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Prouse Family History

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James T Prouse

Randy Prouse (View posts)
Posted: 10 May 2000 3:27AM GMT
(1) 1. Seth Prouse

Birth Date: About 1780
Birth Place: MD

Seth may or may not be a son of John Sr. William Donald Prouse of Federalsburg, MD believes he was but there never was any proof. Caroline Co., MD Marriage Book 1797-1815 Dorchester Co., MD Marriage Book #4 and #2 f.88 1820 Census Caroline Co., MD 3rd Dist, Hunting Creek 1830 Census Dorchester Co., MD New Market Dist #2

Seth was a soldier in the War of 1812 in Capt. Willis' Company of Maryland MIlitia.

Spouse: Lucretia Turner

Marriage Date: 8 Jan 1805
Marriage Place: Caroline Co., MD

Children: William?

(2) 1.1 William? Prouse

Birth Date: 1804
Birth Place: MD

W.D. Prouse made note to see 1850 Phila. PA census

Spouse: Hester L
Birth Date: 1812
Birth Place: DE

(2) 1.2a Thomas Prouse*

Birth Date: 2 Oct 1807
Birth Place: Dorchester Co., MD
Death Date: 25 Nov 1854

Granddad Harvey Lee Prouse told me, when I asked what he knew about the Prouse family in Maryland, he recalled haaring about "Old Tom". This could be Harves grandfathers brother.

Spouse: Mary Littleton
Death Date: 3 Jan 1835
Death Place: MD
Burial Date: Jan 1835

Marriage Date: 3 Nov 1831

Children: William Seth

Other spouses: Henrietta Robinson

(3) 1.2a.1a William Seth Prouse*

Birth Date: 1 Aug 1832
Birth Place: Dorchester?, MD
Death Date: 28 Nov 1882

Spouse: Jemima Clark

Marriage Date: 5 Dec 1855
Marriage Place: MD

Children: Laura Clark
William Lowden

Other spouses: Wilhelmina E Davis

(4) 1.2a.1a.1 Laura Clark Prouse

Birth Date: 1 Oct 1856
Death Date: 6 Mar 1874

(4) 1.2a.1a.2 William Lowden Prouse

Birth Date: 22 Jul 1860
Birth Place: MD
Death Date: 1933

Spouse: Maggie Cary

Marriage Date: 26 Dec 1887

(3) 1.2a.1b William Seth Prouse*

(See above)

Spouse: Wilhelmina E Davis
Birth Date: 17 Jan 1838
Death Date: 16 Dec 1913

Marriage Date: 24 Jun 1862

Children: Frank Davis
Walter Davis
Mary Elizabeth
Thomas Edwin
Henry Lambdin

Other spouses: Jemima Clark

(4) 1.2a.1b.1 Frank Davis Prouse

Birth Date: 27 May 1863
Death Date: 30 Aug 1864

(4) 1.2a.1b.2 Eddie Prouse

Birth Date: 3 Dec 1864
Death Date: 3 Dec 1864

(4) 1.2a.1b.3 Walter Davis Prouse

Birth Date: 24 Jun 1866
Death Date: 14 Apr 1926

(4) 1.2a.1b.4 Mary Elizabeth Prouse

Birth Date: 14 Jul 1868
Death Date: 1 Aug 1868

(4) 1.2a.1b.5 Thomas Edwin Prouse

Birth Date: 6 May 1871
Death Date: 13 Nov 1873

(4) 1.2a.1b.6 Henry Lambdin Prouse

Birth Date: 4 Mar 1873
Death Date: 10 Nov 1929

Spouse: Anna Bell Stowell
Birth Date: 4 Aug 1874
Death Date: 12 May 1958

Marriage Date: 21 Jun 1899

Children: Ruth Elizabeth
Laura Stowell
Henry Lambdin Jr
William Donald

(5) 1.2a.1b.6.1 Ruth Elizabeth Prouse

Birth Date: 11 Sep 1900
Death Date: 12 Oct 1928

Never married.

