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Gutridge Garland Family (North Carolina and Tennessee)

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Gutridge Garland Family (North Carolina and Tennessee)

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Posted: 10 Dec 2012 8:27AM GMT
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Edited: 13 Dec 2012 7:36PM GMT
Surnames: Garland Stanley, Grindstaff, Blevins

All information set forth was obtained by extensive research of online records, US Census records, Military record, birth, marriage and death records, history books, family bibles and long, long conversations with my family, especially Blanchard Garland, my great uncle, whom still lives in Mitchell County North Carolina. This is not a complete list so please be patient. I do have some photos that I will add at the end. I may not be able to answer all questions you may have, but I will share with all.
Thank You,

Lisa Garland-D'Amour

Gutridge Garland, Halifax Co, NC Married Sept. 26, 1778 Rowan Co. NC Died ca 1848, Red Hill, NC Buried Garland Cemetery, Red Hill, NC ( Rowan County NC is known now as Cater County TN. One would simply cross Iron Mountain, which is now known as Red Hill, NC)
Gutridge married Bridget Hampton, daughter of Ezekiel Hampton Sr, and Jane Griggs (Jane was the daughter of Minus Griggs)
Jane, b,ca 1760, d. ca 1893

David, b July 20, 1779
Ezekiel, b ca 1782
William, b Sept 14, 1785
Elisha, b ca 1788
Jennie,(Jane) b. ca 1790
Solomon, b. ca 1793
Samuel Gutridge,b. ca 1795
Bridget, b. ca. 1797
Telithia, b. May 22, 1798
Steven Joseph, b. April 1803
Dorothy (Dolly) b. June 11, 1808

David Garland, son of Gutridge Garland and Bridget Hampton b. July 20, 1779, died April 1866, Mitchell County, NC
Married, Sarah Garland, daughter of Humphrey Garland and Elizabeth Blankenship.

Gutridge, b. March 20, 1798 in TN
Charles, b Dec 2, 1801 in TN
Lydia, b May 24, 1803 in TN
Bridget, b June 25, 1805 in TN
John Wesley, b April 7, 1808 in TN
Hodge Raburn b June 7, 1810 in TN
Sarah Jane, b June 1, 1814 in NC
Williamsom, b March 11, 1818 in NC

Ezekeil Garland, son of Gutridge Garland AND Bridget Hampton
b, ca 1782 d, ca 1817
Married Susannah Grindstaff b,ca 1782 in TN

Jane, b ca. 1805 in TN
William, b ca 1806
Melvina (Vina) b ca 1808
John Gutridge, b Sept 29, 1810
Mary, b ca 1812
Bridget, b ca 1814
Sarah, b ca 1815

John William Garland, b Sept 14, 1785 d. Oct 24, 1863, Mitchell County, NC. Married, Rebecca Stanley b Jan 17, 1796 NC d, Oct 24, 1865 Mitchell Co. NC, daughter of Rickles Stanley and Olivia Howell.

Ezekiel Elisha b Aug 9, 1812
Eliza Jane, b Dec 28, 1814
Rebecca, b July 3, 1816
Delilah (Lila, b Sept 24, 1817
David Gutridge, b Dec 1, 1818, died young
Anna Malissa, b Mar. 6, 1821
William M. b Nov 11, 1822
Elizabeth, b Feb 6, 1824
Crissenberry, b June 4, 1825
Malinda Jane, b July 25, 1826
Dorothy (Dolly) b July 4, 1828
Isabelle (Ibby) b Dec. 24, 1829
Betty Minerva, b Sept. 9. 1831
John Samuel, b March 4, 1833
Bridget, b Aug. 13, 1837
All were born in Burke County, NC with the exception of Bridget, whom was born Yancey County NC

Elisha Garland,d ca 1875 Mitchell Co. NC
Married Nancy Robeson, b ca 1793, she died before her husband.

