriff of Bedford was appointed Administrator of the will, as the executor had died before the testator.

Index Number: 1906-107
Locality: BEDFORD CO

[p. 4] That the will of Daniel B. Stevens was probated 31 Oct 1871. That the son of Daniel B. Stevens and his wife Agnes, who died Mar 1904, is John M. Stevens and he had a daughter, C.V. Trent the wife of James Trent.

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