(5) 1.2a.1b.6.2a Laura Stowell Prouse*

Birth Date: 13 Oct 1903
Death Date: 13 Jul 1945

Spouse: James Smith Sawyer
Birth Date: 26 Mar 1897
Death Date: 31 Jul 1945

Marriage Date: 5 Sep 1931

Children: Janet Leigh
Linda Arlene
Carol Joy

Other spouses: Joseph Hazelwood Spicer

(5) 1.2a.1b.6.2b Laura Stowell Prouse*

(See above)

Spouse: Joseph Hazelwood Spicer
Birth Date: 27 Nov 1901
Death Date: 29 Jul 1969

Marriage Date: 22 Dec 1951

Other spouses: James Smith Sawyer

(5) 1.2a.1b.6.3 Henry Lambdin Jr Prouse

Birth Date: 25 Jun 1906
Death Date: 7 Jul 1968

Spouse: Maude Mary Willis
Birth Date: 20 Sep 1908

Marriage Date: 15 Sep 1928

Children: Henry Lambden III

(5) 1.2a.1b.6.4 William Donald Prouse

Birth Date: 3 Jun 1919
Death Date: Sep 1989

SSN #214-12-5174 issued MD

Spouse: Nancy Elizabeth McConnell
Birth Date: 3 Oct 1922

Marriage Date: 18 Dec 1941

Children: Robert Edward
William Donald Jr

(2) 1.2b Thomas Prouse*

(See above)

Spouse: Henrietta Robinson
Birth Date: About 1810
Birth Place: MD
Death Date: 25 Nov 1854

Spouse Notes:
No children by this marriage to Thomas Prouse

Marriage Date: 8 Jan 1852
Marriage Place: Caroline Co?, MD

Other spouses: Mary Littleton

(2) 1.3 Prouse

Birth Place: MD

(2) 1.4 Prouse

Birth Date: 1810
Birth Place: MD

(2) 1.5 John Prouse

Birth Date: 1813
Birth Place: MD

1830, 1850, 1860 Census Dorchester Co, MD Palmer Marriages Dorchester Co Davis, Noble Kinder Book 1945 and updated edition 1978

Spouse: Sophia Brohawn

Marriage Date: 4 Nov 1835
Marriage Place: Dorchester, MD

Children: George
Martha (Marthy)
John Jr

(3) 1.5.1 George Prouse

Birth Date: 1838

Geo. Prouse lived at Linkwood, Dorchester Co., MD up to 1894
LDS IGI file shows he lived in Federalsburg, MD for a time.

Spouse: Frances M Davis
Birth Date: 30 Jun 1839
Death Date: 1 May 1894

Children: Linwood
Thomas M

(4) Linwood Prouse

Death Date: 14 Jul 1872

(4) Thomas M Prouse

Birth Date: 3 May 1875
Death Date: 26 Nov 1936

Thomas lived in Secretary, MD in 1919 moved up near Wilmington, DE
May be the Thomas Murry Prouse listed as a WWI in Civilian Draft Registration Dist. 4, Wilmington, DE

