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Abraham Bradley, abt 1740, SC

Abraham Bradley, abt 1740, SC

CherylAnnJones (View posts)
Posted: 1 Feb 2001 4:47PM GMT
Edited: 19 Jul 2003 6:56AM GMT
I'm researching the family of my gggg grandmother, Priscilla Bradley, but can't find any information on them. I don't know anything about her father, Abraham, or her mother, Sarah (Lane?), except that they were born about 1740 in Greenville, SC.
Priscilla Bradley, was born 29 Sept 1769 in Pendleton Dist., Pickens Co., SC, and died in 1832 in Habersham Co., GA. She married my gggg grandfather, James Bruce, about 1787 in Pendleton Dist., SC.
I believe they had 12 children:
1) Jonathan (b. 8 Feb 1788),
2) James (b. 31 Jan 1790, Wolf Creek, Pendleton Dist., m. Sep 1817 in Wolf Creek to Sarah Moore, and died 14 July 1861 in Cherokee Co., GA;
3) Ruth, b. 1 Sep 1793;
4) Laban, b. abt 1795;
5) Abraham (II)[twin], born 29 Jan 1798 in Wolf Creek, m. 3 Apr 1823 in Habersham Co., GA to Sarah Hood; died 2 Jun 1855 in Union Co, GA;
6) Rebecca [twin], born 29 Jan 1798;
7) Acquilla, born 24 March 1801;
8) Sarah Bradley, born 21 Mar 1802;
9) Betsy, born 24 Aug 1804;
10) Daniel A., born 3 Mar 1807;
11) George Osborn, born 2 Aug 1809; and
12) Patience Caroline, born 25 Aug 1812.

If you know anything about any of these individuals, please e-mail me at:

Thanks! Cheryl Jones

Abraham Bradley

gmgnola (View posts)
Posted: 9 Feb 2001 12:58PM GMT
Edited: 7 Jul 2001 12:07AM GMT
Please contact me for more information. My father's mother was Lilliam Bradley born in McComb, MS in 1881. I know very little about her but she was a Daughter of the American Revolution tracing herself to one William Bradley of N.C.. The family later shows up in Greensville, S.C. Might be some some connection.

My father was Charles Bradley Gandolfo, born 1906. His mother was Lillian Eleanor Bradly. I do not know her parents for sure.

Please let me know if you care to share information.

I am at I live in New Orleans, LA.

I'll share what notes I have here:
United States; N. Carolinas, Mississippi, Louisiana …

William Bradley:
· #654: Lord Grandville to: Southwood Denby Plat, dated 6/5/1749, 100 acres in Currituck County on the North side of the NW Rover, joining the side of the SD River and the heard of a small creek in the marsh. SCC: Kider Merchant, Wm. Bradley, Richd McClure survr. (3 copies of plat in file) [GDNC-61]
· Muster Roll of Major William Shergold’s Regiment of Currituck County Militia [1750’s] continued: #50, Rank Soldier, William Bradley: #52, Rank Soldier, Richard Bradley. (Cap. Hillaty White’s Company) [CSS17-660]
· William Bradley – wounded: Battle of King’s Mountain, 10/7/1780, in York County, SC (1½ miles from NC line), U.S. Forces [NOG-V27-483]
· Richard Bradley: Battle of King’s Mountain, 10/7/1780, in York County, SC (1½ miles from NC line), U.S. Forces [NOG-V27-483]

