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Moseley/Mosely/Mosley DNA Project-Results to Date and Request for Participants

Moseley/Mosely/Mosley DNA Project-Results to Date and Request for Participants

lcmoseley54 (View posts)
Posted: 1 Jan 2006 4:28PM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 19 Apr 2006 2:48AM GMT
Surnames: Mosely, Moseley, Mosley,Brasseur, Wilson, Hawkins, Reeves, Thompson, Hakins, Talley, Myrick, Sessums, Mason, Phillips, Cushman, Wooten
Looking for male Moseleys interested in participating in DNA testing for genealogy purposes (cheek swab) for the Moseley/Mosley/Mosely surname group project at, particularly descendants of William Moseley b. about 1624 England who was transported to the Rappahannock River area of VA about 1650, and who married Martha Brasseur. Their purported children were: Elizabeth b.?, William b. 1660 m. Hannah Hawkins, Edward b. 1662 m. Elizabeth Wilson, Robert b. 1664 m. Martha Reeves and Benjamin b. 1666 m. Elizabeth Thompson.

Descendants of William and Hannah Hawkins' son William b. 1690 VA d. 1769 NC?, m. Elizabeth LNU comprise the majority of the participants in the project and the results confirm a close relationship.

The children of William b. 1690 and Elizabeth LNU purportedly: William b. 1724 VA m. Sarah LNU (possibly Mason); John b. 1726 m. Anne Williams; Thomas b. 1728 m. Mary LNU; Robert b. 1735 m. 1st Mary LNU and 2nd Penelope Talley; Benjamin b. 1737 m. Winnie Myrick?; and Elizabeth b. 1732 m. William Sessums.

William Moseley b. 1724 VA who married Sarah Mason? emigrated to the Bute Co./Tar River area of NC before 1768, and then to Edgefield/96 District SC before 1788. We have DNA representatives for this line.

John settled in the Buffalo Creek area of NC. We do not have a DNA representative for this line.

Thomas moved to Edgecomb Co., NC by 1753 and then to the 96 District, SC by 1767. We have DNA representatives from this line, including descendants of Brantley Moseley b. 1755 who married Sarey Phillips and lived Screven Co., GA.

Robert died in Edgefield/96 District in 1796. We have a DNA representative for this line.

Benjamin moved to Wilkes Co., GA (with mother Elizabeth). We do not have a DNA representative of this line.

We are also hoping to find male Moseleys descended from the children of William Moseley b. about 1750 who m. Sarah LNU (probably Muse) who died October 23, 1812 in Barnwell District, SC. Their sons: William, Jr. b. about 1770 NC/SC d. 1832 Barnwell District, SC m. Sarah Cushman; James b. 1768 d. 1828 m. Mary Ann Wooten; Absolom/Absalom b. 1772 m. Mary Richardson; Mason b. 1777 d. 1806 m. Mary An Lang; Joab b. 1776 m. ?. They also had daughters Hannah/Nancy b. about 1778 m. FNU Randall, and Sarah b. about 1780 m. FNU Blalock.

Also looking for male Moseleys descended from William Moseley b. 1770 and Sarah Cushman Moseley's sons: Mason L. Moseley b. 1808 m. Eliza McCreary (6 children, at least 2 sons, names unknown); Loren R. Moseley b. 1810 m. Mary Ann McCreary (at least 1 son, Jesse); Rudolphus b. 1812 m. ? (possibly lived Augusta, GA area late as 1870); Nathaniel/Nathan E. Moseley b. 1814.

I am personally looking for descendants of William and Sarah Cushman's son James R. Moseley, b. 1808 and his wife, Rebecca McCreary Moseley, for possible DNA testing and to share information. My great great Grandfather was their son, James R. Moseley, Jr. b. 1838 m. Emma Felder. Other sons were William "Willie" F. Moseley b. 1844 who m. Ella LNU, and who had 1 daughter and 2 sons, James Rolen Moseley b. 1874 m. Mamie Whalen; and Joseph H. Moseley b. 1876. James Rolen also had a son named James R. Moseley b. 1903 Aiken Co., SC.

We have two descendants of KY Moseleys in the project, Clement Moselely b. NC d. KY and Nathaniel Faris Moseley b. 1835 KY m. Mary Polly Moore. The representatives from these two lines are not a close match, either to each other or the other participants, and we would like to find more KY Moseleys to be tested and make a connection for these participants.

We also have a representative from these Moseley/Mosley/Mosely lines:

James Baxter Moseley b. after 1769 Albermarle, VA d. 11/6/1820 m. Mary Jane Henrietta Fowler who was descended from Arthur (Holland to VA) Moseley (1 test participant, results pending);

William B. Moseley b. about 1794 Edgefield Co., SC d. about 1842 Butler Co., AL m. Judea Cheatham (no male participant who can take the test for this line);

James M. Mosely, Sr. b. about 1800 ? m. Mary Lesby/Leslie, whose son James, Jr. b. about 1826 d. about 1876 in Macon, Bibb Co., GA. (no male participant who can take the test for this line).

We also have one descendant of a Native American Moseley ancestor who declines to be identified in the project, nor do I know the name of his earliest ancestor. We have heard from several Moseley descendants believing they have Native American blood. We would like to see more Moseleys with Native American ancestry test.

If anyone is interested in joining our project, either as a test participant or as a member of our genealogy research group, please contact me. All Moseleys, regardless of the spelling of the surname, are welcome.

