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Posted: 11 Feb 2009 9:53AM GMT
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Surnames: Bryants, Pous
Actually, Solomon George Bryant, the grandfather of Mary Elizabeth and Amanda, moved his family to Texas about 1842. Both Mary Elizabeth and Amanda were born in Red River County, Texas. Their father, Joseph Roberts Bryant, was in Panola County, Texas, on the 1870 census. Joseph Roberts Bryant's second wife died about 1873. In 1880, his children were living in Kaufman County, with Nathan Pou and wife and wife, Mary Elizabeth. Joseph Roberts married a third time and lived until 1913. He died in Collin County, Texas.

Here are some notes on Joseph Roberts Bryant:

Sept. 1855. Letter from his father, Solomon George, to his brother, Alexander H. R. Bryant, said Joseph was to move to Texas in a few weeks.

Texas archives,
Red River 3rd
Joseph R. Bryant
Joseph R. Bryant

1860 Census, Red River Co., Clarksville, TX, p. 125, ln.19, house 804. He had $500 r.e., $1000 p.p.
line 30, Hh 804, Fam. 804
Bryant, Joseph, 30, Saddler, IN
Mary A., 23, MI?
Lucy, 9, TX
Mary E., 5 TX
Thos. R., 4, TX
James A., 10 mos., TX
Siddell, W. A., 24, Saddler, IL
Maubley, W. A., 22, Saddler, IL
Wilson, C. F., 22, Saddler, AL
ln 39, 805 805
Stephens, Cornelius, 40, Carpenter Pa? 1500 r.e., 2000 pp.
Stephens, Frances A., 34, KY (aunt of Lucy Bryant, sister of Marion Florida Pickett)
next pg., ln 1,
Clement W., 16, student
Charles H., 10
Ellen L., 6
Joseph C., 4

1861 - 1865 Served in the Civil War, Confederate Army
Marijo Young's notes: "[Brother] A. H. R. was a captain in the Confederate Army, Co. D, 34th Texas Cavalry, Alexander's Regiment, 2 Partisan Rangers. Joseph R. was a private in the same company. Joseph R. was in charge of the horses, and the men never had enough to eat. So one day a hog was eating the corn that the horses were dropping as they ate, so Joseph R. said, Alex, go to bed and he did. Then he said turn over, turn your back, and he did. So Joseph R. and the other men shot the hog and skinned and dressed it and cut it up right there and cooked it right away, but they didn't give A. H. R. any until the next day, so that if it was found out, A. H. R. would be innocent of any knowledge.
This story was told to me by Clara Bryant Eason, Joseph R.'s son, William Louis' (Uncle Willie to me) daughter. the Leisure Lodge Nursing Home in Henderson, Texas."

1870 Census, Woods, Panola County, Texas, Roll: M593_1601, pp. 218-219 (ancestry says p. 338), Beat 5
ln. 37 HH 1894, Fam. 1894
Bryant, J. R., 40, saddler $500 r.e., $200 pp
Mary A., 36, keeping house, MI
Elizabeth, 15, at home
Thomas, 13, works on farm
Joseph, 10, work on farm, TX
Ida, 8, Texas
William, 6, TX
Ollie, 4, TX
John, 2, TX

1870: Mary A. Pou and children (son Nathan married children of Joseph R. and Mary Butler Bryant) are also in same beat in Panola County.

Mary A. Butler Bryant's siblings, Samuel T., William and John are also in Beat 5, Panola County, Texas in 1870.

1880 Census, Wood County, Texas, Sheet 14B, Pct. 2
line 18, HH 141, Fam. 146
Bryant, Joseph R., sadler, w m 50, IN NC NC, says he's married, but he should be widowed. (this may not be him, at least this is not his parents' birthplaces)
Siebenthal, John F., employee

1880 Census, Pct. 6, Kaufman County, Texas, p. 195A
Mary has evidently died. The children are living with Nathan and Mary (Elizabeth Bryant) Pou, inlaws.
Pou, Nathan N M Male W 30 TX Farming --- ---
Mary Wife M Female W 26 TX Keeping House IN MS
Mary Dau S Female W 5 TX At Home TX TX
Josephine Dau S Female W 3 TX At Home TX TX
Dora Dau S Female W 1 TX At Home TX TX
Bryant, Thomas BroL S Male W 23 TX Farm Laborer IN MS
Bryant, Arthur BroL S Male W 20 TX Farm Laborer IN MS
Bryant, Ida SisterL S Female W 19 TX At Home IN MS
Bryant, William BroL S Male W 16 TX Farm Laborer IN MS
Bryant, Amanda SisterL S Female W 11 TX At Home IN MS
Bryant, Hooker BroL S Male W 9 TX At Home IN MS
Scarbrough, Nancy Niece S Female W 23 TX At Home --- IN

1900 Census, Henderson County, TX.,V57, ED61, sht 9, ln 89, Pct. 6, Dist. 61
ln. 87, HH 168, Fam. 169
Bryan, Jerome, 22, born January 1878, TX Miss LA, farmer
Beulah B., wife, 15, born August, 1884, TX IN SC (youngest daughter of Jos. R. Bryant, next door)

