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"B" Deaths, with Fremont county connections.

"B" Deaths, with Fremont county connections.

Walter Farwell (View posts)
Posted: 22 Dec 2002 10:06PM GMT
Classification: Death
Surnames: Babcock - TO - Byran.
Mrs. BABCOCK, sister of J. B. Furbush, has died.--5/22/1908.
John BACCUS, Civil War veteran, d. 8/18/1884 aged 43 y 11m; buried at Sidney.
Lydia BACUS, wife of William, d. at Sidney 10/26/1913 aged 44y 2m 23d.
E.S. BAILEY of Percival was killed by his wife Lucinda on 6/18/1915.
Ezekial BAILEY's dau. Nancy Adeline Clary, 75, died Mar. 20, 1932; born at Nebraska City -d. at Hamburg.
John BAILEY died yesterday one mile east of Tabor; born in Ireland 51 years ago last March; leaves widow and five children; buried in Shenandoah.--7/21/1911.
Jonathan Taylor BAILEY died 11/14/1916.
Mrs. Dulcie Miller BAIN, b. at Hamburg 5/29/1873 - d. 10/24/1905.
Mary Louise BAIN, dau. of Sigel Pauley, 70 years old, died June 18, 1923; bur. at Hamburg.
Mrs. Abbey BAKER, d. in Lajars, Colo.; bur. at Blanchard Cemetery on 12/22/1898.
Benjamin BAKER, d. 2/23/1881 aged 9y 1m 17d; died in Ross township, bur. in Tabor.
Blanche Carl BAKER died April 13, 1909.
Donald BAKER died 1/22/1910.
Etta BAKER died 8/1/1881 aged 1y 4m; born at Hamburg; buried at Hamburg.
George F. BAKER, d. March 10, 1873. Connected with "Sahm".
Henry C. BAKER, b. 3/15/1843 -d. 12/19/1917 (not in 1919.)
Henry C. BAKER's dau. Etta B. Laird, 65, died Jly 8, 1934; born at Thurman -bur. at Tabor.
Homer BAKER's 6 year old dau. buried at Utterback on
Jennie S. BAKER died 8/9/1889 aged 12y 2m 6d in Fisher township; born in Minnesota; bur. at Farragut.
John W. BAKER's dau. Nancy N. Lesley, 73, died July 26, 1932 in Green township; bur. at Sidney.
Orlando H. BAKER, died 8/30/1913 aged 90 years; was an U.S. consul in Borneo; son of Jacob Baker; uncle of Ed Brackney of Tabor; was buried at Indianola, Iowa.
Rolla E. BAKER, male, died July 13, 1889 aged 11m 4d, in Fisher township.
Anna Estes BALDWIN, wife of Edward Baldwin and dau. of F. M. Estes, born in 1872 and died 2/13/1903
Eunice BALDWIN, born at Beckman, N.Y. -d. June 13, 1893 aged 77y 2m at her son's home in Farragut; buried at Kewanee, Illinois.
J. Robert BALDWIN, died 9/7/1968 aged 51 years; son of Dr. L.A. Baldwin of Riverton.
O.O. BALDWIN's infant son Harry died 9/1/1903; bur. Thurman.
Phoebe ann BALENGER (sic) died May 13, 1913.
Jno. BALEY died July 20, 1911.
James E. BALL, but a few weeks from Indiana, recently disappeared from Sidney and on search being made, he was found dead in the woods near that place.--"The Iowa Captal Reporter" of Aug. 23, 1854.
James BALLARD, Civil War veteran, 11/24/1845 - 12/26/1931; bur. at Mt. Zion, Green township.
Lydia BALLER died 3/10/1885 aged 3y 1m 28d in Franklin township.
7/23/1883: At Hamburg Catholic Cemetery.--Priscilla BALLIET, d. April 20, 1883 aged 66y 4m 24d.
Ezra BALLINGER, 1879 - 1/27/1928; bur. Sidney.
Henry BALLINGER, 1852 - 10/3/1909; bur. Sidney.
Wallace W. BALLINGER, 65, June 29, 1969; bur. Tabor.
Jas. Nelson BALOR (?) dau. Mattie Jane Hess, 63, died Nov. 8, 1933; born at Hopkinton, Iowa - d. in Madison township.
Mr. J. BALT, d. 9/21/1884 aged 54 years; buried at Slusher Cemetery.
Mae BAMMER died 11/12/1911.
William BAMMER, a Hamburg attorney, died Saturday; was admittted to the bar in 1902.--12/11/1913.
John BANG's three year old son died 12/30/1902. Next paper says that Bennie, son of Will BANGS, died 12/30/1902 aged 2y 10m.
Erastus BANISTER died August 11, 1914 aged 74 years; an old soldier (of the Civil War?); buried at Hamburg.
Nelson D. BANKER's wife died 11/9/1908; nee Martha Cannon, b. 3/18//1823 near Xenia, Greene co., Ohio; married on 10/17/1860; moved to Fremont county in 1866; Mrs. Estella E. Cummings is a daughter.
Mrs. John BARBOUR, nee Matthews, died Mar. 9, 1908.
John BARCUS d. 9/29/1887 aged 80 years at Bartlett; buried at Onawa, Iowa.
Mary E. BARLOW, d. 1/18./1908; she married (1) William Hindman.
Charles P. BARNARD, 54, born in Nelson county, Kentucky -d. 7/28/1880; unmarried. Riverton.
Georgia BARNARD died 8/27/1889 aged 1y 1m in Sidney.
Alfred BARNES died Wednesday; his wife died a number of years ago; 3 sons and 2 daughters. Tabor.--7/14/1905.
