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Croy Family of the South

Croy Family of the South

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Posted: 13 Aug 2005 1:58PM GMT
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Surnames: Croy
My great-great grandmother was Emma Josephine Croy who married Henry Russell. In the early 1990’s, in an attempt to find other Croy researchers, I put an ad in a genealogy queries newsletter called “Family Puzzlers”. It was there that I met Rev. A. B. Croy of Moultrie, GA. He was a retired minister who had been researching the Croy family for many, many years, and he was 77 years old in 1997. Over a period of years he gradually sent me all of his research, including letters from other researchers. He would call me about once a week to share more information that he remembered, and I would always take notes during our conversations. This is a compilation of his work.
There are two separate groups of Croys in the United States. The Northern Croys settled in the Ohio region. The Southern Croys settled in the Carolinas and Georgia. According to A.B. Croy, “The northern Croys are kin folks but their kinship has its connection in Europe rather than the United States of America. Our origins find themselves on the border of Belgium and France. Many of the Croys left the mainland of the European continent and came into Ireland and Scotland to be sheltered from religious persecution.These Croy people, however can be found all across northern Europe. Let’s understand, though, that this name is supposed to be spelled this one way, CROY. No prefix of any kind and no other spelling such as Croyx though that is pronounced the same way its is not the same family of folks.”

Generation 1
John Croy, b. 1796 in Ireland or North Carolina (depending on the census you find him in), married Jane who was born 1800 N.C. John was a miller, according to the 1870 GA census. He lived in Montgomery County Virginia in 1820, in Habersham County Georgia in 1830, in Lumpkin County in 1840 (a parent county of Dawson), Barrett’s District in 1850, in Dawsonville in 1860, and in Savannah District in 1870. In 1870 his wife was listed in the household of Joe Strickland and listed as “no kin”. In 1870 she was ill with hepatitis. (Sources: census records, Family Tree Maker World Family Tree, Dorothy VanSant Wildes’ 1995 research at the Dawson Co., GA, library)
1) William (more information in Generation 2)

2) David, b. 1824 SC, married Celia or “Letty” who was born 1821 SC. Living in Lumpkin Co. in 1850.
a. William b. 1849
b. Martha b. 1852
c. John b. 1861

3) Francis (Fanny), listed as Laury in the 1850 census, b. 1826 SC. Was still living in her parents’ household in the 1870 GA census (occupation: At Home)

4) Jonathan, b. 1828 SC, married on 14 May 1851 to Sarah Perry, b. 1827 GA. Their children, listed in the 1870 GA Census, Barretts District:
a. James b. 1853 GA
b. John b. 1854 GA
c. William b. 1855 GA
d. Francis b. 1857 GA
e. Jane b. 1859 GA
f. Alfred b. 1862 GA
g. Jonathan b. 1864 GA

5) Elizabeth, b. 1830 GA or SC. Was still living in her parents’ household in the 1870 GA census (occupation: At Home)

6)Margaret, b. 1832 GA or SC, married on 19 September 1852 to Joshua B. Goode.

7) Mary May Catherine, b. 28 December 1834 GA or SC, died 16 April 1915, married Gabrial Fouts on 11 February 1866.

8) Isabella, b. 1837 SC. The 1870 census of Savannah District, Dawson Co., GA, shows the following in the household of John Croy age 74: Isabella Croy, age 30, daylaborer, Eliza Croy, age 26, daylaborer, Louisa, age 15, daylaborer, and Polly Ann, age 5. They were all born in GA.

9) John F., b. 1839 GA, married on 23 November 1861 to Martha J. Simmermon, In the 1870 census (Savannah District, Dawson County, GA), John was listed as a miller. Children listed in this census: Missouri b. 1862 GA, and James b. 1864 GA.

10) Jane, b. 1841 GA

Generation 2:
1) William Croy, b. 1820 SC, married Catherine Perry.
According to A.B. Croy, there were 2 William Croys in Lumpkin County in 1850. One was married to Catherine Perry, the other was married to Tiletha Catherine Harris. Also, according to A.B. Croy, William Croy was a Mason and he had a cane with emblems on it that he gave to David Ranz Croy (his 12th child).
William Croy was listed as a farmer in the 1860 Morgan Co., AL, census, and listed as a farm laborer in the 1870 GA census, Dawson County, Barretts District. He married Catherine Perry on 11 May 1841. She was born 1822 GA, daughter of James and Alsey Perry.

