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Elijah Small, George M. Small, Italy, texas

Elijah Small, George M. Small, Italy, texas

mcHansen (View posts)
Posted: 21 May 2006 9:29PM GMT
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I am looking for the Elijah Small family of Italy Texas. He managed a store or owned the store in the early days of Italy's history. There were 5 of 6 children. My Grandfather was George Milton Small. Any Info about the Small family

Re: Elijah Small, George M. Small, Italy, texas

Paula (View posts)
Posted: 28 May 2006 5:15AM GMT
Classification: Query
I am not related. Ellis county does not have any records online regarding this family.

Small’s listed in the 1900 US Census in Ellis County below the 1880 Alabama record.

Son listed as Milton; Margaret J, wife of Elijah, indicated as widow. Arrived in Texas after June of 1880, Elijah died between 1889 and 1900 ? Most of the 1890 census burned in 1921.

SMALL, Elijah & PERRY, M. [Margaret] J. married Dec 22, 1874, Marengo Co AL

Margaret’s parents not found in 1880 record.

8 June 1880; Census Place: Hoboken, Marengo, Alabama; Roll: T9_23; Family History Film: 1254023; Page: 577.4000; Enumeration District: 96; Image: 0074.
Elijah Small, age 36, farmer, born AL, parents AL
M J, wife, age 26, born AL, parents AL 2nd wife
E L, son, 12, AL
E C, son, 9, AL
Emma?, dtr, 7, AL
Addie, dtr, 4, AL
Lilly B, dtr, 3, AL
H E, son, born July 1879, 10 mos
Rebecca Berry, 58, mother, born AL, parents AL
[I find it humorous that there was a family named Little on next farm.]

J P 1, Ellis Co 1900
M J Small, white female, head of household, widow, born 1/1854 AL, mother of 7 children, all are living, homestead was mortgaged.
Addie, dtr, 10/1876, AL
Lillie, dtr 7/1877, AL
Milton, son, 6/1881, TX
A M? , dtr, 10/1885, TX
Pearl, dtr, 4/1888, TX
Frank, son, 10/1889 TX

Earl Small, [Homer Earl] Italy, Ellis, Texas born 7/1879 Alabama Head, dry goods merchant
Wallace? Jenkins, partner in store, born 2/1875 Tennessee

Ada, 1st wife of Elijah, was mother of Lewis Elijah born 1867, Edward C, born 1870 and Emma, abt 1873.

1900; Census Place: Duke, Greer, Oklahoma; Roll: T623 1337; Page: 8B; Enumeration District: 81.
Louis E Small, 11/1867 AL, married 0 yrs, parents listed as unknown, owned farm property
Minnie L, wife, 4/1882 TX, parents MS

Edward C Small, 12/1870 AL, married 6 yrs, parents listed as unknown, owned farm property
Mollie A, wife, 1/1878 TX, 2 children, 1 living, parents TN
Guy, son, 1/1897, TX
….wifes' probably spoke to enumerator and did not know where their in laws were from.

There were 3 Emma’s in Ellis county who were born in AL appx 1873. One could be daughter of Elijah or none of them if she survived ?

None of the Small’s are listed in 1910 record in Ellis county.

1910; Census Place: Roland Twp, Sequoyah, Oklahoma; Series: T624; Roll: 1272; Page: 202A; Enumeration District: 208; Part: 2; Line: 16.
Homer E Small, 30, born AL, parents AL, married 3 yrs, salesman/general store.
Margrett, wife, 30, born NC, father Wales, mother TX
Faye B, dtr, 2, OK

1910; Census Place: Magdalena, Socorro, New Mexico; Series: T624; Roll: 918; Page: 146A; Enumeration District: 251; Part: 2; Line: 20.
George M Small, 28, married 1 yr, born TX, father TN, mother TX, owned farm, occupation listed as none.
Annabel, wife, 26, born AR, father TN, mother AR, no children of the marriage.

