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First a word of warning. I am having a terrible time tonight with my wireless service. I am unable to get to this location by clicking on the url in your message. I had to go to rootsweb and rummage around for quite a while. In fact I am not sure I could get to this location again!!! So here goes......

Please let me know if there is a problem with the transmission given the problems I have had this evening.

Hope you enjoy.

Pat Stainbrook
PEDIGREE # 130 Submitter: Elza M. Wakefield, 201 Ferndale Street, Carlsbad, N.M.

From: Family History Library – Salt Lake City, Utah – DECEMBER 14, 2002 Transcription by Pat Stainbrook


The family of Greer in the North of England derive their ancestry from the Clan MacGregor in Scotland from which Clan the Griersons of Lag Dumfrieshire claim to be descended. However from ancient and authentic documents in the possession of the compiler of the following Genealogical Table it appears that they were originally one and the same family. Sir Will GriersonKin died about the year 1629 from which time the family of Lag seem to have made an alteration in their surname calling themselves Grier instead of Grierson for some generations. We find that James Greer fro whom the Irish branch sprang resided in Nag ___________land the adjacent County to Dumfries in the year 1.33 and from the aforesaid documents we learn that he was a member of the family of Lag and probably removed from the parent Stock about the period of the change of the name from Grierson to Greer which after(?) name his son Henry, who was a younger son brought with him to Ireland, and which name was retained by the elderbranches of the family there while some of the younger branches assumed the name of Greeves, which proness to change of name they appear to have inherited from their progenitors the Griersons.

Henry Greer, son of James & Mary Greer of the Rock near Almswick Northumberland married Mary Turner, daughter of Robert & Deborah Turner of Turnerstown in Northumberland and settled at Newton, Parish of Schoolbittle, Northern Ireland where their eldest son James was born in April 1653 and the same year removed to and settled at Radford near Orange Co. Tyrone, Ireland. He died between the years 1673 and 1677.
Mary survived her husband and died in 1697.

MORE: Ann Greer, sister to Mary married Thomas Turner 's brother. Mary Turner moved and in the year 1654 they removed to and settled near Lurgo Co. Armagh.

2nd Generation
James (2) oldest son of the above Henry was born in 1653 and was married at the house of Roger Webb(?) of Segoe in the Co. Armaghin 1678 to Eleanor daughter of Co. Harris of John Rea of Lisacurean near Lurgun and settled on her lands. Had issue by her.

Henry born January 5, 1881 married Sarah daughter of Wm. Henderson Dundady Co. Derry.

Mary born December 7, 1685 married William Douglass

John born July 9, 1688 married Mary Hanks
Thomas born December 1, 1690 married 1st Ann Henderson & 2nd Rachael Martin.

Robert (2) the 2nd son of Henry married Mary Whiteside of Orange (or possibly Grange) Co. Tyrone in 1691 and settled at Radford where he died about the Year 1730 and his wife died 1742. Issue.

Alice married Jonas Shaw, her first cousin.

Thomas married Elizabeth Ball of Tunnery Co. Auburn daughter of Ireland and Jane Ball.

John married Mary Whitsettle in the year 1716.

Jonathan married Sarah Richardson of Co. Auburn in 1734.

Robert married Eliza daughter of Jul Whitside of ___dre in 1742.

Mary married James Petlar of A________an?

Abigail married Jn. King of Old Castle and afterwards Lan Hobson.

Sarah remained unmarried and died an old woman.

Susanna married Thos. Toppin of Bally Bagan in 1741.

Thomas the 3rd son was shot in his mothers House at Hanford in 1739 by the Rapparaes the name of the Irish Rebels of that day. He was much esteemed byte Society of Friends of which he was a member. (See Note A)

About the year 1689 was a period of great hard___ce and the Friends settled round and at Grange (here an entire line of about 10 words is cut in half and is unreadable) (an English & Irish one at Charlemont and the other at Dungannon who had frequent incounters). Where peaceable people were often in eminent danger. On one occasion it is stated a skirmish took place between 700 Irish & 60 English near Jn. Whitsides' in the immediate vicinity of the Meeting house on which the Irish were driven back, but in the retreat they plundered the property of Friends & consumed their houses. It was in that year that Thomas Greer was shot by the Rapparies who came at night to Radford, and firing into the house killed him.

