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Pecovers and Peckovers

Pecovers and Peckovers

Dennis Bell (View posts)
Posted: 4 Jan 2000 8:48PM GMT
Is anybody out there?

Tracing my Pecover/Peckover ancestors back through Joseph Pecover of Reading, Berkshire who came to Hamilton, Ontario Canada in 1867, back to Lord Alexander Peckover of Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, Edmund Peckover the Quaker, and William Peckover of Northamptonshire, gunnery officer aboard William Bligh's HMS Bounty.


Michael R.PECKOVER (View posts)
Posted: 17 Feb 2000 2:46AM GMT
Dennis BELL, re your interest in the family history of the PECKOVER family, please forward more details.

Best wishes - Mike PECKOVER


Dennis Bell (View posts)
Posted: 17 Feb 2000 10:59AM GMT
Hi Mike:

I'm descended from the Berkshire branch of the Peckover family, probably headed by one Joseph Peckover from Northamptonshire who moved to Reading and dropped the "K" from his surname in the early 1700s. I've got tons of stuff on this branch of the family, also on the Peckover Quakers who founded one of the cornerstones of barclays Bank, in Cambridgeshire. Of particular interest to me is William Peckover, gunner on all three of Captain Cook's expeditions to the Pacific, and aboard HMS Bounty during the mutiny. He believed he was the first man to sail around the world four times -- and he was probably right. I'd be happy to trade some data with you. Where does your branch fit in?

dennis bell in western canada


Mike PECKOVER (View posts)
Posted: 17 Feb 2000 7:10PM GMT
Hello Dennis!
All I can tell you is that I am aware of Midshipman Gunnery Officer William PECKOVER, he has been mentioned to me through my formative years. I can tell you that he was a 'loyal' member of Captain BLIGH's crew! and when they returned to England, Captain BLIGH bought a large house in PLYMOUTH and rewarded members of his crew with rooms in that house, I believe that Bill and the ships Doctor were given the top floor! We'll have to check, there must be some literature somewhere!

In relation to Cambridgshire, there is a large house called PECKOVER House, its a substantial building which was occupied by a Quaker family.

For myself Dennis, my side of the family comes from the South of England, my father is from TAUNTON in Somerset, I was born in WEYMOUTH in Dorset, Dad is called Raymond James, he has a brother Robert who has a son called Keith. They had a sister, Eileen who unfortunately died of cancer midway through 1999. My grandad was called Owen, I remember him once telling me that they had relatives who had emigrated to Canada....I wonder.

For your information, I am a serving Police officer in the United Kingdom currently serving with the UN mission in East Timor, I have limited access to a computer but I'll try to keep in touch, use my email address direct if you wish.

Best wishes to you and your family!


Peckovers everywhere

Dennis Bell (View posts)
Posted: 18 Feb 2000 10:35AM GMT
Hi Mike:

First of all, my own email address:

That'll get me fine. Secondly, can you send me your email address? For some reason I can't get the page to cough it up, and I have a whole bunch of stuff to send you.

Thirdly, since you're in Timor, you're right on top of where Bligh, Peckover et al finally went ashore in 1789, at Coupang, which is now known as Kupang, I think. Back then it was the Dutch capital of Timor. Here's a little excerpt from a 5,000-word piece I've written on Gunner Peckover:

"Finally, they all made it ashore at Coupang on June 14, 1789 -- 18 starving survivors of an epic journey that had left them, in Bligh’s words, with “limbs full of sores and their bodies nothing but skin and bones habited in rags.” It was a remarkable feat of seamanship, accomplished in an open longboat on a rolling ocean. The astounded Dutch governor of Timor promptly rented an entire house for Bligh and his men. “One room I took for myself and the other I allotted to the Master, doctor, Mr. Nelson (the expedition’s botanist) and the gunner. The loft to the other officers and the outer apartment to the men.” Peckover went back to the business of being a warrant officer almost immediately and started loaning out money. A couple of documents have survived, indicating he advanced funds on four occasions to the breadfruit man, David Nelson, and Bligh reimbursed him later. Peckover kept a strict account of expenditures on a scrap of paper stained by seawater. Nelson survived the rigors of the journey from the Friendly Islands only to die of malaria on Timor along with four other severely weakened men from the launch, a familiar occurrence for Peckover, who had seen it all happen before in the East Indies. A sixth member of Bligh’s loyal launch crew, acting surgeon Thomas Ledward, was shipwrecked and drowned somewhere in the Pacific on the voyage home to England."

I'm wondering if this is where the idea of the house in Plymouth came from, down through family history. My source for the house in Coupang (Kupang) comes from Bligh's log.

Also, we share a few other things. My own stepfather, a Scotsman named Hunter, was a London bobby during the Second World War. And my wife's brother, a man named Aitken, was a senior officer with the constabulary in Renfrewshire until he died of a heart attack a few years ago.

My own Pecovers came to Canada from Reading in 1867 and settled in Hamilton, Ontario. This branch of the family is down to one last male still carrying the surname, a cousin of mine named Angus Pecover in Edmonton. But there are quite a few Peckovers, with the K, living in southern Ontario, mainly in the Ottawa area.

Myself: I'm a retired print and television journalist, living in Vancouver, with a Scottish wife from Port Glasgow and a 28-year-old son named Ian who works in California's Silicon Valley as an internet specialist.

I spend a lot of time writing and researching and would be happy to send you a couple of things via email: my piece on William Peckover, and a family history I've written on the Peckovers/Pecovers.

Talk to you soon,

dennis in vancouver, b.c.

Re: Peckovers everywhere

vcousins1 (View posts)
Posted: 10 Feb 2004 12:26AM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 14 Feb 2004 7:36PM GMT
Hi! My father was Ernest Charles Peckover born in Croydon Surrey U.K. My grandfather was William Peckover married to Mabel? lived in Croydon @ 45 Abbey Rd. Had william,Ernest,Jack,Grace and twins Jeff and Ted(Jeff died as an infant). I know the Peckover of the Bounty is involved somehow 'cos I remember grandad taking me to Somerset House to look up family, and I know they were quakers, I really don't know where to start. Can You help?

Re: Peckovers everywhere

runningwolf8 (View posts)
Posted: 30 Jul 2004 7:12AM GMT
Classification: Query
Hi I am a grandson of Lester Carry Peckover he married Charity Pauline McConnell, they had 2 daughters Barbra , and Willam. Barbra is my mother, if this Peckover is part of your family or you have information on this Peckover please email me at thank you for your time Darrell Morgan


runningwolf8248 (View posts)
Posted: 20 Oct 2006 2:20AM GMT
Classification: Query
Hi Michael , my name is Darrell Morgan ,my grandfather is Lester Carry Peckover . The names that I have is GGf. William Peckover,GGm Lavina Early, all I have on my gggf is A.D. Peckover , gggm Mary . If you can help me out thanks , and if not thank you for trying.
My email is
Darrell Morgan


shipjumpee (View posts)
Posted: 10 Jan 2010 3:43PM GMT
Classification: Query
Hi Mike,

Did you find anything out about the large house in Plymouth? Address?? Am researching life of Will Bligh and have no addresses in Plymouth at all.
Sally B

Re: Peckovers everywhere

jonnypeckover (View posts)
Posted: 20 Feb 2010 1:50AM GMT
Classification: Query
Hello. My partners father john or jack immigrated to Australia. Do you know if your uncle jack came to Australia. I am assuming that jonny's father immigrated approx in 1932. my email address is
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