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Nicholas Gottschalk

Nicholas Gottschalk

gschluck (View posts)
Posted: 1 Jun 2001 1:48PM GMT
Edited: 2 Jul 2001 6:57PM GMT
Looking for info on Nicholas Gottschall who was born 1740 in Germany and died Oct 4, 1807 in Jefferson Co, OH. He had a daughter named Margaret who I believe married Henry Ames of Harrison Co, OH.

Re: Nicholas Gottschalk,son of Joachim Gottschalck

Roger Vaughn (View posts)
Posted: 24 Apr 2003 3:43AM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Gottschall
Nicholas Gottschalck, son of Joachim Gottschalck, was most likely born before 1750, and it is entirely possible that he was born in Germany. His daughter Catherine who lived to be past 100, listed her parents birth places on the 1880 census as Germany. Thus it appears that Nicholas, and his wife, arrived in Philadelphia with their immigrant parents as very young children.

Nicholas married Margaretha (maiden name unknown). No marriage date or location has been determined, but it most likely occured near 1770 as their first child, a son named Joachim was born in 1771.

Nicholas died on 04 Oct 1807 in Jefferson County, Ohio.

Their children:

1. Joachim Gottschalck
2. Margaret Gottschalck
3. Johannes Gottschalck
4. Catherine Gottschalck
5. Maria Barbara Gottschalck
6. John George Gottschalck
7. Johan Heinrich Gottschalck
8. Elisabetha Gottschalck
9. Wilhelm Gottschalck
10. Daniel Gottschalck

In Hill's comprehensive 1881 History of Coshocton County I note that among the early pioneers of Crawford Township comprised of Pennsylvania Germans (from around 1816 on) was William Gotshall and his brother George who came "directly from Harrison County" Ohio (p. 487). This reference then took me to Hanna's 1900 Historical Collections of Harrison County and Beers' 1891 Biographical Records of Harrison County where I found numerous references to the family of Nicholas Gutschall "who came to Harrison County in 1800, and entered a part of Section 2 (should be section 7), in German Township. Here he erected the first saw- and grist-mill ever built in German Township, and quite possibly the first ever built in Harrison County-running it with both horse and water power" (Beers, p. 644).

Nicholas Gutshall's Will

In order to identify Nicholas' family members and pursue their Pennsylvania roots the best place to begin is with Nicholas Gutshall's Jefferson County, Ohio will dated 9-27-1807 and the probate report dated 4-7-1808 (which indicates that Nicholas died 10-4-1807). Margaret is named as his wife. Named sons are: Jacob, John, George [my ancestor], Henry, William, Daniel, and Samuel. Named daughters are: Peggy (married to Henry Ames) Barbara (married to Jacob Naragong), Catherine (married to John Albert), and Elizabeth. The will was contested by wife Margaret Gutshall and son Jacob Gutshall, but the family reached an agreement. In the will Jacob and John were named executors and the youngest Daniel and Samuel were placed under Margaret's care. The probate report indicated that William, Daniel, and Samuel had a representative in their behalf (Jefferson County Courthouse records, 1798-1821, will book #1, v1, p. 50, 398).

I turn now to Pennsylvania documentation, returning later to records I have gathered on each of the children in Ohio.

Nicholas and Margaretha's Pennsylvania Roots

There were several Nicholas Gottschalk's in Berks County, Pennsylvania in the 1700's (as well as at least one in both Montgomery County and Philadelphia County). The 1790 Pennsylvania census records two Nicholas's. The first, spelled "Gotshalt" in Philadelphia County (p. 199) includes one male under 16 and 2 females. It is clear that the other Nicholas Godshall (p. 33) is my ancestor who moved to Ohio: Berks County, Exeter Township with 2 males +16, 5 males -16 and 6 females. This suggests 11 children with Nicholas and his wife, which approximates Nicholas' 1807-8 Ohio will (the two youngest sons were born after 1790). The 1800 Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia census do not record a Nicholas Gottschalk-he was probably in transition to Ohio.

Most of Nicholas and Margaretha's children mentioned in his will can be found in Montgomery and Berks County baptismal records [child's name, birth date, baptism date, parents, (sponsors if listed), church, (source)]:

