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Pasco Dunn or William Hatchell looking for anything

Pasco Dunn or William Hatchell looking for anything

georgehatchell (View posts)
Posted: 1 Feb 2003 12:16AM GMT
Classification: Query
I have some records that showed Pasco Dunn owned land next to William Hatchell. William was married to Ann Dunn, Pasco's daughter (b. 1681)

Anything would be appreciated. you see my notes at

Re: Pasco Dunn or William Hatchell looking for anything

Cathy Downes (View posts)
Posted: 1 Jan 2006 10:47PM GMT
Classification: Query
I am also interested in Pasco Dunn... who ends up on Kent Island, in Maryland... he floats around some of my families early relations on the Island... then sells everything and returns to Virginia. I suspect he was doing a bit of land speculation. This is what I have on him... sorry if it isn't well organized... just notes I've put together. if you have anything in Virginia about the Downes or Hawkins family, 1600's - I would be very interested.

Please feel free to contact me at

Quick time line of Pascoe Dunn of Elizabeth City...
1652 he immigrated to Maryland (Skordas, Vol 6, p. 159]
1662 patents 150 a. "Dunn's Hazard" in Maryland. [which his brother, Robert Dunn, sells in its entirety to Henry Carter by 1669]
1664 buys 100 acres on Kent Island from John Jenkins
1665 sells 100 acres on Kent Island to Arthur Jenn
1665 Pasco Dunn wit. the will of Macene Macum
1667 assigns over all right & title of bill of sale to Henry Downes
1669 last appears in the land records selling his interest in a patent to Edward Parkes. [????]
1695 a Pascoe Dunn is a foreman of a jury in Elizabeth City...

According to the patent book information we have Dunn's Hazard was patented by Pascoe Dunn... however in first Kent this appears, which shows he assigned his patent to Robert Dunn:
First Kent, Irma Sweitzer, p. 22
109. Henry Carter pays alienation fee for 150 acres of land called DUNNS HAZARD purchased from Mr. Robert Dunn. Disboro Bennett, clk.
(no date)
First Kent, p. 31, 32
199. Pasco Dunn assigns to Robert Dunn of Isle of Kent all his right, title and interest to the within patent. Richard FitzAlleyn, Toby Wells, clk. [No date]
First Kent, Irma Sweitzer, p. 65
16. [This page is very dark and difficult to read] Robert Dunn of Kent Co., gent... sells to Henry Carter... laid out for 150 acres... Joan Dunn ack. above to be the act of her husband.
16. 22 March 1669. Rec'd of Henry Carter alienation fine for 150 acres of land called DUNNS HAZARD bou. of Robert Dunn.

History of Queen Anne's County, Maryland, Frederic Emory, p. 103
The following personals, by an agreement entered into on the 5th of April 1652, promised and engaged themselves "to be true and faithful to the Commonwealth of England without King or House of Lords" {see Hanson's Old Kent, pp. 59 and 40): ..... [partial list] JOESEPH WICKES, WILLIAM ELLIOT, RICHARD BLUNT, MATTHEW READ, MARK BENTON, ISAAC ILIVE, JOHN WINCHESTER, FRANCIS BARNES, ROGER BAXTER, ROBERT DUNN (this is Pascoe's brother... possibility Pascoe had not moved to the Island as yet, as he is not included in this list).... My notes: Do I take this to mean that these people were loyal to Oliver Cromwell? If so, does that indicate they were part of the Puritian group that made its migration up from the Nansemond/Elizabeth city area????

First Kent, Irma Sweitzer, p. 27
153. John Jenkins records sale of plantation to Pasco Dunn about 100 acres... formerly laid out by Mt. Mill.... bill of sale made from John Winchester to John Gibson and Henry Stoope. 30 Jan. 1664 Henry Hare, Henry Goodricke. Toby Wells, clk

The only instance in which Pasco Dunn appears in the Maryland probate records is this one will, which he witnessed in 1665
Will of Macum Macenne, Kent Co.
Maryland Calendar of Wills, Vol 1, p. 35
23rd Dec 1665
To Roderick Hanson, his dau. Katharine Hanson, personalty.
To two daus. in law, Sarah Ellinor and Ann Ellinor, and son John Macenne, residue of estate in equal portions.
Ex. not named.
Test: Alex Water, Pasco Dunn.