Henry (3) son of James (2) of Lurgan (James 2, Henry 1) born January 5, 1681 married Sarah Henderson in 1704. They both died in 1756. Issue:
James Greer (4) born Mary 15 1705 died 1706.
Mary Greer (4) born October 17, 1706 married Jasper Bell.
Ann Greer (4) born December 12, 1709 died October 4, 1713.
Sarah (4) October 30, 1711 married Jn. Carroll.
Henry (4) February 22, 1716 married Elizabeth Horner.
Ruth (4) February 22, 1716 married Thomas Uprichard.
Ann (4) born October 19, 1713.

John (3) son of James (2) first resided at Warrenstown afterwards at Tullyanaghan near Lurgan. He was born July 9th 1688 married Mary Hanks (widow of _____ Chambers by whom she had several children. Had Issue. Viz.
Elizabeth (4) born August 7, 1720 married Joseph Wilson.
Eleanor (4) born July 17, 1721 died unmarried.
John (4) born July 29, 1722 married N___h Shephard, he died November 13, 1795.
Thomas born November 14, 1724 married Feb. 2, 1746 Sarah Greer, daughter of Thomas Grier of Radford.
James born September 16, 1728 married Sarah Delap daughter of Wm. Delap

Two children who died young, viz.
James born at Warrensborough March 24, 1718 died January 3, 1722.
Mary born at Warrensborough February 22, 1719 died July 22, 1722.
NOTE: The original land from Mary to her husband (rest of sentence is unreadable.)

Thomas (3) son of James (2) of Balhakill afterwards of Clonrale near Largen born in 1690 married 1st Ina Henderson and 2nd Rachael Marton.
Issue by 1st wife:
Sarah who married Joseph Grubb of Clonnel.
Issue by 2nd wife:
Thomas who died without issue.
James married Jane Stolt.
Samuel married ______ Stewart.
Rachael married Jos. Malesmim.

James (3) son of James (2) of Lisscurran near Largan born 1693 married _____________ died in 1761.
He left two daughters:
Jane married Jno. Hirh
Mary married Thomas Pudley.

Thomas (3) son of Robert (2) born _________ married Elizabeth Bell of Lumary Co. Antrim. Issue, viz:
Mary married Joseph Brownlow.
Jane married in 1740 William Gregg.
Elizabeth married 1752 James Lindsay.
Sarah married 1744 Thomas Greer.

Ann married 1742 Robert Bradshaw.
Catherine married 1759 Jno. Crump son of the Rector of Kallyman.
More: I have a original letter from this Thomas to his wife dated Dublin Co. of Ire 1717. JG

John (3) son of Robert (2) born ___________ married Mary Whitside about the year 1716. Issue, viz:
William married Mary Morton.
Abagail married Robert Delap 1768.

NOTE: This was the Jno. Greer who changed his name to Greeves, his father called him Jno. Greer in his will dated 1717 wherein he leaves him Granges Saloran providedhe he came into _____ with his friends he having married without his parents consent.

Jonathan (3) son of Robert (2) of Radford married Sarah Richardson in 1734 he died in 1774. Issue, viz:
Mary born 1740 married James Hogg in 1764.
Robert born 1742 died undetermined.
Thomas born 1744 no issue.
Joseph born 1749 married R. Whitable.
Robert born ______ married ________ Whitsitle in 1742 and died a few weeks
Afterward leaving no issue.

Henry (4) (son of Henry (3), James 2, Henry 1) of Lurgan born February 22, 1716 married Elizabeth Turner April 3, 1741 he died in 1776. Issue, viz.
John born 1742 married in 1672 Elizabeth Cuppage.
Ann b. 1743 married 1st James Henderson 2nd Brownlow Ford.
Henrietta born 1746 married 1st Joseph Wilson, 2nd Jas. Malcomson
Jane Eliot born 1752 married Wm. Greeves
Eliza born 1759 married Jn. Cuppage.

MORE: Elizabeth Turner was great grand daughter of Thomas Turner who married Ann Greer and emigrated to Ireland in 1654.

John (4) (son of John (3), James (2), Henry (1)) born 1722 married Ruth Sheppard. Issue, viz.
Benjamin married F or E. Bell
Eliza married _______ Bradshaw
Eleanor married _________ Thompson.
Ruth married F. Douglas
*John removed to America and died without leaving issue.