Spouse: Carrie W Hurley

Marriage Date: 2 Feb 1899
Marriage Place: Hurlock, MD

Children: Olive Marion
George Hurst
Delia Lecompte
Winfred Russell
William J

(5) Olive Marion Prouse

Birth Date: 12 Dec 1888
Death Date: 8 Jan 1900

(5) George Hurst Prouse

Birth Date: 5 May 1902
Death Date: 23 Aug 1906

(5) Delia Lecompte Prouse

Birth Date: 22 Jun 1903

Spouse: Samuel H Pyle

Marriage Date: 22 Nov 1922

Children: Dorothy Frances
Samuel H Jr
James Richard

(5) Winfred Russell Prouse

Birth Date: 27 Feb 1905

Spouse: John f Nickel

Children: Walter Duane
Barbara Prouse
Paul Prouse

(5) William J Prouse

Birth Date: 23 Feb 1908
Death Date: 1977

Spouse: Mary Ann Starr

Marriage Date: 6 May 1932

Children: William J Jr
Carol Ann

(3) 1.5.2 Matthew Prouse

Birth Date: 1840

(3) 1.5.3 Eben Prouse

Birth Date: 1842

(3) 1.5.4 Martha (Marthy) Prouse

Birth Date: 1845

(3) 1.5.5 John Jr Prouse

Birth Date: 1849

(3) 1.5.6 Vaun Prouse

Birth Date: 1851

From Dorchester Co. Md Census Dist 2 Cambridge PO Jun 22, 1860

(3) 1.5.7 Sarah Prouse

Birth Date: 1854

(2) 1.6 Eben Prouse

Birth Date: 1815
Birth Place: MD

Tombstone Records of Dorchester Co., MD 1850 Census Dorchester Co. MD Palmer Marriages Dorchester Co. Garden of Methodism by E.C. Hallman LTR Willard G Prouse charts by W D Prouse

Spouse: Hester Ann Cheezman
Birth Date: 1829

Marriage Date: 19 Apr 1850
Marriage Place: Dorchester, MD

Children: Eben
James Turner
Charles Howard
Merit Ollie

(3) 1.6.1 Eben Prouse

Death Date: 18 Jan 1863

(3) 1.6.2 James Turner Prouse

Birth Date: 10 Jul 1851
Birth Place: MD
Death Date: 31 Dec 1932

Lived at 923 Vendever Ave., Wilmington, Del. when B. Viola was married.
Married his daughter B. Viola to Wilbur Emery

James T. died Dec. 13, 1932. I have a letter from his son-in-law Wilber to
his grandson Howard that might be of interest. Dated 7/23/56 from his
home in Lambertville (Michigan, I presume), it talks of photos of Howard's
baptism in Wilber's Hillcrest house. "The baptism was earlier than I had
thought--before your grandfather Prouse had retired from the ministry.
The pictures fix the date as about June of 1911, when you (Howard) were
nearly 2 and Herbert (Viola's and Wilber's second son) was about 4
months. Also there were three babies baptized instead of four, for you
cousin Doris, had not yet been born.
"Present at the ceremony, besides our family and your uncle
Clarence's family of three were grandfather and grandmother Prouse (James
T. and Georgia) and your great great grandmother Merrick."

James T. Prouse...who was postmaster in East New Market in the 1800s
and moved, as a minister, to Wilmington, Del. after his daughter, a
school teacher, took a job there. He was married to a Georgianna
Merrick. His parents were Hester Cheesman and Ebin Prouse. Ebin was a
farmer and land holder in the Cabin Creek area. Ebin's parents were
Seth Prouse and Lucretia Turner. Don't have my notes here for specific
dates or variants on spelling, but if these are of interest to you,
please write.

Spouse: Georgia Anna Merrick
Birth Date: 11 Nov 1860
Death Date: Oct 1947

Marriage Date: 15 May 1878
Marriage Place: Dorchester Co., MD

Children: Bertie Viola
Clarence Martin
Ethel Elizabeth
Howard Hopkins
Willard Grason

(4) Bertie Viola Prouse

Birth Date: Feb 1880
Birth Place: Caroline Co., MD

Spouse: Wilbur Emery
Birth Date: About 1871
Birth Place: Ottumwa, IA
Occupation: Mechanical Engineer
Spouse Father: David H Emery
Spouse Mother: Sarah C Holland

Marriage Date: 14 Nov 1908
Marriage Place: Wilmington, DE

Children: Howard Prouse

(5) Howard Prouse Emery

Birth Date: 26 Aug 1909
Birth Place: Hillcrest, New Castle, DE

(4) Clarence Martin Prouse

Birth Date: 24 May 1882
Death Date: 3 Oct 1956

Spouse: Priscilla Titler Appleby
Birth Date: 16 Apr 1887
Death Date: 20 Apr 1952

Children: Eunice Elizabeth
Doris Priscilla

(5) Eunice Elizabeth Prouse

Birth Date: 9 Oct 1913

(5) Doris Priscilla Prouse

Birth Date: 8 Dec 1914

Spouse: William G Loing
Birth Date: 9 Oct 1913

Children: William Dale
Lois Dawn
Priscilla Emily

(4) Ethel Elizabeth Prouse

(4) Howard Hopkins Prouse

Birth Date: 1888
Death Date: 1947

Spouse: Alberta Key
Death Date: 1976

Children: Albert

(5) Albert Prouse

Died in early 1920s.