Miss Bertha BARNES died Sept. 15, 1911 southwest of Tabor; leaves 3 brothers--Harry, Ernest, Royal--and one sister Miss Nellie Barnes of Tabor.
Charles Alfred BARNES, b. Ft. Edward, N.Y. on 4/10/1849, the 7th of a family of 8 children; moved to Davenport aged 9; two years later to Durant (Iowa); 10 years later of Crawford county; 1887 to Manning; 1894 to Tabor. Died Sunday.--5/1/1913. Daughter Mrs. Mary Woolman of Ames, Iowa; sons Charles Raymond of Shenandoah, Benjamin Spafford of Shenandoah, William Stuart of Tabor.
Ethel Leona (Cartmill) BARNES, 8/2/1902 - 1/18/1929.
Elva (Smith) BARNES 8/22/1888 - 8/10/1968.
Louis BARNES married Marian Roberts; she died 1/22/1984; burial Riverton.
Ed. BARNHOUSE's child died west of McPaul on Sunday; bur. at Thurman.--2/9/1906.
Ethel BARNHOUSE, d. 7/14/1880 aged 6m 14d; bur. Tabor.
Katie BARNHOUSE died 8/26/1881 near McPaul.
William H. BARGER: "The Fremont Herald" of July 31, 1858: We regret to learn that Wm. H. Barger of Monroe township was drowned on the 20th inst. while endeavering to swim across Walnut Creek. The stream was not over 3 or 4 rods wide, but he went in with his clothes all on, and the current being swift he was unable to keep above water. Mr. B. was about 45 years of age, and leaves a large family to mourn their loss.
Pleasant BARRETT's dau. Martha Katherine Parker, 74, died Mar. 16, 1931; born in Hawkins county, Tenn. -d. at Hamburg.
William BARRETT's dau. Eliza J. Barnes, 86, died June 10, 1935; born in Delaware county, Ind., -d. at Riverton.
Elizabeth BARTHOLOMIE, dau. of Jonathan Hill, 80 years old, died Dec. 10, 1920; bur. in Sidney.
E. BARTO's dau. Ann Lyons, 81, died Mar. 27, 1926; born in Ohio -d. at Hamburg.
Nettie BATCHELDER, 49, dau. of William Hayes, died Aug. 18, 1922; born in Imogene; bur. at Riverton.
Mr. BAXTER's dau. Adaline Elizabeth Kline, 89, died Aug. 16, 1929; born in Baltimore, Md. -d. at Sidney; bur. at Malvern, Iowa.
Thadias BEAL's dau. Lucinia Franklin, 73, died Feb. 23, 1923; born in Missouri -d. in Hamburg; bur. at High Creek, MO.
Mr. BEASLEY's dau. Mrs. Jeanette Keplinger, 81, died Aug. 17, 1930; born in Kentucky -d. at Sidney.
Eddie BEASON's dau., 1 hour old, died Feb. 26, 1925; bur. Sidney.
Isaac BEASON's dau. Mrs. Ally Ann Smith, 79, died May 13, 1929; born in Indiana, died at Hamburg, bur. in the Smith Cemetery near Rock Port, MO.
William BEATY's dau. Berta Helen Phillips, 44, died Oct. 31, 1933; born in Carrolton, MO -d. in Hamburg; buried at Carrolton, Mo.
Simon P. BECKSTEAD's dau. Matilda Ann Claiborne, died May 16, 1932; born in Atchison county, MO - buried at Mt. Olive.
John BELL's dau. Lillias T. Cargill, 75, died Feb. 15, 1935 at Tabor.
Wilson BELLIS's dau. Delia Rhodes, 88, died Feb. 5, 1934; born in Indiana -d. in Scott township, bur. at Tabor.
James BENNETT's dau. Sarah Ann Crowell, 76, died Dec. 8, 1930; born at Cooksville, Tenn. -d. at Riverton.
Joseph BENNETT's dau. Lillie May Crawford, 61, died Dec. 24, 1930; born in Green Co., Illinois - d. at Farragut.
Oliver BENNETT's dau. Elizabeth Frazier, 79, died May 23, 1924; born in Kentucky -d. at Hamburg.
Thomas BENNETT's dau. Almeda Cox, 79, was born at Columbus, Ohio and died at Farragut, IOwa on...?...
G. H. BENTLEY's dau. Carrie Frakes, 51, died June 11, 1929; buried at Hamburg.
Newton BERRY's dau. Jessie Foster, 53, died Oct. 28, 1933; born in Illinois -d. at Hamburg.
A. J. BICKEL's dau. Josphine Ann Gaylord, 49, died Oct. 9, 1930; born in Fremont county; bur. at Tabor.
James BLUNK's dau. Mary Ethel Givens, 43, died April 8, 1927; born in Indiana -died at Hamburg.
Jacob BOETTNER's dau. Emma Stanton, 76, died Aug. 17, 1934; born in Missouri, died at Hamburg, bur. at Rock Port, MO.
James O. BONNON's dau. Mable O. Graham, 27, died Aug. 21, 1934; born inMissouri -d. at Hamburg; bur. at Tarkio, Mo.
Harry BRADNEY's dau. Sarah Ann Swisher, 76, died DEc. 17, 1924; born in Kentucky -d. in Fisher township, bur. in Locust Grove township.
Joshua BREEDLOVE's dau. Jennie Bellew, 57 years old, died Dec. 30, 1932 at Sidney.
Clyde BENNETT's dau. Mary Louise, aged 3 days, died Aug. 13, 1923; born in Missouri, bur. at Hamburg.
Mr. BLAIR's dau. Jennie Campbell Ellis, 88, was born in Scotland, died at Sidney, buried at Villisca, Iowa.