1910; Census Place: Duke Twp, Jackson, Oklahoma; Series: T624; Roll: 1255; Page: 95B; Enumeration District: 137; Part: 2; Line: 28.
Edd C Small, 39, married 14 yrs, born AL, parents AL, farm was mortgaged
Mollie, 32, TX, 4 children born, 3 living, parents TN
Guy, 13, OK…1900 record says he was born in TX.
Myrtle, 8 or 9, OK
Artist, son, 6, OK

Year: 1910; Census Place: Duke Twp, Jackson, Oklahoma; Series: T624; Roll: 1255; Page: 97B; Enumeration District: 137; Part: 2; Line: 19.
[Pages not loaded correctly. Edd C Small is supposed to be on this page and Elisah L Small on the above page. Toggled several pages and could not see him…messed up scanning]

Jackson County was formed from portion of Greer County. Small’s in same location as 1900.

1920; Census Place: Collinsville Ward 2, Tulsa, Oklahoma; Roll: T625_1485; Page: 4B; Enumeration District: 174; Image: 1054.
George M Small, 38, born TX, parents US, owned home 1509 W Walnut, dry goods merchant.
Elen? M, wife, 30, AR, parents NC
Floyd P, son, 11, OK
Celia M, dtr, 6, OK
George M Jr, 3 + 4 mos, OK

1920; Census Place: Madill, Marshall, Oklahoma; Roll: T625_1472; Page: 8B; Enumeration District: 163; Image: 660.
Homer E Small, 40, AL AL AL, owned home, prop. Men’s clothing
Margaret, 39, NC Wales TX
Fay Belle, 12, OK
Homer E, 7, OK
Margaret J Cantrell, mother, 65, widow, AL AL AL…died Marshall Co not found 1930 record ?

[The 1910 record on Ancestry only lists “head of household”. You would have to locate the soundex cards at major library and look for Margaret Cantrell on an index card to see who she married or if she was a Cantrell in the 1910 record. She could have been residing with a married daughter in 1910 record and still have been Margaret Small ? I do not have access to Ellis county marriages to see if the girls or Margaret married there.]

1920; Census Place: Minco, Roosevelt, New Mexico; Roll: T625_1078; Page: 2B; Enumeration District: 156; Image: 1098.
Ed S Small, 48, AL, parents US, purchased land/mortgaged
Mollie A, 41, TX TN TN
Myrtle, 19, OK, teaching school
Earnest, 16, OK…not found in 1930 record
Jewel, 8, OK

? - only Guy Small born appx 1897 TX or OK. I did not find them in 1930 record.
1920; Census Place: Amarillo, Potter, Texas; Roll: T625_1837; Page: 16A; Enumeration District: 199; Image: 908
Guy M Small, 22, born TX, parents TX, renting 207 S Cleveland, brakeman for RR
Pauline, wife, 20, TX, parents TN
Bula G, 2+9 mos, TX
Lee Roy, 4 mos, TX

1920; Census Place: Gilbert, Maricopa, Arizona; Roll: T625_48; Page: 16B; Enumeration District: 28; Image: 826.
Louis Small, 52, AL, parents US, farm hand
Minnie, 38, AR MS MS
Nora, 16, OK
Eula, 13, OK
Frank, 11, OK
Leslie, 9 + 5 mos, OK

No Frank Small born appx 1889 found in 1920 record.

1930; Census Place: Norman, Cleveland, Oklahoma; Roll: 1898; Page: 6B; Enumeration District: 19; Image: 360.0.
George M Small, 49, said he was 31 first time he married, parents AL, rented home 53 Chautauqua Ave $50 month, no radio, commercial t…? millinery.
Elsie M, 40, said she was 17 when she married, born AR, parents NC
Celia M, 16
Milton, 13
…Floyd P was age 11 in 1920 making him born 1909 ...was he a Small or Elsie‘s son prior marriage ? No Floyd Small found in 1930 record.

