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The British Root of the Farmer family, which is descended from Thomas Farmer who came on the Tryall.

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The British Root of the Farmer family, which is descended from Thomas Farmer who came on the Tryall.

Hontas Farmer (View posts)
Posted: 25 Sep 2011 8:33AM GMT
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Surnames: Farmer
Through a couple years of research I have been able to trace my male line back to Thomas Farmer, and further his father, also named Thomas who was lower Nobility in England. Their estate was known as Easton neston, and was until recently the property of their distaff, female line under the name Hesketh.

This makes sense since most of the early settlers were the second and third sons of lower and middle nobility who did not stand to inherit a thing. John Smith complained much about this fact, calling them unwilling to work. Our Thomas came as an adult on the Tryall but some speculate he came as a boy on one of the earlier voyages. English ships would take on boys of 12 or 13 and teach them seamanship. (It's sad that in our own age that does not sound...right and innocent.)

Know this much. We are not so named due to the occupation of owning planted lands. We are so named due to having been tax collectors. I suspect our efforts at owning cultivated lands eventually lent our name to the practice.

If you are a relative you can claim that some of the first USA settlers in Missouri were cousins of yours. Having moved from Western virginia to Cote Sans Dessein MO in 1805.

If you are a relative you can claim that you are a cousin to the well known musician Art Farmer.

If you are a relative, and descended of Thomas Farmer 1656 to 1700 of York Virginia, you are partly African American, and possibly closely related to Powhatan Wahunseneca (Though not a descendant of Pocahontas).

Now my own family tree has been cherry picked by folks who wanted the connections to everything but the blackness. Please don't do that. Without all of those ancestors none of us would be here. There were only at most 15000 people, all inclusive, in Virginia at the time. By necessity no matter how we all look. The Color and texture of our hairs, our skins, our external looks we are all in fact related.

Here is my ancestral line.

John Farmer ( - 1521)
is your 14th great grandfather
Bartholomew Farmer (1498 - 1581)
Son of John
John Farmer (1530 - )
Son of Bartholomew
George Farmer (1560 - 1586)
Son of John
Thomas Farmer (1594 - 1681)Of Easton Neston Northhamptonshire.
Son of George
Thomas Farmer (1634 - 1681)
Son of Thomas
Thomas Farmer (1656 - 1700)
Son of Thomas
Thomas Farmer (1681 - 1723)
Son of Thomas
James Farmer (1707 - 1761)
Son of Thomas
Thomas Farmer (1744 - 1811)
Son of James
James Farmer (1768 - 1867)
Son of Thomas
Jesse E Farmer (1805 - 1860)
Son of James
Jackson Farmer (1840 - )
Son of Jesse E
Peter P Farmer (1868 - 1946)
Son of Jackson
Hontas Farmer (1893 - 1976)
Son of Peter P
Hontas Farmer (1941 - )
Son of Hontas
Hontas Farmer
You are the child of Hontas - (not you?)

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