Samuel BLAIR's dau. Mary Amanda Ellis, 85, died Apr. 1, 1928; born in Ohio - d. in Green township; bur. Thurman.
Mr. BLODGETT's dau. Mrs. Geo. W. Chapman, 52, died May 11, 1929; born in Wisconsin, died in Sidney township.
Mable May BOLTON, divorced, dau. of James Bolton, 24, died Feb. 29, 1924; bur. Hamburg.
Mr. BOYER's dau. Stella Myrtle Septka, 51, died Aug. 10, 1925; born in Missouri -d. in Sidney.
Frank BRANDON's dau. Aileen, 20 years old, died Dec. 26, 1921; bur. Sidney.
Alice Alta BRANNIAN, dau. of Harold, died Sept. 20, 1923 aged 3 days. Bur. Randolph.
William BREEDLOVE's dau. Phebe Kinney, 82, died Dec. 15, 1925; born in Indiana -d. at Hamburg.
Jonathan BRIDGE's dau. Arabella Chaney, 83, born in Fremont county -d. at Riverton on Feb. 11, 1935.
Lloyd BRIDGE's son d. May 16, 1924 aged 14 hours; bur. Riverton.
Ed BRONSON'S dau. Nellie Rosetta Browning, 44, died Mar. 23, 1925 at Hamburg.
Amoriah BROOK's dau. Abbie Livingston, 81, died May 6, 1929; born at Cincinnati, Ohio - d. at Farragut; bur. at Locust Grove.
James BROWN's dau. Alice Noblitt, died June 13, 1934; born in New York -buried at Grange Hall (Atchison county?)
Samuel BROWN's dau. Melvina Crandal, 83, died Dec. 14, 1932; born at Kalmazoo, Michigan -d. at Sidney.
Alvin BUNDY's dau. Edith Donna Brown, 68, died May 28, 1933 at Hamburg.
William BURGESS's dau. Sarah Anne Dalton, 85, died Jan 1, 1925 in Green township; born in England.
Mr. BURRINGTON's dau. Eliza Ann Baker, 89, died Sept. 2, 1923; born in Vermont - bur. at Blue Springs, Nebraska.
Silas BURT'S dau. Mary Jane Sanders, 92, died Jan. 22, 1925; born in Ohio -d. in Sidney.
Ira BURTIS's dau. Mary Matilda Clapper, 65, died June 3, 1931; born at Morris, Illinois -d. in Green township.
Anna BUSSARD, 78, died July 5, 1922 at Imogene.
Dave BUTCHER's dau. Drucilla Jackson, 57, died Apri. 23, 1925; born in Missouri -d. at Sidney.
Wesley BUTTS' dau. Mina L. Humphrey, 64, died Apr. 8, 1933; born in Ohio - buried at Sidney.
Mr. BYER's dau. Ellen Barbara Hostetter, 83, died Feb. 21, 1935; born in Indiana -d. at Bartlett, Iowa, bur. at Thurman.
Mrs. Amanda Jane BYRAN, 79, died Aug. 24, 1921 at Riverton.

Second: "B" Deaths, with Fremont county connections.

Walter Farwell (View posts)
Posted: 23 Dec 2002 10:15PM GMT
Classification: Death
Surnames: Bagley - TO - Butt
Rebecca Smith BAGLEY died Dec. 26, 1893 aged 86 y 6m
W. O. BAILIFF, a butcher in Bartlett, Iowa, died FEb. 26, 1895; bur. at Randolph.
Hartwell BAKER died Jan 17, 1894 at Eastport aged 18y 11m 20 d; bur. Nebraska City, Neb.
Jacob BAKER died March 9, 1894 in Sidney township aged 89 years; bur. Parsley Cemetery.
Mary Ann BAKER died Mar. 8, 1894 in Sidney township aged 82y; bur. Parsley Cemetery.
Mary A. BALLARD died Dec. 19, 1894 aged 73 years; bur. Glenwood, Iowa.
William BARR, died Feb. 29, 1924; bur. Riverton.
Serena (Fodge) BARRETT, 5/12/1830 - 1/12/1908; bur. Thurman.
Elizabeth BARTHOLOMEI, 3/20/1842 - 12/10/1922; bur. Sidney
Frederick BARTHOLOMEW died March 13, 1924 aged 87 years. Bur. Sidney.
Asa BARTON, Civil War veteran, Co. "F" (?); died Jan 14, 1912.
Joseph B. BATCHELDOR, 1884 - June 4, 1914; bur. Riverton.
Robert, son of J.C. BAUMAN, 11/15/1913 - 4/19/1929; bur. Farragut.
William BEACH, 1828 - Feb. 1, 1917; bur. Hamburg. Civil War veteran.
Nettie BEAM died Nov. 30, 1897 in Madison township aged 6 days; bur. Mt. Zion
E. Jacob BECK, 1863 - Nov. 10, 1932; bur. Mt. Olive.
George "Tip" BELCHER, 1852 - Nov. 1, 1926; bur. Riverton.
James T. BELL, 6/2/1836 - 4/10/1904; Civil War veteran; bur. Hamburg.
George BENNER died Nov. 14, 1894 at Thurman aged 45 years; bur. Thurman
Catherine BENNETT died Jan. 17, 1897 at Randolph aged 47y 11m 8d; bur. Malvern, Iowa.
Fannie BILLINGS, 1868 - April 12, 1928; bur. Riverton.
Lewis BILLINGS died Feb. 1, 1895 at Riverton aged 25 years; bur. at Riverton.
Sarah F. BILLINGS, nee Crittenden, died Feb. 1, 1912.
George W. BLACK died April 1, 1888 aged 50 years; bur. Utterback.
