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Bezers of Wiltshire England

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Bezers of Wiltshire England

Georgene Humphries (View posts)
Posted: 28 May 1999 6:00AM GMT
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Surnames: BEZER, Fry, Wither, Chandler, Clayton
I have much more more information not yet worked up. I may have even found a William Beser of Castle Combs who is a good candidate for the father of Edward (1) Bezer.Georgene

Descendants of Edward BEZER

Generation No. 1

1. EDWARD1 BEZER was born in of Bishops Canning, Wiltshire England
(Source: Article in Pa. Gen Mag re John Bezer, Comm.), and died September 08, 1664 in 8.7.1664 (Source: chart by L. M. Irwin in Salem Co. HS gives this exact date; yr. 1664 given in Beezer gen. by Hannum in PA St. Lib.; 1664 in book Lawmaking & Legislators in Pa.; Sept. 8, 1664 per Pa Gen. Mag.). He married (1) JEAN (LAWRENCE) BEZER (MN). He married (2)?. EDWARD BEZER , 1ST WIFE November 21,
1631 in Alderton, Wiltshire, Engl. (Source: recorded in parish register per John Bezer article in Pa. Gen. Mag.).

From Beezer geneology by Hannum in PA St. Lib. -
Father of three brothers who emigrated to America. He is mentioned by Rease in "History and Suffering of People Called Quakers." He was among those who, in January 1660, "were also taken, some from their religious meetings, others from their Habitations and Employments, and for refusing to take the Oath of Allegiance (were) committed to Prison"; in Wiltshire, was Edward Bezer of Strett.

From article "John Bezer A Commissioner of William Penn" in Pa. Gen. Mag.:
From a presentment in 1660, his address is listed as Street, Wilts. He is termed "mason, of Marlborough" in his will dated 3 Sept. 1664 and probated in London 9 Nov. 1664 (P.C.C. Bruce 116). His death occurred 8 7th mo (Sept.) 1664. Will: to wife Jane (Jean) L10 and "all household goods except that feather Bed and bedstead whereon I now lay with one bolster, two pillows, one paire of sheets, one paire of blanketts, one white rugge which I give to my Executor." Abstract: "to daughter-in-law Elizabeth
Sloper L10 of the money due from William Paradise for the house bought of me; to daughter-in-law Mary Lawrence L10 of the same money; to the two children of William Paradise by Rebecca hs first wife 20 shillings(?) each; to sonn Edward Bezer three score and tenne poinds and that part of the house now in my possession after the decease of my wife; to daughter ffrances Bezer L30; to daughter Elizabeth Bezer that part of the house now in possession of Daniel Smith and L5 and the yearly rent of said house to be improved by th executor to the best advantage until she is twenty years of age; to sonne William L5, the house now in possssion of Samuell Alexander, the rent to be improved to best advantage until he is twenty-one years of age; to John Bezer, my sonne all my money, goods, and chattels herein not exprest, who I make my sole Executor. Overseers Thomas Lawrence, William Hitchcock, Thomas Crabb; Witnesses, Isaac Cole and Ruth (X) Alexander.

Will Dated: September 03, 1664 (Source: Pa. Gen. Mag. "John Bezer") Arrived: Abt. 1683, Bethel Twp., Delaware Co., PA (Source: Beezer gen. by Hannum loc. PA St. Lib.)
Of: Street?Stret?, nr. Marlborough, Wilts., Engl. (Source: Beezer gen. by Hannum loc. PA St. Lib.) Will Proved: November 09, 1664, Probated in London (Source: Pa. Gen. Mag."John Bezer")

Children of EDWARD BEZER and JEAN BEZER (MN) are:
2. i. EDWARD2 BEZER, b. 1643, Wiltshire, England; d. 1688.
3. ii. JOHN BEZER , COMM., b. 1641, Wiltshire, England; d. Aft. 1681.
4. iii. WILLIAM BEZER, b. Abt. 1650, Marlborough, Wiltshire, England; d. 1683, or 1684 in Pa..
iv. FRANCES BEZER, b. Abt. 1645, Marlborough, Wiltshire, England (Source: Pa. Gen. Mag. "John Bezer"); d. England (Source: Beezer gen. by Hannum loc.PA St. Lib. says d. in England; book Lawmaking & Legislators in Pa. says her husband never left England so assume she didn't either.); m. EDWARD BROWN, 1667, 25 1st mo 1667; Bishops Canning, Wilts, Engl. (Source: Beezer gen. by Hannum loc. PA St. Lib. & John Bezer article in Pa. Gen. Mag.).