[Perry Family: In the 1850 GA census, James Perry was age 50 b. in SC, Alcie was age 48 b. in GA, Sarah was 21 b. in GA, James was 16 b. in GA, Nancy was 13 b. in GA, and Alfred was 6 b. in GA.]

William and Catherine’s children were:

1) John Alexander, b. 23 April 1842, died 21 April 1861. Married Hester Ann Dobbs, b. 12 March 1835, died 31 July 1886

2) William Joshua b. 17 September 1845 GA, died 23 April 1895. Married Melinda Ashworth b. 1850 GA. Children listed in 1870 GA census: Rose, b. 1868 GA, and infant, born 1869 GA. In “Confederate Soldiers in Colquitt Co., GA” by Ellen Payne Odom and Nell A. Gammage, a W.J. Croy is listed as “died 2-19-1920. Company I, 30th Regiment, Georgia Infantry.” According to A.B. Croy, these two men are the same.

3) Melissa, b. 1846 GA, married on 21 October 1871 to John Hamilton

4) Amanda Sarah Melinda, (she goes by different names in different censuses) b. 1847 GA, married William A. Bell

5) Rosa M., b. 1848 GA

6) Robert Tailor, b. Dec. 8, 1850 Dawson Co., GA, married Martha Jane Dozier on November 1, 1870. He was the first Croy to go to Arkansas. They went through Missouri and resided in Marion County, AR. By 1815 they were in Boone County. His biography is in “Arkansas 1911 Census of Confederate Veterans”. The biography reads as follows: “Croy, Robert Tailor, of Olvey, Ark., was born 12-8-18?4, at Dawsonville, Dawson Co., Ga, the son of William Croy of Virginia who fought in late war under Capt. Cooper. He was the son of John and Jane Croy who lived at Dawson Co., Ga. Maiden name of subject’s mother was Catherine Perry, dau. Of James and Alsie Perry who lived at Forsythe Co., Ga. States his grandfather came from Ireland and settled in Va. Was educated in Forsythe Co., Ga., was a farmer, a Democrat, and a Methodist. Enlisted Sept. 1863 under Capt. Cooper. Released at Kingston, Ga., in May 1865. Married Martha Jane Dozier, dau. of Johnathan and Louiza Dozier, Nov. 1, 1870, Marion Co., Ark. Children:
a) Edgar Croy, b. April 9, 1870 in Yellville, AR, m. Lucinda Jarvis on October 20, 1893. [Note: A.B. Croy and other researchers state that Robert Tailor Croy married first to Mary Jane Pierce, born January 19, 1848 in TN, the daughter of Reuben Pierce and Sarah Baker. Edgar was Robert and Mary’s only child. Robert married second to Martha Jane Dozier.)
b) Cathrine m. Taveman Holmes, Yellville, Ark.
c) Charlie m. Ruth Kirkpatrick, Legrand, Ore.
d) Virgil Croy m. May Brown
e) Homer m. Jessie Nolan, Antioch, Okla.
f) Elmer Croy, Olney, Ark.
Certified by D. A. Tomlinson, Assessor of Boone Co., Ark.undated”
A.B. Croy received a letter from Martha Leary of Berryville, AR, in 1976. She told him this story:
I am the great-granddaughter of Robert Taylor Croy. His oldest daughter, Catherine, was my maternal grandmother. It was a great pleasure for me to have your letter and to know that you are interested in knowing something about Grandpa.
He died at the age of 93, in the home of his granddaughter (my mother) Idella Jane Cooper, Miami, Oklahoma in I believe 1936. His body was returned to the Berryville cemetery, and now lies with his wife Martha there. Grandpa was married twice. Of the first union I know only that his wife died and that there was one offspring, Edgar Croy. His second wife, also previously married, was Martha Dossier Adams Croy. She preceded him in death about five years, I believe.
Grandpa farmed and preached in Boone County, Arkansas near Lovey until about 1925 when he and grandma got too old to do farm work. With the help of their eldest daughter, Catherine Croy Holmes (my grandmother), they moved to Berryville to be convenient to stores, medical care, etc. My grandmother stayed with Grandpa and Grandma until their deaths.
Surviving today are two of the six children of Robert and Martha Croy. They are: Gertrude Croy Goss of Garden Grove, California, and Grover Elmer Croy of Harrison, Arkansas. The other children are deceased, and I know only two surviving grandchildren. One is Guy Croy, son of Charles Croy, of Casa Grande, Arizona. The other is Irene Croy Webster, daughter of Homer, of Pauls Valley, Oklahoma. Vergil Croy had three children but I do not know of their whereabouts.
My own recollections of Grandpa are vivid, indeed, since he was a forceful, intelligent, respected man who remained very much the head of the household until his death. Until his death his mental faculties remained intact and while he could not see to read his interest in the daily news and reflections and study of the Bible were continuing. He was in reasonably good physical health until his death which resulted from a blood clot, and I believe it is a fact that he mad and tended a big garden until the year of his death.
To tell you a little of myself, great-granddaughter of Robert Taylor Croy. My name is Martha Gillespie Leary. I was born to James Campbell Gillespie and Idella Jane Croy Gillespie in Boone County, Arkansas in 1917. My father died in 1919 and my mother remarried in 1925 to John Lester Cooper and we moved to Oklahoma where I spent the remainder of my childhood, except for summers which were spent in Arkansas with Grandpa and Grandma and my Grandmother, Kate Holmes. When she died in 1948 she left the place to my mother her only child and when my mother died in 1975 she left the place to me, her only child.
I came here with my husband to look after my mother during her last illness and we decided after her death that we would make this our home for our retirement years. We had lived the preceding 31 years in Baltimore, Md., my husband’s birthplace. We have two children, John Edward Leary, Jr., who teaches school in Chicago, and Catherine Jane Leary who attends the University of Arkansas. All of us were delighted to have word of you since our extended family is so small.
Grandpa’s youngest son, Grover Elmer Croy, is 87 years old and lives about 40 miles from us with his wife Alice age 85. They are rugged independent folks who manage pretty well. We visit them once every two weeks and do little things for them when they let us. I know nothing of Grandpa’s early life except that he served in the Civil War as a youth. I didn’t even know where he was born nor lived before coming to Arkansas.”