· William Bradley: born 1761 in North Carolina, Died 1810 South Carolina. Married Aspasia Spriggs. Private North Carolina. Widow Pensioned. [DARPI-34]
· William Bradley (or Bradly): Aspasia, W8399, BLW #89048-55, REJ, North Carolina Line. Widow Application 3/23/1850, Greenville District, SC, aged 95. Soldier lived in Rutherford City, NC on the Broad River where Big Buffalo Creek emptied into the river during the war. Widow was born about 1765. Soldier and Widow married in 1793 or 1785 (both dates shown) to Aspasia Sprigg in Rutherford City, NC. Soldier died in 1808 or in June 1810 (both dates are shown) in Greenville District, SC. Widow applied for BLW 4/4/1855. Greenville District, SC. [GARWP-361]
· William Bradley, North Carolina, Private. Members Names: Mrs. Fernand C. Gandolfe, State Chapter, Metairie Ridge (70003), National Service Number 353881. Mrs. Paula G. Bradley, Halimah (Amite 70422), #534513. Mrs. S.C. Bankston, Halimah, #365059. Mrs. Morris Lewis, Halimah, #365061. Mrs. Eugene A. Sheehan, Robert Harvey (Metairie 70115), #436267. Mrs. Guy W. Smith, Robert Harvey, #432737. Mrs. Gary L. Spraul, Member At Large, #395675. [LSDAR-30]
· William Bradley, North Carolina, Private. Members Names: Miss Manon Gandolfo, State Chapter, Robert Harvey (Metairie 70115), #432738. Mrs. Charles J. Farris, Robert Harvey, #400329.[LSDAR-30]
· Sons of The American Revolution:
Ancestor Member Name LA Number LA Book # Microfilm Roll #
Bradley, William Fernand C. Gandolfo, Jr. 996 12 3
Bradley, William Joseph Clerc Gandolfo 997 12 3
Bradley, William Jack Murry Gandolfo 1822 18 7
Bradley, William Thomas C. Gandolfo 1823 18 7
[SAR – A-5]

Marriage to Gandolfo:
· 7/2/1900: Record of Marriage, Orleans Parish: Ferdinand Charles Gandolfo married to Lily Eleanor Bradley [CIMR-675]
· Lily B. Gandolfo, (widow of Fernand), dep., U.S. Collector IRS, 3023 Esplanade [PD-1940-453]
· 1947: Gandolfo, Mrs. Fernand, widow, 3032 Esplanade Ave., New Orleans, LA[CD1947]
· Mrs. F. Gandolfo, nee Lily Bradley, died 2/19/1946, Times Picayune, 2/20/1946, 2/5
· Mrs. L. Gandolfo Dies, Rites Today: Mrs. Lily Bradley Gandolfo of late Fernond C. Gandolfo. Active in education, civic and social circles, died Tuesday [2/19/1946] at Hotel Dieu. Lived at 2023 Esplanade, native of McComb, MS. Resident of New Orleans since childhood. Auxiliary to Dibert Memorial Hospital, Needlework Guild of America, and the Louisiana Colonlas and Metairie Chapter of the D.A.R. Five sons. Three sisters; Mrs. Edward Smith of New York, Mrs. I.N. Tower of Houston, and Mrs. Benjamin J. Foster of Orange, CA. Services, Rev. Warren DuBose of Third Presbyterian Church. Interment, Hope Mausoleum. Centerville and Gloster Mississippi papers please copy. [TP-2/20/46-2/5]
· Lily Bradley Gandolfo, Sr. Interment 2/20/1946: 1/30/1881 – 2/19/1946: Hope Mausoleum #C234-A, Section D, [Victor Huber & Sons, Property Report]
· Lilly Bradley, 00148: 092 4 15 – 7 F 3 – 1 45 11/36/41 – 39 13918 [SDI]