Pa. Gen. Mag. describes as a yeoman of Marlborough, Wiltshire, Engl. at time of m. He is listed as a first purchaser of 500 acres from Penn. He and his wife REMAINED IN ENGLAND.

Of: Marlborough, Wilts., Engl. (Source: Pa. Gen. Mag.)

v. ELIZABETH BEZER, b. Abt. 1646, or 1647; Bishops Canning, Wilts., England (Source: Pa. Gen. Mag. "John Bezer"); d. England (Source: Pa. Gen. Mag. "John Bezer"); m. JOHN MASON, 1682, 9 5th mo 1682 in Friends records (Source: Beezer gen. by Hannum loc. PA St. Lib.).

More About ELIZABETH BEZER: Of: Marlborough, Wilts., Engl. (Source: Beezer gen. by Hannum loc. PA St. Lib.)

More About JOHN MASON:
Of: Painswick, Gloucestershire, England (Source: Beezer gen. by Hannum loc. PA St. Lib.)

Generation No. 2

2. EDWARD2 BEZER (EDWARD1) was born 1643 in Wiltshire, England (Source: Book Lawmaking and Legislators in
Pa, v. l. for yr. of b. & place.), and died 1688 (Source: Irwin chart; bk Pass&Ships Prior to 1684; Beezer gen. by Hannum in PA St. Lib. all state 1688.). He married ANN FRY 1664 in 28.8.1664, England, perhaps Wiltshire (Source: chart by L. M. Irwin at Salem Co. HS; gen. "Mendenhall-Newlin Alliance" contains a quote of marr. record but does not say what mtg. in England.; Beezer gen. by Hannum in PA St. Lib. also gives this m. d. but doesn't say where.).

Article on Edward Bezer in book Lawmaking & Legislators in Pa. says he d. by 28 Feb. 1689 but doesn't explain - WHAT HAPPENED on 28 Feb. 1689. Assembly, Chester Co. 1687
"a member of an active and extended Wiltshire Quaker family"
play prominent role in local Quaker affairs
Regularly attended Charlcote MM (?Rowde, Wiltshire, England) from 1677-1682, where he signed certificates of clearance, raised money for poorer Friends of neighboring mtgs. and 8 times was a representative to Wiltshire Quarterly Mtg.
In Pa. attended Concord MM, which he represented at least once at Chester Quarterly Mtg.. Contributed 2L, 8s, 6d for the building of a meetinghouse.
Authorized m. cert. for young Friends, hosted several mtgs., signed a declaration against mean-spiritedness among Friends.
Served as frequent juror fr. 1683-1686, justice of the peace 1687 & 88 & as constable for Bethel Twp. in 1686. Juror on the sensational trial of the accused witch Margaret Mattson. After much contradictory testimony, the jury found that Mattson was guilty "of haveing the Comon fame of a witch," but not guilty in point of law.

Pa. Genealogical Magazine, "John Bezer, A Commissioner of William Penn", photocopy in file.
Trade of mason in Bishops Canning, Wiltshire, at time of m. Moved to Rowde in the same shire before the birth of the 2 youngest daughters. Edward, his family and several other Wiltshire first purchasers embarked on the ship Bristol Comfort for Pa. early in 1682. He had a releases 2 8th mo 1681 for 500 acres from Penn, surveyed and laid out in Bethel Twp., Chester Co; and here he built his messuage and made a plantation.
Will names his widow Ann and Children: Elizabeth Clayton, wife of William; Sarah Hewes, Ruth Chandler, Lydia Taylor, wife of Joseph of Phila.; Frances Pennock, wife of John; Ann Griste, wife of George, and Edward Jr., of Bethel, mason, with wife Margaret.

