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Burton Ancestors

Burton Ancestors

harmon1630 (View posts)
Posted: 17 May 2000 12:00PM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 7 Feb 2005 6:58PM GMT
Surnames: Burton, Goodin, Cowan, Dile, Smith, Atchley, Lawhorn, McQueary
Looking for Descendents of Ambrose Seber Burton. Ambrose was born in 1854 and died in 1933 in Adair Co., KY. Ambrose married first to Serena Goodin and second to Patsey Burton. Ambrose had children with both wives. Ambrose and family seem to be the branch of Burtons known as the "Gooleys".

Children of Ambrose and Serena Burton
Clement 1878-1936 m. MAggie Burton
Louette 1880-1956 m. James Madison Cowan
Sidney 1882-1962 m. Mary Lee Burton
Alvin 1887-1951 m. Nona Burton
Milton Wesley 1890- m. 1st Lucretia McQueary 2nd Bert Dile
Ray 1893- m. Irene Smith
Exuria died in infancy

Children of Ambrose and Patsey Burton
Kattie Ann 1901-1988 married Rufus Atchley
Granville 1902-1961 married Verilla Burton
Tim "Tim Totty" 1907-1982 married Mary Jane Burton
Elsie married ? Lawhorn

I am interested in hearing from others researching this Burton family in Adair Co., KY. I would like to know any family stories and the possibility of more children. As always anyone is welcome to my Burton info as well. i believe I have ancestries for most of the above mentioned spouses as well. Jason Harmon

Re: Burton Ancestors

paulinerichardson123 (View posts)
Posted: 23 Oct 2001 7:34AM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 15 Apr 2002 2:18AM GMT
Jason I read your message posted May 17th 2000. It appears as tho we are looking for infomation on the same people.My maiden name was Cowan ,daughter of Leo Cowan,his motherwas Louetta Burton sisterto Sid and Wesley.I have some info of Ambrose Sebert Burton father and g-grand fatherbut i,m not sure what you are looking for.Feel free to E-Mail me.By the way Exuria did not die as a infant she is still living. I don,t think she can comunicate very well she has lost her hearing and just rescently had a stroke If I can help let me know.

Re: Burton Ancestors

Marcia (View posts)
Posted: 6 Dec 2001 3:50AM GMT
Classification: Query
I am a direct decendent of Ambrose Burton. He was my Great Great grandfather..........My grandparents were clem Burton and Pinky Ann Burton. Clem was Ambrose son. aka clement. have marriage bonds Ambrose & Patsy and Ambrose and sereny Goodin aka gooden. But Ambrose and
Patsy had four children. (m) Hobert Burton 02/13/1899 d 03/23/1899 (m) Junions Burton 12/30/1905 d 08/28/1020 (m) charlie M. Burton 11/24/1909 d 10/23/1921 (f) Fannie Burton 01/25/1913 d 12/14/1921 they are all buried with Patsy in Barewaller cemetary in Columbia. I have pictures of graves. I also have a picture of Ambrose and Sereny. Would love to exchange mail.........thanks Marcia

Re: Burton Ancestors

harmon1630 (View posts)
Posted: 21 Mar 2002 3:41AM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 7 Feb 2005 6:58PM GMT

My maternal and paternal grandparents both remeber Louetter Burton Cowan. I know she was a deeply devoted christian. Her daughter Leedie Cowan was married to my step great grandfather Nelse Burton. Their children were James Harlan, Mamie, Sally Mae and Bobby Ray. After Leedie's death, Nelse married Maude Simpson Foster, my great grandmother. I think I have most of the info on Leo Cowan and siblings, but maybe you can enlighten me. By the way, the Exuria Burton I was refering to was the daughter of Ambrose Burton and died in infancy(info from Faye Burton Cowan). I believe you are refering to Exuria Burton Goodin, who married Lawrence Goodin and daughter of Milton wesley Burton and Lucretia McQueary. As far as I know she is still alive in Adair County. I believe she also owns the Bible of her Great grandfather Peter Tarter Burton 1828-1886. Please disregard the e-mail above and e-mail me anytime at thanks Jason Harmon

