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WINSHIPS of Shell Rock, Butler Cty.,IA

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Royce Williams (View posts)
Posted: 4 Aug 2002 9:06PM GMT
Classification: Biography
In case you hadn't already found it -- here is an unidentified
newspaper clipping I just finished typing up that was written
about Truman Winship. I believe that it has information about
Emory, Erastus, and Charles Winship, sons of Charles
Winship and Evelyn Stark. Here is the text I have, though I
think that I may be missing the very end of it. Original
formatting preserved as much as possible. Unfortunately, I
have it in four scans - it was pasted into a picture album that
wouldn't fit on the scanner. I am descended from Nellie J
Winship, daughter of Joseph Winship and Laura Wellington.



In presenting the genealogy of Mr.
Winships people it is with pleasure
we present the likeness of Mr. Winship
along with it. He takes much
pride in the long time he has remained
in this locality and the fact
he is so far as he is able to ascertain
the oldest one living here who calls
this his birth place.

Mr. Winship wanted to know if I
would object stating he had been a
life-long Democrat. Of course not.
I always respect a man who shows
sincerity in any belief. We cannot
all expect to see the same way.

For the information as here following
I am indebted to the very excelent
Geneology of Western New
York, issued by the Lewis Historical
Publishing Co., of New York City,
issued this year.
The Winships under a most remarkable
variety of spellings, were
early in New England, being first recorded
in 1635 at Cambridge. Later
the family settled at Lexington
where there were among the most
numerous and respectable families.
Edward Winship settled in Cambridge,
Massacusetts, where he was
made freeman in 1635. Was selectman
of Cambridge fourteen years
between 1637 and 1684. He was representative,
1663-64-81 to 1686.
In 1638 he was a member of the Ancient
and Honorable Artillery Company
and also held a commission in
the militia, holding the rank of lieutenant.
He was also an active and
honored member of the church.
Lieutenant Winship was a large landowner,
not only at Cambridge but at
"The Farms" and at Lexington. He
died December 2, 1688, aged seventy-five
years. His wife, Elizabeth,
died September 19, 1690, aged fifty-seven.
Eleven children survived:
Sarah, Mary, died young; Ephraim,
Mary (2), Joanna, Edward, died
young; Elizabeth, Edward (2), of
further mention; Abigail, married
William Russell; Samuel, Joseph,
Margery, married John Dixon; Mehitabel.

(II) Edward (2), son of Edward
(2) and Elizabeth Winship, of Cambridge,
was born March 3, 16?4,
died in Cambridge, June 10, 1718.
He was selectman of Cambridge,
1691-93-95 and 1701. By an instrument
signed by his heirs is appears
that he had seven children.
He married, May 14, 1683, Rebecca
Barsham. Children: Edward (3),
of further mention; Elizabeth, born
June 1, 1686; married Walter Russell;
Ephriam, February 4, 1688;
married Hannah Cutler; Nathaniel,
married Rebecca Pierce; William;
John, married Elizabeth Wyeth; Jason,
born 1699.

(III) Edward (3), son of Edward
(2) and Rebecca (Barsham) Winship,
was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts,
January 9, 1684, died May 15,
1763. He was tythingman in
Lexington in 1714; fence viewer,
1716; constable, 1717. He owned
the covenant in Lexington, September
1, 1706, which is probably the
date of his removal to that town.
He was a wheelwright. He married,
about 1705, Sarah Manning. Children:
Edward, of further mention;
Rebecca, born August 22, 1709, married
John Manning, Sarah, born
June 28, 1712; Jonathan, died
young; Mary, born June 25, 1716;
Jonathan, born May 28, 1719, married
Elizabeth Cutler; Isaac, born
June 8, 1724.

(IV) Edward (4), son of Edward
(3) and Sarah (Manning) Winship,
was born August 25, 1706 died December
7, 1773. He was a wheelwright,
and resided at Lexington,
Massachusetts. He married Esther
--------, who died October 10, 1785,
aged eighty-five years. Children:
Thomas, born October 25, 1729;
married Sarah Harrington; Benjamin,
of further mention; Edward (5),
born January 18, 1733; married Hepzibah
Laughton; Joel, November 13,
1734; married Elizabeth Grant.
Amos, died young; Mary, baptized
1738; Esther, born January 21, 1739
died April 28, 1789, unmarried;
Evebell, February 2, 1743; Joshua,
January 27, 1748

(V) Benjamin, son of Edward
(4) and Esther Winship, was born
in Lexington, Massachusetts, April
12, 1731. He married Abigail --------.
Children: Benjamin (2), of
further mention; Abel, baptized
September 12, 1756; married
Abigail Muzzry.

(VI) Benjamin (2), son of Benjamin
(1) and Abigail Winship, was
baptized at Menotomy, Massachusetts,
March 30, 1755, died in Cattaraugus
county, New York. He lived
in Lexington and Salem, Massachusetts.
He married, April 4, 1788,
Mary, daughter of John Adams.
Children: Joseph, Isaac, Hannah,
Mary, Emma, Benjamin, and Eunice,
married a Bardien, of Syracuse, New
York; has C. W., a son. Joseph and
Isaac went to the state of Georgia
where they became very rich. During
the civil war their fortunes were
swept away but with the restoration
of peace they retrieved their fallen
fortunes and died very wealthy.