Spellings Beasor, Beazor & Bezor are used in records of Phila. MM,Hinshaw, as well as other sources.

Entries in Phila. MM:
1694.12.21 John (Beasor) ltm Esther Whitehead
1758.4.28 John & w, Dinah, rocf Middletown MM, Pa., d. 1757.6.2
1768.2.26 Dinah (Bezor) & ch, Edith, Gulielma, Asaph & Elizabeth, req. cert. to Fairfax MM, Va. (This may be our connection for Loudoin Co., VA)
1769.7.28 John (Bezor) & w Dinah, disowned
1770.3.30 Edith, Gulielma, Asa & Elizabeth, ch John & w, gct Fairfax MM, Va. (This may be our connection for Loudoin Co., VA)

1693, First Tax List for the Prov. of Pa. -
Edward Beazer, Beathell Twp. (Bethel), Chester Co.) assessed 8s., 4d. on property valued at $100 by compiler of book (Adams Apple Press)There is a John Beazer nearby listed in Chichester Twp. What relationship is he?

Alternate spellings: BEAZER, BEASOR, BEZOR, BEEZER

From Passengers & Ships Prior to 1684 (v. l Shepard):
p. 93 "Edward Beazer, mason and carpenter from Rowde, Wiltshire, F.P. of 500 acres and brother of John Beazer who had come on the BRISTOL FACTOR in 1681, for whom see PGM, XXIII, 32, was granted a warrant for his 500 acres 12 8m 1683, which was laid out in Bethel Twp. (Pa. Archives, 3rd series, III, 103; Smith, DELAWARE COUNTY, 446.) Dying in 1688, Edward Beazer left a widow Ann and orphan children, either 7 or 8 in number, the eldest of which was Edward, Jr. (Chester Court Records, 169, 196, 223, 229.) A servant, James Hayward, probably had emigrated with the family in 1683.
(Pa. Archives, 2nd Series, XIX, 610.)

From "Mendenhall-Newlin Alliance":
At the time of the birth of their first two children they lived in Bishop's Canning, Wiltshire. When their second two children were born they were living at Rowde, a few miles distant.
All of the children except Elizabeth accompanied their parents to America in 1683, where they settled in Bethel Twp., Chester/Del. Co. PA
A memorandum of JOHN TAYLOR, surveyor, shows that ELIZABETH CLAYTON, WILLIAM HEWES and wife, the heirs of JOHN & FFRANCIS PENNOCK, and the GRIESTS released some land to Edward Bezer, but no date is given. George GRIEST of Bethel, conveyed to Edward Pennock, 33 1/3 acres of land in Bethel, part of Bezer's 500 acre tract 8 June 1696.
In 1693 a tax of 1 penny per pound on estates, and six shillings per head on freemen, was levied. Edard Bezer is shown as paying 8 shillings, 4 pence in Bethel Twp.
Edward followed the trade of a mason and was a long time member of the Society of Friends. He presented a certificate of transfer to Concord Monthly Meeting 11, 10 mo 1687, that testified to his honest conversation. His house at Bethel was somtimes used to hold Quaker Meetings. He was Justice of the Peace and member of the Assembly in 1687.
Settlement of his estate is mentioned in Chester Co. Court Records, which state, that his estate amounted to L 339 5s 9d. After the widow's share was deducted and the debts paid, the remaining L 161 12s 5d, was divided into eight shares, of which th eldest son received two share, leaving the probabilility of seven children, as described above.

Deed made in 1696 refers to him having taken 500 acres in Bethel Twp.

LOCATION OF FAMILY IN ENGLAND: Bishops Canning, Wiltshire, just north of Devizes. (West of London toward the Bristol Channel, contains Stonehenge)Also, Rowde, NW of Devizes; Marlborough - 1645 - where 2 siblings were born.See map, p. 118, in Moule's County Maps of Old England.