Thomas (4) (son of John (3), James (2), Henry (1)) of Rhonehill born 1724 married 1746 Sarah (very faint and hard to read) Greer died 1803. Issue, viz.
Eleanor born 1754 married T. Boardman
Mary born 1756 married Rd. Jacob.
Jane born 1757 married Jul. Clibborn
Sarah born 1760 married Jno. Hancome
Thomas born 1761 married Elizabeth Jackson
*Robert born 1766 removed to America where he died unmarried.
Ann born 1770 married Jas. Nicholson.
*He had several other children all of whom died young.

James (4) (son of John (3), James (2), Henry (1)) of Miltoborn1728 married 1753 Sarah Delap. Issue, viz.
Elizabeth married Robt. Crostie
John married Susannah Noble.
Thomas died unmarried.
Henry died unmarried.
William married Elizabeth Bell.
Robert died unmarried.
Hannah died unmarried.
Sarah married Thomas Bell.

Jamis (4) (son of Thomas 3, James 2, Henry 1) of Clonrole married Jane Stoll in 1756. Issue, viz.
Sarah married 1st George Shaw 2nd Samuel Foyle.
Samuel married Sally Hancock.
John married Mary Boardman
James married Jane Clubborn
William removed to America
Harriet married Jno. Richardson
Eliza married Joshua Phelps.
MORE: He had five other children who all died young.

Samuel (4) (son of Thomas 3, James 2, Henry 1) married ______ Stewart. Issue, viz.
Rachel married T. Murray
Samuel married Jane Johnstone
Thomas removed to Crowmel and married E. Ludcuy

Wilham (son of John 3 – who changed his name to Greeves, Robert 2, Henry 1) of Grange (son of John who ___urned the name of Greeves). He married Mary Morton and died at Grange May 3, 1756. Issue, viz.
Robert born July 6, 1747 went young to America to his Uncles Robert and Sam
William born July 29, 1750 married Jane Elliot Greer
Samuel born May 22, 1757 married _____ Clements, removed with his family to
Mary born February 21, 1759 remained single.
John born March 25, 1761 married Margaret Sinton.
Alice born May 13, 1767 married Thomas Sinton brother of the above Margaret.

Joseph (4) (son of Jonathan 3, Robert 2, Henry 1) of __ Redford married Ruth Whitside, daughter of Wm. & Susan Whitside of Grange, by whom he had no Issue. Married secondly and had Issue, viz.
Thomas married Charlotte ??Wilson.

John Greer (5), (Henry 4, Henry 3, James 2, Henry 1) J.P. and Dep. Gov. of Armagh and Tynne born in 1742 marrried Catharine Cuppage in 1762. Issue, viz.
Henry born 1763 married in 1782 Jane Lymore
John died young.
John Turner born May 18, 1766 died in 1786
Thos. born Nov. 15, 1767 married ______ ____ & McGow died 1837
Jenny born 1795 died 1842
Jno. Miles born April 4, 1778 born R.I.
George born may 17, 1779 T. L. for Armagh married ___ Armstrong.
Alexander born June 20, 1780, half pay Army
Elizabeth married Jno. Malcomson of Clommal.
Mary died 1841
Catherine married Jno. Lindsay of Dublin
Sarah Mildred married 1st Major Overand E L C, 2nd Rev. Jas. Oldfield.

Benjamin 5, (John 4, John 3, James 2, Henry 1) of Moy married Elizabeth of Daugherton, issue, viz.
Maria married Garratt
Isabella unmarried
Elizabeth married Greer of Armagh .
Sally unmarried.
Thomas removed to America when young where he died unmarried and thus, this
Branch became extinct in the male line.

Thomas 5, (Thomas 4, John 3, James 2, Henry 1) of Rhone Hill born September 5, 1761 married Elizabeth Jackson 1787, died February 26, 1840. Issue.
Thomas born April? 21, 1791 J.P. married Marion Fisher.
Wm. Jackson born October? 3, 1797 married Mary Ussher died 1861.
Jno. Rob born September 11, 1800 married J. D. Strongman
Alfred born September 2, 1805 married 1st Hdt. Carrott and 2nd Peggy Chithurst.
2 other sons died young.
Sarah married Bligh White Dublin
Mary Jackson married C. W. Manty
Two only of her? daughters
Elizabeth married George Shomas, Bristol
Caroline married William Ridgeway, do
Lousa Jane married Joseph Rake, do
Priscilla Sophia died young.

