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Cheryl (View posts)
Posted: 28 Oct 2001 12:18PM GMT
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I have a William FLEMING born about 1802 in Virginia, married Catherine (last name unknown), children were Peter F. FLEMING born 1828 in Ky, Hardin FLEMING born 1835 in Ky, Eliza FLEMING born 1838 in Ky and William FLEMING born 1838 in KY. This family is on the 1850 Jefferson County Ky census. William born 1802 is listed as a blacksmith, Peter, his son is listed as a boat hand. William is dead by 1860 and Catherine is living with her grandchildren, William FLEMING born 1854 in Ky and Millard born 1856 in Ky. By 1870, William, son of William is married to Kate (last name unknown)and living in Louisville, and Millard is living with the James H Walt family in Louisville. Does anyone know anything about this family? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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dante8o (View posts)
Posted: 6 Aug 2013 7:49AM GMT
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It's only been nearly 12 years since you've posted this, but I'll take a shot and reply anyway.

I am a great, great, great, grandson of this William Fleming. While researching my family history, I've only been able to go back to THIS very generation. I'm attempting to locate the parents of William Fleming (b. 1802). I suspect a few connections in VA, but unable to link anything. My goal is to trace the line back to (possibly) Scotland.

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elvisfleming (View posts)
Posted: 12 Aug 2013 1:02AM GMT
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21. CAPTAIN ALEXANDER FLEMING, the 21st generation, lived from 1612 to 1668. He lived in Glasgow, Scotland. His wife was Elizabeth (Elspet) Anderson, who was born in 1614 in Glasgow; the date of her death is unknown. There is a lot of disagreement among Fleming researchers, but it seems to be generally agreed that Alexander Fleming was the “immigrant ancestor” of this Fleming line, the first generation of this Fleming line to emigrate to North America. They also agree that he was the second son of John, 7th Lord Fleming and 2nd Earl of Wigtown. About 1630 (some sources say 1649-50), Capt. Fleming emigrated to Rappahannock County, Colony of Virginia. His wife died ca. 1656-58, and he married Ursula, widow of John Brown, in 1659. She also died, so Alexander married Joyce (Jones) Hoskins. Apparently, the title “Captain” was acquired in Virginia as a matter of recognition, property, and deference.
In 1667, Alexander bought 560 acres of land in the “freshes” area of Rapahannock County. His estate was called ‘Westphalia,’ and he left it to his widow Joyce. Other properties were left to his daughters Alexia and Elizabeth.

22. JOHN FLEMING was the 22nd generation of this Fleming line; he lived from 1633 to 1686. His wife was Mary Mercy Martieu, born in 1635 and died in 1717. They were apparently the last generation of this Fleming line to live at the Cumbernauld Castle. At some point, John and Mercy moved to New Kent County in Virginia Colony; his father Alexander had moved to America before John moved – so John is not designated as the “immigrant ancestor” - but that distinction goes to his father.
Apparently by the time of this John Fleming, the old Cumbernauld Castle was falling into ruin, having been the home of some thirteen generations of this Fleming line. In the 1700’s, some of the materials from the razed castle were used in the construction of the Cumbernauld House for the Flemings. It may have been used by other Fleming lines, because this line had moved to North America many years before 1700. In 2010, there was an effort underway to raise money to restore the Cumbernauld House.

23. WILLIAM FLEMING was the 23rd generation. He was born in 1663; the date of his death was 1744. He was the sheriff of Hanover. His wife was Elizabeth, but her maiden name as well as the dates of her birth and death are unknown. He lived first in Charles Parish, York County, Virginia, then moved to New Kent County VA.

24. ROBERT FLEMING, born in 1685 in Petsoe Parish, Gloucester County VA, was the 24th generation. He died in Feb.1737 in Caroline VA. He married Mary Elizabeth Beverley (1687-1737), daughter of Major Robert Beverley (1641-1686) of Beverley Manor and his wife Mary Keeble Beverley (born in 1637), thus introducing the name “Beverley” into this Fleming line. It has been used by many generations down to the present day. Robert and Mary Elizabeth Beverley had children named Martha (1717), Mary (1723), and Robert (1725; see below.)

