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robert dingee

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Robert Dingee lineage

PJ Johnson (View posts)
Posted: 1 Aug 2000 4:57PM GMT
This is some of the infor. I've sent recently,
and I'll just copy it for you. Some of it may
be redundant. Sorry.

This is information I have that's been handed down to me
from the Dingee side of my family on Rebecca Merritt:

On Robert Dingee's fathers dob in 1618, did the Mormon
Geneology Records give his name and place of birth? Also,
did it list any brothers, wife, and other children? Would
love to get that information if you have it. Thanks, PJ

P.S. Hope the attached lineage makes sense to you. It's
the only way I could get a visual on how we might be

Thanks for the information on the Father of Robert 1.

I'm still trying to figure out your connection to Samuel and Rebecca
Merritt Dingee. Here's how I see the line:

Robert #1
Samuel Dingee's Grandfather
Samuel's Father
Samuel Rebecca Merritt Dingee (My Great
x 4),[Samuel's brother, Solomon, a Royalist,
was b. 1755, d. New Brunswick, Canada, 1836]
David, Nancy, Elizabeth, Robert
[who had daughters, William (who
lived in So. America) and Henry A.
(who had 4 daughters, Mame Coe, Elizabeth
Fearon, Hattie Carroll Henrietta DeLong)],
Patience, Samuel (2 daughters), Stephen
[who had a son, Allen who lived in Iowa
(whose daughter was Mrs. Smith; grand-
daughter, Addie Stevens and great-grandson,
Raymond Jones)], Sarah, Mary, Rebecca and
(my great, great, great grandfather) Solomon
(who married Nancy Wright)
Solomon (my great, great grandfather,
b. 4/27/1827) and Mary Reeves Dingee
Oswin S. (my great grandfather, b. in the
mid 1800's, d. 4/26/1913) and Sophie
Talmage Dingee
Elizabeth R. Dingee (b. 1894, d. 7/8/1915)
and Herbert Emmanuel Stone
Edith Elnora Stone(b. 5/23/1914, also known
as Elizabeth Ruth) and Lavern Bowman Heller
Dale V. and Donna J. White Heller and
Patricia M. "PJ" Heller (b. 2/7/1943) and
Norbert Jack Johnson
Dawn Michelle Johnson (b. 8//11/66, d.
5/6/78) and Paige Nicole Johnson (b. 8-29-63)
(and Kevin Ray Sell)
Jordyn Dawn Sell (b. 5/14/1992)

This is the information I have that's been handed down to me
from the Dingee side of my family on Rebecca Merritt:

Born Feb. 9, 1753, Died Aug. 1, 1836 (83 years, 5 mos. 10
days, listed in First Families in America) married Samuel
Dingee (Born Aug. 14, 1748, Cortlandt Manor, NY, Died Dec.
27, 1822, listed in First Census U.S. 1790 and great
grandson of Robert Dingee of Cortlandt Manor*) November 13,

I'm the great, great, great, great granddaughter of Samuel
Rebecca Merritt Dingee.
My great grandfather, Oswin S. Dingee [whose cousin Annie
Wright Dingee, who died in the 1950's at over 90 years old,
compiled this information], (died Jan. 29, 1913 in Chicago,
IL) was the son of Solomon Dingee (born April 27, 1827, died
Jan. 1895) who was the son of Solomon Dingee (born May 23,
1789, married to Nancy Wright, who was born May 27, 1793, on
Jan. 28, 1810) whose parents were Samuel Rebecca Merritt

Per Annie Wright Dingee: "Our great [great] grandmother
Dingee's family were Quakers. Story handed down in family
was they bought a great deal of land which now is
Porchester. Named it 'Porchester' for Porchester Castle
near Liverpool. Ruins are still standing. I have been
trying to trace the Merritt family. Earliest date is a list
of Quakers, 1674. 'William Merritt, Estate Wealth 5000,
First Class Property.' I think this was Rebecca Merritt
Dingee's great, great grandfather. Death notices, 'Isaac
Merritt, died 10-4-1723,' probably her grandfather. I am
sure this was her family. Lavinia died in 1809. Think she
was her sister. My father's [Samuel Merritt Dingee, brother
to my great grandfather Oswin S.] sister Lavinia was named
for her grandmother's sister. There was also a Rebecca.
The 5000 must have meant the English pound. This settlement
of Quakers came from England.

I have a picture of Porchester Castle which Edith Wignall
took when she was in England. It was among some old
photographs but I have been unable to find it. Anne
Proudfoot Wright [mother of Nancy Wright Dingee
(daughter-in-law of Rebecca Merritt Dingee)] evidently had
family record."

"They [her grandchildren] all loved their grandmother
[Rebecca Merritt] Dingee, who was a Quaker. [Two of her
children] David and Robert went to New York and were
successful in business. The three youngest were farmers and
lived on what was originally Courtlandt Manor."

Samuel Dingee and Rebecca Merritt Dingee's children: David,
Nancy, Elizabeth, Robert, Patience, Samuel, Stephen, Sarah,
Solomon, Mary, Rebecca [I have dates, marriages, number of
children if you would like them]. Per Annie, "The Dingees
fled from France at the time of the Massacre of St.
Bartholomew, were supposed to be first in Holland, then
England, where they must have remained for a long time
(supposedly near Canterbury Cathedral). St. Bartholomew was
in 1572. They came to America during the reign of James 1st
(1603-1625). First record in New York, 1623."

*" ...Cortlandt Manor...Manorial Holding granted to Robert
Dingee by Dutch in 1623. Cortlandt Manor included a part of
Rye and a large portion of Westchester County."

***Thanks for the additional info for my records. This is all I have on the first Robert:
My great, great, great, great grandfather, Samuel Dingee was the great grandson of
Robert Dingee of Cortlandt Manor and was born there. Nothing on his parents' or
grandparents' names nor on the first Roberts parents, wife, siblings, etc. According to the
family history, the family came from their home in Cannes, France, moved to Holland, then
to England (supposedly near Canterbury Cathedral), finally to America during the reign of
James 1st (1603-1625). First record in New York, 1623. There were two brothers who
were portrait painters and who painted a portrait of King James 1st. The Dingees fled
France, as I said in my earlier e-mail, about 1572. Cortlandt Manor was one of the six
Manorial Holdings in Westchester County, granted to the French Hugenots in 1623 by the
Dutch. The Dingee family lived on the property for 221 years. Some of this information
came from the daughter (Mrs. Dildine) of Rebecca Dingee Reynolds (born June 10, 1794)
who was the daughter of Samuel and Rebecca Merritt Dingee. According to Annie
Dingee, Mrs. Dildine had done extensive work on the Dingee family geneology, but died
before sending it on to Annie as promised. Rebecca settled in Michigan, so there might be
a wealth of Dingee info. through that lineage, if we can find them.

There is a Todd-Dingee Burying Ground, Katonah, Westchester Co., N.Y. that may yield
some more information. It was originally part of Cortlandt Manor. Do you have the
names of the first Robert's children, grandchildren and great grandchildren? Another
source of my information was in "Early Wills of Westchester County." according to Annie.
(Robert Dingee of Courtlandt Manor willed his wife her saddle horse, her saddle and chest
of clothes).

Is the Robert you're talking about, the son of Samuel and Rebecca Merritt Dingee and
your great (times 5) grandfather? If so, this is what I have on him. Born Sept. 19, 1774.
Two sons, William and Henry A. (could this be Henry Allen?) and several daughters. All of
the family but William lived and died in New York. He went to South America, married and
did not return until along in years when he visited "Uncle Henry" for some time.

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