Re: Burton Ancestors

harmon1630 (View posts)
Posted: 21 Mar 2002 3:57AM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 7 Feb 2005 6:58PM GMT
Hi Marcia,

So so sorry for the long delay. I had forgotten about the children that died young.Last May at Bear Wallow I met a lady and her daughter that were also descendents of Clem and Pinkie. I believe she was formerly Ruby Johnson. I have been fascinated with the Ambose Burton family for a long time. I always wondered why they called them Gooleys and have heard many reasons. I am not a descendent of Ambrose, but I am a Burton descendent twice. My parent are Rev. Clifton Harmon(son of Ervin and Jewel Foster Harmon) and Shirley McGaha(daughter of Nolen and Emma Dile McGaha). My great aunt Lilly Burton McGaha (daughter of Sidney and Mary Lee Burton Burton) kept a wonderful scrapbook and I got a photocopy of an old picture of Ambrose Burton. My info shows that Clem Burton had 15 children by his marriages to Magnolia Burton and Pinkey Burton. Can you tell me who they married and maybe some info on them? I have a family tree database with over 3000 names in it that I have collected if you need anything from it let me know. Did you know that Ambrose also had a son with a Miss Sally Judd, named William Bonaparte Burton? E-mail me when you get a chance at

Re: Burton Ancestors

Tony Streeval (View posts)
Posted: 27 May 2002 4:33AM GMT
Classification: Query
My name is William Anthony Streeval, Maude Burton who married Nelse Burton is my greatgrandmother. My grandmother is Mary Versie Streeval the daughter of Charlie and Maude Foster Burton. I need any information I can find about Maude Burton. I am just starting my family tree and can use any and all information

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9759293 (View posts)
Posted: 5 Sep 2002 6:07AM GMT
Classification: Query
Hi! William. Im researching the very same family line.
Infact, you are so close in relation, you probably know
this family. It goes in this order.
(Im researching Bryan's family) And Im glad to have him
as a part of my family now.
Bryan K Foster (Alive) my brother-in-law
married Tamara Adams my sister-in-law(i married her brother)

His parents:
Father: Ralph Foster B:1946 (Alive)
Mother:Darlene Burton

Ralph's Parents
Father:Willie Ray Foster B:1923IN:Adair,KY (alive)
Mother: Dora Alene Streeval B:1926 (alive)

Willie Parents
Father: Charlie or Charles Foster B:Sept.1902
Mother:Maude Simpson B:1903

Dora's Parents
Father Sidney Streeval B:March 10,1888
D:July 29,1969
Mother:Mary Susan Cowan B:Oct.1,1898

Love to hear from you. Wondered if you had any luck getting
past William Streeval? I found on this:
Charles Robert Foster married: Maude Ella Simpson
Charles; Parents:
Father:John William Foster B:1862 IN:Casey,KY.
Mother:Nancy Overstreet B:1866 IN:Casey,KY.
Married On:Nov.15,1882/83 IN:Casey,KY.
Though I have not proven this yet. Do you have any
information on the Foster Line?

I do have Maude E. Simpson
Her parents:
Father:George Henry Simpson B:1872
Mother:Martha Jane Campbell B:1869 D:1914 Adair,KY(both)

Re: Burton Ancestors

harmon1630 (View posts)
Posted: 6 Sep 2002 7:51AM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 7 Feb 2005 6:58PM GMT
I see now michelle how your brother in law is related to me. My dad is Rev. Clifton Harmon b 1947 in Adair County. My dad and Ralph Foster are first cousins. We all just got together a few weeks ago for the Nelse and Maude Burton reunion in Edinburgh, Indiana. My dad married Shirley McGaha daughter of Nolen and Emma Dile McGaha.

