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Snoad Family

Snoad Family

Frances_Muckelroy (View posts)
Posted: 22 Aug 1999 1:41PM GMT
Edited: 7 Oct 2001 5:32PM GMT
Desiring any information on any members of any Snoad family.


Wayne M. Stewart (View posts)
Posted: 16 Apr 2000 4:10AM GMT

Snoad ancestry

Karen A. (Snoad) Derlatka (View posts)
Posted: 22 Apr 2000 9:21AM GMT
Dear Wayne,

I am not sure you remember me but you may. I am Bob and Joan Snoads (Ohio) fourth daughter. I would be interested in reading about our family. Also if there is any info I can give you, I would be happy to.

Hope to hear from you!



Wayne M. Stewart (View posts)
Posted: 22 Apr 2000 12:07PM GMT
Hi Karen:

Of course I rememeber you. After all you are my
2nd-Cousin. Your Mom Dad spent last weekend with Carol
and I at our St. Petersburg home. We had a great

Contact me directly:

Warmest Regards
Wayne (Mickey)
Southern Cuzzin
St. Petersburg, Florida

Snoad Family

Wayne Stewart (View posts)
Posted: 24 Apr 2000 10:34AM GMT
Wayne, thanks for replying. I see Karen's message as well. I'm just glad to know that someone else in the Snoad family is interested in the search. Thanks, Frances

family tree search

lori snoad schackmann (View posts)
Posted: 6 May 2000 10:32PM GMT
to karen snoad my cousin [uncle dick and aunt phyliss] and frances mcelroy [we spoke on the phone a few years back], i have found some info and am looking for more, it's mom and dads 50th this year. i,m working on going back as far as possible. love lori

family tree search

Karen Snoad Derlatka (View posts)
Posted: 8 May 2000 5:07AM GMT

I was glad to see your message. I didn't realize your mom and dads 50th was coming up. I know my mom and dads is in two years.
I probably can give you some info. I am just getting started with the family tree. You can contact me at or my home phone is 614-882-2859.

Look forward to hearing from you.




Wayne M. Stewart (View posts)
Posted: 9 May 2000 5:33AM GMT
Hi Lori:

We are 2nd-Cousins. My father and you father were 1st-Cousins
Tollie and Luella were my GG-Grandparents. I have been working on the family tree
for a couple of years now and have amassed several thousand ascendants which are also directly
linked to you. I live in St. Petersburg, Florida and Bob and Joan recently visited for the weekend.

I will look forward to becoming acquainted with you and you family. I understand that you may have ties to
the Florida Keys. Perhaps we can arrange to meet.

Anyway, contact me directly at

Warmest Regards
Wayne M. Stewart
5055 21-Avenue North
St. Petersburg, Florida 33710


WStewart3593 (View posts)
Posted: 21 Jul 2000 8:22AM GMT
Edited: 24 Jun 2001 10:53AM GMT
e-mail address changed to"

Snoad family in Lincoln Nebraska

Renee Snoad (View posts)
Posted: 6 Jan 2001 12:17AM GMT
I am 20 years old and live in Licoln Nebraska my fathers name is William Albert Snoad Jr. His father obviously being William Albert Snoad Sr. My grandfather came over to the United States when he was a young bot I believe he had a younger brother. My grandfather served in the military but as far as I have been told was never actually recognized as a citizen of the United States I know little more of my family, anyone?
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