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Vancauwenberghs (View posts)
Posted: 17 Jan 2001 4:28PM GMT
Edited: 21 Jul 2001 11:26PM GMT
my grand mothers name was monnie etheal dingus she had two boys named emory dingus, eugene dingus,an three daughters named sue dingus faye dingus an connie, connie was named boggs.would any one happen to be kin to any of these people if so please reply would love to find out about the dingus name an family my mothers name was alice faye (dingus)bolling an has passed on

Emory Dingus

Lindsaygriff (View posts)
Posted: 19 Jan 2001 1:57AM GMT
Edited: 7 Jul 2001 6:44AM GMT
We have an Emory Dingus in our line. What is his birthdate? I've been corresponding with a Sue Dingus.

The more info you provide, the better. For instance where did Emory, Eugene and your grandmother live?


Vancauwenberghs (View posts)
Posted: 19 Jan 2001 2:21PM GMT
Edited: 21 Jul 2001 11:26PM GMT
emory ray dingus dont know his birth date all i know is hes my moms brother an thay have a sister names sue dingus an shes married i know thay both live in the carolina area south or north


Vancauwenberghs (View posts)
Posted: 19 Jan 2001 2:47PM GMT
Edited: 21 Jul 2001 11:26PM GMT
my mothers family of Dingus came from norton va some my be in pound va to wise va

Dingus in Wise County, Virginia

Lindsaygriff (View posts)
Posted: 20 Jan 2001 8:10PM GMT
Edited: 7 Jul 2001 6:44AM GMT
Thank you. Philip Dingus settled in Russell or Scott County, Virginia. His ten children are all over the map.

My aunt was the family record keeper of The Dingus reunion which is every year at Twin Springs High School.

Her daughter has found her records and photographs.

Anyroad, there are 7,000 names to select from.

Emory, Eugene and Connie are too common to stand out.

The more details you can give will help.

My cousin lives in Wise County, VA and probably knows of your family.

If you want to know the history of the Dingus family I can tell you some of that.

Any birthdate or date of death will help to narrow the field.

Hope this helps.

Monnie Etheal Dingus - Norton, VA

Lindsaygriff (View posts)
Posted: 20 Jan 2001 8:33PM GMT
Edited: 7 Jul 2001 6:44AM GMT
What is the name of Monnie's husband? Where did they live? Do you have ANY birthdates or date of death for any of the people you've mentioned?

It is much easier to trace the mens's names, by the way.

Alice Fay Dingus Bolling

Lindsaygriff (View posts)
Posted: 20 Jan 2001 8:57PM GMT
Edited: 7 Jul 2001 6:44AM GMT
There are 3 Alice Fay's listed in the SSDI, the dates of death are: May, 1998, December 10, 1999 and November 17, 1999.

Is one of these your mother's? If you could include your mother's husband's name and where your mother and husband lived, it would narrow the search.


Lindsaygriff (View posts)
Posted: 20 Jan 2001 10:00PM GMT
Edited: 7 Jul 2001 6:44AM GMT
Is this right, Connie is your aunt, and Emory Ray and Eugene are your uncles?

Monnie is your grandmother, and Alice Fay Dingus Bolling was your mother. Your mother is dead. You are looking for relatives on your mother's side.

To begin a search, one would need your grandfather's name, and where he lived. A birthdate would help.

There are 3 girls, names Sue Dingus - married but you haven't given her married name, Fay and Connie.

The Dingus family is descended from Switzerland. The family line is traced to 1541. There are genealogies on-line that show the line from Zurich, Switzerland to Germany to Pennsylvania and then to Virginia.

The name is spelled many ways. Variants are Dinges, Dinuis, Denges, Dingas, and also are spelled with a T.

Hence Jaboc Dinges will is listed as Jacob Tinus.

Once the descendants put together the family history, they changed the spelling so Dingus would be the current usage.

However, the relatives of Henry Dinges stayed in Pennsylvania and kept the 'es' spelling.

Word is that William Penn got the German immigrants because the King of Germany owed him a debt and he sent over men to work it off.

The Dingus's name children for their grandparents and thus it is fairly easy to find where one fits into the family.

There is an Emory Dingus listed, he was born around 1859.

There are only 6 Dingus listings in North Carolina and 7 in South Carolina.

Somewhere along the line, the family started moving around SW Virginia and for whatever reason did not keep in contact with the other.

Your grandmother might very well be descended from Henry Azariah Dingus.

However I need more information before this can be confirmed.

Philip Dingus b. 1774 married Nancy McConnell, the daughter of Sheriff George McConnell. Philip and Nancy moved to Scott County, Virginia. They had 10 children.

My guess is Monnie is from one of these.

John Dingus was born in 1800.
Catherine was born 29 August, 1802
Henry Schnee Dingus was born 21 August, 1803

William Dingus was born 27 March, 1805 in Dickensville, Scott County, VA. He married Mary Ann "Polly" Green. They lived in Scott County, Virginia.

Nancy Dingus was born 1816 and married Calvin Flanary.

Lucy Dingus was born 11 December, 1812 in Russell County, Virginia and married William Casteel, he was born about 1810 in Greenbrier, Va, now part of KY.

Nancy M. Dingus b. 25 December, 1837 married William Elam.

George B. Dingus b. 11 February, 1811 in Russell County, VA and married Margaret Addington.

George and Martha's kids are:

Mary D. Dingus b. 1832
Henry W. born 1833

Henry W. married Nancy D. Culbertson.

Their kids are:

Patrick b. 1859, Lafayette b. 1861, and Henry b. 1863 who married Nancy Ann Culbertson

Their kids are:

Marcus Lafayette
John Hopkins
Patrick Henry
Ester Ann
Charles Walker, married Julina Holbert

Their son Eugene was born 4 March 1983 and died 22 June 1947

Susan Dingus b. 15 November, 1838 married Berry Compton and she died about 1919. Berry died 12 June, 1912 in Fort Blackmore, Virginia.

Is any of this familiar?

monnie etheal dingus

Vancauwenberghs (View posts)
Posted: 21 Jan 2001 12:18PM GMT
Edited: 21 Jul 2001 11:26PM GMT
she was never married that i know of if so it was never mentioned to me

alice faye dingus (bolling)

Vancauwenberghs (View posts)
Posted: 21 Jan 2001 12:24PM GMT
Edited: 21 Jul 2001 11:26PM GMT
alice faye dingus (bolling died in jan 14- 1999 she was married to ray mcdanial bolling thay lived in norton an settled down in manassas pk va.. after my mom died two yrs ago my dad settled in fla .an still lives there today my mom didnt speak much of her family history at all as a matter of a fact i never meet emory ray dingus till my mother died an he didnt even stay long enough for me to even speak or meet
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