John 5 (James 4, John 3, James 2, Henry 1) of Grange _______ married Susanna Webb, issue, viz.
William died in America
Susanna married Richard Kerr , removed to America.
Mary died
Hannah married William Greeves
Ann died unmarried.
Joseph married Susanna McDonnell
MORE; Jno. Greer buried at Wellbrook from _____ he removed to America and
Returning died in a cottage at Granges Bridge.

Samuel 5, (James 4, Thomas 3, James 2, Henry 1) of Lurgan married Sally Hanson 1796, issue, viz>
Thomas who died in America.

Samuel 5, (James 4, Thomas 3, James 2, Henry 1) of Belfast married Jane Johnston in America and returning to Ireland settled at Belfast. Issue, viz.
Sallies? Dead
Rachael married Joseph Malcomson
Harriett married Jno. Nicholson
Eliza married _ _ _ Greer Bell.

William 5, (William 4, John 3, Robert 2, Henry 1) of Grange born 1761 married Jane E. Greer in 1774. Issue viz.
Mary born 1776 married C. R. McMacken
William born 1780 married 1st ___________, 2nd Hannah Greer
John born 1783 removed toAmerica where he died.

John 5, (William 4, John 3, Robert 2, Henry 1) Of Bernagh born 1761 married Mary Surton/Sexton?. Issue, viz.
Mary born 1790 married D. O'Brien
Thomas born 1792 married R. Malcomson
Ann born 1796 married O'Brien
John born 1798 died young.

Henry 6, (John 5, Henry 4, Henry 3, James 2, Henry 1) of Lurgan born November 20, 1763 married Jane, daughter of Jno. Lyman of Dublin 1782. Issue, viz.
Joseph born October 17, 1796 married June 7, 1816 Mary daughter of Thomas
Richard born June 10, 1796 died June 7, 1826.

Thomas 6, (Thomas 5, Thomas 4, John 3, James 2, Henry 1) of Tallylagan J. P. born April 21, 1791 married April 17, 1826 Willamina Muro Ussher daughter of Arthur Ussher of Camphare County Waterford J.P. Issue, viz.
Frederick born February 17, 1829
Ussher born February 27, 1831 died 1881.
Martha married Jno. H. Ridge
Elizabeth Jackson
Priscilla Sophia

Joseph 6, (John 5, James 4, Thomas 3, James 2, Henry 1) son of the above married Susanna McDonnell. Issue, viz.
John died

Joseph 7, (Henry 6, John 5, Henry 4, Henry 3, James 2, Henry 1) of Grange Macgregor J.P. for Tyrone and Armagh also D. L. of the former Co. b. April 17, 1795 married Mary
Daughter of Thomas Harpur of Moy.

Frederick 7, (Thomas 6, Thomas 5, Thomas 4, John 3, James 2, Henry 1) born February 17, 1829 married Cecilia daughter of Sir N. A. Staples______?.

Thomas Greer is added under Frederick 7 with no other information.

