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Looking for picture of my sons father, for him.

Looking for picture of my sons father, for him.

Traci Johnson (View posts)
Posted: 26 Aug 1999 2:30AM GMT
I'm searching for relatives of Michael F. Henscel, my 12 year old son's father. Jordan has just turned 12 and is very curious about his real dad, Mike. Michael was born around 1956 or 57. I know his family lived in the Sheboygan Falls area of WI. Please help us out. All we are asking for is maybe a picture or something. I know Mike had a few brothers.(David Dennis)? We live in Colorado. We've had no contact with Michael or his wife Sharon in 11 years. I met Michael in Colorado, one brother sent Jordan gifts. We aren't after anything except, my son is curious, and I don't know how else to find what he's so desperately wanting. To know anything about his real father, Michael. Any help would be deeply appreciated. Please email me if you can be of any assistance in this matter. Thank you, Traci Johnson and my son Jordan Fredrick Johnson


Leslie Phillips (View posts)
Posted: 16 Sep 1999 3:38PM GMT
I'm not sure if I can help you with your picture search but...maybe we can help each other. My great-grandfather's name was Amandus Herman Henschel. He married Antonia Leipe in the late 1800s. They had a bunch (I think 8) children, the youngest of which is my great-grandmother. I never knew any of her brothers I am wondering if there is any chance that your son's father is related to them. I have a lot of old family pictures that don't make sense to me. Maybe your son's father's family is among them.

Henschel Family--reply to Leslie Phillips

Traci Johnson (View posts)
Posted: 16 Sep 1999 8:56PM GMT
Where were your great-grandma's family from? I'm almost positive Michael's father was German. I know all his family is in the Sheboygan Fall area. I know Mike has 3 or 4 brothers and just one sister. His father, who's name was Fredrick Henschel died of cancer. His mother's name was Maxine, she's indian. When Mike and I were together she was married to a guy by the name of Jim Martin or Marten, I'm not sure. There are multiple Henschel's in the Sheboygan area, but I don't have long distance to call any of them. So far you are the only person who has responded to my message. Is it possible to scan some of those pictures and send them to me over the net? May be I will be able to see some sort of resemblence. If you are able you should try to contact some of the Henschel's in Wisconsin. Where are you located? My email address is: Feel free to email anytime, and I appreciate your response. Thank you

Genealogy Project

Curtis Henschel (View posts)
Posted: 4 Oct 1999 9:16AM GMT
I am working on a Genealogy project for school and was searching these Family History sites and found
that the last message posted was talking about my family. I don't know exactly who posted it (I should look again)
and was wondering if you could contact me and help me out. I have until December, but I would like to find as much information
as I can. I have a family tree that goes back probably hundreds of years, but that's all I have is names, save of course for some information
as far back as Frank Henshcel. You mentioned Frederick Henschel and he is my Great- or Great-Great Grandfather. I will check which,
but if you could contact me at I would be very grateful. Thank-you.

P.S I have ICQ, if you do as well it would be great if you could contact me and we could exchange numbers. Thank you.


Kin2us (View posts)
Posted: 14 Jul 2000 5:29PM GMT
Edited: 29 Jan 2002 5:57PM GMT
I'm seeking information on Frank Henschel who
brought his family to New York from Saxony, Germany
in 1883. They settled in Kansas a few years later.


Kelly Metheny (View posts)
Posted: 14 Aug 2000 1:58PM GMT
Hello my name is Kelly and I have found out some information from my grandmother her maiden name was Henschel...I am waiting to here back from her to find out my great grandfather and great grandmothers first names and any other information she can give me.....I have found out that the Henschel name was once spelled (Hentschel) if that helps you in anyway.....

Kelly Metheny

Henschel family

si80037 (View posts)
Posted: 2 Nov 2000 3:48PM GMT
Edited: 16 Apr 2002 4:22PM GMT
I do not have a picture of your son's father Mike Henschel, but I am sure I am a cousin to Mike. My mother's maiden name was Henschel of Milwaukee, Wi., and she had a brother Edward who had 4 children, Dennis, SueAnn, David and Michael. Uncle Eddie passed away of cancer some years ago. His wife's name was Maxine or Maggie as she was known to us and she has some Indian blood in her. After uncle Eddie passed away she moved to Manistique, Michigan where she still resides. David also lives there, Dennis lives in Sheboygan, Wi. I have an address for David Henschel. 534 Park Ave, Manistique, Mi 49854. I think Mike may be in Sheboygan, Wi. We have an aunt still living in Milwaukee, who would be a sister to uncle Eddie. Her name is Lorraine Kuntz.
My name is Dorothy McComb, my mom was Emma Henschel, married to Tom Twigg, we all lived in Milwaukee. I moved away at 19 and have never lived there since. I have 2 sisters and a brother. I had 3 sisters but one passed away last year. I am beginning to research the Henschel name which originated in Germany. If I can help you with any other information please let me know.
Sincerely, Dottie

Martha "Maude" Henschel

Don Davis (View posts)
Posted: 3 Feb 2001 9:12AM GMT
My mother-in-law's mother was Martha "Maude"
Henschel. We are told: she was born in Minnesota; her father was Edward Henschel; he married a Julia ____ from Czeckslovkia in Minnesota; they had Anna, Mary, Martha born in 1884, Barbara, Grace, Edward, Lester and Nona (? on Sp.)
Martha married Anthony Paul Martz. They eloped Feb. 12, 1900. They had Edward, born in PA; Helen and Genevieve, both born in KS. Martha died in KS in 1958.
If this fits in anywhere, please let us know any info. you might have.
Thanks, Don Davis

Your Posting

Peter Henschel (View posts)
Posted: 5 Apr 2001 3:41PM GMT
Just stumbled across your posting/reply it's so strange but I had an aunt Emma that lived in Milwaukee, but she was married (briefly) to a man named Charles Kelly. and she/we originaly lived in Sheboygan. the family had come from Saafeld, Prussia.

Emma Henschel

si80037 (View posts)
Posted: 6 Apr 2001 4:03PM GMT
Edited: 16 Apr 2002 4:22PM GMT
Peter, Thanks for your reply. My mother, Emma Henschel was married only once to my father John Thomas Twigg and they lived in Milwaukee. Her father Edward Henschel came to USA in 1907 or 1908. There are a lot of Henschel's in the Sheyboygan area, and I know I'm related to some of them, just don't know which ones yet. Where is Saafeld, Prussia? If I hit any connections to Erwin I will let you know.
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