Catherine BLEZEK died Dec. 26, 1897 aged 55y 2m 2d; bur. Randolph
Rosa M. BLISS died May 8, 1936; bur. Randolph
Arnold Jolly BLUNK died Nov. 18, 1897 in Washington township aged 11m; bur. Hamburg.
Lulu BOBBITT died Nov. 28, 1897 aged 6y 11 m 20 d; buried at Grandview.
Charles P. BOGAN died at Husted. Colo. on June 20, 1915.
Hattie BOLDRA, 10/22/1884 - 5/1/1936; bur. Sidney
Lewis BOLDRA, 6/22/1858 - 5/13/1936; bur. Thurman.
Cora B. Bownes, 1877 - July 13, 1922
Mary Jacobs BORCHERS has died.--April 3, 1908.
(Lou BRACKNEY died May 5, 1907) should probably read Lou WRIGHT who died May 5, 1907.
Archelaus BREEDING died May 14, 1894 in Fisher township aged 52y 3m 26d; bur Farragut.
Elizabeth BREEDLOVE 1842 - 10/21/1926; bur. Hamburg.
Prudence Brewer: Should read Prudence Brewer Smith?
Julia H. BRIDGES, 3/22/1865 - May 3, 1936; bur. Utterback
Lebbeus BRIGHT, Civil War veteran, July 26, 1844 - July 23, 1934; burial at Utterback.
David E. BRINEY of Farragut died Oct. 20, 1909
Lydia N. BRITTAIN died June 1, 1897 aged 25y 8m 5d; bur. Tabor
James BROCKIE died May 21, 1903
Ola May BROOKS died July 31, 1925.
Delos White BROWN of Sidney, 2/22/1847 - Oct. 1930.
Henry P. BROWN 1831 - 2/25/1888 in Prairie township.
Nathan BROWN, Civil War veteran of Hamburg, died Sept. 16, 1901
P.P. BROWN of Hamburg, died Oct. 17, 1909.
Sophia BROWN, Hamburg, died March 31, 1885.
William H. BROWN of Sidney, died March 18, 1889 in Prairie township.
Ellsworth BULLOCK died Nov. 9, 1893 aged 4 years; bur. Randolph
Mrs. W. A. BULLOCK died at Sidney on Dec. 19, 1930 aged 69 years.
Mellissa Ann BURGE died Dec. 29, 1894 in Thurman aged 75 years; bur. at Thurman.,
John BURGENER, and old soldier at Hamburg, died May 15, 1908.
Eden BURSON died April 19, 1897 aged 51y 9m; bur Sidney
Lydia BURSON born May 6, 1835 - died Oct. 16, 1908; bur. Thurman
Anges May BUSSARD died Mar. 18, 1888 aged 2y 9m 23 da.; dau. of John and Mary Bussard.
Inez G. BUTT, b. 1847 - died Oct. 27, 1926; bur. Farragut.

Third: "B" Deaths, with Fremont county connections.

Walter Farwell (View posts)
Posted: 26 Dec 2002 8:59PM GMT
Classification: Death
Surnames: Bagley - TO - Butler
Perley Mason BAGLEY, b. Royalton, Ohio -d. Feb. 23, 1899 aged 63y 11m 25d; bur. at Randolph.
Angeline BAINTER, born in Ohio -d. Jan. 22, 1908 in Fisher township aged 75y 1m; bur. Locust Grove.
Mary Addie BAISE died Sept. 26, 1896 aged 4y 10m 7d at Sidney, Iowa; bur. Sidney.
Cornelia M. BAKER died Apr. 24, 1900 aged 2m 18d; bur. at Riverton.
James Berton BAKER, born in Wayne county, Iowa -d. in Walnut township on Jan. 28, 1902 aged 52 y; bur. in Singleton cemetery, Prairie township.
Anna Estes BALDWIN, born in Fremont county -d. Feb. 13, 1903 at Thurman aged 32y 6m 10d; bur Thurman
Harry BALDWIN, born in Scott township -d. Sept. 1, 1903 aged 9d; bur. atThurman.
Ora Belle BALES died March 16, 1901 aged 4m 4d; bur. Hamburg.
Mar (?) BALLARD died Dec. 21, 1894 aged 73y in Green township; bur. Glenwood.
Madge BALT died July 26, 1894 aged 13 m near Thurman; bur. Thurman.
Bennie BANGS died in St. Jospeh, MO on Dec. 29, 1902 aged 2y 11m; bur. in Locust Grove.
Silas BANGS, born in Locust Grove -d. Sept. 4, 1899 aged 6m 24d; bur. Locust Grove.
Viola M. BARBOUR, born at Tabor -d. Mar. 9, 1908 aged 44y 6m 19d; bur. Tabor.
George R. A. BARNARD, b. abroard ship in the mid-Atlantic -d. Dec. 6, 1908 aged 91y 11m 21d at Sidney; bur. Sidney.
Jesse Oscar BARNES, b. in Prairie township -d. Aug. 15, 1903 aged 9m 7d; bur. at Farragut.
Serena BARRETT died in Green township on Jan. 12, 1908 aged 77y 8m; bur. Thurman
Dora BARTEN, born in Montgomery county, Iowa - died Dec. 27, 1898 aged 4m 19d; bur. Knox Cemetery.
George W. BARTHOLOMEW, b. at Sidney -d. Dec. 12, 1908 aged 39y 10 18d at Clarinda, IOwa; bur. Sidney.
Dorcas BARTLETT died in Locust Grove on Feb. 14, 1899 aged 71y 7m 21d
Charles Leroy BATEMAN, born in Monroe township -d. Feb. 17, 1902 aged 3m; bur. at Farragut.