(VII) Benjamin (3), youngest
son of Benjamin (2) and Mary (Adams)
Winship was born 1796, died
in Little Valley, Cattaraugus county,
New York, December 10, 1851. He
serverd in the war of 1812 and received
a land warrant from the government
for his services. After his
death an additional grant of land
was made to his widow. In 1817-18
he located on a farm at Little Valley
Center, now Elkdale post office.
He made the journey from New England
with a yoke of oxen and a wagon,
being six weeks on the journey.
He contracted for five hundred acres
of land. In 1832 he received a deed
for the first fifty acres to which he
added until he had a good farm of
one hundred and fifty-six acres. He
was a man of influence in the town,
serving as assessor, town clerk and
commissioner of highways. He is
buried in the cemetery near the
homestead, with father, mother, and

He married, in 1832, Hannah Sanders,
of Ashford, born in Salem,
Massachusetts, daughter of James
Sanders. Children: I. Nathan,
born June 20, 1824, died at Tunnel
City, Wisconsin, April 14, 1866; he
married Eunice Wheeler and settled
on a farm in Little Valley. In 1856
he sold it and removed to Wisconsin,
where he was first a farmer, then
merchant and postmaster, at Tunnel
City; children: i. Marilla, married
Dr. William Donald; ii. Albina,
married Charles Tarr; iii. Alice, married
Warren Page; iv. John E., married
Eliza Woodard. 2. Charles,
born 1826, died May 1, 1880; settled
ion a farm in his native town, Little
Valley, and was also a carpenter;
served as overseer of the poor; married
(first) Evelyn Stark; children:
i. Emory, married Ida Raysey; ii.
Erastus, married Ollie Wheeler; iii.
Charles (2), married Carrie McMillan;
married (second) --------
Smith, child, Deva. 3. Benjamin S.,
born 1828, died April 15, 1882; was
merchant and liveryman at Little
Valley, then moved to Wisconsin,
where he was in the hotel business;
later a merchant and lumberman;
married China Thompson. 4. Joseph,
born September 1, 1833, died
September 23, 1881; was a school
teacher in Cattaraugus county; moved
to Wisconsin where he was a
farmer and teacher; served in Union
army during the civil war; married
Laura W. Wellington; children: Addison
and Nellie J. 5. Isaac born
1835, died 1906; settled on the
homestead farm and was a noted
breeder of thoroughbred and standard
Holstein cattle. He was a Democrat;
was supervisor, justice of the
peace twelve years, and overseer of
the poor; married Adeline Stark;
child, Robert, married Lizzie Newell
and has a daughter, Nellie. 6.
Truman, of further mention. 7.
Esther, went west as a teacher; married,
in Wisconsin, E. D. Carter, and
settled in Humbird; children: Edwin,
died in the Black Hills; Mamie,
Harry M., and Archie.

(VIII) Truman, youngest sone of
Benjamin (3) and Hannah (Sanders)
Winship, was born in Little Vallye,
Cattaraugus county, New York, September
26, 1837. He was educated
in the public schools with two terms
at select school, and grew to manhood
on the old homestead farm that
was his birthplace. For several
years he was a partner with Isaac,
his brother, in operating the farm
and in the fancy Holstein cattle business.
In 1863 they divided the farm
of two hundred and fifty-eight acres,
Truman taking a small acreage, and
then purchasing the Donaldson farm
adjoining, making a valuable tract
of three hundred and ten acres. He
was a successful farmer and stock
breeder, his herd of Holsteins being
of exceptionally high grade. He was
also interested in lumbering, cutting,
logging and rafting down the river
to city markets at Pittsburg and Cincinnati.
His dairy interests were
large and he was one of the largest
cheese manufacturers in that section.
He was an active, energetic, successful
business man, and shared his
prosperity. When his daughters
married he gave to each a part of
the home farm, and was liberal in
all his dealings. He is now practically
retired from arduous business
cares but retains an active interest
in the lumber busines at Little Valley.
He is an uncompromising Democrat
and served as highwasy commissioner.
In religious faith he is a Congregationalist,
serving as
trustee of Little Valley church.

He married, May 30, 1860, Candis,
born April 24, 1838, daughter of Edwin
Fairbrother, a farmer and shoemaker,
who came to Mansfield, New
York, from Vermont; married Eliza,
daughter of Amos and Olive (Bruce)
Jackson. Children of Edwin and
Eliza Fairbrother: Frank and Adelaide.
2. Candis, married Truman
Winship. 3. Orlando, married
Mary Wenn; children: Eldon, Emma,
Anna, Arthur and Oscar. 4.
Emmeline, married Burton Chapin;
children: Alinead, Gertrude and
Edith. 5. Alonzo, married Berthuna
Crippen; children: Frank, Jennie,
Cora and Mary. Children of
Truman and Candis Winship: I.
Edwin S., born April 7, 1862, married,
November 8, 1883, Mary A.
Stevens, born May 17, 1861. Children:
i. Ara F., born August 22,
1884; married, September 12, 1908,
Vera McKilburn, has Dorothy M.,
born June 17, 1909 and Marian E.,
May 17, 1911; ii. James B., born
June 18, 1890, deceased. 2. Minnie
E., born May 26, 1866; married,
March 30, 1887, Willis T. Eighme,
born June 10, 1858; children: i.
Eugenia C., born June 24, 1900; ii.
Richard P., February 8, 1902. 3.
Alvina A., born March 10, 1870;
married, May 11, 1890, Burt L.
Stratton, born November 19, 1868;
children: i. Marjorie B., born November
10, 1892; ii. Mabel Mae; August
27, 1897. 4. Tessa May, born
September 6, 1871; married, February
15, 1890, Merrit P. Chase, born
May 7, 1868. Children: i. Lelah L.,
born December 13, 1890; married,
June 1, 1910, Warden Buffington; ii.
Helen L., February 15, 1892; iii.
Truman W., December 26, 1904
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