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angelcollector1145 (View posts)
Posted: 24 Dec 2007 7:40PM GMT
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Does anyone know where the "Simpson" in John Simpson Aldridge born 1761 in Maryland came from? His father was Jacob Aldridge and I'm guessing his mother may have been a Simpson, but I don't know where to start looking. I have a 1742 birthdate for Jacob, so I'm probably looking for a Simpson in Maryland who was born in the 1710-1720 time period. Thanks for any help you can give me!

Janice in Indiana

Re: Aldridge/Simpson

susanaldridge2000 (View posts)
Posted: 25 Dec 2007 9:30AM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Arledge Aldridge Lakin Wheeler
my children are descended from the same man as your John Simpson--not his father jacob but further back. I am actually an Arledge of the SC-AL Arledges which the name Aldridge had changed to in SC, but the name got changed back to Aldridge where it started about 1880 in out branch. However the Nicholas was remembered in the great great great great grandfather William Nicholas Arledge/Aldridge born 1845 in GA from whom my children are descended. The Arledges are also decended from Nicholas Aldridge. They lived in SC, GA, AL, TN and further.

Here is the story about yours.

The following was written on a blog on the internet. I googled it. I googles all the following information.
Susan Aldridge
Tuesday, July 3, 2007
I take pride in the fact that I am descended from a man who fought in the American Revolution. His name was John Simpson Aldridge and his gravestone has "The Revolutioner" engraved on it. He was descended from Nicholas and Martha Aldridge who were the first of our family to arrive here from England in the 1670's. The family settled in Maryland and almost 100 years later on February 9, 1761, John was born in Prince George County, Maryland.

His first enlistment was in 1776...that would have made him 15 years old. Incredible! His first term of service was for a period of six months and during that time he was in a battle near Fort Washington and the Battle of White Plains. He was discharged in Philadelphia and re-enlisted in the back woods of Virginia in 1777. This time he served three years.

During that time, his name appeared on Company Muster Rolls at Valley Forge, he fought at the Battle of Brandywine and served at both Fort Laurens and Fort McIntosh in Ohio. The men who served at these Forts were in as much danger from Indians as they were the English and many of them died terrible deaths at the hands of both enemies.

He was discharged from service in 1780 in Pittsburgh and made his way to Rush County, Indiana, where he purchased land and farmed until his death in 1842. He is buried in a little family cemetery there where his grave is marked with an American flag and the inscription.

I doubt if he considered himself a hero...many men served out of necessity for food and wages...just as they do now. I don't know if he considered himself a patriot...I doubt it. But all these years later, I recognize that it was humble young men like this who helped form this nation. They went about their service and then they went about becoming pioneers and farmers in these newly formed states in the middle of the country. My father's mother was also a descendant of a soldier in the Revolution who wound his way to Kentucky.

So, Independence Day is extra special to me. I feel a personal connection to the Revolution and I always stop to consider that young man who served while this country was being formed.

Posted by Kathy at

Pvt. John Simpson Aldridge

In 1777 he enlisted in the back woods of Virginia, now in Green Co., Penn., in the company of Capt. James Hook in the 13th Regiment of Col. Russell, Virginia Line on Continental Establishment, and served until 1780 when he was discharged at Pittsburgh, Penn., from the company of Capt. Uriah Springer of the 9th Virginia Regiment (Col. John Gibson). He was at the battle of Brandywine.

John Aldridge of Clermont Co., Ohio, private in Regt. of Col. Russell for three years from 1777, was placed on the Ohio pension roll at $8 per month from Oct. 4 1819 under the Act of 1818. Certificate 15674 was issued 4 Nov. 1819.

John Simpson Aldridge applied for his pension on 4 Oct. 1819 in Clermont County, OH., at age 58. He was born February 9, 1761. He married Mary LAKIN on November 18, 1783 in Maryland. John Simpson Aldridge died November 17, 1842 in Rush Co., Indiana.

Born: Feb 9, 1761

Died: Nov 17, 1842 Rush Co., Indiana

Buried: On his farm in Anderson twsp. Name appears on the Bronze tablet in the Rush County Courthouse, Rushville, Indiana.

Service: Enlist 1776, 1777 in Virginia now Greene Co., Pennsylvania
Served under Capt James Hook, Col Russell's 13th Virginia Regiment
Cpl in Uriah Springer, Col John Gibson's 9th Virginia Regiment.

