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Grandmother, Cheifess Of Leone

Grandmother, Cheifess Of Leone

tinyToy_82 (View posts)
Posted: 20 Apr 2001 6:50AM GMT
Edited: 25 Sep 2001 7:42PM GMT
I know that my grandmothers title has a significant meaning to the people of our village, and I know that my grandfather holds the highest of all titles in samoa. What I want to know is how did my grandmother gain her title, infact how did our family name run so deep within our culture. I am in the U.S NAVY and the granddaughter of Silila Tuiteleleapaga, I know that i have traditions and customs that I must follow, but I live in my own life, and I don't like being told what to do, what to wear and how to act, what friends are good for me and What I am... I know that i hold a great responsibility of the title that i hold, and the name that runs through my blood. I am Proud of my family. But i know little of the history behind my ancestors and The Tuiteleleapaga Dynasty.
To my knowledge my grandmother lived in American Samoa, and my grandfather lived in American Samoa. They passed away before I ws born. I feel that knowing more about them will help me find out more of Who I am.

Re: Grandmother, Cheifess Of Leone

sharrise (View posts)
Posted: 5 Aug 2001 1:46AM GMT
My name is Sharrise Kioa. I am trying to trace my genealogy. My dad was never raised by his biological father. My grandmother, until recently, would never talk about my father's biological father. My grandmother gave me the last name Tuiteleleapaga. That was all I could get out of her. Could you please help me with trying to find my father's biological father? My dad is an illegitimate child. He is also supposedly the first born son of his father, who apparantly is like you said some type of royalty or high chief. I am not looking to have some type of family reunion with my father's biological father, in fact my dad is almost 50 years old now and has no desire to meet his real father, but I am trying to get some geneology records together so my children can know where they came from and also for medical history purposes. Oh and my fathers real name now is Paulava Sopoaga. Thank you if you can help!

Hello Silila was my Great Grandmother.....

Leticia (View posts)
Posted: 30 Aug 2001 6:57AM GMT
Classification: Query
I don't know how this is gonna help you or anything but my great grandmother is Silila Tuiteleapaga. That is my fahters Grandmother.

My father is the son of Melesala Tuiteleleapaga Utuga, i also do not no much of my grand parents niether, bu what i do know and what i was told.....

I don't mean to side bust here or anything but i have never really got to know anyone from my grandmothers side of the family all i know is that they is all from Leone and all from that side and wished so much that i knew all about how and why and why our family holds that big Title in Leone ya know what i mean!!!

First off before i go any further here i like to introduce myself to you ahd tell you that my name is Leticia Utuga, My father is Malua F. Utuga and he is the son of Melesala Tuiteleleapaga the daughter of Silila Tuiteleleapaga also she has daughters by the names of Lucia, Tulutulu, Malia, Segia and one boye i believe which is Ioane if i am wrong sorry for my wrong i must've heard wrong!!

But anywho and anyways i like to say that i wish i could get to know who you areand know what and where you come from and everything, it's lucky for you to carry such Title after he Old lady, from what i heard and and seen on pictures, GreatGrandmother Silila was a very Beautiful Lady who was full of joy and Happiness....!! i will love to chat some more and more but right now i have to get ready to go on home and get off of work. I really do hope to hear from you real soon and hope that you really do keep intouch here!!!

Have a grea day and night and go on with your bad self carry such a Very Special High Name!!!

Alofa's & Talofa's,
Leticia Malua Utuga

Re: Hello Silila was my Great Grandmother.....

rita (View posts)
Posted: 21 Jan 2002 4:15PM GMT
Classification: Bible
Whats Da Deal!!! I've been trying to contact you in like forever in a day and I just can't seem to get through, I tried email address But it won't go through, By the way that was me that posted the first message on GrandmaSilila, it's under me'annas name because i was using her computer, How are you? Hows my uncle and Aunty....but yeah I just wanted to see what the real deal is behind our family's iv'e been looking up some stuff....hit me up when you get the know its korny but its what my friends here call me, ,,,,loveya and i'll be waiting....


Hey Rita it is me Tisha

Leticia Utuga (View posts)
Posted: 25 Jan 2002 10:17AM GMT
Classification: Query
Hey Girl,

Dang i should've known it was y ou when i seen that the person who posted stated that they was in the US NAvy.

Well anyhoot girl i am so sorry that i got this message all late and all, but man i have been really really busy i haven't went on here since Aunty Inola and My Favorite Crazy Aunty y0 mama went back 0n h0me man it was crazy but i miss them and i wish that they was here ya kn0w what i mean!!!

