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Edward DeLozier Born 1803 In Blount County, TN

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Re: Edward DeLozier Born 1803 In Blount County, TN

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Posted: 30 May 2008 4:25PM GMT
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I too am interested in the early Jesse Delozier's. He is my take of them.

1) Jesse Delozier b. 1757 son of Edward b. 1723. He married unknow mother of: George b. 1784, Jesse "Jassy" b. 1789, Asa b. 1797, and maybe Nellie who married John Shelds in 1818. He married 2nd Ailsey Fields who was the mother of Edward "Ned" b.1785; and maybe Nancy who married William Beverly. [I won't get into Nellie and Nancy at this time.] I don't show him moving to S.C. rather I find him moving to Tennessee.

Notes on Jesse:
Middle name maybe "Jones" because his son George named one of his sons "Jesse Jones II" which may mean he was named after his grandfather.

1779 - Henry County Virginia tax record in 1779 lists a Jesse Delozer. From DeLOZIER FAMILY HISORY by Robert C. DeLozier pg 1. [Jesse would be 22 years old]

1782 - On Henry Co. Va Personal Property Tax List
Dologean, Jesse - Tithes 1, Negores 0, Horses 2, Cattle 3

1782-87 - On VIRGINIA TAX PAYERS 1782-87 - 1 Poll - Henry Co. VA

1784 - An indenture was made on Aug 25th 1784 in Henry Co. VA between James Melton and wife and Jesse Delozear. Jesse was 23 years old. The deed was recorded Aug 26, 1784. HENRY COUNTY DEED BOOK 3 1784-1789 Reel 1, Pg 12,13 from DeLOZIER FAMILY HISTORY. It reads: Delozear - This indenture made this 25th day of August one thousand seven hundred and eighty [note s/b 1784 because James Melton didn't come into the land until 1781 as shown below]] between James Melton and wife of the County of Henry on the one part and Jesse Delozear of the same county of the other part witnesseth that the said James Melton and Ann his wife for and in consideration of the sum of one hundred pounds current money to him in hand paid doth grant bargain and sell unto the said Jesse Deloziar his heirs one tract or parcel of land containing two hundred & seventy acres be the same more or less situate lying & being in the same county of Henry being part of a track of land granted to the same James Melton by Pattent bearing date the first day of March one thousand seven hundred and eighty one [1781] together with all its appertenances there to belonging to have and hold the same tract of land unto the same Jesse Delozear his heirs and assigns for ever and the same James Melton and Ann his wife do convenant to and with the same Jesse Deloziar his heirs and assigns the same tract or parcel of land and appurtsnanus hereto belonging to the same Jesse Deloziar and his heirs against all persons whatsoever with warranty forever defend by these presents in witness where of the same James Melton and Ann his wife have hereunto set their hands and affixed their seals the day and year above written. Signed sealed & delivered in presence of James (his mark) Melton L.S.

At a court held for Henry County on the 26th day of August 1784. The within Indenture was acknowledged by the within named James Melton to be his Act & Deed. And Nancy the wife being examined as the law dericts - relinquished right of dower in and to the within mentioned land and premissed all of which were ordered to be recorded by the coury.
John Cox E.H.C.

1784 - George (possible son) born in VA, Jesse was 27 years old.

1787 - License issued for retail stores given in Henry Co. VA . From SKETCHES OF THE LIFE AND TIMES OF JESSE CORN, SR. 1753-1809.

1789 - Mentioned in his father Edward's will written May 31, 1789 (will was proved 29 Dec 1805). He to receive 5 shillings. It says he had property adjoining Edward and Ann's

1789 - Ownes property in Henry Co, VA - A deed dated Nov 27

1789 between Thomas Wilkins & Nicholas Akin for land sold on a branch of Leatherwood Creek, joins Lomax order line and Jesse Delozears to John Collins line. Found in HENRY COUNTY VIRGINIA DEED BOOK 4 pg 303 from DeLOZIER FAMILY HISTORY.