Will Dated: Administration-Chester Co. Orphans Ct. (Source: Lawmaking & Legislators in Pa.) Arrived: September 1683, Ship BRISTOL COMFORT to Phila., settled Bethel Twp. (Source: Pass. & Ships Prior to 1684; arr. Sept. 1683 per book Lawmaking & Legislators in Pa.) Church/Meeting: Quaker Occupation: mason, carpenter (Source: Pass. & Ships Prior to 1684) Of: 1683, Rowde, Wiltshire, England (Source: Pass. & Ships Prior to 1684) Address: 1664, Of Bishops Canning Wiltshire at m. (Source: John Bezer article in Pa. Gen. Mag.)

Notes for ANN FRY: From "John Bezer A Commissioner of Willam Penn", Pa. Gen. Mag.:
The Fry family of Backlands[[Blacklands]], Wiltshire, England, of which John Bezer's sister-in-law was a member, entertained George Fox as he testifed in his Journal. On his way from Bristol to London in 1662, Fox records "having great meetings among Friends as I went." In the following year after having ridden 20 miles on horseback from the direction of Hampshire, Fox arrived at Fry's house in Wiltshire where a meeting was appointed for the next day. It is probable that Fox again met the Frys, Withers and Bezers when in 1666 and 1667 he was in Wilts to set up men's monthly meetings. He returned to Wilts after his American journey in 1677 and again in 1681.

From book at Swarthmore KATHARINE FRY'S BOOK, ed. by Jane Vansittart:
Genealogy chart on flyleaf starts with William Fry (1627-1694) m. Margaret. William is of Sutton Benger, Wilts. He had 6 children, only one of whom is charted (2nd-Zephaniah Fry (1658-1724) m. Jane SMITH of Marden,Wilts (1662-1731). Family became Quaker.

In 1770 Dr. Joseph Fry of Sutton Benger in Wiltshire (wife Anna) began a soap making business in London as Edmund Fry & Co. Co. went thru a few transformations but in 1900's became assoc. with Lever Brothers. Had son Edmund who published specimens of all known alphabets in the world. Joseph Fry's brother William Storrs Fry had a son, Joseph Fry, of Frys & Chapman,husband of the great Elizabeth Fry (see p. 104). Dr. Joseph Fry also owned J. S. Fry & Sons, Ltd. whose business was cocoa & chocolate. Fry's Malted Cocoa was a combination of Fry's Pure Cocoa Extract and Allen & Hanbury's xtract of Malt.Footnote, p. 189, "In Queen Mary's time John Frye was granted land at Sutton Benger and Corston. The Fry family claims a Saxon origin and derives its name from the Ango-Saxon form of the modern English 'FREE'." [Queen Mary's time: Mary I ruled from 1553-1558, Mary II from 1689-1694 - assume the first Mary is intended]

In first tax list for Prov. of PA there is a Henry Fry in Germantown, surrounded by German-looking names, 1693.

From "Mendenhall-Newlin Alliance" p. 248: "On 11,8mo 1684 William Coole, of Devizes writes to his sister Sarah Bezer, and says, "tell thy sister-in-law Ann Bezer yt her brother Jno ffry is deceased this week."."

Where to look for Fry family in England: ALL WILTSHIRE - Devizes where William Coole lived, Blacklands where Ann is from according to John Bezer article in Pa. Gen. Mag., Bishops Cannings where husband was from per Lawmaking & Legislators in Pa., later her husband was of Rowde per Law...,Sutton Benger where Fry family was from descr. in book Quakers in Commerce. SEE Wiltshire map p. 118 in large map book Moule's County Maps of Old England.

Marriage Notes for EDWARD BEZER and ANN FRY:
"Mendenhall-Newlin Alliance" quotes marriage record "Edward Bezer of Cannings and Ann Fry were married 28, 8mo 1664" and IMPLIES the Wiltshire Friends Mtg.

Passengers & Ships Prior to 1684 listed a number of ch. accompanying parents.

Book Lawmaking & Legislators in Pa. at Swarthmore lists their m. in 1664.?Locate Wiltshire Friends Meeting records in Swarthmore?