Sarah (Sally) b ca 1812, Garlandtown TN
Gutridge, b ca 1814
Julius Samuel, b ca 1817
Nancy. b ca 1820
Viann, b ca 1822
Hampton Crissenberry, b ca 1826
Lockey, b ca 1832
Thomas B, b Aug. 22, 1837
John Calvin, b ca 1841
Most were born in Burke Co. NC, with the exception of Sarah.
Thomas and John Calvin were born in Yancey Co. NC

Samuel Gutridge Garland, b ca 1795 Limestone Cove, Carter County (Now Unicoi County) TN. Died ca 1873, Fannin County, Ga
Married Mary Polly Stanley, b ca 1800, Burke Co (Now Mitchell Co) NC. d. ca 1878, Fannin Co. GA., daughter of Rickles Stanley and Olivia Howell.

Rickles E. b June 8, 1819
Stacy, b ca 1822
Elsiha Marshall (March), b June 4, 1824
Charles East, b ca 1827
Bridget, b ca 1831
Mary Ellender, b ca 1834
Matilda (Tid) b ca 1841
Sarah Malinda (Linda) b ca 1844, called Louise
Phoebe Adline, b ca 1846

Stephen Joseph (Steve) Garland, b April 13, 1803 Limestone Cove, Carter County (Now Unicoi) TN. Died, June 6, 1875 on Iron Mountain NC. Buried, Garland Cemetery, Red Hill, Michell County, NC
Married Elizabeth Betsy McKinney, b Sept. 8, 1805, d July 28, 1844, buried Garland Cemetery, next to Steve.

Alexander Harrison, b Dec 22, 1823
Malinda (Linda) b Dec 23, 1824
Matilda, b March 8, 1828
Welborn McDonald (Mack), b May 20, 1830
Mary Ann (Polly), b Oct 24, 1834
Samuel, b April 25, 1835
Gutridge O.(Known as little Gutch), b March 21, 1836
Elisha, b Jan 23, 1839
John Powell, b Dec 8, 1841
Ezekiel (Dude), b Oct 8, 1843

Name of Stephen's second wife, Elizabeth (Betsy) Forbes,b June 11 1827, daughter of John Forbes and Stacy Stanley

Emelia (Milly), b Aug 18, 1847
David C. b June 5, 1849
Wesley (Wes) b Oct 15, 1852
Stacey (Lockey),b June 14, 1855
Sewell Grant, b April 11, 1856
Rickles (Rick or Rix), b Jan 14, 1858
NATHAN W. (Nate), b JAN 24, 1850
Bridget (Biddie), b Jan 7, 1861
William D., b May 12, 1862
Carolina, b June 23, 1868

Steve and his first wife lived on a part of his father's farm at Red Hill North Carolina. After the death of Betsy, he moved to what is now Buladean, North Carolina. Betsy McKinney-Garland had died at childbirth with an unnamed child which also died.
On June 6, 1875, a tree fell on Steve and he died at the age of 72. He is buried next to his first wife at the Garland Cemetery at Red Hill, NC

Gutridge (Fishtrap Gutch)Garland, b March 20, 1798,Limestone Cove, Carter County (Now Unicoi) TN. Died,ca 1866, Fork Mountain, Mitchell County, NC.
Married, Francis(Fannie) McKinney, b ca 1798. She is said to be a sister to Steve Garland's first wife, Elizabeth.

John, b ca 1819
Emeline, b ca 1822
Sarah, b ca 1824
Mary (Polly) b ca 1826
Unnamed male child that died soon after birth.
Clarissa, b ca 1833
Charles Wesley, b Sept 30, 1834

Charles Garland, b Dec. 2, 1801, Limestone Cove, Carter County (now Unicoi) TN. died ca. 1886 Fork Mountain Mitchell County, NC
Married, Rebecca Blevins.

Joseph, b ca 1824, died in infancy.
William, b April, 2, 1826
Ann Elizabeth, b April 2, 1826, twin of William
Sarah (Sally), b ca 1827
James, b ca 1829
Lewis, b ca 1833
David, b ca 1836
Isaac Harvey, b ca 1838
Gribbs, b May 18, 1841
Ezekiel, b ca 1846
Lydia, b Oct. 24, 1848

John Wesley Garland, born Limestone Cove, Carter County (now Unicoi) TN. Died ca 1887, Unicoi, TN. Married Jane Horton, b ca 1808. She was previously married to James Poteat, and they had a sone named, Lorenzo. John Wesley had a illegitimate son named Hazie Higgins, born in 1841.
John Wesley Garland was a State Senator for a while and he and Jane had no children together.