Thank you,

Lynda Moseley
Barnwell, SC

Re: Moseley/Mosely/Mosley DNA Project-Results to Date and Request for Participants

tgwlee (View posts)
Posted: 14 Jul 2007 6:10AM GMT
Classification: Query
am interested in the family since my mother was a Mosley.

Re: Moseley/Mosely/Mosley DNA Project-Results to Date and Request for Participants

lcmoseley54 (View posts)
Posted: 14 Jul 2007 2:59PM GMT
Classification: Query
Hi. If you can give me more detail, I might be able to connect you with some folks in our project.


Re: Moseley/Mosely/Mosley DNA Project-Results to Date and Request for Participants

tgwlee (View posts)
Posted: 16 Jul 2007 12:08AM GMT
Classification: Query
Mother was Durlie Mae Mosley Walker 13 Jan. 1938 Patsburgh,Al. Grandfather William Webster Mosley 20 Sept. 1902 Crenshaw Cty. Al.,died 11 Mar. 1966. His father Mitchel Cornelius Mosley "Neal" 29 Jan 1875 Al.died 15 Oct.1931. His father as far as I know was John M. Mosley 08 Jan. Al.died 15 April,1931.His father was as far as I know was George W Mosley 08 July 1821 S.C., died 03 Oct.1844.I find this all interesting and I would like to find my Indian hertiage that my mom had told me of.Please help if you can.

Re: Moseley/Mosely/Mosley DNA Project-Results to Date and Request for Participants

lcmoseley54 (View posts)
Posted: 17 Jul 2007 2:59AM GMT
Classification: Query
I was excited to see George Mosley b. 1821 SC in your reply. I have been looking for a qualified male descendant of George Moseley, Sr. from Laurens District, SC to be tested for the project. This is not your George if yours was born in 1821, but might be his father or grandfather.

Laurens George died in 1824. His Will was probated in Laurens (copy available from the SC Dept. of Archives and History). The male Moseleys named in his Will are Tully E. Moseley, Robertson Moseley, Fleming Moseley, John Moseley, Thomas A. Moseley and Austin Moseley. These are very unusual Christian names, and with the exception of Thomas, I have not seen these Christian names in any other Moseley line. None of them appear in my direct Moseley line, which is the Old Rappahannock, VA to Bute Co., NC to Edgefield/Barnwell SC line of William Moseley b. about 1624 and his wife Martha Brasseur.

There was also a George Moseley and a Chancy Moseley named in the Will of William Jeter in Ninety-Six District (Edgefield) SC in 1797; and a George Moseley b. 1843 in Barnwell County, SC. He was the son of Joab Moseley and Parmelia Wise Moseley, and is in my Moseley line, although not in my direct line. 13 males descended from this George's ancestor William Moseley b. 1624 have been tested for the DNA project and matched, either exactly or with 1 or 2 mutations.

If you are a male Moseley, that is, a male with the surname Moseley whose biological father was/is a Moseley by birth, you are eligible for our project. If you are not but know of a qualified male from your line, please contact me at so we can discuss this further. Thanks!

Lynda Moseley
Barnwell, SC

Moseley DNA Surname Group Project

Re: Moseley/Mosely/Mosley DNA Project-Results to Date and Request for Participants

ldyco (View posts)
Posted: 13 Dec 2008 11:29PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Mosely, Polk, Wesley
Hello, my name is Kelly Burleson I currently reside in North Carolina. I have one brother Stephen Polk. We have Mosely backgrounds on our father's side. He was Edwin Mitchell Polk. I have just started here at and have come to a screeching halt. Here is what I have:

Father's Mother: Evelyn Mosely Wesley b GA 12/22/1910
Evelyn's Father: Dewitt W. Mosely b GA approx 1884
Evelyn's Mother: Katie (no known last name) b NC approx 1886
Evelyn had/has 5 sibilings all female. I do have their first names/dob's/all born in GA but no married names. I have unfortunately lost contact with this side of the family but hope to re-contact anyone I can find.

I am continuing to research Dewitt Mosely but am comming up empty.

Also my brother and I do have Native American blood but this comes from my mother's side of the family (Spaulding)her great, great grandmother was Cherokee. She was found hiding in a woodpile during the Trail of Tears was found and adopted into a white family (Altman).

I don't know if you can shed any light on Dewitt Mosely or even give me any leads. Just read your post and thought that I would reply.

Thanks for reading,
Kelly Burleson

Re: Moseley/Mosely/Mosley DNA Project-Results to Date and Request for Participants

LyndaMoseley46 (View posts)
Posted: 14 Dec 2008 3:33AM GMT
Classification: Query
Hello, cousin! My first thought was that you were a descendant of Brantley Moseley and Sarey Phillips. I have yet to come across a GA Moseley/Mosley who wasn't descended from them, and sure enough, my records show that Dewitt's wife was Katie Sewell and his parents were Leander A. Mosley and Missouri Mosley (the daughter of Elisha Mosley and Elizabeth Herndon.) These folks were all from Emanuel County, GA.

Email me and I'll be happy to share my files with you, and we would love for you and your brother to join our DNA discussion group. You aren't eligible to test for the project, only males with the Mosley surname are, but we have many, many contacts who would love to share information with you both.

We have documented the line back to William Moseley b. abt. 1624 in England who was transported to Rappahannock Co., VA in 1650 by William Underwood. I am also descended from this line, so we really are cousins! :)

Great to hear from you, email me at and I will be happy to send you a gedcome or word file on your ancestors.

Lynda Moseley
Barnwell, SC

Moseley/Mosley DNA Surname Group
Project Co-Administrator
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