Children of EDWARD BEZER and ANN FRY are:
5. i. SARAH3 BEZER, b. July 17, 1674, Rowde, Wiltshire, England.
ii. EDWARD BEZER, b. March 01, 1666/67, Bishop's Canning, Wiltshire,England (Source: Pass. & Ships Prior to 1684 indicates he would have been b. Bef 1674; "Mendenhall-Newlin Alliance" gives exact d. shown & place
quoting WILTSHIRE NOTES & QUERIES, III, p. 164.); m. JEANE COLLETT, November 13, 1697, Prob. Chester Co., PA.

May be the Edward Bezer who signed a Petition to William Penn and Council to have two fairs per year at Chichester (Marcus Hook) - 1700 - signed along with Robert Eyre, John Bezer, Robert Bezer, William Hewes

Marriage Notes for EDWARD BEZER and JEANE COLLETT:
Fr. "Mendenhall-Newlin Alliance":
"At court, Dec. 14, 1697, Edward Bezer and Jeane Collett were "presented" for being unlawfully married about the 13th, 9th mo. 1697. Edward Bezer came into the Court and prefered a petition and declared it was threw ignorance and the Court considering of the same ordered that he pay the charges of the Court and to make his adres to the Governor."

iii. ***ELIZABETH BEZER, b. 1666, 21, 4mo,1666, Bishop's Canning, Wiltshire, Eng. (Source: "Mendenhall-Newlin Alliance"); d. 1738 (Source: "Mendenhall-Newlin Alliance"); m. ***WILLIAM CLAYTON, 1682, 5d 12m 1682/3 Chester MM, Pa. (Source: Pa. Gen. Mag. "John Bezer"). (Georgene's connection to family)

"Mendenhall-Newlin Alliance": Descendants of Elizabeth are entitled to admission in the Welcome Society since she arrived at New Castle on the Delaware, 15 Dec. 1681, on the first voyage of the ship BRISTOL FACTOR as a servant to her uncle John Bezer.

Will Dated: 1737, 31, 12mo, 1737
Arrived: December 15, 1681, BRISTOL FACTOR arr. New Castle (Source: "Mendenhall-Newlin Alliance")Will Proved: 1738, 19, 8mo, 1738

Book Record of Pa. Marriages Prior to 1810 (Chapter Recorded by Registrar General of Province, 1685-1689), 1684-5, Feb. William Clayton & Elizabeyth Beazer, both of Chichester, Chester Co.

6. iv. RUTH BEZER, b. 1676, 5, 7mo, 1676, Rowde, Wiltshire, England; d. Aft. 1749.
v. FRANCES BEZER, b. Abt. 1678 (Source: "Mendenhall-Newlin Alliance"); m. JOHN PENNOCK, Bef. 1696, Settled in Bethel Twp., Ches/Del Co. PA (Source:Land given to John Pennock in consideration of his m. to Frances.).

Given land in Bethel Twp. by brother-in-law Edward Bezer and sold land by brother-in-law William Hewes in 1696 in consideration of marr. The land adjoined land of Edward Pennock (brother?)
4.13.1696 per Hewes book in Salem Co. HS

3. JOHN2 BEZER , COMM. (EDWARD1) was born 1641 in Wiltshire, England (Source: book Lawmaking & Legislators in Pa., v. 1.), and died Aft. 1681. He married SUSANNA WITHERS, daughter of THOMAS WITHERS and MARY SLOPER.

Notes for JOHN BEZER , COMM.:

Passengers and Ships book erroneously lists an Elizabeth Bezer as a dau. He had only 2 daughters per Pa. Gen. Mag article "John Bezer: A Commissioner of William Penn". Book Lawmaking & Legislators in Pa. A Biographical Dict. does not list an Elizabeth. I had this fictional Elizabeth m. to John Child but I had no source for that info. so both Elizabeth & John Child have been deleted.
of Bishops Canning, Wiltshire, England.