Thomas B. BATEMAN, born in Ireland -d. Jan 10, 1900 aged 64y 1m 26d in Monroe township; bur. Farragut.
Orland Robert BATMAN, born in Riverside township - died Jan. 14, 1899 aged 2m 20d; bur. at Farragut.
Joseph BAYLOR died Oct. 5, 1895 aged 16y at Sidney, Iowa; bur. Sidney.
Susan Jane BEAM, 26, died Nov. 27, 1899 in WAshington township; bur. Mount Olive.
BEBOUT infant dau., born in Benton township -d. Aug. 25, 1903; bur. Blanchard cemtery.
C.A. BECK died Nov. 12, 1896 at Hamburg; bur. Hamburg.
Mrs. Mary BECK died Aug. 16, 1888 aged 53y 9m 12 at Hamburg; bur. Hamburg.
William R. BELCHER, born in Pike County, KY -d. Nov. 17, 1907 in Washington township aged 74y 10m; bur. Hamburg.
Anna BELL, born in England -d. at Tabor aged 63y 6m 10; bur. Tabor.
Delia BELL, born at Conklin, Washington county, Tennessee -d. at Hamburg on June 22, 1902 aged 25y 2m 24d; bur. at Hamburg.
Julia Anne BELL, born at Conklin, Washington county, Tennessee -d. at Hamburg on Dec. 21, 1902 aged 20y 9m 12d; bur. Hamburg.
James BEMMER, born at Hamburg -d. at Hamburg on Aug. 29, 1903 aged 29y 1m; bur. Hamburg.
Lucy Maria BENDER, born in New York -d. Dec. 5, 1900 aged 69y 0m 5d at Hamburg; bur. at Hamburg.
George W. BENSON, born in Connecticutt -d. July 3, 1908 aged 79y 1m 5d in Tabor; bur. Tabor.
Rachel M. BENSON, born at Caswell, Illinois -d. July 5, 1908 aged 72y 9m 16d in Locust Grove; bur. Locust Grove.
William E. BERRY, b. at Brownville, Nebr. -d. June 11, 1903 aged 31y 6m 27d in St. Joseph, MO; bur. Corning, MO.
Clella BERTCH (male) died Sept. 20, 1896 aged 3y 9m 20 at Carlisle, IOwa; bur. at Sidney, IOwa
Fred BILLEEN, born in Locust Grove -d. Oct. 13, 1902 aged 15y 10m; bur. in Locust Grove.
Nellie BILLEEN, born in Sweden - d. in Locust Grove township on June 21, 1903 aged 84y 10m 3d; bur. at Locust Grove.
Thomas BIRKBY died Dec. 17, 1899 aged 5m 28d; bur. Rector Cemetery.
Mrs. Margaret BISHOP died March 21, 1896 aged 70y 2m 7d at Percival, Iowa; bur. at Sidney.
Mary BIVENS, b. in Benton township -d. Jan. 6, 1908 aged 23 years at Percival; bur. Blanchard cemetery.
Edwin Eugene BLACKBURN, born in Scott township -d. March 16, 1903 aged 10m 14d; bur. Mackey cemetery.
Samuel BLAIR died Apr. 17, 1895 aged 76 y in Fisher township; bur. Rock Island, Illinois.
Mary BLAKELY, born in Ohio -d. Dec. 31, 1908 aged 88y 8m 0d at Tabor; bur. at Tabor.
Fannie BLUNK, b. in Harrison county, Indiana -d. Mar. (1908?) aged 48 years; bur. at Hamburg.
Marth BOBBITT, an old Maid, born in Campbell county, KY - died Sept. 19, 1895 aged 71y in Sidney; bur. Rector Cemetery.
Charlotte BOGGS died in Green township on Nov. 14, 1901 aged 9y; bur. at Tabor.
A.W. BOLDRA died May 31, 1896 aged 74y 2m 27d in Sidney township; bur. Rector Cemetery.
J. A. BOLDRA's infant son, born at Anderson -d. Dec. 30, 1907; bur. Rector cemetery.
Andrew BONNEY, born in Benton township -d. Dec. 21, 1900 aged 17y 11m 21d; bur. in Blanchard Cemetery.
Alfred Edwin BONWELL died Apr. 24, 1896 in Riverside township; bur. at Sidney.
Stanley Emerson BOONE (a typesetter), born at "Mont J. da, Kansas" -d. June 28, 1907 aged 15y 8m 13d at Tabor from drowning; bur. Tabor.
Mrs. Mina BOOTON, died March 23, 1901 aged 16y 8m; bur. at Tabor.
John BOWERS, born in North Carolina -d. Oct. 1901 aged 60y in Washington township; bur. at Brown Cemetery.
Robert J. BRADLEY, born in New Brunswick -d. at Percival on Feb. 1, 1902 aged 61 years; unmarried; bur. at Nebraska City, New.
Josephine BRANER (?), born in Missouri -d. July 22, 1909 aged 56y 2m 24d at the County Farm; bur. at Hamburg.
Nellie BREEDING, born in Fisher township -d. Dec. 28, 1898 aged 3m 4d; bur. Farragut, Iowa.
Hanna C. BRILEY, b. in Mills county, IOwa -d. Mar. 20, 1908 aged 30y 5m 20d in Scott township; bur. at Thurman.
Hazel Clara BRILEY, born in Scott township -d. Jul 4, 1907 aged 6d; bur. Thurman
James BROCKIE, born in Scotland -d. at Percival on May 21, 1903 aged 61y 11m 15d; bur. Grandview cemetery.
Mary Emeline BROCKIE died at the age of 54y 5m 8d in Benton township; bur. at Bobbitt's.
