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Adrienne Pellegrino (View posts)
Posted: 28 Aug 1999 10:33AM GMT
Looking for Daniel Noeker b. ~1850 married Marita Massersmith (of Germany). Lived in New York City and had William Frederick Noeker b. 1876

Lena Noeker b. 11-22-1895 NYC

Ethel Stanley (View posts)
Posted: 10 Mar 2001 10:31PM GMT
Edited: 2 Oct 2001 8:48AM GMT
My grandmother's parents were Daniel Noeker and Lena Wagner of whom I know very little.

Lena came to Chautauqua County, NY as a young girl to live with the Harts and was known as Helen Noeker Hart as an adult until she married Philip Robare. They had three children: Lois, Philip, and June. I have more information on their descendants to share with those interested.

A brother Frederick William Noeker (1902-1977) was also born in NYC and then lived in West Islip, NY. I'm sure there were other siblings.

I am still looking for information on the Noeker family from NYC.
Thanks, Ethel

Noeker Family NYC

Adrienne Pellegrino (View posts)
Posted: 13 Mar 2001 6:41PM GMT
Frederick William Noeker is my great grandfather. My Noeker family remained in West Islip until the early 1970's. I have alot of information to share and pictures.

Please e-mail me at to discuss our Noeker family in more detail.

Adrienne Noeker Pellegrino

Noeker Family

Adrienne Pellegrino (View posts)
Posted: 13 Mar 2001 7:05PM GMT
After replying to your message I had to call my grandfather William C. Noeker who is the son of Frederick William Noeker (1902-1977). To his knowledge Frederick William did not have any sisters. Just one brother. Here is the information that I have regarding my Noeker family:

Daniel Noeker b. ~ 1850 m. Marita Messersmith???
+ William Frederick Noeker (1876-1930) m. Anna Pesch (1877-1947)
++Frederick William Noeker (1902-1977) m. Mary Ellis (1904-1993)
+++William Charles Frederick Noeker (1922-) m. Mary Hoffman
+++Robert Noeker (1924-) m. Alice Scherg
Frederick William remarried Edna M. Bocholtz (1904-1970)
+++Marion Noeker (~1929-1995) m. Ciro Ippilito
+++Lorraine Noeker (~1929-) m. Bill Christ
+++Dorothy Noeker (~1929-) m. Thomas Neumann

Anna Pesch's family lived in upstate NY. But to my knowledge Frederick William Noeker did not have a sister. Could you please give me more information on how your Lena Noeker (1895) is related to Frederick William Noeker?

We have a Daniel Noeker in our family line, but it is Frederick William's grandfather. Frederick William and his brother Robert were tossed to their grandparents when they were young children until their father could get back on his feet.

How did your Lena Noeker come to live with the Harts? Why did she live with the Harts???

Again, please e-mail me at

Adrienne Noeker Pellegrino

Lena Noeker Descendants: Fred Anna in NY/ Daniel in MI

Ethel Stanley (View posts)
Posted: 29 Mar 2001 7:20AM GMT
Edited: 2 Oct 2001 8:48AM GMT
Hi Adrienne,

My grandmother Helen (Lena Noeker) Hart Robare had an envelope from an Anna Noeker who lived in Maspeth, NY (circa 1930?) and a laminated obituary for your GGF Frederick Noeker in her keepsakes. This seem to indicate a real tie between our families.

I don't have any Noeker family pictures besides that of my grandmother from about age 15 and up, but I do have a dozen letters from the 1920's and 30's from family and friends. (By the way, I found your terrific Noeker images on the web and I think Helen does bear a resemblance to Fred.)

In the 1920's-1930's, Helen(Lena) received letters from:
Mrs. Anna Noeker at 54.05 71st Street in Maspeth(sp?), NY.
Daniel Noeker at 408 Felch Street in Ann Arbor, MI (signed Mary and Dan)
Frieda Siehmann at 340 Bainbridge Street Brooklyn, NY and 53 W Church Street
Bethlehem, PA later.

Daniel Noeker from Michigan may have been Helen's brother, since I found him and his wife Mary listed as "Uncle and Aunt" in the baby book for my mother, Lois Jean Robare.

My grandmother told me very little about her childhood. (Lena Wagner is a name my mother remebered. Possibly my GGM?) Her family was struggling in NYC and the children were sent to relatives sometime in the early 1900's. In her case, an aunt (not sure of name or specific relationship) took her to western New York to live on the Hart's farm. Her brothers went somewhere else. In 1917, she was legally adopted by Minnie Coveney Hart and Henry Hart of Sherman, NY. At this time both of her parents were deceased as recorded by Surrogate Court in Mayville, Chautauqua County, New York (Misc. Vol. 10, p. 397). Minnie lived with my grandparents after her husband died.