Proof: Pension W 9698

Married: 1783, Mary Lakin (1760-1843)
father Joseph Lakin
mother Elizabeth Fee m. 18 Nov 1783, Evangelical Reformed Church, Frederick Co., MD455
John Simpson Aldridgeb. 9 Feb 1761, Prince Georges Co., MD d. 17 Nov 1842, Rush Co., IN br. Aldridge Cemetery, Rush Co., IN
Mi. RW Soldier
Mary Lakin
b. 20 Jun 1760, MD
d. 27 Nov 1843, Rush Co., IN455
br. Aldridge Cemetery, Rush Co., IN
Joseph Lakin : 1784-1815
Rachel Plumn: Born 1786 married ____ Stiers
Rauzy: Born 1789 married Sarah __________
Eliza: Born 1791 married Rafe Stiers
Mary: Born 1793 married ___________ Smith
Sarah: Born 1795:
John: Norn 1798
Deliah: Born 1799 married ________________ Layton
Erasmus: Born 1801
Nathan: Born 1803

To report new information, corrections, or web errors, click here

Lucinda Wheeler, born 3 April 1803, possibly in Clermont Co. She married John Simpson Aldridge Jr on 22 July 1819 in Clermont Co.

Re: Aldridge/Simpson

angelcollector1145 (View posts)
Posted: 26 Dec 2007 1:19AM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Aldridge, Simpson
Wow! Thank you so much for that information. I had some of it, but certainly not in that much detail, and I'm really touched that you took the time to send that on what must have been a very busy time for you!

I will keep looking to find out who, if anyone, the "Simpson" in John Simpson Aldridge refers to. I've only been doing this family history stuff about 18 months, and feel very blessed to have located as much information as I have, so far. The Aldridges are on my husband's side of the family, but like you, I want to make sure my children know a little about their heritage.

Again, thank you, Susan, and I wish you the best of the season.

Re: Aldridge/Simpson

angelcollector1145 (View posts)
Posted: 18 Oct 2009 1:38PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Aldridge, Simpson
I've learned a little more (potentially) about Jacob. In 1776, he was in Prince Georges County, according to the state census of that year, with wife Elizabeth, 3 sons, a daughter, and 6 "Negroes". So if Elizabeth was a Simpson, there was a John Simpson who witnessed the will of James Hook in 1761, also in Prince Georges County. Can anyone make a connection between a potential Elizabeth Simpson and Jacob Aldridge, or between a potential Elizabeth Simpson and John Simpson?

Still searching...

Janice in Indiana

Re: Aldridge/Simpson

jamespgeiger (View posts)
Posted: 19 Oct 2010 12:42PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Aldridge
I'm wondering if anybody can connect This John Simpson Aldridge to John Aldridge (1688-1749) and Eleanor (1692-1761).

I have that John Simpson Aldridge (1761-1842) had a father Jacob Aldridge.

I can also find a Jacob Aldridge of Prince George's County, MD that had a sister Susannah and two brother John and Thomas that were all the children of John and Eleanor.

If I can make this connection I can take this line all the way back to William Allred (1421-1468) of Yarmouth, Norfolk, England.

Re: Aldridge/Simpson

angelcollector1145 (View posts)
Posted: 19 Oct 2010 10:36PM GMT
Classification: Query
My notes say that Jacob's father was John and his mother was Eleanor. However, my dates for John are 1712-1751 and for Jacob are abt 1741 to 1815. I show John's parents as Thomas Aldridge and Elizabeth Purdy.

I do show the siblings John, Susannah, and Thomas for Jacob, so I'm wondering if my dates could be wrong and maybe I've been looking in the wrong time frame for Elizabeth possibly Simpson. Do you have a source for your dates?

I'd be interested in knowing what you've found out, especially if you've been able to trace any of the elusive wives of these gentlemen.

Happy hunting!

Janice in Indiana

Re: Aldridge/Simpson

dhregen (View posts)
Posted: 20 Oct 2010 8:34PM GMT
Classification: Query
So many Johns and Nicholases that it is easy to get lost! Jacob (1742-1814/15) was the father of John Simpson Aldridge. Jacob's father was John Aldridge (1712-1752; married to Eleanor). Jacob also had a brother John (1740-AFT1800) as well as a brother Thomas and a sister Susannah. Hope this helps. Could you share your Aldridge line from Nicholas the immigrant (born 1653 in England) on back to the 1400s?

Re: Aldridge/Simpson

dhregen (View posts)
Posted: 20 Oct 2010 8:40PM GMT
Classification: Query
Also the John Aldridge (1688-1750; married to Susannah Jones) was a son of Nicholas the immigrant and brother to Thomas, who was father of 1712-1752 John. That is the connection between those two Johns.

Re: Aldridge/Simpson

jamespgeiger (View posts)
Posted: 29 Apr 2011 12:51PM GMT
Classification: Query
I may have been a little premature making the link back to William Allred (1421-1468). There are several connections in that line that may not fit and I don't have documentation to most of it. I can give the list of names that I've made, just don't have the resources to confirm a lot of it. A lot of what I did was linking family trees that other people have made.

Apparently there are records proving the relations further down the line at St. Mary's Church in Worstead, England but I can't even confirm that.

I'm an amateur at this and I apologize.
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