Pa. Genealogical Magazine, "John Bezer A Commissioner of William Penn", pp. 283-295+, photocopied from article in pamphlet file "Bezer" at Swarthmore College Library, no date or year, vol. # etc. (Footnote #1 says this article is the third of four articles dealing with Penn and his Commissioners appearing in the Tercentenary issues of The Pa. Gen. Mag., co-authored by Winfield S. Weer and Aubrey H. Baldwin. Highlights:
maltster of Bishops Canning in Wiltshire; appointed 1681 to be one of three Commissioners; he and family Quakers for more than 25 yrs.; Penn selected as Commissioner men prominent in the Quaker community who were available to migrate to his colony with sufficient means to purchase land and establish homestads; a small merchant shipping cargoes to Virginia; solid family connections among the yeomanry of Wiltshire; Quakerism came to Wiltshire in 1655; among converts were John Bezer's father

Per "Mendenhall-Newlin Alliance", arrived with niece Elizabeth Bezer on BRISTOL FACTOR in 1681. Appears in colonial records as a Justice of the Peace in Chester Co. in 1682; Recorder of Deeds in 1683; and Member of the Assembly in 1682-3.

p. 70-71 The first Court of the new county of Chester, met Feb. 14, 1683,at Chester. JOHN BEZER was a Justice, along with others.

Per Beezer Gen. by Hannum in PA St. Lib. -
Variously spelled Beazer, Bezer or Bizer, of Bishops Canning, Wiltshire,Engl., son of Edward and Jean (Lawrene) Bezer, of Strett near Marlborough, Wiltshire, Engl., arrived in Pa. with his wife Susanna WITHERS, sister of John Withers, either early in 1682 (according to Smith, Hist. of Del. Co.) or on 12-2-1682, which is the date given in an old BEZER BIBLE. They settled in Chichester (now Marcus Hook), Del. Co. John Bezer died shortly afterward between Septj. 13 and 25, 1684 and Susanna d. before or in 1693.
He was patented 200 acres of land in Concord Twp., Del. Co. Aug. 4, 1684,but, according to Ashmead, he did not reside on the estate. He was one of the Commissioners appointed by William Penn to lay out the City of Philadelpha. He was a member of the Soc. of Friends and was severely persecuted in England for his religious convictions. Before leaving England he was engaged in business as a maltster.
The BEZER FAMILY BIBLE, dated 1551 was in the possession of James Phillips in 1887 whose wife was Eliza Lamplugh, a direct descendant of John and Susanna (Withers) Beezer. It seems there must have been 2 sons whose namewas John for in the records of the Wiltshire MM there is a record of the burial of John Bezer, son of John Bezer, of Canning, at Devizes, on 7-27-1668.
The male line of John Bezer became extinct with his two sons, viz., John Beezer, who married twice but had no children and Richard Beezer, who died unmarried.

More About JOHN BEZER , COMM.:
Arrived: December 15, 1681, Ship BRISTOL FACTOR arr. New Castle (Source: "Mendenhall-Newlin Alliance"; arr. Dec. 1681 per Lawmaking & Legislators in Pa., v. 1.)
Occupation: 1681, maltster (Source: Pass. & Ships Prior to 1684) Of: 1681, Bishops Canning, Wiltshire, England (Source: Pass. & Ships Prior to 1684; Beezer gen. by Hannum in PA St. Lib.)

Administration in 1693 (19, A, 177)

i. JOHN3 BEZER, d. 1668, Devizes, Wiltshire, England (Source: Beezer Hannum loc. PA St. Lib. gives yr. & place; book Lawmaking & Legislators in Pa. gives yr. 1668.).

More About JOHN BEZER:
Buried: 1668, 7mo-27-1668, Devizes, Wiltshire, England (Source: Beezer gen. by Hannum loc. PA St. Lib. & John Bezer article in Pa. Gen. Mag.)

7. ii. SUSANNA BEZER, b. Abt. 1669, 1669/70 per John Bezer article.
iii. RICHARD BEZER, b. Abt. 1676 (Source: Pass. & Ships Prior to 1684 indicates b. Bef 1681; Beezer gen. by Hannum in PA St. Lib. states b. Abt 1676; Abt. 1676 per John Bezer article in Pa. Gen. Mag.); d. 1757, 2-__-1757 unmarried (Source: Beezer gen. by Hannum loc. PA St. Lib. & John Bezer article in Pa. Gen. Mag.).