Year: 1930; Census Place: Madill, Marshall, Oklahoma; Roll: 1915; Page: 3A; Enumeration District: 5; Image: 59.0.
Hamer E Small [as transcribed] 50, AL GA AL, renting 408 Burney $30 month, no radio, dept store salesman
Margaret P, 50, SC Wales SC
Homer E, 17

1930; Census Place: Gilbert, Maricopa, Arizona; Roll: 59; Page: 8A; Enumeration District: 71; Image: 283.0.
Elijah L Small, 62, owned farm/cotton, had radio, born GA, parents US
Minnie, 50, MS, parents US
Frank, 21, OK, laborer/lettuce shed
Leslie, 19, OK

1930; Census Place: Portales, Roosevelt, New Mexico; Roll: 1397; Page: 4A; Enumeration District: 2; Image: 264.0
Edd C Small, 60, AL AL AL, owned home on Montana St, no radio, house carpenter
Mollie A, 42, TX TN TN
Jewel, 17, saleslady/dept store

The below link has NM death records through 1940, none of these Small’s found.

25 July 1870; Census Place: Nanafalia, Marengo, Alabama; Roll: M593_28; Page: 372; Image: 329. Shiloh Post Office.
Elijah Small, 25, farmer, 0 real estate, $150 personal wealth, AL
Ada Small, 22, AL, 1st wife
Lewis E Small, 2
…next farm
Rebecca Berry, 55, farmer, $700 real estate, $200 personal wealth, NC
Daniel Small, 22, AL [SMALL, D. L. & WILLIAMS, Lucy Apr 24, 1873 Marengo Co]
Dolly Small, 21, AL [SMALL, Dollie & DILLWORTH, M. L. Jan 2, 1872 Marengo Co]
David Berry, 13, AL [David not found in the 1880 record]

1870; Census Place: Nanafalia, Marengo, Alabama; Roll: M593_28; Page: 487; Image: 559.
John M Perry, 56, farmer, $480 real estate, $400 personal, NC
Jane Perry, 48, AL
Mary C Perry, 20, AL
Margaret Perry, 16, AL
George Perry, 14, AL…married in Marengo Co and was in Hoboken in 1880
William Perry, 12, AL
Ezekiel Perry, 10, AL
Fannie Perry, 5, AL…living with George in 1880
Shiebell Perry, male, 3, AL

Jas H Perry 1870 Coffeeville, Clarke, AL abt 1842 Alabama White Male

1860; Census Place: Bogue Chitto, Dallas, Alabama; Roll: M653_8; Page: 900; Image: 405. Post Office: Moseleys Grove
Rebecca Berry 50 , $1000 real estate, $1683 personal estate, NC
Elijah Small 16 , AL
A M Small 14 , female, AL
D L Small 12 , male, AL
Dolly Small 10, AL
David Berry 5 , AL

1860; Census Place: Not Stated, Clarke, Alabama; Roll: M653_6; Page: 573; Image: 22.
Grove Hill Post Office
John M Perry 48 farmer, 2000 real estate, 1225 personal wealth, born Clarke Co AL
Jane Perry 38 born Marengo Co AL
James H Perry 17 Clarke Co
Mary M Perry 10 Clarke Co
Margaret J Perry 8 Clarke Co
George E Perry 5 Clarke Co
William B Perry 2 Clarke Co
Ezekiel W Perry 3.12 Clarke Co
[requirement was to only name State of birth…how nice to have the county but John M appears to have been from NC]

28 Oct 1850; Census Place: Lexington, Dallas, Alabama; Roll: M432_4; Page: 261; Image: 527
Lewis Small, 56, farmer, $1600 real estate, NC
Rebecca, 36, NC
Leah, 24, NC
Penny, 21, NC
Elizabeth, 20, NC
Nancy, 12, NC
George, 10, AL
Elijah, 7, AL
A M, female, 4, AL
D L, male, 2, AL
Dolly, 1, AL
Thomas Westbrook, 10, AL
Frances Small, female, 4, AL

Dallas County AL 1850 Agricultural Census - Dallas Co., AL
1. Owner 2. Acres of Improved Land 3. Acres of Unimproved Land 4. Cash Value of Farm 5. Value of Farm Implements and Machinery 13. Value of Livestock