Hodge Raburn (Rabe) Garland, b June 7, 1810, Burke Co (now Mitchell) NC. Died Jan 30, 1863. Mitchell County, NC. Buried at Old Byrd Family Cemetery, Red Hill, NC.
Married, Annie Byrd, b Oct 25, 1814 d, Nov 27, 1840, daughter of the Rev. Samuel Byrd.

Mary Susanna (Polly), b Oct 24, 1833
Achsah M. (Axey), b Sept 4, 1835

Second wife of Hodge, Nancy Baker, b Nov. 27, 1812, d Dec 29, 1878. Daughter of Thomas Baker and Susannah Wiseman, She was previously married to William McKinney.

Lydia, b Jan 19, 1842
Clarissa, b Feb 4, 1843
Nancy, b Oct 24, 1844
Susan, b Feb 14, 1846
David N. b March 17, 1849
Sarahfina, b Aug, 20, 1850
Charles Wesley, b Oct 9, 1853
Martha C. b May 22, 1859

Williamson (Bill) Garland b, March 11, 1818 Burke County (now Mitchell) NC. d Nov 24, 1909, Mitchell Co, NC, In 1900 he lived on Brush Creek, Mitchell County, NC.
Married, Eliza Jane O'Brien, b Sept 8, 1821, TN. Died March 20, 1901, Mitchell Co. NC.

James C., b ca 1844, Carter County, TN.
Mary Ann Margaret, b ca 1845
David, b ca 1846. He died in the Civil War.
Sarah (Sis), b Jan 20, 1848
Samuel A. , b ca 1849
Susan, b June 20, 1853
Bryan Fletcher, b Oct 3, 1855
Charles R., b Aug 4, 1856
Joel Joseph H. b March 20, 1858
Joanna, b ca 1862

Williamson and his wife are buried at the Garland Cemetery in Red Hill,NC. Their son David died in the U.S. Service in the state of Kentucky.

Johnson Gutridge (John) Garland, b Sept 29, 1810, Carter County, TN. Died, March mMarch 26, 1834. Buried, Grindstaff Cemetery, TN.
Married Susan Grindstaff. b Sept 29, 1812, Carter County, TN
Died August 2, 1918 at the age of 106.

Calvin Ezekiel, b Oct 8, 1834
William W., b Jan 23, 1837
Sarah Jane, b ca 1838
Hannah Emeline, b ca 1840
Elizabeth Louise, b ca 1844
John T., b ca 1847
Luvina J., b ca 1848
Mary A., b ca 1851
Eliza, b ca 1853
They were all born in Carter County TN.

Ezekiel Elisha Garland, b Aug 9, 1813 Burke County (now Mitchell) NC. Died before 1900 Fannie Co. Ga
Married First wife, Annie Stanley, b 1815, d 1853 Cherokee Co, NC.
Second wife, Mary Caroline Davis,married on Nov 26, 1860.

Children with Annie-
Elizabeth, b ca 1835
William W. b ca 1838
Rebecca, b ca 1842
Naomi, b ca 1845
Adaline, b ca 1847
Thomas Crissenberry, b ca 1849
David W. b Dec 16, 1853

Children with second wife Mary-

Isaac Lincoln, b Dec 27, 1863
Elizabeth , b ca 1864

Crissenberry Garland, b June 1825 Burke Co, NC. Died ca 1865 Red Hill, NC. Married Elizabeth (Betsy) Whitson, b March 12, 1832, daughter of John and Sarah Whitson. Elizabeth's second husband was Richard S. Garland

John W (Guffie), b ca 1849
Ezekiel, b ca 1853
William (Bill), b ca 1855
Martha Ann, b ca 1857
Sarah, b ca 1862
Crissenberry (Bud), b March 2, 1864
Delilah (Lila), b ca 1866
Mary, b ca 1866

Crissenberry Garland was a soldier in the 13th Tennessee Calvary during the civil War.

More to follow......

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