1900 Census, Henderson County, TX.,V57, ED61, sht 9, ln 89, Pct. 6, Dist. 61
ln. 89, HH 169, Fam. 170
Bryant, Joe R., 70, b. October, 1829, IN NC KY (parent's birthplaces not right), farmer

1900 Census, Henderson County, TX.,V57, ED61, sht 9, ln 89, Pct. 6, Dist. 61
ln. 99, HH 172, Fam. 173
Bryant, James T. (son of Joseph R. Bryant), 43, born September 1856, widower, TX IN SC , farmer
son, Hardy, 18, b. September 1881, TX TX LA
(next page, ln. 1)
Mary E., daughter, 15, born November 1884, TX TX LA
Guy O., son, 13, born July 1886, TX TX LA
Lena, dau., 11, born Feb. 1889, TX TX LA
Eunice C., dau., 5, born May, 1895, TX
Ida A., dau., 3, born March 1897, TX TX LA
Leo N., son, 8, born May 1892, TX TX LA

1906 April 11 - Pension application, Bryant, Joseph Robert 12332 Denton County, Texas
J. R. Bryant, age 76, a resident of Denton Co., Texas, applied for a Confederate Pension, on basis that he was enfeebled from old age and not able to engage in an occupation. He served 3 1/2 years in the war in Co. D, A. M. Alexander Regiment. He enlisted about Nov. 1861 and served till close of war 1865. Says he "sold farm in Henderson County for $450.00." The letter to the War Dept., asking for his military record states he enlisted in Company D, 34th Regiment, Texas Cavalry (Alexander's).
The deposition by L. H. (Lewis Henry) Bryant of Jacksboro, Jack Co., Texas, that says, in part, "J. R. Bryant is my half brother and I have known him all my life. ... I know that J. R. Bryant enlisted in the service of the Confederacy and performed the duties of a soldier. . . enlisted captain Caudle's Company (afterward Captain A. H. R. Bryant's Co.), Col. Alexander's Regiment which was raised in Red River County, Texas in 1862. He served in Indiana Territory, Arkansas and Louisiana until the close of the war. I saw him last summer, he was very feeble and is 76 years of age. He was physically unable to do manual labor sufficient to earn a support.
Affidavit of physician says "Senile Debility with its accompanying chronic bronchitis, partial deafness, catarrh of the upper air passages and of the gastric and intestinal mucus membrane."
Interrogatories were answered by him and by a witness, T. R. Burnett, in support of his application. Mr. Burnett said:
"My name is T. R. Burnett, age 64 years, residence and post office address Dallas, Texas. I knew J. R. Bryant in 1863 and 1864, in the Confederate Army and knew him to be a member of Co. D, Alexander's Regiment, Polignac's Brigade, and that he served as a Confederate Soldier." On another form, he stated, "I know no other soldier by the name of Joseph Robert Bryant." and "I do not know that he was ever captured."
The pension was approved.

1910 Census Pilot Point, Denton County, Texas, Dist. 86, sheet 16A, p. 221
HH 308, Fam. 323
Bryant, Joseph R., 80, md. at 28, IN unk. unk.
Nancy A., 68, md. at 28, SC SC SC
Bryan, Jerome P., 31, TX, laborer
Beulah B., 25, TX In SC
Annie A., 18, TX TX TX
Lorna O., dau., 6, TX TX TX
Robbie O., 4 TX TX TX
Benjamin F., 2 TX TX TX

1913 October [Marijo Young notes:] Told to Marijo by her Uncle Herbert Bryant: "When Uncle Willie got news his father was dying, he and Uncle Allan Bryant, brother to Jerome Bryan who married Bulah Bryant, went to take the train from Tenaha and Herbert and Clyde rode with them to bring back the horses. While they were on their way, it came a blizzard, and Herbert didn't have on any shoes. Hodges, that ran a cafe in Tenaha loaned him a pair of his daughter's shoes. He was pretty embarrassed, but it was so cold he was glad to take them.
When Willie got to Joseph R's bedside, Joseph R. sat up in bed and said 'I've just been waiting for you. ' He talked awhile to Uncle Willie and then lay down and went to sleep and was never conscious again, and he died that night."

