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Coutts(Burdett-Coutts) family tree

Coutts(Burdett-Coutts) family tree

lola booysen (View posts)
Posted: 31 Jan 2000 7:15AM GMT
I am trying to compile a family tree from my deceased fathers family. He was Clarence Burdett-Coutts and had a brother Andrew, Guy,Syd,and two sisters. They grew up in Cradock in the Cape (South Africa). Could anyone help please?


RebeccaColeman38 (View posts)
Posted: 24 Jul 2000 7:31PM GMT
Edited: 9 Sep 2001 11:12PM GMT
I assume you know there is a book published on the Burdett-Coutts. I seem to remember them being from England.


Christine Brown (View posts)
Posted: 6 Jan 2001 11:44PM GMT
I have a book on Lady Angela Burdett-Coutts. It is her biography. Am also tracing the Burdett-Coutts surname. Stories of an illegitimate child to Angela have been circulating through the family. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

B-C Family

Joan Burdett-Coutts (View posts)
Posted: 22 Jan 2001 3:14PM GMT
There are two books that I know on the Baroness B-C. One called 'Angela Burdett-Coutts and the Victorians'by Patterson and another one by Mrs. Healey (wife of ex Brit.PM) The Baroness, however, did not herself have any children as she married late. Her husband William B-C was originally called Bartlett (an American) but changed his name to hers. I have just discovered this evening that he was sent out to the Cape to investigate medical conditions during the Boer War. Also there were connections with Cecil Rhodes the foundation of Rhodisia.
Hope this is of interest! JBC


Pirellyn (View posts)
Posted: 10 Mar 2001 8:49AM GMT
Edited: 23 Jun 2001 6:41PM GMT
I have an ancestor who has the name Burdette Coutts as part of her Christian names. Don't know if this means there is a family connection or not. Her Mother's surname was Ward and her father was Jones. Incidentally, the Mrs Healey you mention was the wife of Dennis, Chancellor of the Exchequer - never prime minister!

Angela Burdett-Coutts

silvia smith mlc (View posts)
Posted: 8 Apr 2001 1:38AM GMT
Dear Christine
Ann could be that supposed child. Please tell me more about the book and how I can get a copy
I have long suspected that I was seeking an illigitimate child.


Christine (View posts)
Posted: 8 Apr 2001 2:05AM GMT
Dear Silvia, I have copies of two out of print books regarding Angela Burdett-Coutts and the Coutts Bank. The period I have placed the illegitimate child to is around 1850-1855. She would spend a lot of time in Europe, and her confidante and one time nanny was married to a doctor. This child is an ancestor of my partner Barry. His father, Ronald's, mother was decended presumably from this child. They emigrated to Australia from England around 1950-1955. Please email me so we can discuss these supposed decendents of this fascinating lady. Thanks for your reply. Christine

Re: Coutts(Burdett-Coutts) family tree

nicole (View posts)
Posted: 18 Nov 2002 6:49AM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Buredtt-coutts
i am also trying to find my family tree i live in the uk my grandfathers name is dennis burdett-coutts and we would all like to find ot more if you could please help i would be so pleased thank you nicole

Re: burdett-coutts

ethynmaki (View posts)
Posted: 24 Jun 2011 9:29PM GMT
Classification: Query
Just curios about how you're related to the burdett coutts.We too have a mysterious burdett- coutts on our side.Born in the 1870s,he was raised in the stevenage area by a nanny and never told of his paretage. The birth certificate shows George and Jane. Is this simliar of yours?

Re: burdett-coutts

jenniecollins1 (View posts)
Posted: 21 Nov 2011 2:04PM GMT
Classification: Query
Hi, I started tracing my family tree a few years ago and used all the detailed information from my Grandmother. Everything she told me has been true except the information that she gave me that we were related to Angela. I started researching Angela in the process and have been in contact with aquaintances of the Burdett-Coutts family and have studied both our family tree's but found nothing. The info I received from the family that the OFFICIAL Burdett-Coutts all know that who they are and they are few. So that leaves an illegitimate angle. About 15 years ago in Plymouth I met a women in a department store who gave her name as Burdett-Coutts and I asked her whether she was related to Angela and she said yes, but the illegitimate side! I was a lot younger then and did not quiz her anymore.

It is all fascinating but very difficult to prove anything. Angela had the financial backing to have had a child brought up without others knowledge. If she had married she would have lost the control of her finances which could have ended her philanthropy. This could have been a good reason to hide a child. The family names that we have who is supposed to be linked to her are the Clinch-Lamports.

I hope you are able to find out more.

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