Mississippi Bradleys:
· Amandon Bradley married Louisiana Jackson; 9/18/1865, Amite County, Ms. [ACMS-9]
· Bradley, Louisiana A. (Jackson); wife of; 2/5/1847 – 12/2/1908.Gloster Cemetery Marker, Amite County, Ms. (North east of downtown area – Roseland) [ACMC-147]
· Bradley, A. (Mandon); 6/1/1838 – 7/20/1914. (married 9/18/1865), Gloster Cemetery Marker, Amite County, Ms. (North east of downtown area – Roseland) [ACMC-147]
· Mamdean Bradley, died 1879. List of membership deaths from church rolls; Galilee Baptist. Cemetery destroyed by road. 1 mile south of Gloster on Pepper Road. Galilee Baptist, ½ mile south of intersection of Highway 33/24 and Pepper Road. East side of road, next to fence. Organized 8/14/1824, moved to Gloster 1884. [ACMC-461]
· Corban, Addie Jane (Bradley); wife of John Burns Corban. 1868-1935. (married 4/1/1886), Gloster Cemetery Marker, Amite County, Ms. (North east of downtown area – Roseland) [ACMC-152]
· Anna Caston Bradley: 8/6/1899 – 11/13/1955, age 56 years. Mount Zion (black) 2.5 miles east of Centerville, on Highway 48, north of Highway at church. [ACMC-316(b)]
· Roscoe Bradley, Jr.: 11/29/1919 – 5/19/1972, Miss. PFC AAF WWII. Mount Zion (black); 2.5 miles east of Centerville, on Highway 48, north of Highway at church. [ACMC-316(b)]
· Frank Edward Bradley; 5/23/1947 – 1/8/1967, Evergreen. Cemetery Records – Wilkinson County [JWC-V1-54] Evergreen Cemetery: Siglo, Woodville, [JWC-V1-4]
· Gerard Day Bradley; 6/9/1983 – 6/13/1971, Evergreen. Cemetery Records – Wilkinson County [JWC-V1-54]