Helen married Philip Joseph Robare in Lakewood, Ohio in 1930. They had 3 children: my mother Lois Jean, Philip, and June Carole. My uncle lives in Portland, OR and my aunt in Baraboo, WI. They both had 3 children each.


Helen (Lena NOEKER) HART 11-22-1895 New York City, NY 1-13-1980 Erie, PA
s1 Philip Joseph ROBARE 2-27-1897 Ogdensburg, NY 12-17-1975 Erie, PA

+F Lois Jean ROBARE 11-26-1932 Lakewood, OH 02-24-1979 Westfield, NY
s1 Frederick Ellsworth KARASH 08-10-1930 Westfield, NY

++F Ethel Delores KARASH 02-04-1950 Sacramento, CA
s1 Keith Douglas STANLEY 09-22-1949 Waterville, ME

+++F Ellen Morine STANLEY 10-11-1972 Detroit, MI
s1 William Richard O'GARA 02-05-1972 Minneapolis, MN
++++M Emmet Keith O'GARA 01-05-1999 Minneapolis, MN
++++F Bryn Frances O'GARA 12-28-2000 St. Louis Park, MN

+++M Micah Philip STANLEY 04-03-1975 Detroit, MI

++F Agnes Morean KARASH 02-12-1951 Yuma, AZ 07-15-1951 Yuma, AZ

++M Frederick Ellsworth KARASH 03-08-1952 Sacramento, CA
s1 Rhonda Mae BAST 04-05-1956
+++F Sarah Danielle KARASH 05-04-1976 Erie, PA
+++F Heidi Nicole KARASH 09-20-1977 Erie, PA
s1 Dan Joseph KANE
++++F Reagan AileenKANE 05-06-1996 Erie, PA
+++M Frederick William KARASH 05-03-1980 Erie, PA

s2 Kathryn Judith ALSPAUGH
+++F Kathryn Judith KARASH 06-22-1984 Erie, PA
+++F Carolyn Lois KARASH 11-21-1985 Erie, PA

+++M Matthew Ellsworth KARASH 08-03-1993 Erie, PA

++F Ella Jean KARASH 08-02-1957 Marion, OH
s1 Stephen Douglas MOOK 02-03-1952
s2 Harold William MARTINDALE 11-15-1955

s2 Edwin Sheldon HEINTZL 01-12-1930
s3 August F. SCHULTZ 12-21-1930

+M Philip Henry ROBARE 02-09-1934 Lakewood, OH
s1 Joy B ROBERTSON 1935

++F Jennifer Rose ROBARE 03-12-1957 Portland, OR

++M Stephen ROBARE 01-04-1960 Portland, OR
s1 Lori
+++F Audrey Helen ROBARE 10-31-1987 OR
+++F Christine Elizabeth ROBARE 02-1990 OR

++F Suzanne Helen ROBARE 10-25-1963 Portland, OR
s1 Dan Min YAN
+++F Lucy ROBARE 1992 Beijing, China

+F June Carole ROBARE 06-20-1936 Lakewood, OH
s1 Morris Miles DEFOY 05-17-1935

++F Carrie Lynne DEFOY 01-27-1961 Erie, PA
+++M Jeffrey Robert LUNDBERG MARTIN 08-07-1989 Erie, PA
s2 Bruce Patrick MARTIN 12-28-1952

++M George Joseph DEFOY 10-18-1962 Erie, PA
s1 Susan SPITERI

++F Sharon Diane DEFOY 11-07-1965 Erie, PA


I would love to know more about your Noeker family.

Thanks, Ethel

Noeker Family Descendants

Adrienne Pellegrino (View posts)
Posted: 6 Apr 2001 3:49PM GMT

Okay... I think I have got it. Nancy Noeker in NY did research on the Noeker family and said that William Frederick Noeker lived in an orphange as a child. (He was supposably one of the founders of the Boys Club of NY). Anyways, I "think" that Helen (Lena Noeker) was William Frederick Noeker's sister. That would explain why she lived with other family members other than her parents.

I "think" that it is possible that William Frederick came to live in a orphange.... but what happened to his other brother???? I am thinking that Daniel Noeker (in Michigan) is his brother.

My great grand father (Frederick Noeker) used to go out west to visit an uncle (my grandfather thought it was Uncle Dan). That is all that I know.

Could you send me copies of those letters from Anna (my great-great grandmother) and Daniel Noeker??? If you can send them as e-mail attachments!!! I would love to read them. I have no written records of Anna. There are also pictures of Anna and William Frederick on my web site as well. (My dad looks just like William Frederick.) :)

Here is my snail mail address:
3 Cherry Drive Ct
Ocala, FL 34472

I would love to share whatever I have with you regarding our Noeker family!!! It's wonderful to have met a cousin!!!

Keep in touch.
Adrienne Noeker Pellegrino
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