20 MARCH 1667
First Kent, p. 32
203. Pasco Dunn of ELIZABETH CITY county of J..... P..... (my note: probably Jamestown Province)., confirm sale of parcel of land called FORREST LODGE lying on the .... of the Eastern Bay... on Coursey Creek... laid out for 100 acres of land sold by me to Disboro Bennett 20March 1667. Richard FitzAlleyne. [Forest lodge was located on Coursey's Creek at Chester River... Corsica Creek?]

Bennett, Disborough, Kent Co.,
Maryland Calendar of Wills: Volume 1
26th Apr., 1676;
9th July, 1677.

To Thomas Harris, Susanna Hartley and William Richards, personalty.
To 4 child. of testator's wife, viz: Mary, Tobias, Sarah and John Wells, residue of personalty.
To wife Mary, execx., and hrs., 100 A., "Forest Lodge," and 150 A., "Bennett's Addition," in Coursey's Ck. at Chester R.
Test: Jno. Lewis, Valentine Southerin. 5. 294.

27 MARCH 1666
First Kent, Irma Sweitzer
p. 29, #177 Pasco Dunn of Isle of Kent has sold to Arthur Jenn of same place of a plantation lying on the north end formerly in possession of John Gibson, afterwards in possession of John Jenkins and by him sold to me formerly laid out by Thomas Hill for 100 acres of land. Genn is to pay by last day of November next. 27 March 1666. Richard FitzAllyne, Toby Wells, clk.

27 MARCH 1666
First Kent, Irma Sweitzer
p. 30, #178 Pasco Dunn of Isle of Kent part a tract of land to Arthur Jenn of same place... who is to pay by the last day of Nov next sum of 2,200 lbs tobacco. 27 Mar 1666. Richad FitzAlleyne, Toby Wells, clk.

16 APRIL 1667
First Kent, Irma Sweitzer
p. 21, #103. Pasco. Dunn assign over all right and title of this within specified bill of sale to HENRY DOWNES. 16 April 1667
Ack, in court by Robert Dunn, his atty. John Wright.

26 MARCH 1669
First Kent, p. 31, 32
202. Pasco Dunn bargains and sells his interest in his patent to Edward Parkes of Isle of Kent. 26 March 1669. Richard FitzAlleyne, Toby Wells, clk.

First Kent, p. 31
196. Pasheo Dunn has due 150 acres of land for transporting Abraham Wisseback, Nicholas Marcy and John Purson into this province... give him a parcel of land called Dunns ...... (unreadable) lying on Isle of Kent beginning on Great Thicket Creek adj. land forerly laid out for William Boddy... to side of Coxes Cove... paying three shillings sterling rent. Charles Calvert

First Kent, p. 31, 32
200. We in consideration that Pasco Dunn has due 150 acres in the province for transporting himself, Henry Carter and John True to inhabit... grant him land called PASCO'S ADVENTURE on the Isle of Kent near the Wading Place... adj. land formerly of Philip Connor... paying rent of three shillings sterling. Charles Calvert.

First Kent, p. 70, #78 212 July 1684 Robert Macklin and Mary his wife admx. of goods and chattles of ffranciss Ashbury, deceased... sum of three sillings alienatin for 150 acres land called Pasco's Adventure on Sparke' Poynt purchased by Ashbury of hte Lord Propeirtary. Elias King, clk.

Issac's Lott?
First Kent, p. 10
47. John Winchester of county of Kent has bargained and sold to John Gibson and Henry Stoupe 100 acres of land laid out by Mr. Hill adj. my plantation on NORTHEAST SIDE OF THE ISLAND... parties to pay to me the accustomed rent of a bushel and a half at my now dwelling house of good corn... including all of the cleared gbround. 1 Aug. 1657 Thomas Hynon, John Deare B/25
Isaac's Lott?
First Kent, p. 23
124. John Winchester with consent of Elizabeth, my wife, the relict of Henry Stoope and John Gibson do assign over to Andrew Ellinor the rest of the land mentioned within with all benefits and privileges. 1 Oct 1662 Francis French, Tob Wells, clk.

Isaac's Lot 100 acres on the northeast side of the island adj. the dwelling plantation of John Winchester.
John Winchester 1657 >John Gibson and Henry Stoupe (Stoope) > John Jenkins ends up with it somehow (inheritance?) and sells the land to > Pasco Dunn 1666 > Arthur Jenn and the trail goes cold...

In 1695 Pasco Dunn is a foreman in a jury in a case in Elizabeth City involving a Captain Jenkins. So, it appears he went back to Virginia.

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