7) Alcey Jane b. 1852 in Dawsonville, GA (this is Dorothy VanSant Wildes’ great grandmother). She married Wilkes J. VanZandt or Vansant in Muscadine, Cleburne County, AL, on 7 October 1879. She applied for a Confederate Widow’s Pension after the death of her husband, Wilkes VanSant, in 1924, in Muscadine, AL. After her husband’s death she moved to Birmingham, AL, where she lived until she died in 1941. She was buried in Roberts (Roberds) cemetery in Muscadine, AL, in an unmarked grave.
Dorothy stated in a letter (to A.B. Croy of Moultrie, GA, dated January 30, 1995) that when she was 13 she attended Alcey’s funeral and she still has the burial book from her funeral. She also stated that the family was originally Lutheran, but became Baptists because there was no Lutheran church near them. The church they attended was in the Edgewater mining community, about 2 miles away from them. Worship service was Methodist one Sunday and Baptist the next, but Sunday School was always the same.

8)Winchester Goodwin, b. 1854 in AL or GA

9)James Arthur (more information under Generation 3)

10)Emiline Matilda was born January 12, 1857, died November 15, 1941, married Peter Valentine Holtzclaw. He was born February 14, 1857 and died October 27, 1935. Children:
a) LaVada m. Jim Elkins
b) Lonie, m. ? Arnett
c) Robert Lonze, b. January 14, 1883, died March 4, 1960. Married Ida Pearl. She was born July 26, 1886, died September 28, 1928.
d) Mary Elizabeth, born Feb. 14, 1884, died February 21, 1952. Married Willie Hiran Foster, born December 12, 1877, died April 24, 1949.
e) Homer, m. Ola ?
f) Annie, born March 28, 1886, died June 10, 1970. Married James Olander Calhoun, born November 27, 1884, died February 27, 1962.
g) Christopher Columbus, born May 8, 1891, died March 7, 1967. Married Lena Ginn, born July 28, 1907, died April 5, 1990.
h) Millard Lee, born February 14, 1893, died July 6, 1967. Married Leady Craighead, born October 22, 1907, still living in 1990.
i) Luther, married Effie Wilson.
j) Dewey M., born April 7, 1897, died January 11, 1972. Married Nora Leachman, born September 22, 1902, died April 10, 1989.
k) Lila, born September 6, 1900, died October 12, 1941. Married Clarence Lester Calhoun, born July 11, 1892, died March 1, 1954.

11)Thomas Henry, (A.B. Croy’s great-grandfather). This info came from a chart dated 1991, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Thomas was born May 2, 1859 Dawson County, GA. Married Mary Elizabeth McClure who was born March 7, 1865 Hightower, Forsythe Co., GA. Children:
1) George Harrison (A.B. Croy’s grandfather), born October 3, 1886 Dawsonville, Dawson Co., GA, married Maud Kuhn who was born in 1886.
2) Yancy Leonidas, born August 10, 1891 Dawsonville.
3) Sarah Cleo, born August 1893 Dawsonville, married John Seth Coffey who was born 1893.
4) William Grady, born September 29, 1895, Delware, Logan, AR. No spouse was given, but his son was William Glen Croy who married Patricia Marian Viner. Both were still living in 1991.

12) David Rance, b. 1863 in AL or GA, married Narcissa Chandler