The emigration of the two brothers-in-law Henry Greer and Thomas Turner with their respective families to Ireland, took place during the Commonwealth of England _ a period when the people were much disturbed and greatly excited with regards to religious matters and it appears that the new settlers almost immediately ______ry soon after their arrival in this country joined the then new Sect ( the Society of Friends commonly called Quakers.) This sect first made its appearance in Ireland in the year 1654 having been
Introduced into the country by William Edmondson, who from being a soldier in Cromwells Army became a convert to Quakerism. It is stated in the early records of the Society that this old Cromwellian soldier resigned from the profession of Arms in 1652 and having a brother in Ireland he removed there with his wife and settling at Antrum commenced shop keeping. In the 1653 going to England to purchase goods he met with George Fox and James Naylor and being converted by the preaching of the former (the founder of the new Sect) he joined it and was the first who professed and promogulated what was called the new doctrine in Ireland, although the Friends themselves proclaimed it to be primitive Christianity. In 1654 Edmondson removed from Antrim to the County Armagh and being poud? By a few persons held a meeting in his house in Lurgan which was the first meeting settled in the County. In the year 1656 we find he departed from thence with a number of Friends to reside in the County Cavan leaving the meeting well established, among it these who accompanied him from the County Armagh was Richard and Anthony Jackson from the latter of whom my mother Elizabeth Jackson otherwise Greer is descended. Like the patriarchs of old these early Friends were much addicted to
Locomotions, as I find that Wm. Edmondson again in 1659 changed his residence and settled in or near Mountmelick carrying along with him several friends and amongst others Richard Jackson while his brother Anthony removed with other friends at the near settlement in the Co. CCaaron. Henry Greer and his family must have joined the Society sometime about the period as I find that a meeting was established at range near Charlemont on the year 1660 and I observe the names of Henry Greer and his brother-in-law Thomas Turner frequently mentioned in the early records of the Society and also in the accounts of what the Quakers emphatically term sufferings, that is having their goods destroyed and carried away for the payment of Tithes. The last mentions I find made of Henry is in the year 1673 and in the year 1677 there appears one entry of the goods of Mary Greer, with of said Henry as having been taken for Tithe, this circumstance established the fact that Henry Greers' death took place in the intermediate space of time, that is between the years 1673 & 1677. The same account states that the goods of Thomas Turner were taken at various times from 1671 to 1681 for Tithe. The first mention made of James Greer having been a sufferer on a similer account is in the year 1678 this being the year of his marriage and removed from his father's or then his mother's house at Radford Co. Tyrone & Tusacurran Co. Largan Co. Armagh. In the year 1681 Robert Greer had goods taken from him for Tithe (this Robert was second son of Henry). It would be foreign to the subject to enter into no/so? disqu (can't read) on the religious scruples of the Quakers against the payment of Tithes or on any other of their singularities for if they stand open to the charge of fanaticism which certainly appeared in some instances on their commandment as a religious body still we should remember that they _______ _______ alone in the respect as it is a matter of history that the other seeds of the day (it being a time fruitful in new goods and wild notions) carried their excesses to as great endeavor greater extremes than they did. It is however only justice to remark that if the Friends still return some pecularities both as to doctrine and practice that may be considered hetrodoic by other professing Christians, yet we must give them credit for possessing many wholesome rules and regulations. One very laudable one is the care they take of the poor which they do not suffer to become burdensome to any, not even to the country at large. We may therefore take leave of the subject with a quotation from the words of an eminent ___?, but it must be acknowledged not a very faithful one.

"And yet perhaps, if Religious we compare
And estimate the foibles which they share
Though Priests may differ still shall candour find
A liberal portion possessed by all mankind."

The foregoing genealogy was compiled by me on the year 1824 from authentic documents which were in the possession of my Grandfather and Mothers, and after the elapse of Thirty One years. I have only found it necessary to add a few inconsistants? Which have since taken place in my own immediate branch and one or two others and now in the Sixty fifth year of my age when the "Gilding has been worn off the Gingerbread" and when life appears in the true colours, I bequeath it to my children in the hope that they may endeavour to emulate the virtues of the few good___?/ _______? The faults of the few doubtful characters which appear in the catalogue, the greatest proportion being of that class which if nothing good is recorded of them neither is there anything bad.

The Army ready which after described have been from the year 1720 borne by my Great Grandfather and Father who claimed descent from the Caln of MacGregor in Scotland and are thus Blazeoned, Azure & Lion rampant or armed and languid Gulas between olive antique C_______? _____? Second on a Candon Argent an Oak tree eradicaded surmounted by a sword in (NOTE: this is a description of the Coat of Arms and is very blurred and difficult to read.)