Louisiana Bradleys:
· Martha Luanna Bradley Smart, wife of Toliver B. Smart. 4/3/1824 – 4/1865. Row 3, #7. Oldest birth date in cemetery. Smart Cemetery, north of Livingston, T7S.R5E, NE ¼ SE ¼ Section 21. [LPH-521]
· Morning Mayfield Bradley; wife of John L. Bradley; mother of Martha Luanna Bradley Smart, died 1839. Oldest burial date in the cemetery. Smart Cemetery, north of Livingston, T7S.R5E, NE ¼ SE ¼ Section 21. [LPH-521]
· Elizabeth A. Bradley married James A. Smart, 6/29/1836, (license only), Book F, page 133 [JWC-V2-W-15]
· Captain Randolph Bradley: CSA, 14th La., killed 8/27/1862 at Malvern Hill, Hay’s Brigade. [B&HM-V2-97]
· Jas Bradley: 1860 Census - Livingston Parish: page 577; family 577. Farmer. Real Estate value $500, Personal Property value $500. Jas Bradley - 30/M: Brunette Bradley - 23/F: Charles Bradley - 8/M: Mary Bradley - 6/F: Jane Bradley - ½ /F: [USLPC-112]
· Cal Bradley: 1860 Census - Livingston Parish: page 174; family 174. Real Estate value $6,000, Personal Property value $7,000. Birthplace, Mississippi. P.O. Springfield, LA. Cal Bradley - 32/M: Amanda Bradley - 25/F: William Bradley - 7/M: Julia Bradley - 4/F: Lelia Bradley - ½ /F: John Bradley - 16/M. call # M653-413. [USLPC-39]
· William A. Bradley married Almeda Causey; 1/30/1860, Amite County, Ms. [ACMS-9]
· William A. Bradley, age 91, died 5/21/1944 in McComb, Ms. Buried there on 5/22/1924. Native of Springfield, LA. Brother of John W. Bradley of Ponchatoula. Published 5/26/1944. [PHRE-137]
· Mrs. Mathilda A. Bradley: laundress, Mile’s Louisiana Legion, 6/11/1863, wounded in left thigh and amputation, 6/14[?]/1863. [PHL-98]
· Charles Bradley, Lieutenant, and his Mother, one grownup, $10.00: St. Tammany Parish, Ward 4, Persons Entitled to Louisiana Appropriations, Families of CSA Soldiers. [CWRFP-38]
· Tangipahoa Census: 1870: Ward 1, Amite [ETP-91]
J.R. Bradley 40 W/M butcher $500+$150 born - LA
Rose Ann Bradley 35 W/F at home 0 born - LA
Palestine Bradley 14 W/F at home 0 born - LA
Mary A. Bradley 14 W/F at home 0 born - LA
Amanda Bradley 12 W/F at home 0 born - LA
Charles Bradley 16 W/M at home 0 born - LA
Green S. Bradley 11 W/M at home 0 born – LA
· Tangipahoa Census: 1870: Ward 3, Ponchatoula Post Office [ETP-195]
Alfred Bradley 43 W/M millwright $3000 born - LA
Adeline Bradley 48 W/F at home 0 born - LA
Sarah Bradley 20 W/F at home 0 born - LA
Emily A. Bradley 18 W/F at home 0 born - LA
Laura Bradley 16 W/F at home 0 born - LA
Alfred Bradley 12 W/M at home 0 born - LA
Lawrence Bradley 9 W/M at home 0 born - LA
· Tangipahoa Census: 1870: Ponchatoula Post Office [ETP-217]
C. J. Bradley 41 W/M Parish Judge ? born - MS
Amanda Bradley 37 W/F at home 0 born - LA
William Bradley 17 W/M at home 0 born - LA
Julia Bradley 14 W/F at home 0 born - LA
Lelia Bradley 10 W/F at home 0 born - LA
Mattie Bradley 8 W/F at home 0 born - LA
John Bradley 3 W/M at home 0 born - LA
Hannah [Bradley] 40 B/F domestic 0 born - KY
Fanny [Bradley] 16 B/F domestic 0 born - LA
Mary [Bradley] 3 B/F -NA- 0 born - LA
· C.I. Bradley: certificate #383, ward 7: Registered Voters, 1874, Tangipahoa Parish. [ETP-236]
· Moreland: (Tangipahoa Parish), early families in the 1880’s were Will Bradley, etc. [ETP-33]
· McWilliams Family: Joel McWilliams married Lucile Bradley, a native of Ponchatoula. Children were: Joel George McWilliams, Jr., John Bradley McWilliams, and Patricia Ann McWilliams. He was city clerk, mayor and collector for the parish. [ETP-46]
· Nancy Eudora Bradley; 5/25/1882 – 7/27/1966, Smith 1. Cemetery Records – Wilkinson County [JWC-V1-54] Smith 1 Cemetery: Section 5, T2N RIE, Clark Road, northwest of Anderson Road, off Macadonia Road, Centerville [JWC-V1-11]
· Jordan Todd Bradley; 5/25/1882 – 7/27/1966, Evergreen. Cemetery Records – Wilkinson County [JWC-V1-54] Evergreen Cemetery: Siglo, Woodville, [JWC-V1-4]
· Allan W. Bradley; 1884 – 1948, Smith 1. Cemetery Records – Wilkinson County [JWC-V1-54]
· Clyde R. Bradley; 8/28/1905 – 2/18/1971, Evergreen. Cemetery Records – Wilkinson County [JWC-V1-54] Evergreen Cemetery: Siglo, Woodville, [JWC-V1-4]
· Millard Filmore Tucker died 10/22/1924, born 4/19/1855. Telegraph operator, acquired timberland, served twice as Mayor of Ponchatoula. Wife was Julie Bradley, sister of J.W. Bradley, died May 1922. Published 11/28/1924. [PHRE-11]
· Salie W. Pusey, née Bradley, widow of late Andrew J. Pusey who died in 1904. She died 9/30/1928 at daughter’s home – Mrs. John Wietzer. Born 1838 in Salisbury, MD. Married in 1860, moved to Ponchatoula in 1878. Methodist Episcopal Church South. [PHRE-28]
· Andrew J. “Cap” Pusey, died 9/12/1836, son of A.J. Pusey and Sally Bradley. Born 12/14/1867, Maryland. [PHRE-87]
· William H. Bradley married Electra Bollinger; 6/13/1914, vol. 10, page 115, Amite Courthouse. [NOG-V2-283]

