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Jacob Albright/Gunsmith Thoughts

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Jacob Albright/Gunsmith Thoughts

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Posted: 7 Jan 2012 8:30PM GMT
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Surnames: Albright
Although the father of Jacob Albright, the Gunsmith, is still under research, DNA testing has demonstrated that Johannes Albrecht (born 13 Feb 1701) and Margaretha Moor (born 23 Jan 1706) are the grandparents of Jacob Albright, the Gunsmith. Johannes Albrecht (1701)’s descendents have a perfect “67” on the 67 marker test matching with Alan Albright, a direct descendent of Jacob Albright, the Gunsmith. Naming Jacob Albright, the Weaver, as the father of Jacob Albright, the Gunsmith, is a common mistake perhaps stemming the 1800 census which lists only names of heads of family (not ages or relationships). Finding two men of the same name (Jacob Albright) living in the same location (Aaronsburg) but with different occupations (“Weaver” and “Gunsmith”) does not mean the two are father and son. In fact, Jacob, the "Weaver", is actually about the same age as Jacob, the "Gunsmith". Further, not only do both Jacob’s have sons named Johannes, but also both sons are born within months of each other (that is, both boys are born in 1801). And, both Jacob’s have wives named Catherine. Finally, it is important to note that at least 3 of the 4 living sons of Johannes Albrecht and Margaretha Moor had a son named Jacob—see that these boys were born within a few years of each other.

What Else? Review the names of the two sons of Johannes Albrecht and Margaretha Moor. One son was named Hans Jacob (born 1729); the other son was also named Jacob (born 1731). By the time Johannes Albrecht dies in 1760, only one of the two Jacob’s mentioned previously is alive. In the process of determining who would administer the Estate of Johannes Albrecht (b-1701 and d-1760) of York Co. PA, Jacob is listed as the eldest, but he refuses to be the administrator of his father’s estate. He was living in Montgomery Co., PA. at the time of his father’s death. There is no evidence this Jacob ever came to York Co., so son Felix assumes administration of his father’s estate as the next eldest.

Review Probate Records of Johannes Albrecht (1701-1760, husband of Margaretha Moor) and research information about his grandsons named Jacob to suggest the probable father of Jacob, the Gunsmith. Three of Johannes and Margaretha’s sons were living in York Co and had sons named Jacob. These sons were Felix, Michael (occupation “Weaver”) and Henry (occupation “Cordwainer” which is “shoemaker”).
1- Michael can be eliminated as the father of our Jacob, Gunsmith. Michael’s son Jacob (grandson of Johannes) had died by the time Michael’s estate was settled in 1817-- Jacob’s portion was to be paid to two unnamed sons.
2- Henry (shoemaker) can be eliminated as the father of our Jacob, Gunsmith. This Henry had a son named Jacob. In 1798, this Henry and wife sell 209 acres in York Co. to their sons Jacob and Paul with the provision that Jacob and Paul maintain them in York Co. for the remainder of their natural lives. Henry’s estate was settled in 1800 (meaning Henry’s sons Jacob and Paul were living in York Co., PA in 1800 and Jacob the Cordwainer stayed on that tax list at least through 1821). However, our Jacob, Gunsmith, was living in Centre Co. by at least 1798 and possibly late 1797. Further, occupation is another reason to eliminate this Henry, a shoemaker, as the father of our Jacob, Gunsmith. Henry’s son Jacob was listed as shoemaker (not gunsmith) in the 1797 census.
3- Felix is probably the last son a person would consider as being the father of our Jacob, the Gunsmith (because of his name). About 1780, this Felix died intestate (no will was made). The History of York Co. PA (page 266) gives us a clue. Felix served in the Revolutionary War with his brother Michael under Captain George Long, First Lieutenant Samuel Smith, Second Lieutenant Conrad Keesey, and Ensign Samuel Mosser. Dr. George Shumway, who wrote many books on the Kentucky Long rifles, was of the opinion that Felix Albrecht was the father of Jacob Albright, the Gunsmith. Was Felix killed fighting the Indians as Shumway suggests? This view would seem possible as Felix enlisted in the Revolutionary War a few years earlier and was about 46 years old at the time of his death.