Along wth William Hewes (who signed right before him), Robert Eyre, John Bezer, Edward Bezer, Thomas Moore signed a petition that two fairs per year be held at Chichester (Marcus Hook) to William Penn and the Council - 1700

Either this Richard or a son, if he had one, appeard on a list of taxables residing in Upper and Lower Chichester in 1722

Will Dated: January 31, 1757, Chichester (Source: John Bezer article in Pa.Gen. Mag.)Will Proved: February 07, 1757 (Source: John Bezer article in Pa. Gen.Mag.)

8. iv. FRANCES BEZER, b. Abt. 1671.
v. JOHN BEZER, b. Bef. 1681 (Source: Pass. & Ships Prior to 1684 lists bef. 1681; John Bezer article in Pa. Gen. Mag lists abt 1673.); d. Abt.1750 (Source: Book Lawmaking & Legislators in Pa., v. 1.); m. (1) ESTHER WHITEHEAD, 1695 (Source: Beezer gen. by Hannum loc. PA St. Lib. & John Bezer article in Pa. Gen. Mag.); m. (2) XJANE CUMMINGS, 1746 (Source:Beezer gen. by Hannum loc. PA St. Lib.).

Notes for JOHN BEZER:
This may be the John Bezer who in 1700 signed a petition as a resident of Chichester (Marcus Hook) to have two fairs per year, directed to William Penn and the Council.

From "John Bezer A Commissioner of William Penn" in Pa. Gen. Mag:
In 1710 John Bezer acquired 500 acres of land in Upper Chichester,Chester, Co., Pa., for which he was assessed in 1715. He was a Chester County assessor in 1708, 1710 and 1724. He was named in the minutes of Chester Quarterly Meeting in connection with the establishment of the meeting at Kenett 7 3rd mo. 1711. John was a shopkeeper in the Borough of Chester. He had no children but his remarkable will dated 9 7thmo 1749 and proved 26 3rdmo 1751 leaves generous legacies to relatives and friends,identified as follows: "to Judith Hollingsworth

4. ***WILLIAM2 BEZER (EDWARD1) was born Abt. 1650 in Marlborough, Wiltshire, England (Source: Pa. Gen. Mag. "John Bezer"), and died 1683 in or 1684 in Pa. (Source: Beezer gen. by Hannum loc. PA St. Lib. lists Abt. 1683; Pa.Gen. Mag. article says he d. here soon after his arrival in 1683; wife m.again in 1684!). He married ***SARAH COOLE Abt. 1675.

Pa. Gen. Mag., "John Bezer, A Commissioner of William Penn" -
A minor when his father died, he went to live with his brothers in Bishops Canning and was listed there as "husbandman".
There is contradictory evidence pointing to his arrival in Pa. on the ship Bristol Factor in 1681 with his brother John, or the following year on the Bristol Comfort, with his brother Edward.

Notes for SARAH COOLE:
PA Gen. Mag., vol. 24, #2, 1965 - p. 87, cites letter of William Coole of Devizes to his sister Sarah, widow of William Bezer, dated 24 12m 1683/4. In this letter it is implied that John Gibbon, Robert Pyle and Edward Beazer all came to PA together. Sarah (Coole) Bezer as a widow married John HARDIN.

Children of WILLIAM BEZER and SARAH COOLE are:
i. SARAH3 BEZER, b. February 25, 1676/77, Bishops Canning, Wiltshire,England (Source: Pa. Gen. Mag. "John Bezer"); d. August 15, 1751 (Source:Pa. Gen. Mag. "John Bezer"); m. SAMUEL GREAVE, 1702, 4th mo at Chichester Mtg, Chester Co., Pa. (Source: Pa. Gen. Mag. "John Bezer").
ii. WILLIAM BEZER, b. June 12, 1679, Bishops Canning, Wiltshire, England (Source: Pa. Gen. Mag. "John Bezer"); d. Aft. 1681, Pa. (Source: Pa. Gen. Mag. "John Bezer").
9. iii. MARY BEZER, b. July 10, 1682, Bishops Canning, Wiltshire, England;
d. 1702, ?New Castle, DE, 1702??.