1789 - Jesse (possible son) born in Virginia, Jesse was 32 years old

1794 - Lives in Henry Co, Va -
HENRY COUNTY, VIRGINIA DEED BOOK 5, DEED OF TRUST, pg 128 between Jesse Delozear and Barna Wells. From DeLOZIER FAMILY HISTORY pg 2. Jesse gives a mortage on 270 acres of land "where he now lives" in consideration for 40 pounds current money paid by Barna Wells. Reads:
Know all men by these presents that I Jesse Delozear of Henry County for and in consideration of the sum of forty pounds current money of Virginia to me in hand paid by Barna Wells do acknowledge the said Wells shall and it may be lawfull after the first day of May one thousand seven hunderd and ninety five if the said sum of money of forty pounds Virginia money is not repaid to said Wells to sell the tract of land and plantation whereon I now live containing two hundred and seventy acres more or less by giving me ten days notice for the most that can be got in ready money and if the said land sells for more that fourty pounds I oblige myself my heirs and to pay the over plus to said Delozier or his heirs. Given under my hand and seal this 8th Jan of One thousand seven hundred and ninty four.
Jesse D.Lozear L.S.
Test. Fleming Thomasson, Eljah Smith

1797 - Asa (possible son) born in Tennessee, Jesse was 40 years old

1799 - From HISTORY OF PATRICK AND HENRY COUNTIES VIRGINIA by Virginia G. & Lewis G. Pedigo. Henry County Commonwealth's Grants or Patents Book, Book No.41, #1036 pg 198 "John Minter 16 April 1799, 249 acres on the waters of Leatherwood Creek, adjoining Delozer's land and Lomax Order line. --- this could be either Edward or Jesse Delozier's land.

c1800 - Left Henry County Virginia for Tennessee

1804 - From ROANE RAMBLINS a quarterly publicaton by the ROANE COUNTY GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY. VOL 4 ISSUE 4 JULY/AUG/SEPT 1988: ABSTRACTS OF RECORD BOOK "A" 1801-1805 ROANE CO TN. p 209. 12 April 1804, John Smith T. to Jesse Byrd, for value received. Quit-claim deed to Lott were said Byrd now lives and the adjoining lott below Byrd's house on the s. side of Race Street. Witness Jesse Delozier.

1805 - On Roane County Tax List - 1805

1805 - VOL 4 ISSUE 5 OCT/NOV/DEC 1988: ROANE CO. TN DEED BOOK B-1 1805-1808 ABSTRACTS p 28. 4 Mar 1805 Jessee Delozier to Edward Freel for $138. One-half a. in Kingston where Delozier now resides on Race Street above #24. Payment to be made on or before 1 June 1805. Wit. T. Deakins, William Lee

1805 - VOL 5 ISSUE 1 WINTER 1989: EXTRACTS FROM ROANE COUNTY, TN DEED BOOK B-1 ABSTRACTS p 49. 4 Mar 1805 Jesse Delosure to Edward Feel for $155. Gives Freels a lien upon all the personal property of Delozier. To secure payment of $155, due 1 May 1805. Wit. _______, John Poll. The itemized list of property follows: 3 beds & Furnature, 2 Dutch Ovens, 4 Iron potts, 2 puter dishes, 6? plates, 1 Chist & Trunk, 5 head of horn Cattle Large & smaw, 2 Coffeypots, 3 Tables & Chairs?, 1/2? dozen Cups & Saucers, #0 Galons whisky supposing? p 68. 14 Aug 1805 Edward Feels, Anderson Co, is indebted to James Miller, Knox Co, for #345.16 for which Miller holds Freels' one-half A. Lot in Kingston, No.25, on Third Street where Jessee Delozer now lives, as security for the loan of #345.16. Due 6 Jan 1806. Wit. John Miller, Jese Delozeir

1805 - VOL 5 ISSUE 2 SPRING/SUMMER 1989 EXCERPTS FROM ROANE COUNTY, TENN DEED BOON B-1 ABSTRACT p 123. 31 Dec 1805. Joseph Work, Blount Co., to Archibald McCalab Lee, Roane Co., for $200. One-fourth a. Roane Co. near the town of Kingston. Half or a half acre lot conveyed to Work by Robert King 20 Oct 1801. ...on Race St. (corner with) Jesse Delozier's lott. Wit. William Barnett, Robert Finley

2) Jesse "Jassy" Delozier b. 1789 son of Jesse b. 1757, who married Dianah Thompson.