(4) Willard Grason Prouse

Birth Date: 24 Nov 1894

Information given by Willard G. Prouse

Spouse: Emma Helen Seese
Birth Date: 22 Aug 1898

Marriage Date: 16 Sep 1918

Children: James Seese
Harry Rowland
Roy William
Viola Mae
Clarence Willard
Helen Myrtle
Wilbur Earl
Wanda Elaine

(5) James Seese Prouse

Birth Date: 30 Jun 1919

Spouse: Frances Rivelle
Birth Date: 2 Feb 1926

Marriage Date: 11 Apr 1944

Children: James Willard
George Francis
Howard Rivelle

(5) Harry Rowland Prouse

Birth Date: 7 Mar 1921

Spouse: Harriet Amelia Plyler
Birth Date: 20 Dec 1925

Marriage Date: 6 Jul 1945

Children: Emmett Willard
Timothy Rowland

(5) Roy William Prouse

Birth Date: 13 Aug 1923

Spouse: Calais Leigh Waddy
Birth Date: 22 Dec 1929

Children: Donna Leigh
Bonnie Kay
William Earl
Jerry Wayne

(5) Viola Mae Prouse

Birth Date: 22 May 1926

Spouse: Charles Lindberg Hoover
Birth Date: 4 Mar 1932

Marriage Date: 25 Jun 1955

Children: Charles Lindberg
Sharon Marie
Andra Charleon

(5) Clarence Willard Prouse

Birth Date: 25 Mar 1928
Death Date: 5 Jan 1949

Spouse: Beulah Ellis
Birth Date: 11 Mar 1928

Marriage Date: 19 Nov 1946

Children: Ronald Gene

(5) Helen Myrtle Prouse

Birth Date: 27 Apr 1930

Spouse: Floyd Harold Wooters
Birth Date: 16 Feb 1920

Marriage Date: 30 Jun 1950

Children: Alvin Floyd
Paul Harold
Judy Wooters

(5) Wilbur Earl Prouse

Birth Date: 8 Feb 1938

Spouse: Loretta Pearl Houtz
Birth Date: 31 Aug 1938

Marriage Date: 18 Nov 1961

Children: Michelle Loraine
Kevin Jay
Jeffrey Lynn
Dwight Edward

(5) Wanda Elaine Prouse

Birth Date: 8 Feb 1938

Spouse: Arthur E Jr Benner
Birth Date: 24 Nov 1936

Marriage Date: 11 Jun 1960

Children: Carl Eugene
John Arthur
Willard Emory
Walter Allen
Joyce Elaine

(3) 1.6.3 Charles Howard Prouse

Birth Date: Mar 1858

Occupation: Shirt cutter Census 1880 1900 of Dorchester Co., MD

Spouse: Annie E Dean
Birth Date: Jan 1858
Death Date: 1921

Marriage Date: 14 Jan 1880
Marriage Place: Dorchester Co., MD

Children: Essie Osa
Charles I
James T

(4) Essie Osa Prouse

Birth Date: Jul 1881

Spouse: Thomas H Sherman

(4) Charles I Prouse

Birth Date: Oct 1884
Birth Place: Dorchester, MD

Charles owned a small "corner store" on Race St. in Cambridge. Source Mouserdon

Spouse: Elsie Sherman
Birth Date: 27 Apr 1888

Spouse Notes:
Died in 74 or 75

Marriage Date: 8 Nov 1905
Marriage Place: Church Creek, MD

Children: Clyde Bryan
Vernon Hopkins

(5) Clyde Bryan Prouse

Birth Date: 2 Jul 1906
Birth Place: Maryland
Death Date: 13 Nov 1988
Death Place: Easton, Talbot, MD