Further Research on Felix Albright and His Sons Jacob and Henry. When Felix died about 1780, his sons Jacob and Henry were put in the guardianship of Conrad Geesey, a blacksmith. Working with metals (blacksmithing) is not necessary to being a gunsmith, but perhaps this experience would be helpful in being a better gunsmith. Was Henry, son of Felix, ever a Gunsmith? One of the makers of the Ohio Kentucky Long rifle is a Henry Albright living in Goshen, Tuscarawas Co., Ohio… not to be confused with the Henry Albright living in Gnadenhutten, Tuscarawas Co, Ohio who was a son of Andreas Albrecht, another Gunsmith. This Henry Albright of Goshen is the son of Felix! Was this Henry Albright of Goshen the same Henry Albright who in the 1800 census was living in Centre Co. (Northumberland Co. became Centre Co. after 1801)? The Henry of Centre Co. in 1800 had a son Thomas Albright (born 4 Oct 1798 in Centre Co). Thomas is an unusual name for an Albright, but note the witness to Thomas’ christening was Thomas Bickel. This Thomas Bickel bought property in Holmes Co., Ohio (Tuscarawas County until 1824) that borders our Jacob Albright’s property. That is, one could walk from Jacob’s property to the end of his land onto Thomas Bickel’s property. Henry Albright of Goshen’s son Phillip married Catherine Bickel daughter or granddaughter of Thomas Bickel. Thomas Albright (born 1798 in Centre Co to Henry of Goshen, Tuscarawas Co OH) moved west and died in Saline Co. Kansas at 76 years of age. It should also be noted that Thomas Bickel’s and our Jacob Albright the Gunsmith’s properties are within miles of Henry Albright’s property in Goshen, Tuscarawas Co., Ohio. After Felix Albright died in 1780, his widow Anna Maria Dorothy Segrist married George Wilhelm Ruhl. A Johannes Ruhl died in 1849 in Wooster, Wayne Co. Ohio in the same town in which as our Jacob Albright the Gunsmith’s sons Jacob, Daniel, and David were living. Further research showed this Johannes Ruhl (died 1849) was the son of Anna Maria Dorothy Segrist and George Wilhelm Ruhl. Johannes Ruhl, then, could have been an Uncle of our Jacob the Gunsmith’s sons Jacob, Daniel and David Albright!

Could Jacob Albright (born 1731) be the father of our Jacob Albright, Gunsmith?
I haven’t been able to eliminate Jacob Albright (born 1731) because I can’t find him, or verify the Jacob Albright I have found in Montgomery Co. is the brother of Felix. The fact that this Jacob born 1731 never lived in York Co. should eliminate him because we know our Jacob the “Gunsmith” was from York Co. A descendent of Jacob Albright b 1797 and Rachel Brown his wife did the DNA testing and also was a perfect 67 on 67 marker match.
Comment. Some Jacob Albright b 1797/Rachel Brown descendents also have my Jacob Albright the “Gunsmith and Catherine Brungart as their direct descendent. Anyone with a birth record of Jacob Albright b-1797/Rachel Brown is from the lineage of Johannes b-1701 and Margaretha Moor.
Further Proof Regarding Jacob Albright, Gunsmith
"Know all men by These Presents, that Zachariah Albright of Clarno, Green County, Wisconsin, and Guardian at law of my sister Catharine Albright of same place, late of the Town of Millheim, Centre County, Pennsylvania, being a deaf and dumb person, and legatee under the last will and testament of Jacob Albright, late of Millheim, Centre County, Pennsylvania, now deceased, do hereby order and constitute and appoint Andrew S. Kreamer... as my true and lawful attorney... to ask, demand and sue for the Legacy due the said Catharine under and by virtue of said will and testament..."

Thus it can now be stated, unequivocally, that Zachariah Albright, gunsmith, was indeed the son of Jacob Albright, Gunsmith of Haines Township, Centre Co PA. To demonstrate that Catherine Brungart was the wife of this Jacob Albright, Gunsmith, read the following comment written in 1854 by Jacob “Jack” Harter (blacksmith, Justice of the Peace, Minister born 1790 Millerstown, Lebanon Twp, Dauphin Co PA – died 1877 Millheim, Haines Twp., Centre Co) to his nephew Matthias Harter (1825-1906) of Summit Co., OH.
Context will help the reader understand the comment made in 1854:
• Uncle Jacob “Jack” Harter (b 1790 Millerstown, Lebanon/Dauphin – lived Millheim, Haines Twp., Centre Co., PA, died there 1877). Eldest brother to Andrew Harter, Sr.
• Nephew Matthias Harter (b 1825 Manchester, Summit Co., OH) was the 5th child born to Andrew Harter, Sr and Susannah Albright.
• Susannah Albright (born 25 Dec 1798 Aaronsburg; baptized 2 Jun 1799 Aaronsburg Ev Luth Ch, married Andrew Harter, Sr on11 May 1818 in Stark (now Summit Co), OH, and died 19 Jun 1827 Manchester when Matthias was just 2-years-old.
• Matthias was posing the question about his grandparents to someone who should know. Uncle Jacob Harter not only lived in Centre County but also was a Justice of the Peace, was a minister, and a blacksmith. Who were my mother’s parents?
• Jacob Harter writes in response to the question raised by Mathias: "Your Grandfather Jacob Albright was from York County, Pa. Your Grandmother on your Mother's side was a Miss Brungart perhaps also from York County, Pa."

Would Further DNA Testing Clarify?
Could Jacob Albright, the “Weaver”, living in Aaronsburg and having a son Johannes b-1801 and a wife Catherine be the ancestor of the Jacob Albright who married Rachel Brown? Is there a closer relationship of the “Weaver” to my Jacob Albright, “Gunsmith”? These families lived near each other and caused confusion of the Albright/Brown descendents with my line (Alan Albright direct descendent of Jacob Albright the Gunsmith). Would a DNA 111 marker test now available clarify the relationship of the descendent of Christian Albright (son of Felix) with me (Alan Albright) and with a descendent of Jacob Albright/Rachel Brown? Perhaps one Albright is closer to Christian Albright (son of Felix) than the other?
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