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Jane Steel Wilken (View posts)
Posted: 4 Jun 1998 12:00PM GMT
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Wondering if your STICKEL might have ever been translated as STICKLER. I have found a John Stickel listed in the 1790 Bedford County, PA census listing. By 1800 and 1810 it appears as STICKLER. I'm not sure if this is my family. My Sticklers definitely lived somewhere in PA before moving on to OH by 1815 (Miami then Allen/Auglaize counties). They made a final move to Appanoose County, IA in the 1850's. By the mid-eighteen hundreds, at least, they were members of the Dunkard/Brethren/German Baptist faith.


John Helmut Merz (View posts)
Posted: 14 Jun 1998 12:00PM GMT
Classification: Query
Stickel/Stueckel, Heinrich, a Hesse-Hanau soldier in 1782
indentured himself for 3 years to farmer, probably in
Pennsylvania. No other this time. HETRINA VI.


Nelly Petersen (View posts)
Posted: 16 Jun 1998 12:00PM GMT
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My aunt Hulda Beierle Stickel was married to a Stickel. He died World War II. He was born in Bessarabia around 1920. They left Bessarabia in 1940. He has a living son in North Germany.

Re: STICKEL/STUECKEL, Henrich, Hessen-Hanau soldier.

John Helmut Merz (View posts)
Posted: 21 May 2004 1:21AM GMT
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According to HETRINA VI this soldier became a prisoner
of war in 1777 and in Nov. 1782 indentured himself for
three years in Pennsylvania. No other information found.
John Merz,
researching Hessian soldiers of the American Revolution

Re: STICKLER/ Krewson From present to 1816

Annette Maichen (View posts)
Posted: 17 Nov 2005 10:35PM GMT
Classification: Query
Pleae correct me and fill in the spaces ok?
My GGGGrandparents
Alexander D. Krewson / Cruson b: 1816 PA ? and Julia Ann Storms b: abt 1808 OHIO
Their Children are:
Amos S. Krewson b: 28 Sept 1826 - OH
Angeline S. Krewson b:16 Apr 1838- OH
Rebecca M. Krewson b: 12 Aug 1841- OH married a Peacok
Lewis S. krewson b: 17 Mar 1843 - OH married Phebe E. Stickler my gg grandparents
Pricilla/ Pricisslia 1 Oct 1844- OH married John Jasper Storms She married her cousin
Emeline 9 Jan 1848- IN
Joseph 23 Mar 1851 - IN
What is confusing is I don't not have Joseph on my cencus . Did he pass away ?
Enoch D Krewson Sr. b: 27 Mar 1853 - IN (married Marth Ellen Steele Wright born Indian Reservation near Iowa line. She was raied by Marshall Steele.) I have marriage cert and Census records.
There children were:
Jessie krewson b: 2 Dec 1875 d : Oct 1976
Ruben Krewosn b : 2 Dec 1875 d: 10 Apr 1974
John L. Krewson b: 1876 - d: 22 June 1962,
Enoch D. Krewson Jr. 4 Mar 1878 d: 1964
Ollie Mae "girl"
And then Alexander youngest son
Jacob S. b: 11 Jul 1855- IN
Alexanderr D, Krewson / Cruson and Julia Ann Storms
Lewis S. Krewson and Phebe Ellen Stickler my gg Grandparents
Charles Franklin Krewson and Lottie Melisa Hall my great grand parents
Galen Vane Krewson Aka William Allen Small and Bernadett Mitlida Michels My Grandparents. "Gale" was not a very nice person!
My Grandmother family was from Belguim.
Then he married I think one more time.
Then he married a Ms. Marshall and their children are:
Alfred Krewson OR, Galen Vane Krewson JR. Aka "Glen" B 1943 . CA
And then two daughters that I cannot say their names nor where they live. Due to confidentuality. Sorry! "( Privacy act!)
Maurietta Bernadine Small/ Aka Krewson. My mom was named after Galen V. Krewson Sr. youngest sister Anna Maurietta Krewson McKee
So the children in eldest to youngest from Gale V. Krewson Sr. and with two wives. are
My mom eldest
Fouth marrieage to Bernadett
Maurietta Bernadine
Donald Charlesand then Galen V. krewson
married and again
Alfred G Marshall Krewson
and Galen Vane krewson Jr. Aka Glen
and two daughters.
So my parents are Edward Donald Maichen and Maurietta Bernadine Small/ Krewson
And me
Annette Barbara Maichen
And then My chldren are Jeff, Dennis "DJ", Shannon, Sean
Galen Vane Krewson Sr. Aka William Allen Small. born Appanoose Co IA
Lewis S. Krewson is the son of Alexander D. Krewson

