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Sam (View posts)
Posted: 1 May 1999 6:00PM GMT
If anyone is or has a relative that is a Ueland, please reply to this message. Thank-you so very much!


tary157 (View posts)
Posted: 23 May 1999 1:08PM GMT
Edited: 5 Nov 2003 1:52AM GMT
Hi Sam
I'm responding to your need for info. on Ueland's. My husband's name is Tary Ueland, he was born in Terry, Montana in 1949. His father's name is Hans, grandfather Christain he has several Uncles and Aunts threw out Montana, many other relatives in Minnesota. His Grandfather came here in the early 1900's from Norway. He has an Uncle Ole whom has 8 children they are living in the Butte, Montana area. I'm not sure exactly what kind of info. you are looking for, so I'll wait to hear from you. We live in Missoula, Montana.



Sam (View posts)
Posted: 22 Jul 1999 1:13PM GMT
Thank you so very much for responding. I was wondering if you had any knowledge about Erman or Art Ueland. It would be fun to dig up some ancestors. Art is my great-grand father, and Erman is my grand-father. If you have heard of either of these two men, please respond to this.
You said you had some relatives in MN? What part?
Again, thank you so much and I hope to hear from you again.


Tina(Ueland)Allison (View posts)
Posted: 23 Jul 1999 7:35PM GMT
Hello....we have a small clan of Ueland's in Oregon.


sam (View posts)
Posted: 31 Jul 1999 1:38PM GMT
Dear Tina
Thank you for replying. Do you know of Gene or Irene Haugen? They are closely related to the Uelands. My mother's mother married Erman Ueland. She has a brother named Gene, who moved out to Oregon, (not sure of area) and then married Irene. I suppose it doesn't really make much sense telling you, because this is through marriage. Anyway, Erman Ueland is my grandfather, and Art Ueland is my great-grandfather, and Ole Ueland is my great-greatgrandfather. Thank-you so very much for replying.

re:please from Sam

Holly (Ueland) Foley (View posts)
Posted: 4 Aug 1999 9:26PM GMT
Hi Sam.My grandfather, Rainard Ueland, came from the US as
a baby.His family moved to Hawarden,Saskatchewan,Canada.His parents were Gilbert
Ueland and Tilda Oftadahl.I believe they came to Canada from Minnesota,but could be
mistaken about that.

Thank you Holly

Sam (View posts)
Posted: 5 Aug 1999 5:12PM GMT
Thank you Holly for being so kind as to reply. As you might have read, my family lives in MN, and we have a small family around here, and one other small family in WA state. I'll check with my grand father and get back to you if he knows any of the names you've given. Thank you!


Helen Ueland Hood (View posts)
Posted: 29 Aug 1999 10:46PM GMT
I was born a Ueland in the state of Washington and I have a Uncle Art Ueland. My father was one of four boys Marion, Arthur, Lloyd (my father) and Kenneth Ueland. Thier father was Leo Ueland from I believe Roseburg Org.
I believe our family started out in Minnasota, from Norway , then on to N. Dakota and then on to Wash and Org.
will be intersted to see where this goes....
Bye the way there is a published book on the Ueland and Flatstal family. Helen


Sam (View posts)
Posted: 2 Sep 1999 2:33PM GMT
Dear Helen:
Thank you SO much for replying. I happen to have a Great-Grandfather Art Ueland. He and his wife Cora are in a nursing home in Halstad MN. I would like to know if you have heard of Erman Ueland or his wife Betty (Haugen) Ueland. Erman is my Grand-father and he lives in Fertile, MN. He just retired from teaching Ag at UMC (University of Minnesota Crookston). Thank you for replying, and I really hope I hear from you again. ~Sam


helen (View posts)
Posted: 3 Sep 1999 9:11PM GMT
Here is my family story and line.
My GG-grandfather came from Norway in 1854 to Coon Prairie, Wis.
His name was Andreas Larson. He had four children, Lars, Anna, Michael* and Andrew.
When it came time to register his son’s in college he used the name Ueland , which is where he is from in Norway . I have looked it up and it was the custom to name sons after the land.
My G-grandfather was Micheal and he lived in Monroe Wis , then moved on to N.Dakota.
He had eight children , they were, Anna, Leo*, Dora, Arvin, Arthur, Andrew, Elmer and Ray.
They eventually settled in near Eureka Calif.
My grandfather Leo Ueland settled around the Roseburg Org. area.
He had four boys, Arthur, Marion, Lloyd*, and Kenneth.
My father was Lloyd Wendell Ueland .

Lars Ueland brother to Michael also had a Arthur Ueland
His children were Andrew, Justus,Anna, Laura, Alice, Arthur, Emma,
Cora, Oscar, Grace, Edith

I have searched the book that I have and found none of the names you mentioned. But, think it is rather intriging that the name Arthur is in both families.
What is your story, and what was the family name in Norway
Our family still owns the family farm.

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