13) Isabella Charity, b. August 10, 1865 AL or GA, married George W. Chandler. A.B. Croy was told this story: George Chandler and Isabella’s father William had a business together. William and George got into a fight because George thought William was cheating him. George thought he had killed William. George and Isabella loaded up an ox cart immediately and set out for Arkansas. George still had blood on him when they left.
A.B. Croy received a letter from Sally Townsend Basler of Forest Park, GA in 1975. Her mother was a younger sister of George W. Chandler. George’s father was John Chandler, who was in the 1870 AL census, Cleburne County. John’s father was Judge Albert D. Chandler of Cleburne County. His father was Mordecai Chandler who went to Talladega County, AL, about 1833. He married Elizabeth Banks. His estate documents and details about his family can be found at Talladega. He was born in SC and his father was also Mordecai Chandler, a Revolutionary War soldier. Mrs. Basler also stated that she believed these Chandlers go back to the Quaker Chandlers who came to Pennsylvania in about the 1640’s. She said there is a voluminous Chandler family publication which she saw about this family, and it was published by the Chandler family association.

Generation 3:
Information about the following families came from A.B. Croy, interviews with Lenora Russell Braselton, and records such as censuses, courthouse records, and death certificates.

James Arthur Croy, born 1857 GA, died Sept. 6, 1886 in Redfield, AR. Married Mary Johanna Smith. They lived in Lincoln Parish, LA. When James died, Mary re-married to Eli M. Baxter on June 10, 1891 in Lincoln Parish, LA. Mary died January 8, 1915. James and Mary’s children were:

1) Emma Josephine (my mother’s great-grandmother) b. September 30, 1879, died November 8, 1915 in Bienville Parish, LA. Married John Staton Russell. Bienville Parish probate records show that John Staton Russell was born 24 December 1875 in Robertson Co., TX. In the 1900 Arkansas census (Searcy County), John gave his date and place of birth as December 1874 Alabama. He also stated that both of his parents were born in Alabama. Living near the John Russell household in this census was John N. Shipman, his wife Saman, five children, one brother, and his mother-in-law Martha A. Russell, born November 1830 in Alabama. It is possible that Martha was the mother of both Saman and John Russell. Saman was born August 1862 in Alabama, and both of her parents were born in Alabama.
According to oral history (courtesy of his daughter Lenora Braselton), John Russell left home at an early age and went south. He sometimes mentioned a half- sister named Kitty who lived in Arkansas, and cousins in California surnamed Rice. John was a member of Woodsmen of the World. He was a farmer, and his last place of residence was five miles southwest of Arcadia toward Gibsland.
His wife was Emma Josephine Croy. The only documentation of Emma’s parentage is the Social Security application of her brother, Henry Starling Croy, who is mentioned in John Staton Russell’s probate papers at the Bienville Parish courthouse.
Emma died 8 November 1915 after giving birth to twins. John died of a stroke on 12 December 1921. After John’s death, their children were placed in an orphanage in Ruston (except for the eldest child, Henry, who had joined the navy). John and Emma’s children were:

