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jfisher3000 (View posts)
Posted: 18 Jan 1998 12:00PM GMT
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Edited: 17 Nov 2006 4:34AM GMT

Sun Jul 14 13:01:32 1996
Researching the Alsman (Allsman, Allsmon) family. Lived in Jessamine Co. from 1810 into the 1830's!
into the 1830's!


JSchm21735 (View posts)
Posted: 21 Mar 1998 12:00PM GMT
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Edited: 20 Mar 2002 4:30PM GMT

Joy, I too am researching the Allsman Family of Jessamine county, Ky.! My descent is through Andrew Allsman's son Aaron who went to Shelby and Christian counties in central Illinois after leaving Jessamine county and moving on to Sullivan County, Ind.. Please contact me.
ease contact me.


F. Brig (View posts)
Posted: 17 May 1998 12:00PM GMT
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My gg-grandmother was Anna Alsman daughter of Andrew Alsman. She married Joel H. Epperson in Jessamine Co., KY on 4/18/1823. I believe she died after 1841 in Ralls Co., MO.

I have nothing else on the Alsman family and would appreciate anything you could share.


Erik A. Alsman (View posts)
Posted: 14 Jul 1998 12:00PM GMT
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I have a collection of genealogical information on many different counties and states, including marriage records, cemetary records, census reports and an incomplete family tree beginning around 1750. I will check my records and post here in a few days my findings.


JSchm21735 (View posts)
Posted: 16 Jul 1998 12:00PM GMT
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Edited: 20 Mar 2002 4:30PM GMT
Erik. Thanks for responding to my message regarding the Alsman/Allsman family of Jessamine county. I will look forward to hearing from you. Jo Ann

Alsman Allsman

Erik A. Alsman (View posts)
Posted: 17 Jul 1998 12:00PM GMT
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I'm not sure what information you already have, but this is what I found:

Aaron (2nd born of 2nd gen Alsman) married Elizabeth LOGUE
their children: Andrew (Abram), John W., Ann E., William P., Sairy, Lee Roy, Amelia, Thomas T., Marion, Sanford.

John and Andrew (Abram) were the only two born in KY, the rest in IN.. both moved to Christian Co. IL at some point.

Andrew (Abram)'s Children by Nancy Alsman?: John 1849, Mary 1851, James M. 1853, George 1855, Thomas 1858, Elmirah 1861

John M. (John is the first that I have any record of his name being spelled "Allsman." Found in the "History of Christian Co. IL.") His child by Frances T. Cook: Abraham Alsman 1860.

some interesting info:

Andrew Alsman, third born of 2nd generation was executed by the confederates as a spy in Missouri, 12 Sep 1862. Ten confederates, picked from the Palmyra Federal Prison, were executed in retaliation (for more info, look up "The Palmyra Massacre"

most information came from Kensey L. Alsman


Erik A. Alsman (View posts)
Posted: 17 Jul 1998 12:00PM GMT
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my line of descent:

1. Andrew Alsman b. circa 1755 Germany/ d. ?

married: ?

1a. John b. 1786

1b. Aaron b. 1797

1c. Andrew b.1800

1d. William b. 1805

2. Harrison b. 1813
2. Harrison Alsman b. 1813 Bourbon Co, KY/ d. circa 1885

occupation: Farmer

1st married: Susannah Cox b. 1815 KY/ d. 1840
(2nd married: Elizabeth Davidson b. ? Sullivan Co, IN)

3. Henry H. b. 1843

2b. Marion b. 1845 Sullivan Co, IN

2c. Susannah b. 1848

2d. Aaron b. 1850

2e. Joshua b. 1852

2f. Jacob b. 1855

(2g. Sarah A. b. 1834)

(2h. John A. b. 1835)

(2i. David b 1847)
3. Henry H. Alsman b. 1843 Sullivan Co, IN/ d. 1916

occupation: Farmer

m. Laura Elizabeth Figg b. 1847, IN

3a. Richard b. 1867

4. John M. b. 1869

3c. Annie b. 1874

3d. Melinda E. b. 1878
4. John M. Alsman b. Aug 1869, Indiana/ d. ?

occupation: Miner

m. Minnie Beasley b. Mar 1874, Crittendon, KY/ d. 1910

occupation: Washerwoman

5. Marion E. b. 1904
5. Marion E. Alsman b 25 May, 1904 Sullivan Co, IN/ d. 1948

occupation: Laborer

m. Georgia Bostwick b. 1908, Georgetown, IL/ d. 1961

5a. Mary Valma b. 12 Dec 1924

6. Aaron Edward b. 3 Jan, 1925

5c. John "Jack" b. 1931
6. Aaron Edward Alsman b. 1925

occupation: Truck Driver

m. Jessie Ann Sinks b. 23 Jul, 1930 Gainesville, Arkansas
(also married ?)