Lewis Small, 100, 300, 1600, 100, 300

1850 -
A W Berry Lexington, Dallas, AL abt 1828 Alabama
H A Berry Boug Chitto, Dallas, AL abt 1830 Alabama
Isaac L Berry Summerfield, Dallas, AL abt 1846 Alabama
J H Berry Lexington, Dallas, AL abt 1818 North Carolina
J W Berry Boug Chitto, Dallas, AL abt 1787 Virginia
P A Berry Selma, Dallas, AL abt 1803 Georgia
Thomas Berry Lexington, Dallas, AL abt 1849 Alabama
Wm Berry Summerfield, Dallas, AL abt 1848 Alabama
Wm D Berry Summerfield, Dallas, AL abt 1821 North Carolina

1850; Census Place: Not Stated, Clarke, Alabama; Roll: M432_3; Page: 224; Image: 445.
J M Perry, 37, NC
Jane Perry, 27, AL
Ann Perry, 9, AL
Hezekiah Perry, 7, [James H], AL
Jesse Perry, male, 6, AL
Mary Perry, 2 mos, AL

Marengo county /Rootsweb has many cemeteries that have been transcribed has “pico search” feature, type in surname.

Birth Date: 2 May 1912
Death Date: 22 Jul 1992
Social Security Number: Oklahoma
Death Residence Localities ZIP Code: 75601
Localities: Longview, Gregg Co, Texas

From Texas Genweb:
Small, Homer Earl, JR 22-Jul-1992 Gregg Co TX

Leslie SMALL
Birth Date: 22 Aug 1910
Death Date: 12 Feb 2000
Social Security Number Was Issued: Arizona
Death Residence Localities ZIP Code: 16901
Localities: Tioga Co, Pennsylvania
IGI Individual Record submitted after 1991 by a member of the LDS Church. No additional information is available. Ancestral File may list the same family and the submitter.

Lewis Small born Nov 1794 NC
Parents: Benjamin Small & Elizabeth Fordham

John M Perry born abt 1812 Franklin Co NC
Parents: John Perry abt 1787 NC & Salah? Perry
Source: Batch Number: F514908 Sheet: 005 Source Call No.: 1553604 Type: Film
[LDS File]

John M Perry
Birth: 1813 NC
Jane Crenshaw
14 Dec 1839
Clarke, Alabama
Cathryn Clifford - Jex Millburn
445 E Mapleberry Ct
Draper, UT 84020
[LDS File]

Re: Elijah Small, George M. Small, Italy, texas

mary carol (View posts)
Posted: 22 Jun 2006 1:23AM GMT
Classification: Query
thanks paula for the terrific work you did for me. I am ever so grateful. are there any other ways to trace the Small side of the family in north carolina any further. Also, how would i determine whether there would be indian or black blood in the family? Am aware of trail of tears etc. but will be reading more about alabama history. so grateful.... mc by the way, the elijah story fits very much the past down stories of my grandfather's life...

Re: Elijah Small, George M. Small, Italy, texas

uzebertub (View posts)
Posted: 12 Oct 2010 10:27PM GMT
Classification: Query
Mary Carol, I just recently found your post regarding Elijah Small and George M. Small of Italy, Ellis County, TX and I believe we are interested in the same Small family. The Elijah I am looking for was from Alabama and was a son of Lewis Small and his first wife Moriah. Perhaps we can help each other.

Re: Elijah Small, George M. Small, Italy, texas

strictnurse (View posts)
Posted: 23 May 2012 3:52PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Small, Westbrook, Parnell
Elijah Small's (1844-1890)first wife was Adeline "Ada" Virginia Small, daughter of Cyrus Brown Small and Henrietta Parnell.

Elijah's father was Lewis Small and Lewis' brother was Cyrus Brown Small. So Elijah married his first cousin.

Elijah Small's parents, Lewis and Rebecca Small, were slave owners in Dallas County, Alabama. I believe one of their black slaves was named Cyrus Small.
"A former slave, Cyrus Small, told The South Alabamian in 1898 that he remembered the first steamboat, the Mobile, that came up the river. He recalled the Virginia and said the first boat whistle he heard was that of the Viola. " (Source: The South Alabamian, Clarke County, Alabama, Jackson; article by publisher Jim Cox, titled 'Imagine the Fun of the Old Tombigbee Steamboats' March 25, 2004)
This black Cyrus Small named a daughter of his Rebecca, probably after his former owner.

I have not found any African American or Indian ancestry within these families however.
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