Maggie BRONSON, died at Hamburg on Dec. 2, 1903 aged 49y 4m 3d; bur. Hamburg.
Bernice BROWER, born at Watson, MO -d. Dec. 1, 1901 aged 7y 7m 19d; bur. Hamburg.
Arden BROWN died March 24, 1900 at Hamburg aged 5m 8d; bur. at Hamburg.
Don H. BROWN died Dec. 18, 1900 aged 10y 10m 17d at Hamburg; bur. Hamburg.
Elizabeth BROWN, 82, died Oct. 7, 1898 at Sidney; buried in Singleton Cemetery in Walnut (sic) township.
Florence M. BROWN, born in Henry county, Iowa -d. Dec. 22, 1900 aged 30y 3m 22d; bur. Hamburg.
Howard B. BROWN, b. at Riverton -d. June 27, 1900 aged 27y 3m 11d; unmarried; bur. Hamburg.
Nathan BROWN, born in Cedar county, MO -d. at age 54y 11m 18d in Washington township; bur. Hamburg.
Neva W. BROWN, b. in Washington township -d. Dec. 30, 1908 aged 2m 17d; bur. at Hamburg.
Robert BROWN died Sept. 1, 1896 aged 5y at Percival, Iowa; bur. Bobbitt Graveyard.
Samuel BROWN, born in Ireland -d. in August 1899 aged 94y 4m 15d; bur. in Chambers, Singleton Grove.
Susan Lavina BROWN, died Sept. 9, 1898 aged 2m 14d; bur. in Washington township
William E. BROWN, born in Henry county, IOwa -d. Nov. 12, 1900 aged 33y 2m 12d; bur. at Hamburg.
John M. BRYTE died in Locut Grove on Feb. 19, 1907 aged 69y 15d; bur. Locust Grove.
James BURDICK, born in Fisher township - died Feb. 21, 1902 aged 3m; bur. Farragut.
Mary Hazel BURDICK, born in Fisher township -d. Jan. 20, 1904 aged 4m 10d; bur. Farragut.
George BURGUS, born in England -d. Oct. 20, 1900 aged 35y 8m at Imogene; bur. Imogene.
Lydia Hyatt BURSON, b. in Grant county, Indiana -d. Nov. 22, 1908 at Thurman aged 73y 7m; bur. at Thurman.
Murl BURSON died Oct. 15, 1899 aged 5y; bur. at Sidney
______BURT (m) died July 16, 1900 aged 1d; bur. Sidney
Edith Edna BURTEN, born in Walnut township - died July 2, 1898 aged 19 years in Hadden, Washington county, Kansas; bur. in Washington county, Kansas (!)
Ivan Orestus BUSHING, born in Atchison county, Missouri -d. Oct. 12, 1898 aged 14y 6m 12d at Hamburg; bur. High Creek Cemetery, Atchison county, Missouri.
Samuel G. BUTLER, born inVirginia - d. Apr. 27, 1900 aged 89 years at Farragut; bur. at Farragut.

Fourth: "B" Deaths, with Fremont county connections.

Walter Farwell (View posts)
Posted: 27 Dec 2002 8:45PM GMT
Classification: Death
Surnames: Breitener - TO - Byars
Johanna BREITENER died 10/22/1905.
May BREMER died July 24, 1908.
Mary Ann BREWER died Jan. 10, 1906.
Bessie BRIGHT died 10/9/1910.
Evert Leon BRIGHT died 6/4/1905.
James H. BRIGHT 2/28/1846 - has died.--1/3/1918.
Murray W. BRIGHT 7/27/1878 - 2/27/1923.
Mrs. Murray BRIGHT 20 years old, died 6/1`7/1905; leaves her husband, a smalll child, father and mother.Services held at the McIntyre School house in Walnut township.
Sarah M. BRIGGS died Oct. 9, 1910.
Elsie BRILEY, 8 years, d. 3/212/1918 at Percival.
Harold V. BRILEY, Specialist (M) 3C, USNR, IOwa; disappeared July 30 1945 aboard the heavy cruiser USS INDIANAPOLIS which sunk in the South Pacific. Father of Donna Jo Briley Glenn. Her mother md. (2) Quentin Parkison.
Hazel BRILEY died 7/4/1907.
Irene BRILEY died 9/13/1893 aged 12 years; bur. Thurman.
James BRILEY'S one year-old daughter died last week; bur. Thurman.--5/27/1910.
Laura E. BRILEY b. near McPaul 3/24/1882 - died 7/8/1912 at her parents 5 1/2 miles southeast of Malvern; md. Matthew Allbritton on 11/28/1898; daughter of W.A. Briley; had moved to Washington in 1900, but she returned home. Leaves a daughter, father, mother and 6 brothers and 4 sisters. Bur. Thurman.
Nancy Caroline (Braden) BRILEY has died aged 75 years.--Mar. 12, 1936.
Anna Mildred (Jenkins) BRINDLE 2/15/1851 - 12/9/1928.
George L. BRINDLE died 3/12/1887 ae 4y 6m 12d in Benton township; bur. Percival.
M.C. BRINDLE died June 19, 1925.
Rupert C. BRINDLE died 3/8/1887 ae 2y 7m 8d in Benton township; bur. Percival.
Mrs. Mary E. BRINEY 7/2/1838 - 2/3/1917.
Sarah Frances (Burt) BRINEY died 10/22/1926 aged 71y 4m 27d; born in Meigs county, Ohio.
Melissia BRISBANE died Jan. 3, 1912.
George BRISTOL, d. 7/20/1904; bur. Hamburg; leaves wife and 2 daughters. O.P. Colon was his uncle.