6a. Kensey Lee b. 30 Mar 1950

7. Lloyd "Tomm" Thomas b. 9 Sep 1951

(6c. Pamela Jane)

(6d. Dallas)
7. Lloyd Thomas "Tomm" Alsman b. 9 Sep 1951, Gary, IN

occupation: Steelworker

m. Lorraine M. Jarosak b. 10 Sep 1952, Portage, IN

occupation: QMA

7a. Jason Thomas b. 19 June 1974, Valparaiso, IN

8. Erik Anthony b. 12 July 1977, Valparaiso, IN

7c. Sarah Nicole b. 30 Dec 1981, Valparaiso, IN
8. Erik Anthony Alsman b. 12 Jul 1977

current occupation: Student, Ball State Univeristy

proposed occupation: Editor

currently engaged: Dana Michelle Tearman b. 21 Jun 1976

proposed occupation: Teacher


JSchm21735 (View posts)
Posted: 18 Jul 1998 12:00PM GMT
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Edited: 20 Mar 2002 4:30PM GMT
Erik. Thanks so much for all the info regarding the Alsman family in Jessamine county. I have just returned from Christian county, Il. and will get my Alsman family info. out later today and respond more completely to your messages.
"Old" Andrew Alsman is a proven Revolutionary War soldier in case you are interested in the SAR. Mary Angeline Allsman was a daughter of Andrew(Abram) and Nancy (Myers) Allsman. Mary Angeline was my maternal grandmothers mother! I am in touch with a number of other descendants and they are holding a Alsman family reunion Today out in Kansas! They are mostly descendants of the sons of Andrew and Nancy. We attended reunion last year but had a conflict this year. More later today. Jo Ann (your cousin!!) in Houston, Tx.


JSchm21735 (View posts)
Posted: 19 Jul 1998 12:00PM GMT
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Edited: 20 Mar 2002 4:30PM GMT
Andrew J. Alsman died 31 Jan. 1858 in Paxton, Sullivan, Ind.& buried Alsman Cem., Haddon Township, Sullivan, Ind. His wife was Ann (maiden name unknown). They had the following known children:
Andrew (of Palymra, Mo. fame)
Aaron born 6 Mar 1798 in Ky. died 28 Oct. 1864 buried Brushy Branch Cemetery, Christian county, Il. Md. Elizabeth LOGUE in 1815
Sally md. Richard WILLIS 28 June 1817 in Jessamine, Ky.
Polly md. William PORTWOOD 15 Aug. 1818 Jessamine
Anna md. 18 Apr. 1823 Joel H. EPPERSON in Jessamine
William md. 17 Feb. 1825 Charlotte MOORE in Jessamine
John born 10 Jan. 1810 in Jessamine died March 1874 in Sullivan county, Ind. buried Alsman Cemetery
Harrison died 1890 in Sullivan county, Ind. md. Mary Elizabeth DAVIDSON
Joshua md. Havina GOODMAN 28 Aug. 1828
Elias A. md. Betsy RICHARDSON 27 June 1820 in Jessamine

Aaron is my direct line. He and Elizabeth LOGUE had the following children:
Martha Ann born 3 Sept. 1818 in Jessamine, md. Henry MCCAULEY 1844 died 18 Sept. 1862 buried Brushy Branch
Samuel born about 1823 md. Almida ?
Andrew Abram born 6 March 1827 Jessamine died about 1873 md. 16 Feb. 1848 in Macon county, Il. to Nancy MYERS. Nancy daughter of Michael MYERS whose father was Abraham MYERS a proven Rev. soldier from S. C.
John W. born 29 Nov. 1828 in Jessamine md. Frances T. COOK in Christian county, Il. on 28 March 1852.
William P. born 12 Feb. 1831 in Sullivan, Ind. died 1892 Crawford county, Mo. Md. 24 Feb. 1855 to Jacob F. SHEBEL
Lee Roy - believe he was retarded in some manner
Emily born 17 March 1837 died 11 Sept. 1856 buried Brushy Branch md. 3 Apr. 1856 in Christian county, Il. to George T. SNODGRASS
Sanford born 9 Aug. 1839 in Ind. died 2 Sept. 1856 buried Brushy Branch.
Thomas T. md. Sarah ADAM 18 April 1867 in Macon county, Il.
Miram (no nothing about him)

Andrew Abram Allsman is my direct line. He and Nancy MYERS had the following children:
John Presley born 1 Feb 1849 in Macon county, Il.
md. Margaret Jane MILLSTEAD 25 nOV. 1871 in Shelby county, Il. died 29 June 1888 in Wilber, Nebraska
Mary Angeline (my great grandmother)
born 23 Dec. 1851 in Christian county, Il.
md. 28 Nov. 1867 in Moweaqua, Shelby, Il. to Robert I. SMITH. died 24 May 1885 buried Odd Felllows Cem. Moweaqua.
James Michail born 29 July 1853 in Christian county, Il.
died 1862 buried Brushy Branch
George Washington born 31 Oct. 1856 Macon county, Il.
md. Mary Frances MILLSTEAD 27 March 1877 Shelby county. died 26 June 1905 in Stoddard, Thayer, Nebraska
Thomas (nothing known)
Elmirah D. born 28 Sep. 1859 died 6 Aug. 1865 buried Brushy Branch
Hope this gives you some additional information. Your cousin Jo Ann Brant Schmidt


JSchm21735 (View posts)
Posted: 20 Jul 1998 12:00PM GMT
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Edited: 20 Mar 2002 4:30PM GMT
Erik, The Allsman Family reunion is always held in Kansas in July! If you will E-Mail me your mailing address I will send it to Pat Lemmons and she will see to it that you are notified in plenty of time to attend and you would be most welcome.
I believe the Alsman name was changed to Allsman by those who left Kentucky and ended up in central Illinois. Different ones have said there was some sort of family rift, but I don't know if that is true or not, hence the change in spelling. I tend to think it just happened! Going to check out your photo right now. Your cousin, Jo Ann
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