· Hamon Bradley married Sarah S. Causey; 3/7/1830, Amite County, Ms. [ACMS-9]
· Charles W. Bradley married Ida Martin; 1/9/1839, Wilkinson County, Ms. [WCMS-7]
· Charles W. Bradley married Ida Martin: 12/19/1876. [HB-WCMS-7]
· Hamden Bradley married Martha S. Landsover; 2/12/1850, Amite County, Ms. [ACMS-9]
· Thomas Bradley married Sarah S. Smith; 8/21/1860, Amite County, Ms. [ACMS-9]
· Elizabeth Bradley married James H. Smart: 6/29/1876. [HB-WCMS-88]
· Thomas Bradley married Leddie Hayes; 1/10/1889, Amite County, Ms. [ACMS-9]
· W.A. Bradley married Nettie Beaman, 1/15/1889. Pike County, Ms. [HB-PMS]
· Walter A. Bradley married Sallie M. Nock; 4/30/1891, Wilkinson County, Ms. [WCMS-7]
· Willie A. Bradley married Sallie M. Nuck; 4/31/1891, Wilkinson County, Ms. [WCMS-7]
· Willie A. Bradley married Sallie M. Nock, 4/30/1891, Book M, page 355 [JWC-V2--H-14]
· Walter A. Bradley married Sallie M. Nock: 4/30/1891. [HB-WCMS-7]
· Willie A. Bradley married Sallie M. Nuck: 4/31/1891. [HB-WCMS-7]
· Pomey Bradley married Anna Slentry; 12/31/1891, Amite County, Ms. [ACMS-9]

New Orleans Bradleys:
· Andrew Bradley, coffee house, born Ireland, W/M, 30, Anna Bradley, wife, W/F, age 25 [M653-1860-19]
· Jacob Bradley: W/M 1 (30-40) . [USCX-1840-#133-126]
· James Bradley: 7 Peace Street, New Orleans, LA (1855) [CNOD-37]
· New Orleans Census 1880: BP FB MB
Ella Bradley B/F 17 Adopted Daughter LA LA LA
Section 46, Ward 6 (between St. Claude and Broad), [CNO-1880-189]
· Robert Bradley: died 7/8/1884, New Orleans Bee [NOG-V2-104]
· Daniel Bradley; Orleans; 136 [USCX-1890]
· Frederick Bradley; Orleans; 061 [USCX-1890]
· Thomas Bradley; Orleans; 061 [USCX-1890]
· Rolland Bradley; Plaquemines; 147 [USCX-1890]
· Charles W. Bradley, 47,824. Orleans Parish Successions: 8/31/1894 – 1/1/1902 [NOG-V26-249]
· Charles W. Bradley married Ida Martin; 1/9/1839, Wilkinson County, Ms. [WCMS-7]

