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Pitcock DNA results so far

Pitcock DNA results so far

Gary Pitcock (View posts)
Posted: 4 Aug 2005 1:51AM GMT
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There has been some exciting results in the Pidcock/Pitcock DNA testing. So far a total of eight men have participated - 6 Pidcocks and 2 Pitcocks. There are three distinct DNA patterns showing up between the North American participants indicating three totally unrelated Pitcock/Pidcock families.

Group One - Two of the Pidcock men matched each other perfectly in a 12 marker test. Both live in the USA and trace their Pidcock ancestors back to Nottingham, England.

Group Two - Three other Pidcock men matched each other perfectly in a 12 marker test and trace their lines back to Bucks County, Pa. through the John Pidcock who was there in the 1600s.

Group Three - The Two Pitcock men matched perfectly in a 12 marker test and both are descendants of John Pitcock/Mary Fisher. Also a Pidcock man from Canada is in our group as he matched both Pitcock men 11 out of 12 markers. He and I both did the 25 marker test and still matched 24 out of 25 markers. The results of this test show that it is 90% that he and I shared the same ancestor in
the last 400 years, 95% in the last 500 and 98% in the last 600. This Pidcock man was born in Derbyshire, England and traces his ancestors back to a Thomas Pidcock who died in 1546 in Derbyshire. Some where along his line, we tie
into the same ancestor. There is a Pidcock researcher in England who is putting together a Pidcock book who is very interested in our line and might be able to help us one day by figuring out which of these Pidcocks had a son who left for the USA.

Another surprise was with the Haplogroup of each group. Group One is "R1b" haplogroup and Group Two and Three (Pitcocks) are "I" haplogroup. Here is an explanation of what this means. Haplogroup identifies the migration group of our ancient ancestors. "R1b" is the most common haplogroup in European populations. It is believed to have expanded throughout Europe as humans re-colonized after the last glacial maximum 10-12 thousand years ago. The "I" lineage is nearly completely restricted to northwestern Europe. It is believed to have originated in the Paleolithic in Central Europe and moved northwest. The Vikings and Anglo-Saxons are products of the "I" haplogroup. About 65% of Brits are in Haplogroup "R1b" and 22% in "I" (Surnames, Genes and the History of Britain, M.A. Jobling). The Central-Eastern part of England experienced the most continental introgression. Danish Vikings operated in this region.
We wish other Pitcock/Pidcock men would join the study as there is still much more that we could learn and I am sure more surprises. So out of eight participants, we can see so far that the three groups we fall into that it is impossible for any one group to be related to another group. Since this is the Pitcock list, we should focus on Group Three. The first common ancestor that the other Pitcock and I share is John Pitcock/Mary Fisher. It would be great to have at least one Pitcock from each of their sons to test as it would help to solve any mysteries we have in these lines. Other lines of Pitcock would also be extremely helpful. As more Pidcock/Pitcocks in England test, we can get a better idea of where we fit into the earlier Pidcocks of England.
You can check out the Pidcock/Pitcock DNA site at:
Gary Pitcock

Re: Pitcock DNA results so far

shaynesjuiceplus (View posts)
Posted: 20 Nov 2007 3:05PM GMT
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I followed your link for the DNA test project that is being done in England. I will keep you posted if they think I'm a candidate for the test.

My research up through the family tree is that I descend from Stephen Pitcock and Rachel Perkins. I'd like to support the research to connect the Pitcocks with the Pidcocks and determine if we can research more of our family histories.

Take Care,
Shayne Pitcock

Re: Pitcock DNA results so far

kylene30 (View posts)
Posted: 1 May 2008 9:52PM GMT
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I need to know the children of John Pitcock/Mary Fisher to see if my line ties in. My maternal grandmother was a Pitcock, born in Lincoln Co. TN to Jacob B. and Sarah Donaldson Pitcock. His father was Lewis Pitcock, same county, his father Stephen Pitcock, originally from NC. His father was also Stephen and can be placed in 1754 in NC. I can go no farther back than that. But I do have male Pitcock cousins who might be interested in participating in the DNA program.

Patsy Castanon

Re: Pitcock DNA results so far

randypitcock (View posts)
Posted: 1 Mar 2010 3:00AM GMT
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Patsy Castanon, I am Randal Lee Pitcock and Stephen Pitcock SR. and those following descedents you talked about are my relatives.
My grandfather is Grover Cleveland Pitcock and his father is William Thomas Pitcock who was married to Mattie Gullat and they lived in Ranger Texas.
It would be nice to see where the first descendent came from when they arrived in the U.S.
I would not mind providing DNA for the testing to connect up relatives.
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