1913 October 25 Daily Courier Gazette, McKnney, Tx., Sat., Oct. 25, 1913 p.1
AGED CELINA MAN DIES : J. R. Bryant, aged 84 years, died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. J. T. Bryan at Celina Wednesday morning. The remains were forwarded to Pilot Point where the funeral was held in the First Baptist Church under the auspices of the Masonic Lodge. Deceased had only lived in Celina for a short time. He formerly resided at Pilot Point.
Submitted by M. Tuley, volunteer.. posted at

1914 January 10, widow, Nancy Ann Bryant, of Celina, Collin County, TX, applied for a Confederate Widow's pension. It, too, was approved. Filed in Celina, Collin County, Texas. Affidavit signed by witnesses, Mrs. C. H. Stone, R. N. Walker and W. B. Carson, notarized by J. T. Buchanan. Pension was approved Dec. 1, 1913 and filed Jan. 1914, and allowed from Mar. 1, 1915. The Adj. General's office, on March 12, 1907, stated that the records show that J. R. Bryant, private, Company D, 34th Tennessee Cavalry, C.S.A., enlisted March 7, 1862. On the roll of the company for January and February 1864, last on file.
See also: A site with a list of Confederate Soldiers, also has a list of families of Confederate Soldiers that were being assisted
This site lists Joseph Robert Bryant and his widow, Nancy Ann, Lewis Henry Bryant, and his widow, Sallie C., and N. J. Bryant, widow of George Mitcheltree Bryant (lists his name as George J. Nitcheltree).
A daughter and/or grand daughter once lived in Mayberry, Texas. One daughter was Mrs. Grandstaff. according to info from Roger Stubbs. Roger A. Stubbs says Joseph married Laura, Mary or Nanny or all three.
A listing of Joseph R. Bryant

The Pous were also in Panola County, Texas. Here are some notes on the parents of Nathan Allen Pou:

1850 Nov. 13, Census, Russell County, Alabama, Beat 6, p. 95
line 26, HH 643, Fam. 643
Pou, John, (age looks like 67 - should be 60), 500, SC
Mary, 28, Germany
Decalb, 10, Ala.
William, 8, Ala.
Nathan, 1, Ala.
Sarah, 1, Ala.

1860 CENSUS, Panola County, Texas, Beat # 4 - Woods REEL NO: 653 PAGE NO: 4
32 674 674 Pou John 70 M W Farmer 500 400 SC
33 674 674 Pou Mary 40 F W Housekeeper Breman Germany [Mary Durham Pou]
34 674 674 Pou William 15 M W Farmer FL
35 674 674 Pou Nathan 10 M W AL
36 674 674 Pou Jane 10 F W AL
37 674 674 Pou John 6 M W AL

(DeKalb is either married or gone, but doesn't show up on any census index)

1870 Census, Panola County, Texas, Beat No. 5 - Woods REEL NO: M593-1601 PAGE NO: 341B
30 1930 1930 Pou Mary A. 50 F W Keeping house 500 730 Germany . [Mary Durham Pou]
31 1931 1931 Pou William 25 M W Works on farm . . FL . .
32 1931 1931 Pou Mary 19 F W Keeping house . . TX . .
33 1931 1931 Pou Nathan 20 M W Works on farm . . AL . .
34 1931 1931 Pou Jane 20 F W At home . . AL . .
35 1931 1931 Pou John 16 M W Works on farm .

Children of John Pou, III & Mary Durham
Decalb POU 1840-1863"killed in action" Civil War - Battle of Vicksburg, MS possible namesake for D.C. Bryan, brother of Allen Bryan,
Allen is son-in-law of John Pou, III
Napoleon POU 1842-1846
Wm Tell POU 1845 Florida-1934 TX married 1870 Mary "Mollie" Lucy GRACE 1851-1917, 2nd married 1919 Martha "Mattie" BURTEN, both buried Ramah Cem, Shelby Co, TX. served in Confederacy ..
Co. "K" 28th. Texas Regiment, Dismounted Cavalry
Mathew "Nathan" POU (twin) 1849 AL-1896, buried Kemp Cem, Kaufman Co, TX
1st married 1874 Mary Elizabeth BRYANT 1854-1899 buried Kemp Cem, Kaufman Co, TX
2nd married 1890 Amanda Jane "Johnnie" BRYANT 1868-1941 buried Elm Grove Cem, Van Zandt Co, TX, both daughters of Joseph Robert BRYANT & Mary Ann BUTLER
Sarah "Jane" POU (twin) 1849 AL-1923 TX 1st married John ROBERSON 2nd married J.G. "Gordon" RISINGER 1837-1922 Confederate Soldier - Co. A, 28th Texas Cavalry both buried West Hamilton Cem, Shelby Co, TX
John V (D?) POU 1853-1927 married 1879 Lola WOOD 1859-1952 both buried Old Center Cem, Panola Co, TX

Fran Heugatter: Nathan's sister Sarah Jane Pou/Roberson/Risinger was his twin. 3/30/01 email

A posting to my genealogy information online, from Karen Cotter
Census info that shows Mary Durham was born in Germany.

Just a note to say to have John as John Valentine POU, III is incorrect. There are no documents that I have ever seen that indicate John's middle name as being Valentine and there is absolutely NO documentation that his father, & grandfather had the middle name of Valentine.

Perhaps you picked up the name "Valentine" from the debate over John, III's son whom some researchers think is John V POU while others think his middle intial was "D". His obituary had John D POU, however, that could be a misprint. But what I do know is there is NO documentation regarding John, III.

Mary Ann was John's second wife. She came to America in 1832 and was about 37 years his junior.

I have many more notes on the Bryant family, back to the early 1700's. Too much to post here. Call me. Andrea 316-267-6130 (daytime, work number)
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