1. Joachim Gottschalk, 10-4-1771, 11-24-1771, Joachim and Margaretha, Falkner Swamp Reformed, New Hanover Township, (Humphrey, Pennsylvania Births in Montgomery County, p. 155, supplemented with information from original handwritten records), [I am pretty certain that this should be Nicholas' son Jacob because his grave marker in the cemetery of Kilgore Presbyterian Church in Carroll County, Ohio gives 10-11-1771 as his birth date (10 days later than the baptism record). Further, I strongly suspect that the minister should have entered Nicolaus as the father instead of Joachim, which leads me to strongly suspect that Joachim is the father of Nicholas-more on Joachim below]
2. Johannes Gottschalck, 3-3-1773, 6-6-1773, Nicolaus and Margaretha, Falkner Swamp (Humphrey, p. 155)
3. Margaret, born about 1774-76 [I have found no birth records for daughters Margaret (Peggy) and Catharine, but allowing for one year between the birth of children they would fit between 3-1774 and 11-1796-Ohio records suggest this time slot although there are also windows between 11-1778 and 3-1779 and between 1-1783 and 3-1785-the Ohio 1850 census suggest that Margaret was born in 1771-72.]
4. Maria Barbara Gottschalk, 11-3-1777, 4-19-1778, Nicholas and Margaretha, (George and Maria Barbara Hartmann), St. Joseph's Lutheran/Reformed (Oley Hill), Pike Township, (Wright, Berks County Church Records, v2. p. 30)
5. Catherine, born about 1778-79 [Ohio census records suggest that Catherine was born around 1779; however, when she died 7-17-1882 Coshocton County newspaper articles reported that she was born in 1773-1774.]
6. John George Gottschall, 3-4-1780, 5-14-1780, Nicklaus and Margaretha, (George and Barbara Hartmann), St. Joseph's (Wright, v2. p. 33)
7. Joh. Heinrich Gottschalck, 1-6-1782, 1-26-1782, Nicolaus and Margaretha, Faulkner's Swamp, (Humphrey, p. 155)
8. Elisabetha Gottschall, 3-27-1786, 9-17-1786, Nicolas, (Peter Scheuch and Elisabetha Schoedler), Schwarzwald Reformed, Exeter Township, (Wright, v1. p. 54)
9. Wilhelm Gottschall, 1-1-1790, 4-5-1790, Nicolas, (Wilhelm and Juliana Spira), Schwarzwald, (Wright, v1. p. 76)
10. Daniel Gottschall, 1-13-1793, no baptism date given, Nicolaus and Margaretha, Trinity Lutheran, Reading, (Paul, Berks County Pennsylvania Births, v5)

Church records also indicate that at least one of Nicholas and Margaret's children was married before the family moved from Berks County: Margaretha Gottschall of Robeson Township and Henrich Emes, 10-28-1794 by Rev. Boos at Schwarzwald (Wright v1. p. 170).

I believe that the following Berks County records also refer to my ancestor Nicholas.

Faust, 1770-1789 Berks County Tax Records pt. 1, p. 237 [ 1776, 1777, and 1784 are missing from Faust's source - the reason Nicholas' name is in 1782 and 1783 is not clear to me - in brackets I have added information from Pennsylvania Archives, Series 3, v. 18.]:

Gotschal, Nicholas, married, Colebrookdale, 1770
Gotschalk, Nicholas, married, Colebrookdale, 1771
Gottschall, Nicholas, married, Colebrookdale, 1772
Goodshall, Nicholas, married, Colebrookdale, 1773
Gutshall, Nicholas, married, Colebrookdale, 1774
Gotschall, Nicholas, married, Douglas, 1775
Godshall, Nicholas, married, Douglas, 1778
Godshall, Nicholas, married, Douglas, 1779 [100 acres, 2 horses, 5 cows, p. 217]
Godshall, Nicholas, married, Douglas, 1780 [100 acres, 2 horses, 3 cows, p. 348]
Godshall, Nicholas, married, Douglas, 1781 [100 acres, 2 horses, 2 cows, p. 476]
Godshall, Nicholas, tenant, Colebrookdale, 1782
Godshall, Nicholas, married, Earl, 1782
Godshall, Nicholas, married, Colebrookdale, 1783
Godshall, Nicholas, married, Earl, 1783
Godshall, Nicholas [Colebrookdale, 1784, 150 acres, 3 horses, 2 cows, 9 persons, p. 597]
Godshall, Nicholas [Earl, 1784, 100 acres, p. 610]
Godshall, Nicholas, married, Earl, 1785
Godshall, Nicholas [Colebrookdale, 1785, name only, p. 728]
Godshall, Nicholas, married, Earl, 1786
Gotchill, Nicholas, married, Exeter, 1787
Gotshall, Nicholas, married, Exeter, 1788
Gottshall, Nicholas, married, Exeter, 1789

Pennsylvania Archives, Berks County, Series 3, Vol. 6, "Revolutionary War Registry:"
Nicholas Godshal, 1777-1778, 5th Battalion under Capt. S. Sands Co, (p. 289)
Nicholas Godshal, 1777-1780, 5th Battalion in Capt. George Boucher's Co, 2nd class, (p. 316)
Nicholas Godshalk's name also appears in a handwritten record of G. Boucher's company roster under Capt. Samuel Sands in the Douglas Township unit, serving April 23 to May 23 1781 (source: Dick Turnback of Kutztown, Berks County).

