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Alexander Mabe-Prudence Christley, VA

Alexander Mabe-Prudence Christley, VA

roots_hunter (View posts)
Posted: 5 Sep 1999 3:57PM GMT
Edited: 30 May 2002 8:32PM GMT
looking for further information on this family. only have children for John R and Craig Mabe. would like children for William L, Leander, Arnold, Hannah, Elizabeth, Jane, Martha C., James and Amanda Mabe.
would be happy to share info.

Alexander Mabe-additional information

mkmabe (View posts)
Posted: 5 Sep 1999 8:58PM GMT
Edited: 14 Aug 2001 11:30AM GMT
Nancy - I have some additional information on two of Alexander's children. Would love to trade information and put you in contact with fellow Mabe researchers for southwest Virginia. I have information that ties Alexander to his birth family and the main branch of the family. Please contact me directly at my personal e-mail address -


kasam (View posts)
Posted: 10 Sep 1999 1:00PM GMT
Edited: 25 Jun 2001 5:26PM GMT
Would your John R. have been b. abt 1830 and married to Reena Smith? My Mabes are in the Mirabile, Caldwell Co., MO area. I am looking for more info on John and Reena and their parents. Any help is appreciated.

Re: Alexander Mabe-Prudence Christley, VA

EllisHundley (View posts)
Posted: 30 Mar 2007 7:56PM GMT
Classification: Query

i'm replying to your post on alex, and prudence mabe. me and my dad have been doing research on the mabe's for about a year now, and we've traced them back a bit. i'm looking for older picture's, if you may have any. also alexandar and prudence are my 5th-great-aunt and uncle, william mabe was alexandar's brother, and william mabe was married to prudence king, and they are my 5th great-grandparents. i would love to exchange info with you. you can contact me and my dad, by emailing i would love to talk and share.
William mabe's and prudence (king) mabe's 5th great-granddaughter :)

Re: Alexander Mabe-Prudence Christley, VA

lk4rts (View posts)
Posted: 7 Apr 2007 4:44PM GMT
Classification: Query
i'm sorry, but i do not have any old pictures of the family of alexander and prudence christley mabe, or any of their children. my line comes through prudence christley. i have 12 children listed for them, but only have marriages and children for john robert, william lee, craig, arnold, hannah and amanda ellen, with martha c. passing away as an infant. would love to share what i have with you. hope you can supply me with the missing marriages. i'm alexander and prudence's 3rd great grand niece.
great hearing from you and you dad!

Re: Alexander Mabe-Prudence Christley, VA

EllisHundley (View posts)
Posted: 9 Apr 2007 3:23AM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: MABE

i have information on Alexander and Prudence (Christley) Mabe whole family, including there children. i'm very willing to share it. i will post it here, and you can email us at here is the info i have:We have
given you some information , have some more , will send
later.Hope this helps you.

Alexander Mabe , b. June 15 , 1818 , Danbury , Stokes, NC d. Aug. 4 1902 , Giles Va. and married Prudence Christley
married Dec. 23, 1839, in Wythe , Co., Va. She was b. abt,1819 , in Wythe . Co. Va. d. 1866, in Wythe . co. ,Va.


1-Mary Pulaski , Va.

2.John Robert 1839-1840 in Pulaski , Va.

3. William Lee Mabe..b.1842 , in Pulaski , Va....d.1902 in Pulaski , Va. married Eliza A.Dawson , Nov. 7 , 1866 , in
Wythe , Co. Va. She wasw born in 1846 , in Wyhte , Co., Va.

William / Eliza 's Children:

1. Edward Lee Mabe...b.1871 , in Pulaski , Va.married Memphis Ada Taylor, on abt. 1896 , in Pulaski , Va.She was born in 1881.

Edward / Memphis Children:

A. Oscar Mabe...b. 1897 , in Pulaski ,Va.

B. Shellie Mabe....b1899 , in Pulaski , Va.

C. Mae Mabe ...b. 1907 , in Pulaski , Va.

D. Mason Junior Mabe....b.June 27 , 1919 , in Delton , Pulaski , Va.

Edward's Brother.

1. John E. Mabe....b.abt. 1868 , in Virginia

Edward's Sister's

1. Ida Florence Mabe...b.abt.1872, in Virginia
married Robert Lee Garwood..b. abt. 1868

2. Laura E. 1874 -1877 , in Virginia
d. Nov. 2 , 1962 , married H.Y. Warden..b.abt. 1859 , in Virginia.

Alexander / Prudence Mabe's Children Also;

4. Lender Mabe...b.abt. 1843 , in Pulaski , Va.
d. Apr. 6 , 1865

5 Criag Mabe..b. Jan. 1845 , in Pulaski , Va.married
Rebecca J. Whitaker ,Nov, 8 , 1865 , in Wyhte, Co. , VA.
She was b. April , 1852 , in Pulaski , Va.

Criag & Rebecca's Children:

1. Margaret Mabe...b. 1866 , in Wuhte , Co. Va. married
` M. Henry Whiatker , July 21, 1887 , in Pulaski , Va.
He was b. 1866 , Pulaski , Va.

2. Minie Mabe ..b. bet. 1875 -1876 , in Wythe , Co. Va.
married James W. Lawson , he was b. abt. 1870

6. Aronld Mabe....b. 1847 , in Pulaski , Va. married
Martha A. Black , she was b. 1849-1851 , in Virginia.

Arnold & Martha's Children:

A. William Alexander...b.Jan. 21 , 1870 ,in Va. d. Dec. 12 , 1938 , married Mary Rachel Murphy , she was b. Jan. 15 , 1873 , in Va.

B. Robert S. Mabe...b.abt.1872 , in Virginia.

C. Bruteen Mabe...b. abt. 1875 , in Virginia.

D. Ruby L. Mabe....b.Nov. 16 , 1876 , in Virginia.
d. Sept. 24 , 1966. married S.V. Perry in Virginia. d. 1921

E. Cornelius Mabe...b.abt. 1879 . in Virginia.

F. James Mabe....b. Mar. 20 , 1879 , in Virginia.

Alexander / Prudence's Childern

7. Hannah Mabe...b.1848 , in Pulaski , Va.married William Henry Christley , He was b. July 1845., in Virginia . d.aft. 1910.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

William & Prudence (King) Mabe's 5th great granddaughter :o)

Re: Alexander Mabe-Prudence Christley, VA

milamco (View posts)
Posted: 12 May 2008 8:35PM GMT
Classification: Query
Do you know where Alexander Mabe is buried?

Re: Alexander Mabe-Prudence Christley, VA

floridasplash (View posts)
Posted: 13 May 2008 1:08AM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: MABE
Try this site is has alot of information on the Mabes
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