Lewis S. Krewson is my Great great grandfather. He was born on my birthday 17 March 1843 Ohio.
I think Hamilton Co . Don't quote me on this. However I am positive in Ohio.
1850 U.S Fed Census he was living in Decatur IN with his parents and sibs. The last four children of Alex and Julia were born IN . I don't want to confuse you so.... I will send you the sibs in a few.
However, His parents Alexander D. Krewson b: 1816 PA ? d : 20 Aug 1879 Davis Co. Bloomfield IA.
Julia Ann Storms b: abt 1808 OHI O and was married to Alexander in Hamilton Co OH 1836.
However, Lewis S. Krewson was born Ohio and died in Benton Co. Ark .
He married Phebe Ellen Stickler b: Ohio her parents are Rev William Elliott Stickler and Mary Jane DeLong. and so on I could go on forever on that side.
Lewis And Phebe were married at Phebe's father house. I have the marriage cert. They were married 23 Dec 1866. Appanoose Co. IA
And divorced 1900. Appanoose Co IA
Their children were :
William A. Krewson b: abt 1868 married Rachel Phillips and their children are Chrales C. Krewson.
Oliver Edgar Krewson,
Cora E. Krewson
and Cecil E. Krewson "Girl"
They were sent to Council Bluffs Christian Home in 1900's due to Rachel died 1898 and then Wm A. Krewson in 1900's I have the estate records.
Oliver Edgar married Agnes Bell. And i Have their children also.
George Henry Krewon b: abt 1970 he married Lottie Carrie Vroman and then Alma May Fox . Georges children are Lucy and Lester . I don't know who is there mom . I think I was told by Lucy it was Lootie .
I haven't taked to her in years . She married an Albright and still lives in IA. George commited suside after Alma 's death.
Charles Franklin Krewson my great grand father born twin with Mary E. "Elizabeth" Krewson 1872-73
They say she never married but I have her on census with Phebe as in
Mary Wooley or Wroley no children . Phebe died of T.B . I have her death cert.
Charles F. Krewson My gg grand father married Lottie Melisa Hall .
Her parents are John Monroe Hall and Rebecca Mahan
Lottie M elissa Hall Krewson b :2 Oct 1877 and d: 28 Apr 1917 and their children are :
Galen Vane Krewson b: 29 July 1897 Appanoose Co. Cinncinatti IA .
Died 7 June 1857 Green Co. Springfield . MO burried St Marys Cemtetery. He died in prison.
Galen Sr. "Gale" William A. Small married several times before my grandmaother .
I have his marrige and divoce docs also on four of his marriages.
His forth marrige was to my grand mother Bernadett Mitilda Michels.
They had two children my mom Maurietta Bernadine Small and Donlad Charles Small.
Galen "Gale" changed his name three times in the Army. His real name is Galen Vane Krewson. I have his fingers prints etc...
Alta Marvel Krewson She married Mordecai
Della Rebecca Ellen Krewson. b: and died 12 June 1968 She married Sloan
Glen Ulman "M'" krewson b: 30 Nov 1903 and died 26 June 1913 age 9 fell off box car . I have cert.
Charles F. krewson blamed Galen for the death of Lottie due to the stress he had caused her. It is belived that Galen had something to do with all thier deaths. Lottie, Glen , Hal,. However, Lottie died of Paretonitis of the pelvic. Complications after surgery.
Charles gave the children to his brother Sylvester Edward Krewson and his wife Stella Fransis Howard Krewson in Colardo. For three years and went looking for Galen and apparently that is why Galen changed his name.
Lloyd " Floyed"Charles krewson killied himself Acid poision 21 years of age?. Galen V. Krewson Sr. Military records state Lloyd was murderd. I can't prove neither yet!
Harold "Hal" Krewson b 18 Sept 1911 died 26 Mar 1913 cascara poisioning. it was used for constipation by the indian people back then and the westerner's. I have death cert.
Anna Maurietta Krewson b : and died . I have her record some where.I don't know why they are not in here of my direct line.
She married Dennis Dawes Mckee. From what I understand She married Dennis Dawes McKee. I looked up McKee on the internet Google and found that person. But I beive it may have been their son. Age dicrpency. in the war 1964? you may read on it if you like .
My mother was named after her. I could go on the dates and all however, it is quite extensive. I could write a book.
And then came Sylvester Edward krewson abt b:1875 he married Stella francis Howard and settled down in Co.
And their chilren are long
Earl, Roscoe "Bill" and so on.

Well, here you have it.
I hope it is helpful to you
God Bless,
Anntette B. Maichen


1520eln (View posts)
Posted: 2 Apr 2011 12:17PM GMT
Classification: Query
Just starting my family tree but I know my fathers side of my family was born/or lived in Bedford Pa.Hope this helps if you need further information on names and stuff let me know
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