William BRITTAIN died 5/29/1889 aged 54y 9m 9d in Tabor.
Mrs. Frank BROCK, south of Percival, died 2/9/1906.
Hannah BROMILEY d. 7/16/1889 aged 61y 7m 23d; born in London, England; buried at Farragut.
Charlie BRONSON d. 4/19/1908 agaed 23 years.
Ed BRONSON died 9/19/1910.
F. H. BRONSON died aged 70y 9m 12d.--July 26, 1923 paper.
Agnes May BROOKFELT d. 9/29/1880 aged 2y 5m; bur. Hamburg.
Olive Pauline (Van Eaton) BROOKS died 8/2/1968.
William Miron BROOKS, born 3/5/1835 -d. 3/23/1924
(President of Tabor College).--Herald of 12/4/1924 (!) (?).
Mrs. William BROOKS, wife of Ex-President Brooks of Tabor college, ldied Dec. 28, 1910 at her at Redlands, Calif...Had gone to California about 10 years ago....They celebrated their 50th in 1910.
Mary H. BROWER died 9/9/1912.
______ BROWN (f) died 10/8/1883 ae 7m 14d on North Park St. Hamburg; bur. at Hamburg.
Mrs. James (Albertina) BROWN, died 12/19/1905; her mother died just last Tuesday. Burial Hamburg.
Mrs. Claude BROWN died last Wed.; daughter-in-law of Bill Brown and daughter of Matt Wizenberger; survived by husband, 3 children, aged parents, 3 sister, 3 brothers.
Dora B. BROWN, died 9/23/1881 aged 11m 26d; born near Hamburg - died 3 miles northwest of Hamburg; bur. Hamburg.
Doss BROWN, d. 2/15/1906; in the 1850's moved to 2 miles north of Hamburg.
Edward BROWN's picture who has resided in Hamburg, Iowa since 1869 was in Daily Nonpareil of Jan. 21. 1913; aged 85 years.
Elen BROWN died Apr. 3, 1907.
Florence May BROWN died 12/22/1900 aged 30y 3m 22d.
Henry P. BROWN, Prairie township, died 2/25/1888.
Jack BROWN died 1/14/1923
Pfc. Jack BROWN was killed in W.W. II on Mar. 22, 1945.
Jack S. BROWN died 11/26/1916.
Jacob J. BROWN, husband of Nancy (Martin) Brown, died 7/1/1910 at Douglas, Oklahoma.
Mrs. Jane BROWN was buried in the family lot on the Gordon farm. Sister of Mrs. Jake Hydinger and of William Slusher of Hamburg.--11/16/1916.
John BROWN died 12/ 15/1915.
Mary BROWN died 2/8/1905.
Myrtle BROWN of Thurman married Fred Forsyth; she has recently died; he mother, Mrs. R. H. Evans lives in Bakersfield, CA.--3/7/1935.
Nancy BROWN died 2/16/1905.
Nancy Thornly (Martin) BROWN, born 8/7/1836 in Athens county, Ohio -d. 7/19/1925. Sister Laura E. Clark of Glenwood and brother C.W. Martin of Sidney.
Neva Nanitta BROWN died 12/31/1908.
Oscar BROWN 9/7/1885 - 5/6/1923.
Sarah BROWN md. George French; she died 1/21/1888.--Hamburg News.
Sophronia Ann BROWN died 9/3/1909.
Thomas F. BROWN d. 7/26/1882 aged 78y 5m 27d.; buried 4 miles east of Hamburg.
Thomas H. BROWN of Washington township, born in England 70 years ago - has died 6 miles northwest of Hamburg. To Fremont county ca. 40 years ago.
William H. BROWN died 5/23/1915.
Charles Newland BROWNELL d. 6/21/1905.
May BROWNSFIELD died 2/22/1914.
Sarah BROWNSFIELD died June 26, 1916.
John Fulton BRYAN, b. Oct. 1898 - has died.--11/17/1938.
Robert T. BRYAN, d. 1/17/1949. Bur. Thurman. Civil War veteran (?)
William Jennings BRYAN died July 26, `1925. (Isn't this the oft-times presidential candidate?)
Angeso Christan BUCK d. 5/28/1915.
Donald Samuel BUCK d. 8/20/1916.
Coyle Anna (Wilson) BULLOCK 6/14/1884 - 12/14/1928.
Roy BULLOCK's dau. Nina Frances, b. 1/26/1906 - d. 2/6/1906.
W. A. BULLOCK died 8/3/1915 aged 63 years.
Mrs. Lucy BURDICK, 83, has died.--June 14, 1917. She married (2) _____ Clayton.
James BURGE to be buried at Thurman; he had wandered Monday night in the snow storm and part of the next day before succumbing; lived with brother-in-laws John Phillips and Benjamin Tinnell in Council Bluffs; Burge was headed for another brother-in-law's--William Tinnell; his brother Amos Burge lives at Kearney, Neb; two more brothers live in Nebraska.--January 9, 1910.
Mary BURGE died 11/17/1883 aged 34y 2m 5d in Scott township; bur. Fremont City.
Smith Doak BURGNER died Oct. 5, 1914.
Lucinda BURK, d. 8/31/1889 aged 71y 11m 24d in Benton township; bur. in Nebraska City.
Agnes BURKHISER died 3/17/1887 aged 4m 2d in Locust Grove; buried in Farragut.
Charles BURKHOLDER of LOveland, Colo., died Thursday; father of Mrs. T.C. Coles of Thurman.--Jan. 17, 1914.
T. L. BURLEY, a teacher, died 12/21/1885 aged 28y 1m 21d; single; bur. at Sidney.
J. M. BURNS (f) died 2/29/1884 aged 62y; born in Dubuque, Iowa; buried at Imogene.
Silvia BURROS died 9/16/1909.