My notes on Jassey.
!Lived in Blount County Tennessee
1817 - Son Joseph H born on Feb 9 in Tn
1819 - Son Malden born on Jan 2
1820 - Daughter Elizabeth born on Feb 18
1822 - Daughter Mary born Nov 10 in Blount Co Tn
1823 - Received into the Eusebia Methodist Church in Blount Co. Tn, from DELOZIER FAMILY HISTORY pg 3.
1824 - Son Jesse Campbell born on Jan 27 in Tn
1825 - Son Isaac Anderson born on Oct 2 in Tn
1827 - Daughter Lucinda born on April 2 in Tn
1830 - On CENSUS EAST TENNESSEE Blount County transcribed/indexed by Byron Sistler
Jesse Delosure - names may be as follows:
1M 0-5 (1825-1830 Isaac A.)
2M 5-10 (1820-1825 Jesse, Malden)
1M 10-15 (1815-1820 Joseph)
1M 50-60 (1780-1790 Jesse Delosure)
1F 0-5 (1825-1830 Lucinda)
2F 5-10 (1820-1825 Elizabeth, Mary)
1F 30-40 (1790-1800 Dianah)
1830 - Daughter Nancy born in Tn
1832 - Son Campbell born in Tn
1834 - Daughter Melinda C. born in Tn
1836 - Son Benjamin born in Tn
1838 - Son Hampton born in Tn
1840 - son Andrew born in Tn
1840 - On census Blount Co. Tn - names may be as follows:
2M 0-5 (1835-1840 Hampton, Andrew)
1M 5-10 (1830-1835 Benjamin)
1M 10-15 (1825-1830 Campbell)
2M 15-20 (1820-1825 Jesse, Isaac)
2M 20-30 (1810-1820 Joseph, Malden)
1M 40-50 (1790-1800 Jesse Delazier)
1F 5-10 (1830-1835 Melinda)
2F 10-15 (1825-1830 Nancy, Lucinda)
1F 15-20 (1820-1825 Mary - or Elizabeth)
1F 40-50 (1790-1800 Dianah)
1842 - Son Malden married Catherine Davis on Dec 12 in Blount Co Tn
1846 - Daughter Mary married James Delozier on Aug 26 in Blount Co Tn
1850 - On 1850 census in Blount Co Tn
Jesse Delozier 60 (1790)
Dinah " 51 (1799)
Jesse " 25 (1825)
Nancy " 20 (1830)
Campb. " 18 (1832)
Melinda " 16 (1834)
Benjamin " 14 (1836)
Hampton " 12 (1838)
And. " 10 (1840)
1851 - Son Jesse Campbell married Susan Nimon on March 4 in Blount Co, Tn
1853 - Died and buried in Eusebia Cemetery from DRH
1855 - Daugther Nancy married William Thomas on Feb 21 in Blount Co, Tn