Generation No. 3

5. SARAH3 BEZER (EDWARD2, EDWARD1) was born July 17, 1674 in Rowde,Wiltshire, England (Source: Cope's Charts states May 17 1674; "Mendenhall-Newlin Alliance" states 17, 5mo, 1674 (July) & loc.). (Source:
) She married WILLIAM HEWES 1689 in 9 d, 7 m; 8m,1689, Concord MM PA per Irwin chart (Source: yr. from Cope's Charts; Carter Memorial; Martin's History of Chester, p. 406; Nov. 1689 per "Mendenhall-Newlin Alliance"),son of WILLIAM HEWES and DEBORAH HEWES (MN).

Notes for SARAH BEZER: Of Chichester or Bethel Twp.

1790 census, Pa. no BEZER/BEAZER.

1693 - First Tax List for the Prov. of Pa. -
Under Chichester Twp., Chester Co., next to William HUES Plantation, is John BEAZER, who pd. 8 s., 4d. on property valued by compiler of book at 100 lbs. (Adams Apple Press) Beathell Twp. (Bethel), Chester Co., right next to the above, was Edward BEAZER, who pd. 8 s., 4d., on property valued by compiler at 100 lbs. He also pd. for a James Howard, 6s., on nearby property.

1692, March 14 Witnesses Sarah Hewes, Deborah Hewes, Richard Lawrence,Alice Gilpin to the will of Roger Pedrick of PedrickÆs Neck, Salem Co. Inventory 1692 by Richard Lawrence and William Hewes [Sarah Hewes husband William Hewes, maiden name Bezer; Deborah Hewes is
her mother-in-law, marr. to William Hewes, immigrant ancestors; Sarah 's grandmother Jean marr. a Lawrence after the death of her husband Edward Bezer]

Source: Gilbert Cope's Ancestral Charts, pp. 79 & 229.

In 1693, First Tax List for the Prov. of Pa., there is listed - William HUES Plantation (Chichester Twp., Chester Co.), taxed at 6s., (all freemen without real or personal property were assessed 6s.) Value of 72 lbs. put on property by the compiler at Adams Apple Press. Beazer's are nearby, see wife.

William Hewes, b. 1664(?), & mar. 9th day of 7th month 1689 to Sarah Beazer. (Carter Memorial - "Bezer"). Martin's History of Chester Co. p. 406 & Salem Wills III, p. 253 (&p. 28). He was of Ouldmans Creek (Salem Co.) & Chichester Meeting of Chester Co. She was of Bethel Township Meeting and Daughter of Edward Beazer & Ann Fry. His will of 7th of 2d mo 1733 was proved May 22d following. He administered his father's estate September 26th 1698. Above from compilation in Hewes file at Glouc. Co. Hist. Soc.
Sources cited were Eben Putnam's "Lieut. Joshua Hewes", Martin's as above, M. Stanley Black, Meyer L. Hewes.

Buried in Phila. MM grounds but not Friends:
Ann Hughes, dt Wm. & Ann, bur 6.8.1711
Ann Hew, dt. John, bur 10.18.1728
Hannah Hues, w High, bur 6.22.1722
Joan Hues bur 5.19.1695
Rebecca Hues, dt Hugh, bur 7.24.1723
Rogers Hewes bur 7.5.1698

Did he have a brother Edward or was it his son Edward who in 1720 who was deeded, as a trustee, land for a burial ground at Pilesgrove MM in 1720? NJ

WILL dated Feb. 7, 1733:
... in which he bequeathed to wife Sarah, and daughter Ruth the bed she lies on, all furniture, and L15. To son Thomas, his riding coat, son Edward, tools, dwelling house, and plantation adjoining James, with a strip taken from the land "I bought of James Logan, 210 acres," son Thomas, "the
rest of the land bought of Logan, 19
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