SSN 217-10-8821 Issued in Maryland Zip 21601

Spouse: Evelyn Wheeler

Children: Bryan

(5) Louise Prouse

Spouse: Styran

(5) Vernon Hopkins Prouse

Birth Date: 27 Apr 1908

Vernon's wife unknown. Willard G Prouse says he had 3 children. Donald Bates Prouse m. Anne Sodaro Donna Anne Prouse Stephen William Prouse

Spouse: Sybilla Jane Bates
Birth Date: 11 Dec 1913
Death Date: 24 Sep 1992

Children: Donald
Sybil Jane

(4) James T Prouse

Birth Date: Oct 1893
Birth Place: Dorchester, MD
Death Date: 1971

James was postmaster on the Eastern Shore of MD in the 1880s.

(3) 1.6.4 Merit Ollie Prouse

Birth Date: Apr 1860
Birth Place: MD


Emery, Howard Prouse (5)
Prouse, (2) 1.3
Prouse, (2) 1.4
Prouse, Albert (5)
Prouse, Bertie Viola (4)
Prouse, Charles Howard (3) 1.6.3
Prouse, Charles I (4)
Prouse, Clarence Martin (4)
Prouse, Clarence Willard (5)
Prouse, Clyde Bryan (5)
Prouse, Delia Lecompte (5)
Prouse, Doris Priscilla (5)
Prouse, Eben (2) 1.6
Prouse, Eben (3) 1.5.3
Prouse, Eben (3) 1.6.1
Prouse, Eddie (4) 1.2a.1b.2
Prouse, Essie Osa (4)
Prouse, Ethel Elizabeth (4)
Prouse, Eunice Elizabeth (5)
Prouse, Frank Davis (4) 1.2a.1b.1
Prouse, George (3) 1.5.1
Prouse, George Hurst (5)
Prouse, Harry Rowland (5)
Prouse, Helen Myrtle (5)
Prouse, Henry Lambdin (4) 1.2a.1b.6
Prouse, Henry Lambdin Jr (5) 1.2a.1b.6.3
Prouse, Howard Hopkins (4)
Prouse, James Seese (5)
Prouse, James T (4)
Prouse, James Turner (3) 1.6.2
Prouse, John (2) 1.5
Prouse, John Jr (3) 1.5.5
Prouse, Laura Clark (4) 1.2a.1a.1
Prouse, Laura Stowell (5) 1.2a.1b.6.2a
Prouse, Linwood (4)
Prouse, Louise (5)
Prouse, Martha (Marthy) (3) 1.5.4
Prouse, Mary Elizabeth (4) 1.2a.1b.4
Prouse, Matthew (3) 1.5.2
Prouse, Merit Ollie (3) 1.6.4
Prouse, Olive Marion (5)
Prouse, Roy William (5)
Prouse, Ruth Elizabeth (5) 1.2a.1b.6.1
Prouse, Sarah (3) 1.5.7
Prouse, Seth (1) 1.
Prouse, Thomas (2) 1.2a
Prouse, Thomas Edwin (4) 1.2a.1b.5
Prouse, Thomas M (4)
Prouse, Vaun (3) 1.5.6
Prouse, Vernon Hopkins (5)
Prouse, Viola Mae (5)
Prouse, Walter Davis (4) 1.2a.1b.3
Prouse, Wanda Elaine (5)
Prouse, Wilbur Earl (5)
Prouse, Willard Grason (4)
Prouse, William Donald (5) 1.2a.1b.6.4
Prouse, William J (5)
Prouse, William Lowden (4) 1.2a.1a.2
Prouse, William Seth (3) 1.2a.1a
Prouse, William? (2) 1.1
Prouse, Winfred Russell (5)

Randy Prouse
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