3) Edward H. Delozier b.1771 who married Fanny Dyer. You mentioned in your post that his first 3 children were in fact the children of his father Edward b. 1723. I have heard this before but as I interpret the 1810 census, Edward H. did have 3 son in the right age group. His second son Crumel died in about 1808.
Here are my notes on Edward H.
!1795 - Married Fanny Dyer on Aug 30, in Henry Co, Va
1805 - His father Edward's will was proved in Henry Co Va. It says "after the decease of my wife...the upper part, plantation and 300 ac to my son Edward Delozear."
1805 - Daughter Clara born in Va
c1805 - Left Henry County Virginia for South Carolina
1809 - son Perrin L. born on July 16, 1809 in SC
1810 - On census in Columbia, Richland Co, SC
3M 0-10 (1800-1810) George, Campbell, Jesse or Perrin, son Crumel died in abt 1808
1M 26-45 (1765-1784) Edward H.
2F 0-10 (1800-1810) Clara & ?
1F 26-45 (1765-1784) Fanny
1F 45+ (bef 1765) may be Edward's mother Ann, Fanny's parents are both still alive)
5 other free persons except indians
13 slaves
1811 - Son Neddie born on Apr 11, 1811 in SC
1813 - Son James Madison born on May 27 1813 in SC
1813/14 - Edward lived in SC and moved back to Henry Co. VA in 1813/1814, (based on birthplaces of children) which looks like he inherited the property there afer the death of his mother Ann.
1814 - Daughter Rachel born in Henry Co, Va
1816 - Son Asa born in Va
1818 - Daughter Jennie born in Va
1820 - On census in Henry Co VA
4M 0-10 (1810-1820) Neddie, James, Asa & ?
1M 10-16 (1804-1810) Perrin
1M 16-18 (1802-1804) Jesse
2M 16-26 (1784-1804) Campbell, George
1M 26-45 (1775-1794)
1M 45+ (bef- 1775) Edward H.
3F 0-10 (1810-1820) Lucy, Jennie, Rachel
1F 10-16 (1804-1810) ?
1F 16-26 (1794-1804) Clara
1F 26-45 (1775-1794) Fanny
1 male slave between 26-45
1822 - Daughter Mary born in Va
1823 - Daughter Lucy Florence born in Va
1824 - Daughter Fannie born in VA
1827 - Son "Crum" born in Va
1829 - Son Fountain Green born on Sept 15, 1829 in Va
1829 - Daughter Rachel married Saunders Wyatt on Sept 5, 1829 Henry Co. Va
1829 - Son Perrin married Francinia Minter on Oct 7, 1829 in Henry Co, Va
1830 - On census in Henry Co VA
2M 0-5 (1825-1830) Fountain Green, Cromwell
1M 10-15 (1815-1820) Asa
1M 15-20 (1810-1815) James M.
1M 20-30 (1800-1810) Jesse
1M 50-60 (1770-1780) Edward H.
2F 0-5 (1825-1830)
1F 5-10 (1820-1825)
2F 10-15 (1815-1820)
1F 15-20 (1810-1815)
1F 20-30 (1800-1810) Clara
1F 40-50 (1780-1790) Fanny
2 male slave 24/36, 2 female slaves 0-10 & 1 female slave 24/36
1830 - Daughter Adeline born
1832 - Daughter Martha Patricia born
1833 - Was juror on the trial of John Miller on August 17th in Christian Co, KY
1834 - Daughter Clara married David Stewart in Christian Co, KY, Jun 12 1834
1834 - Son Joseph Jackson born in Ky
1840 - On census in Tebo, Rivers County, MO
1M 5-10 (1830-1835) Joseph J.
2M 15-20 (1820-1825)
1M 20-30 (1810-1820)
1M 60-70 (1770-1780) Edward H.
1F 0-5 (1840-1835) Martha
2F 10-15 (1825-1830) Adeline
1F 15-20 (1820-1825) Lucy
1F 20-30 (1810-1820)
1F 40-50 (1790-1800)
1F 60-70 (1770-1780) Fanny
1845 - Son James M. married Malissa Todd on May 9, 1845 in St. Clair Co, Mo
1848 - Daughter Frannie married Joshua Moore July 15 1848 in Henry Co, Mo
1850 - On census in St Clair Co. MO, pg 133 dwelling 268, family 268
Edward Deloziar, 73 (1777) born in SC!! farmer
Frances " 69 (1781) VA
Lucy " 27 (1823) VA
Fountain " 24 (1826) VA farmer
Adeline " 20 (1830) VA
Martha " 18 (1832) VA
Joseph " 16 (1834) KY farmer
(census film was very, very, light and extremly hard to read) Extract to census from EDWARDS, MATHES, DELOZIER FAMILY pg 350.
c1852 - Son Perrin L. married for the second time to Juliana Page Edwards in Dade Co, Mo
1853 - Daughter Adeline married Rev. Lawler on Dec 20, 1853 in MO
c1855 - Son Fountain Green married Elizabeth Vaughan in MO
1855 - Son Joseph Jackson married Millie Jones, Sept 27 1855 in Henry Co, Mo
1858 - Have picture of tombstone.
Some information on this family from PAF group sheets submitted by Sondra Smith and Roberta Jean Schick.

I am interested in the information you received from you Ontario Ca. contact. Please review my info and let me know your thoughts. Feel free to offer corrections.

Thanks, Carole
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