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Fripp ancesetry dna match search...

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Fripp ancesetry dna match search...

EdFripp92 (View posts)
Posted: 12 Jun 2010 10:13AM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Fripp
Being the son of John Linley Fripp, and his paternal ancestors of South Carolina since the 1600's, the past several generations since the Civil War have had great difficulty in
reconstructing our ancestry, and from where did we come. Family legend attest to a John (Johanne) Fripp arriving in the Carolina Colony having left from Bristol, England;
but we, the past several generations, have not yet to my knowledge arrived at conclusion due to not yet finding conclusive record of this man and his family in England.
Myself, being an avid family history buff, decided several years ago to try finding direct link to Fripp family in England and the Americas via Ancestry DNA. The problem
being - there have to be other members of the Fripp family of my direct paternal ancestry line to do so also!
Should any Fripp's read this article, please see if any of your fathers or brothers might consider tracing their root origins via participating in an ancestry dna cheek swab. The
below describes my dna ancestry haplogroup indicating that the South Carolina Fripps did indeed arrive in the Carolinas from northwestern Europe, but from which of the
listed countries?
"A Y-DNA haplotype consists of a series of STR (Short Tandem Repeat) markers located along the Y-chromosome. Each STR marker has a very high mutation rate and
therefore changes rather quickly through time. Because of their high variability STR haplotypes can identify recent relationships within a haplogroup. One well known
example is the 6-marker Atlantic Modal Haplotype§ (AMH), which is shared at high frequencies by members of haplogroup R1b1b2-M269 living in the European Atlantic
facade, specifically Celtic-speaking populations of Ireland and Wales, Scandinavian countries of Netherlands and Norway, and the Basque population. Additionally, a 17-
marker haplotype known as the Irish Modal Haplotype§§ (IMH) accounts for 17% of haplogroup R1b1b2-M269 members in northwest Ireland."

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