a. Henry Clay Russell (my mother’s grandfather), born 5 January 1902 in Bienville Parish. His navy service record gives his date of birth as 5 January 1899. He served from 13 December 1920 until 24 December 1921. From June 30, 1921 – December 24, 1921 he served on the U.S.S. Shawmut. His enlistment papers described him as 5’9 1/2” tall, 153 pounds, brown hair, brown eyes, and a ruddy complexion.
Henry married Mary McConathy on 12 March 1924 in Bienville Parish. Mary was born 28 September 1900 at Bear Creek, LA and died 6 July 1983 in Ruston, LA. Her second husband was Ruben F. Johnson. Mary’s father was John Henry McConathy ( b. 7 June 1866 in Claiborne Parish, d. 7 July 1945 in Arcadia, buried in Bear Creek Cemetery), son of Joseph J. McConathy (b. 1829 SC, d. 21 May 1892, buried in Pruitt Cemetery near Arcadia) and Elizabeth White (b. 6 June 1834 Kemper, MS, d. 29 March 1892 Arcadia). Mary’s mother was Anna N. D. Boddie (b. 18 April 1871 in Savannah, GA, d.12 January 1937 in Arcadia, buried in Bear Creek Cemetery), daughter of Nicholas Boddie (b. 1845 Edgefield, SC, d. 1902 Bienville Parish) and Ann Eliza Chavous (b. 1846 August, GA, d. 1919 Bienville Parish). Henry and Mary had one daughter, Mary Maxine Russell.
Henry died on 9 May 1937 in Campti, LA. The following article appeared in the Shreveport Journal on 10 May 1937:
Arcadia Man Is Stricken, Dies In Lake
Heart Attack Is Blamed for Death; No Water
Found in Lungs
Campti, La., May 9 (Special) - Henry Russell, 37, of Arcadia died of a heart attack while fishing about 7:30 a.m. today near Guin’s camp on Black Lake six miles east of Campti. Russell fell from the boat in which he was riding when he was seized by the attack and quickly sank from sight. The boat was occupied by Grady Johnson of Arcadia, cousin of the deceased, and a small boy whose family name was reported to be Henry.
Johnson, young Henry, and a man and his wife who were fishing in a nearby boat witnessed Russell falling out of the boat. Attempts by these and members of the sheriff’s department who were called to recover the body were unsuccessful until 10:30 o’clock.
A preliminary investigation by law officers and physicians indicated that Russell had died from a heart attack. No water was found in his lungs. A corner’s investigation will be held Monday. Doctor Ferguson, Bienville parish coroner, stated Sunday that he believed that there could be no doubt that Russell died from a heart attack and was at the point of death when he fell from the boat.
The deceased is survived by the widow and an 11-year-old daughter. He was employed in the maintenance department of the state highway commission office at Arcadia.
Funeral services for the deceased will be held at 3 p.m. today from the Oakgrove Presbyterian church. Interment will be in the Oakgrove cemetery. The Rev. Caldwell will officiate.
Besides the widow and daughter, the deceased is survived by three sisters, Mrs. V.O. Braselton of Shreveport, and the Misses Kitty and Edna Russell of Arcadia.

Continuing the children of John and Emma Croy Russell:
b) Lenora Josephine Russell, born in Bienville Parish in 1906. She married Dewey Olin Braselton (born 1905 in Claiborne Parish, died 10 May 1986). Children: Lowell Dewey Braselton (b. 1935 in Henderson, TX) and Janice (b. 1936 in Shreveport, LA).

c) Edna Belle Russell, born in Claiborne Parish in 1909, died 1979 in Shreveport, buried in Cotton Valley. She married Willie G. Barnette. Children (twins): Jon and Jan, born 1938 in Shreveport.

d) Audrey “Kitty” Russell, born in Bienville Parish in 1915, died 16 Feb. 1965. Her first husband was Theo Russell, and her second husband was Mark Bagley. No children.

e) Barney Staton Russell (Kitty’s twin brother) died in 1916 and is buried in Oakgrove Presbyterian Church Cemetery in Arcadia.