Maude Simpson Foster Burton was my great grandmother. She was a wonderful woman. She was a simple country lady. She was deeply religous and stern in her beliefs. She liked to let young women know when their skirt was a little too short or they were wearing too much makeup. Census records give diff. dates for grandma maude's birthdate, but she was born about 1905 to George Henry Simpson and Martha Jane Campbell. George and Martha had the following children:
Virgil Simpson married Ann Hadley
Mary Linda Simpson married Burley Foster
Owen Simpson married Clemmie Caffee
Ada Simpson married William Cowan
Maude Ella Simpson married Charlie Foster and Nelse Burton
Hallie Simpson married Jake Burton
Schyler Simpson married Lula Redmon
Grace Simpson married Bennie Burton

Martha Jane died in 1914. She was the daughter of Berd Campbell and Mary Cook. After Martha's death George Henry remarried to Anna Pearl Burton. Pearl as she was called was the daughter of James Burton and Nancy Denton. George Henry and Pearl had the following children: Zilpha, Maxine, and Madeline Simpson.

Charlie Foster was a from what I gather a character and big cut up. He was born in 1902 in Casey county, Ky and died in 1936 in adair county. He died of Pneumonia that he contracted while visiting his brother in Cincinnatti. He was the son of John Foster and Nancy "Nicey" Overstreet. John Foster was a music lover and was said to have been a music teacher at one time. He was born in 1862 and died in 1946. Nicey was born in 1866 and died in 1916. They are buried in Bear wallow Cem. in Adair county (like most of our family). John and Nicey had the following children:

Willie Elbert Foster married Louvanna Burton
Mattie Foster married Harrison McGaha
James Foster
Burley Foster married Mary Linda Simpson
Luther Foster
Charles Robert Foster married Maude Simpson

Maude and Charlie were married Sep. 27, 1922 in Adair County. They had the following children:
Willie Foster married Dora Aline Streeval
Mary Versie Foster married John Edward Streeval
Jewel Eva Foster married Ervin Harmon my grandparents
Freeda Foster married Earl Burton
Lois Foster married Albert Burton

Grandma Maude remarried to Nelse Lee Burton and had:
Edinith "Deenie" Burton married Donald Bryant
Martha Burton married Paul Wheat
Leoma Burton married Ralph Hadley

Pa Nelse Burton was born in 1905 and died in 1985. He was the son of Gid Harlan Burton and Lydia Belle Bryant. Nelse married first to Leedie Frances Cowan. She was the daughter of James Madison Cowan and Louetter Burton. Leedie was born in 1903 and died in 1936 from TB. Nelse and Leedie had the following children:
James Harlan Burton married Jewell Edna Harmon( My grandpas sister)
Mamie Burton married Manuel Stapleton
Mae Burton married Russell Smith
Bobby Ray Burton

Leedie was first married to Elijah Burton and had one daughter Lucy Burton. Elijah Burton was murdered on November 11, 1920 in adair County. I think it was Dolfred Burton who killed him.

Well, that should give you a good start. Please e-mail with any questions at Thanks Jason Harmon PS can you tell me who Darlene Burton's parents were. I work mostly on the Burton's of Adair County Kentucky.

Re: Burton Ancestors

KPierce2006 (View posts)
Posted: 30 Sep 2002 10:20PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Burton/Sinclair
Hi Jason,Been a while since Ive written. Wondered if you could explain what the Goolies are? also do you have any Sinclairs in your family lines? Im looking for Sarah E. Sinclair, b.abt. 1838 & m.Wm. e mail is Thanks,Kay

Re: Burton Ancestors

KPierce2006 (View posts)
Posted: 30 Sep 2002 10:32PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Burton/Judd
I am researching Ambrose Burton.He is rumored to have fathered my great grandfather,Wm. Bonaparte Burton,& Wms mother was Sally Judd.Would appreciate any info! Thanks, Kay My email is
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