Well anyh00t girl, all is d0ing g00d 0ver here and everything is c00l with all 0f us d0wn 0n this side as f0r all the family Drama girl i ain't tryin t0 hear it ya kn0w what i mean w0man, sh00t i f0 sh0 ain't tryin t0 hear n0 family DRAMA unless it affects my PAPA then y0u kn0w i be up and ab0ut f0 dat f0 sh0 d0e. I be trying t0 hit up Aunty y0 m0mz when i can man but i always hit them up when i be at w0rk th0ugh man i always be callin buggin Vagi man i miss that Girl i tell y0u dat. I hella miss her man when she was here i tried taking whereever she can g0 with the little time that she made it 0ut here man, but it was c00 d0e. If ya ask her she will tell ya that i was hella Drunk @ mah sistahs wedding LMA00000 a'e
ia la ea!!!!

Well Rita i h0pe t0 hear fr0m y0u real s00n girl. I really d0 i wish i can get a h0ld 0f y0u last time i chatted with y0u was 0n the ph0ne and we g0t cut 0ff but ish c00l i kn0w y0u was 0n y0ur way t0 w0rk and sh!t i was 0n my h0me fr0m w0rk lma00000!!! Girl i h0pe Life is real g00d f0r y0u 0ut there and i h0pe that it is treating y0u real well, s0 m0mZ tellZ me that y0y is Dying t0 g0 0n h0me oka oka'e man Live why y0u can y0u kn0w it g0nna be the same 0hhh thang when y0u return w0man. i wish i can make it 0ut there when y0u c0me h0me f0r vacati0n, but this year is als0 the year that Matt Grad's fr0m Sch00l, and well y0u kn0w we getting all ready f0r that cause we can't let that g0 ya feel me!!!!!!

Well i wish y0u can make it d0wn here f0r Matt's thang that we finsta d0 0ut here and i h0pe that i get t0 see y0u s00n, 0h yeah 0ne m0re thang tell y0ur Man i said Hi and treat y0u real g00d cause w0man y0u deserve it all!!! i l0ve y0u Rita and Miss Y0u a Wh0le L0tttZ.

0h and w0man i hit y0u up 0n the Losa_Le_Masina the 0ne that y0u did in the P0lyh00d 0n the Family Side with all 0ur Last Names, girl Hit up the Polycafe that's where i be at well for the post's that is. As for Chatting wise, well girl you in polyhood you will find me in there just go in there look for MISSy just the way that i spelled it and someone will tell you something if i was in there or if i was up in there sometime that day ya knoe! Woman check that one email cause i emailed that email but i don't know if it's gonna go thru i emailed it a while back.

If ya wanna look for me or post something for us hit up and just click on Post A New Message and girl i know you know what to do from there. Well i best jam cause we have Volleyball in a little while and you know how my p0pZ is especially when 0ur t0urnament season comes around like we bunch of Pros LMA00000000!!!


L0ve Y0u Rita.

L0ve Always, Y0ur Cuddie F0 shizzle mah Nizzleeee,

Love You Lil Sis.


Leticia Malua Utuga

Re: Hello Silila was my Great Grandmother.....

TEOFILO27 (View posts)
Posted: 16 Oct 2002 7:39AM GMT
Classification: Query
Talofa...My great grandmother was Lusia who married Teofilo Iuli....Working on family tree....Any info greatly appreciated....Faafetai ma soifua

Re: Hello Silila was my Great Grandmother.....

DorisAlo (View posts)
Posted: 21 Dec 2009 7:58AM GMT
Classification: Query
What Up cousin in your little cuz in Georgia...long time no hear...hit me up at her girl this is to much for our family tree...

Re: Hello Silila was my Great Grandmother.....

DorisAlo (View posts)
Posted: 21 Dec 2009 8:27AM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Doris Alo-Hutchins
This is to everyone that belong to this family tree...First I would like to say hello...I am the great grand of them all,and so are my childrens...I am Florence Alo Daughter the one and only child she has left. Who my brother Micheal Benjaman Alo,Masoli has pass away back in Nov 2002 in Hawaii. you know i find our family in so much drama that a same...because that not what our family roots come from. I don't to much care about the drama just want my childerns to know that there great great grand parent come from and what they stood for...So if anyone has more info please feel free to email me at thank you...

Re: Hello Silila was my Great Grandmother.....

Tikikoko77 (View posts)
Posted: 4 Mar 2013 8:56PM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 5 Mar 2013 9:10AM GMT
Surnames: Tiki koko
Silila Tuiteleapaga is my grandmother. Her sons name is Ateliano Ierenao and kapeli. I am one of Tulutulu sons. Most of the family have not met me cause I am the youngest out of ten.

Re: Hello Silila was my Great Grandmother.....

Chris Faiai (View posts)
Posted: 19 Sep 2013 6:37AM GMT
Classification: Query
Tiki, did you guys use to live on Hakimo Rd in Waianae when you were going to High School?
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