Continuing the children of James and Mary Smith Croy:

2) Henry Starling, b. November 9, 1883 in Van Zant, Claiborne Co., AL., was a minister. He married Dora Johanna “Josie” Hart on April 7, 1904 in Lincoln Parish, LA. They lived in Simsboro, LA. Josie was born October 22, 1885 in Lincoln Parish, LA. Her parents were Joseph Henry Hart and Louise Atsey Smith. Josie died July 16, 1943 in Shreveport and is buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, Simsboro, LA.
Henry married second to Sarah, then third to Susan Amanda Smith in 1951 or 1952. She was a cousin of Josie’s. Henry died of heart failure on March 23, 1972 in Alexandria (Rapides General Hospital), Rapides Parish,LA.
Children of Henry and Josie: (according to a chart from Coydean Hudson of Lafayette, LA, who lists all the children as born in Simsboro, and a chart from J.R. Croy of Granbury, TX, who lists all the children as born in Arcadia.)

a. Marylou Annie, born June 5, 1905. Married Granville Johnson in 1925. Died August 15, 1968.

b. Malvin Amanuel or Allen, born September 17, 1906. Married Naomi McGaugh on October 14, 1927. Died September 14, 1958 in Shreveport.

c. Bertye Etta or Luella, born April 11, 1908 or November 8, 1907, died November 19, 1962 Bossier City, LA, buried in Forest Park Cemetery in Shreveport. Married Theadore Roosevelt Posey on Sept. 11, 1925 in Arcadia, LA. He was born August 15, 1904 in Simsboro, LA, died September 2, 1965 in Shreveport, buried in Forest Park Cemetery. Children:
1. Edna Coyden b. March 20 1927 Arcadia, LA, married William Martin Hudson, Jr. on August 16, 1947
2. James Earl, born November 1, 1928 Arcadia, LA, married Joyce Jerine Boswell on May 26, 1949.
3. Ted Willie, born June 29 1942 in Shreveport, died August 6, 1986 in Bossier City. Married Lois Elaine Murphy on July 2, 1965.

d. Ida Mae, born August 25, 1909, died May 18, 1983. Married Andrew Clarence Jones who was born May 9, 1907 and died August 24, 1991.

e. Floyd Henry, born August 5, 1911. Married Irene Agnes Jones, living in Pineville, LA in 1993

f. James Raymond, born July 28 1913. Married Irene Driskill, living in Granbury, TX in 1995.

g. Opal Pauline, born September 10, 1915 or 1916, died October 22, 1987. Married Leonard Daniel.

h. Herman or Henry Starling, born February 27, 1918 or 1919, married Claudia Bailey or Beatty. Died in 1986.

i. Evelyn Johanna, born March 23, 1921 in Simsboro, married James L. Reaves. Died January 25, 1994.

j. Myrtis Celestia, born March 21, 1923 in Simsboro, married Oliver L. Waggner.

k. Allen Lamar, born July 24 1926 in Simsboro, married Dorothy.

l. Baby girl, died 1927.

Henry Starling Croy was tutor to Emma Croy and John Russell’s orphaned children because, according to John Russell’s probate papers, “the relations who might claim the tutorship by the effect of the law do not desire to accept the tutorship of the said minors”. The probate papers listed these people as the children’s relatives: Maternal uncles Starling Croy and Billie Baxter, D.R. Ray (a relative by marriage), and A.H. Canterbury, first cousin by marriage. (Souces: Henry Starling Croy’s “Application for Social Security Account Number”, death certificate, John Staton Russell’s probate records filed in Arcadia, LA)