Signed, Thomas Greer August 1, 1855

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


The Clan Gregor or MacGregor is said to have sprung from Gregor or Gregorius the 3rd son of Alpine one of the Scotch Kings of the eighth century. From this descent of the founder of the Sert derived their original name of MacAlpine and they still occasionally receive the appellation of The Clan Alpine. From a very ancient period they appear to have possessed a wide tract of land on the boundary lines of Argyle and Perthshire, around Loch Kaltrine and the northern end of Lock Lomond. While the strong are considered the _____? Title to property in Scotland the MacGregors managed matters ___? Well as they ______? Being sufficiently able and willing to make the __ands keep their lands but is ___ (the next eight sentences are too blurred to be able to read). The MacGregors habitually and distinately resided such _______ and their bravery ______
_______ advantages over their adversaries but the _______ _______ but the _______
__________ _______ possession of the Royal ear and what was ____ self defense on the part of the _______ Sept was an early inside as presented at Court as a headstrong, defiance to all higher rule and authority. The material result of the whole was that the MacGregors became a wild , a lawless, and a broken Sept. Up to the close of the eighteenth century the MacGregors were legally a nameless Clan in as far as the Tenant Acts against them still held a place in the Statute looks tough practically the law recognized the name and home of the penal Statutes were ever enforced. The British Parliament finally abolished all those traces of Ancient barbarity. As soon as the boon? Was conferred on them, the MacGregors shared the changing tokens of a strong feeling of Clanship by _____ _______ (re establishing?) a head or Chief. Eight hundred and thirty six persons of the name of MacGregor subscribed a deed ___ land of John Murray Esq. of Lanrick afterwards ___ John MacGregors bars as law. My decended from the house of Glenstrue son and father /brother was? Clan ___ (rest of sentence is blurred and not readable).

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
The family of Grierson consequently also of Greer claim descent from Gilbert 2nd son of Malcolm, Lord of MacGregor who died in 1374. Thomas Grierson, Laird of Ardo obtained 6 Dec. 1408 a charter from his cousin John McRath de Lachs conveyingto him all right and claim which he the said John had to the lands of Lay. From this Thomas lineally descended Sir William Greer on the Krt of Lag who was appointed in 1623 the Keeper of certain Bells. He married in 1593 MissMaxwell sister of Willm. Lord Herrus, Sir Willm. died about the year 1629 from which time the familyof Lag seem to have made an alteration in their surname calling themselves Grier instead of Grierson for some generations. Sir William was succeeded by his son Sir Rob Grier III in 1639. This gentleman married in 1622 Margaret oldest daughter of Sir James Murray of Cockpool by whom he had four sons and a daughter and was succeeded by his oldest son Sir John Greer Knt. who died without leaving any male issue and the line of descent was carried on by the posterity of James Grierson Esq. the second son of Robert Grier III who left a
son Robert who succeeded in 1669 to the estates of his cousin Sir John Grier Knt. of Lag and was created a Baronet of Viva Scotia 28 March 1685. The persont head of this branch of the Mac Gregors is Sir Alex William Grierson of Lag, Co. Dumpries late of the 78th Ross shire Highlanders, he succeeded his brother as 7th Baronet in 1846.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Patrick Mac Gregor joined the Great Duke of Montrose in support of the Royal cause in 1644 with one thousand fighting men of his own Clan and was held in the highest estimation by that Illustious personage. He married Marian daagile of Mac Donald of Auchairichdanby by whom he had three sons, John, James and Duncan. John the oldest married Anne daughter of Mac Gregor of Rorr and was succeeded by her son John MacGregor asMurray who amassed a very considerable fortune. This Gentleman is said to have privately favoured the Rebellion of 1715, but he was cautious of appearing publicly and therefore none of the Clan took up arms accepting Dugal Cers tribe under the famous Rob Roy. He married Catherine daist daughterof Hugh Campbell Esq. of Lo(u)x by whom he had five sons and was succeeded by his fourth son Evan Murray who served as a Military Officer with great distinction in Germany. Me married Janet Youngest daughter of Jno. MacDonia Esq. of Balgony by whom he had four sons and two daughters. John Murray the eldest son of Evan attained the Rak of Lieut. Col. in the
F.I. Comp. service and was an Auditor General of Benga. General Murray was created a Baronet 23rd July 1795. He married Anne daughter of Roderick MacLeod Esq. by whom he had an only son Evared was his successor. Sir John Murray resided the original surname of the family MacGregor by Royal License in 1822, and died the same year. His only son John Evan born 1785 Major General in the Army KC Band GCB married 1808 Elizabeth daughter of John 4th Duke of Athell and by her had five sons and four daughters. Sir Evan who was Governor General of the _______ and Leeward Isles died at the seat of his Government in 1861 and was succeeded by his son Sir John Athol Banaty born in 1810 and married in 1833 Mary Charlotte youngest daughter and co heir of Read Admiral Sir Thomas Masterman Hardy Bar.t had issue four sons and two daughters. He was Lieut. General of the time he was a Midshipman on board the flag ship Couragous.

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