The Berks County Courthouse document that records Nicholas and Margaret Godshalk/Gottshall's sale of property (155 acres) to William Brown 7-25-1795 indicates that they had purchased it from Henry and Catharina Ritter 4-13-1786 (vol. 14, p. 460). The deed indicates that this land was originally patented to John Bishop in 1763 which is #20 on Genevieve Blolt's 1965 drawing of original patents of Exeter Township (seen at Berks County Historical Society Library). Today this land is split by I-422 before it ends at Business 422, southeast of Reading.

Re: Nicholas Gottschalk,Michael Gottschalk & his wife Magdalena

Ed Wevodau (View posts)
Posted: 26 Jun 2003 3:24AM GMT
Classification: Query
I appreciate the detailed information on Nicholas Gottschalk. I recently traced by Gottschalk lineage back to Michael Gottschalk & his wife Magdalena of Douglass tp. In 1813, Michael & wife deeded his real estate to their children:

Berks County Deed 27-126

Michael Gotshalk, yeoman, & his wife Magdalena of Douglass tp. their eleven children; to wit, John Gotshalk, yeoman, of Limerick tp., Montgomery County; Philip Gotshalk, carpenter, of Douglass tp.; Jacob Gotshalk, blacksmith, of Colebrookdale tp.; Frederick Albrecht, weaver, of Douglass tp.; Jacob Smith, weaver, of Northumberland County; Michael Spattz, cooper, of Pottsgrove tp., Montgomery County; Andrew Hounetter, weaver, of Douglass tp., Montgomery County; Enos Pannebaker, blacksmith, of Douglass tp.; Jacob Snell, yeoman, of New Hanover tp., Montgomery County; Juliana Gotshalk, single; and Susannah Gotshalk, single
--Two adjoining tracts: (1.) 100a Douglass tp. and (2.) 3a Douglass tp.
1. HISTORY: Same pat. 23 June 1785 to Michael Gotshalk, party hereto (Ref. PB #3, page 424).
2. HISTORY: Same that Nicholas Gotshalk & his wife Margaret granted 13 Mar 1784 to Michael Gotshalk, party hereto.

This deed shows a clear relation between your Nicholas Gottschalk and my Michael Gottschalk. I assume that they are brothers. I have not been able to order the Falkner Swamp Reformed records, but I see that my Michael had numerous children baptized there. Might you have any proof of Nicholas and Michael's relationship, or any information on their parents?

Any assistance greatly appreciated.


Ed Wevodau
Grapevine, TX

Re: Jacob Gottschalk m Eve Coon?

johngottschall (View posts)
Posted: 13 Nov 2003 7:11AM GMT
Classification: Query
can you please tell me if nicholas son jacob married a woman named eve coon.
thank you for all your hard work

Re: Catharine Godshalk who married Jesse Shultz

lvfleury (View posts)
Posted: 15 Apr 2007 9:32PM GMT
Classification: Query
In your large database of Godshalk & variations have you found a Catharine who married Jesse Shultz? Their daug. Mary Jane Shultz b. 5 Apr 1856 E.Vincent Twnship, PA & died cJan 1933 at Philadelphia & bur. Norristown. She marr. Franklin F. Gresh 10 Dec 1881 at Pottstown, PA.
Thanks for looking and any help.

Leo F.

Re: Jacob Gottschalk m Eve Coon?

jreneefarrishyzy (View posts)
Posted: 16 Nov 2009 6:25PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Gottschall, Hall, Moore
I have one in my family tree. Jacob Gotschall b 10/11/1971 was the son of Nicholas Gottschalk born on a ship from Rotterdam in 1742 dies 1807 married Elizabeth Nuss. Jacob married Elizabeth West from which Reason Gotschall was born 1824. Eliabeth west died May 13, 1842. Jacob was married to Eva Coon B. 1776, and d. 1810.

Re: Nicholas Gottschalk,son of Joachim Gottschalck

gingerhawncooper (View posts)
Posted: 6 Nov 2010 4:46PM GMT
Classification: Query
I have been searching for catharina gottschall who lived in canton,stark ohio. in the early 1800's. Is she the catharina who lived to be 100 yrs old? if she lived in stark ohio do you have her childrens names and/or her husbands??? I would so appriciate any help you could give me...thanks just me ginger

Re: Catharine Godshalk who married Jesse Shultz

donnajean51063 (View posts)
Posted: 22 Apr 2013 6:12PM GMT
Classification: Query
Mary Jane Shultz and Franklin F Gresh are my great grandparents. My grandfather is Franklin L. Gresh This is awesome to have this info if you have any more i would love to know more.
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