25. ROBERT FLEMING, who lived from 1725 to 1775, was the 25th generation. He and his wife, Johanna Mayes, 1732 to 1785, lived in Charles Parish, York County, VA. At some point, Robert and Johanna moved to Amelia County, VA, which was formed in 1734 from Prince George and Brunswick counties, located in east central Virginia. Their son, Beverly Fleming was born in Amelia County in 1752 (information from David Fleming indicates that Beverly’s first name was William).
According to the book Clan Fleming of Scotland and Virginia by Richard Dietz, the Flemings in Virginia were active as lawyers, judges, and planters. They supported the independence movement and served as officers in the Continental Army. They were friends of both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson prior to their presidencies. Dietz states that the Flemings lived in Williamsburg and in Henrico County; subsequent generations lived in Goochland, Chesterfield, and Cumberland counties.

26. BEVERLEY FLEMING, born to Robert and Johanna in 1752 in Amelia County VA, was the 26th generation. He married Sally Waddell, 1769-1815. They had two sons: Beverley, born in Prince Edward County in 1787; and James, 1791 or 1792.

27. JAMES FRANKLIN FLEMING, born in 1792 (some sources say 1791), was the 27th generation. David Fleming furnished the information that his middle name was “Franklin.” There is disagreement about where he was born: Prince Edward County VA or Rockingham County, North Carolina. Probably, Virginia is correct. William Beverly and Sally Fleming moved the family to Sumner County TN around 1807 or 1808 when James was a teenager. With this move, that county became the “headquarters” for the Fleming clan for many generations. Some relatives may have already been there; it is known that there were many people named Fleming in the county and many of them used the same given names. For example, in the early Sumner County marriage records up through 1850, there are eleven people named Fleming who got married – three of them named Beverly. The census of 1850 lists eighteen people named Fleming in Sumner County, but how or if they were related is unknown.
Sumner County was created in 1786 and named after General Jethro Sumner, a Revolutionary War hero from North Carolina. The county is in the middle of the north side of Middle Tennessee, right on the Kentucky border. Gallatin was made the permanent county seat in 1802. Gallatin is on Station Camp Creek, a navigable tributary of the Cumberland River, which was very important in the early development of the county. In modern times, the largest city is Hendersonville, which is a suburb of Nashville and the home of some country music celebrities. Descendants of James Fleming can still be found in Sumner County – up to nine generations removed.

(The remaining generations on down to the present writer, Elvis E. Fleming, are as follows. Cousins: please substitute your own ancestors in the appropriate place).:
28. BEVERLY FLEMING, 1818-1909, of Kentucky.
29. JOHN CARTER FLEMING, 1847-1926, of Texas.
30. EDWARD BEVERLEY FLEMING, 1881-1961, of Texas.
31. ELVIS EUGENE FLEMING, 1936- , of New Mexico.

At this point, the reader should refer to page 3 of the booklet written by Elvis E. Fleming in 2008 called:
A History of the Descendants of
JAMES FLEMING, 1792-1857, of Tennessee
BEVERLY FLEMING, 1818-1909, of Kentucky
JOHN CARTER FLEMING, 1847-1926, of Texas
EDWARD BEVERLEY FLEMING, 1881-1961, of Texas

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pars1951 (View posts)
Posted: 13 Aug 2013 2:16AM GMT
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Surnames: Fleming
I am very curious about your post about Robert Fleming, Gloucester County, Petsworth Parrish. My paternal Great-grandfather was James Thomas Fleming, b. abt. 1798, d. 1858. His father was Henry Fleming. Both were from Petsworth Parish. James Thomas Fleming served in the War of 1812. Do you have any information on Robert's descendants? County records burned twice, so hard to connect prior to this generation. Thanks Phyllis
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