The following information about the Baxter family came from Clyde F. Baxter of Choudrant, LA, in 1993. He was 83 years old in 1993. In his letters, he stated that “Eli W. Baxter was born in 1851, about seven miles south of here, the youngest brother of Louis Miles Baxter, my great-grandfather. Eli married Mary Croy June 10, 1891. The license is recorded in the courthouse of Ruston. William Conway (Billy) was born to them November 20, 1892. Billy who grew to six feet and four inches was quite a man at his best. I saw him two times, once about 1915 and again about 1918.”
“Eli and his wife and son moved from near Arcadia [LA] to a place in east Texas about 1913 to farm there. Before the first year was out Eli died and was buried there. I have been unable to learn where. At the end of the year Billy and his mother moved back to Arcadia. On December 10, 1916 Billy married Shirley Hammonds. To this couple eight children were born. Billy died in Longview, Texas, January 24, 1944. Shirley continued to live in Longview until her death a few years ago. I visited her in Longview a few times in an effort to learn where Eli died but she did not know and none of her children knew. Eli and Mary had only one child, Billy.”
“In an effort to learn where Eli Baxter, Billy’s father, was buried, I visited Bud Smith and his wife who lived near the road from Jonesboro to Arcadia. Mrs. Smith was Jessie Ray whose mother was Dora Croy Ray [see below]. I am not sure either Bud or Jessie are living now.”
“In the mid 1930’s I was acquainted with Buck Russell who lived in the Simsboro area. He was about my age and he also knew about the Croy family.”
“Billy’s oldest child Mary Louise Baxter born 12-17-17 married T.B. Russell about 1935 but she died 9-31-38 and is buried in Oak Grove Cemetery near Arcadia. Myrtle Lucille Baxter born 6-13-31 married Elroy Waits in 1948 but she is now married to Frank Ingalls and they live ant 1326 N. 9th St., Longview, TX.”
“I do not have Billy’s death certificate but he died 1-24-44 in Longview. He is buried near his mother in Oak Grove Cemetery.”
Clyde Baxter also sent me an obituary that someone had sent him, but the bottom of it was cut off when copied. There is no date on it, and no name of the newspaper: Shreveport. Mrs. Ida Mae Croy Jones, 73, of Shreveport, died Wednesday night at Riverside Community Hospital in Bossier City after a short illness. Services will be at 3 p.m. today in Conger Funeral Home Chapel in Arcadia with the Rev. Glen Marr officiating. Burial will be in Oak Grove Cemetery in Simsboro. Survivors include her husband, Andrew C. Jones of Logansport, two sons Durward I. Jones of Garland, Texas, and Jimmy R. Jones of Richardson, Texas, four daughters, Mrs. Helene Ritchie of Garland, Texas, Mrs. Juanita Rogers of Shreveport, Mrs. Shirley Mayfield of Logansport, and Mrs. Sheila Wiltcher of Ruston; four brothers, H.S. Croy of Sarasota, Fla., Floyd Croy of [illegible], Raymond Croy of Ft. Worth, Texas, and Lamar Croy of San Antonio, Texas, two sisters, Evelyn Reaves of Arlington, Texas, and Pauline ------- [the rest of the obituary is cut off].

3) Dora, married May 21, 1893 to George Rea. They had two daughters, Jessie May and Jeffie May.

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arendel (View posts)
Posted: 6 Oct 2007 10:23PM GMT
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I am trying to find info on Elgie Mae Croy b 1873?. The only thing I can find is she lived with her Uncle and Aunt in Franklin,Blackford, IN. Her Aunts name was Rosa Philibaum. William and Catherine Croy had a daughter named Rosa but I know nothing else about Rosa. Do you know if she married Willard Philibaum? Does anyone know anything about Elgie Mae Croy? She married Charles Huston. Lived in Ohio and Indiana and had 5 children. James, Marie, William, Audry,and Bessie. I know her name at her death was Elgie Simmons. She may have had Indian blood also. I have heard she was mixed blood, but have no proof of that.

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Posted: 9 Sep 2011 5:34AM GMT
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I started a new thread under James Croy. Please check it out and reply if you see it. I am not real familiar with Ancestrys method of posting. Sorry about that. I could use a little help with James. I do believe him to be another child of John or possibly a William Croy. There was a William Jr. that went to Alabama. There must be a William Sr.. Can you help me out?
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