· John Bradley; merchant, 1,000 acres in Natchez in 1767.Operated with Henry Fairchild the only post in area before 1770. Stayed behind after British withdrew from Ft. Panmure in 1768 [?]. Made plans to form a settlement with the help of slaves. 1770 fled from Indians at Natchez, plundered the fort. [MOM-47fn]
· 1/21/1770: band of 18 Choctaws entered defenseless Natchez and plundered John Bradley. Bradley pursued, kills two, comes to New Orleans to give the alarm. [MOM-84fn]
· Darling Bradley: 2/3/1807, 640 acres, Well’s Creek, survey 3/30/1798, west of Pearl River [ESM-806]
· Joseph Bradley original owner, Stephen Middleton new owner, 9/26/1806, 112 acres, River Homochitto. [ESM-815]
· Bradley: Council of West Florida at Pensacola 12/18/1767. Petition of John Bradley. Asks court for grant of 1,000 acres on the Mississippi River where vacant. Granted, location unspecified. Survey 2/5/1768, 4½ miles south of Ft. Panmure and four miles from river, bounded by Daniel Clark on west. Patent issued 7/22/1769. Signed by Governor Montfort Browne. [NCR-593]
· Estate of John Bradley, deceased. Nathan H. Luce, executor. Heirs: Synthia Bradley born 5/25/1781. Amelia Bradley born 12/23/1782. Harriet Bradley born 8/25/1784. Rachel Bradley born 7/6/1786. Calvin Bradley born 1/17/1789. Luther Bradley born 11/20/1793. Archibald Bradley born 1/23/1793. Bradford Bradley born 11/24/1794. Bailey Bradley born 7/2/1797. Levinia Bradley born 2/3/1799. Warren Bradley born 7/15/1800. Calvin Bradley living in New Orleans 2/25/1810. Synthia Bradley married James Cole. Amelia Bradley married William Henry. Harriet Bradley married Jeremiah Cory, then Elijah Swazey. Rachel Bradley married Nathan Luse. Calvin Bradley married Lydia Swazey, widow of Gabriel in 1823. Arcibald Bradley married Phoebe Swazey. [NCR-593]
· Benjamin, Joseph, Harry, Catherine and Sarah Bradley petition for 5,000 acres on the Mississippi river where vacant. At Pensacola 8/16/1768. Lost claim to prior settlers. They were classed as “non-residents.” John Bradley had received 4,140 acres near Natchez. [NCR-593]
· Joseph Bradley; witness; 8/5/1806. William Taylor 3/20/1804 claims donation right to 330 acres inhabited and improved in 1796 by S.D. Taylor on Buffalo Creek in Wilkinson County. Rejected 3/12/1808. [NCR-524]
· Joseph Bradley; witness; 9/26/1806. Stephen Middleton, 3/27/1804 claims preemption right to 155 acres, improved and cultivated in 1803. Lived on it since. Main fork of Homochitto in Adams County. [NCR-547]
· Joseph Bradley; 1802, head of family, sold land to Stephen Middleton, 3/3/1803, 112 acres, south side of Homochitto. Claims Stephen Middleton. 3/28/1804. [NCR-549]
· Jno. Bradley: (and others) debts due to Henry LaFleur at St. Catherine’s Creek. 7/5/1784. [NCR-135]
· John M. Bradley: Private; Muster Rolls, 7th Regiment (Perkins), Company 3, Mississippi Militia, Madison County Volunteers 1784-1811. Card #1098-1133-1235. [MTM-22]
· John Bradley, Private; 15th Regiment, Fort Claiborne, Jan-Mar 1815. Traveled 35 miles to fort. (LTC William Johnson), (Fort Claiborne on Alabama River above Fort Mimms, below Horseshoe Bend.) Card #5348. [MTM-60]
· Archibald Bradley: Private, Company 4; LTC David Nelson’s Detachment, Mississippi Militia; 1/2/1815 to 3/31/1815 at camp near New Orleans. Card #3654-3744.[MTM-106]
· Luther Bradley: Sergeant; Company 10, aka Bradly; Cawhawba Campaign, 2/1814, LTC George Nixon’s Regiment of Mississippi Militia, 2/1817. Card #1777-1899-9919. [MTM-117]
· Vicksburg Daily Herald, 1/26/1879, pages 4-5, Death Roll from Yellow Fever. Patrick Bradley, age 48, 8/29/1879. [NOG-V1]
· #2004: William Bradley: Pvt. Co. E, 10th Arkansas, 4/27/1863, chronic diarrhea, sent to Clinton Hospital, 4/27/1863. [PHL-81]
· A.B. Bradley: Pvt. Co. G, 18th Arkansas, 12/17/1862, chronic diarrhea, sent to Magnolia Hospital, 1/13/1863. [PHL-28]
· A.B. Bradley: Pvt. Co. G, 18th Arkansas, 4/5/1863, chronic rheumatism, sent to Clinton Hospital, 4/12/1863. [PHL-72]

SOUNDEX CODE: Bradley B634

Bradleys in SC, 1770's

CherylAnnJones (View posts)
Posted: 9 Feb 2001 3:26PM GMT
Edited: 19 Jul 2003 6:56AM GMT
Gerald, thanks for the information. Do you know when the Bradley family you mentioned was in Greensville? I wonder if William and Richard Bradley in the Currituck Co. militia might be related to my Bradleys?
I wish I knew more about the ones I'm related to, but only have the information on Priscilla and her parents, Abraham Bradley and Sarah Lane.
I'll add your information to my notes, and if I come across anything relating to any of your Bradleys, I'll let you know. I appreciate being able to share information like this! Thanks again! Cheryl Jones
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