Amy (Gray) BURROWS 5/24/1852 - 1/15/1928
Carl BURROWS d. 4/30/1892 aged 1y 4m 11d in Farragut; bur. Farragut.
Mrs. Zed. BURROWS died 1/15/1928; bur. Fararagut by side of her husband who died several years ago. Clifford Burrows, the only child, is of Tuscon, AZ.
Zephaniah Hathaway BURROWS, born 11/12/1849 - died 1/16/1919; Co. "E", 15th U.S. lnfantry 1870 - 1875.
John L. BURSON died July 21, 1892 aged 54y 9m 16 d.
Dudley BURWELL died recently at Portland, Ore.; wife was Azubah, dau. of Isaac Townsend; a son Clifford lives in Portland.
Mary BUSHEY died Apr. 2, 1905.
Mrs. BUSHEY was buried in Locust Grove Tuesday; was the mother of Mrs. Oscar Billeen and of Dr. Bushey of Hamburg.--4/11/1905.
______ BUSSARD d. 5/14/1911.
Ann (Alshouse) BUSSARD 3/28/1844 - 7/5/1922
Otho BUTCHER d. 6/17/1924
Albert Franklin BUTLER died 8/9/1913.
Charles W. BUTLER 11/29/1858 - 3/13/1945; bur. at Singleton Grove.
Frank BUTLER's 14 month old baby died Saturday; Bur. at Mt. Zion.--Randolph, Aug. 12, 1913.
Mrs. Jane BUTTERCASE d. 5/12/1888 aged 71 years; born in Fifeshire, Scotland; in 1849 with her husband Robert (he died in 1874) and 3 children immigrated to New York, 5 years; 5 years in Indiana; to Riverton township. One son died at Vicksburg; other one died here in 1879; dau's. Mrs. Thomson and Mrs. Batcheldor.
Elizabeth Clark BUTTERFIELD d. 6/3/1908.
Charles BUTTS 10/27/1867 - 2/5/1936.
Frank Willard BUTTS 9/4/1879 - 3/4/1936.
Lucinda P. BUTTS d. 4/17/1891 aged 75 y 3m 19d in Sidney; bur. at DeKalb, Illinois.
Simm BUTTS 7/12/1902 - 6/2/1928
William A. BUTTS, d. 7/18/1925; brother of Mrs. I. J. Humphrey of Sidney.
H. C. BYARS 10/1/1844 - 2/10/1928

Fifth: "B" Deaths, with Fremont county connections.

Walter Farwell (View posts)
Posted: 28 Dec 2002 9:29PM GMT
Classification: Death
Surnames: Barnhouse - TO - Bridges
Nina BARNHOUSE died 3/23/1912.
Paul Edward BARNHOUSE died 2/4/1906.
Mary E. (Crow) BARR 5/25/1849 - 8/26/1928
Bertha BARRETT died 7/21/1888 aged 2y 6m 1d; bur. at Mt. Zion.
Emma BARRETT, born in FRemont county in 1879 -d. 11/10/1897 at Syracuse, Nebraska.
Etta Shea BARRETT died 10/9/1884 aged 5m 23d in Benton township; bur. Fremont City.
John BARRETT's mother died on 12/27/1897.
Mrs. John W. BARRETT 6/1/1860 - 7/23/1929.
William BARRETT died 4/13/1905.
Peter BARTELL died 7/7/1911.
Clara Eslitta BARTHOLMEW died 2/3/1906
Jacob BARTLES, 79, died 5/8/1917; bur. Sidney
Asa B. BARTON died 11/23/1890 aged 6y 3m; born at Keokuk, Iowa.; bur. Sidney.
John BARTON, b. 10/26/1854 in Philadelphia -died Sunday; parents died in his childhood, so was raised by the Ray's in Illinois; married 2/1/1882 Ema Miller at Neponset, Ill., and came to Fremont county; leaves Miss Effie, Mrs. Vern Whitehill, and Ed, all of Farragut.
Mrs. Mayo BASS 4/30/1873 - 1//18/1945
___?___ BATCHELOR died 3/23/1912
Joseph BATCHELDOR, 7/3/1884 - 6/4/1914; leaves parents, two sisters and three brothers; burial at Riverton.
Jennie Bernice BATEMAN died 1/3/1905.
Samantha N. BATTLES died 11/25/1911
Jess C. BAUCOM md. Ada May Ketcham, born 5/25/1872 inWarrick county, Ind -d. 3/16/1935; md. on 3/9/1892 in Indiana; 11 children with 6 living. Bur. Farragut.
Mildred Viola BAUCOM died 9/6/1908
Adrian, daughter of William BAULT, died 12/28/1903 aged 5 years.
Charles BAULT has died.--12/11/1924.
Ben BAYES died 4/6/1935.
Mrs. James BAYLOR died 9/20/1916.
Jasper BAYLOR died 2/28/1928
Grandma BEABOUT died last Saturday, aged 83 years, at her home 4 miles southwest of Percival; bur. at Bobbitt Cemetery.--4/11/1905.
Mrs. Phoebe BEABOUT, 78 years old, wife of Ellis, died Mar. 31, 1905; burial at Rectors.
Clyde BEAM's wife Grace Alida (dau. of John T. Rush), born at Farragut 9/27/1915 -d. 1/5/1935; married on 4/1/1934; burial at Riverton; her mother died 10/21/1932.
Elem BEAM died 12/6/1928
Fred Arnold BEAM died 1/3/1916
Mrs. Wilber BEAM 11/8/1879 - 4/18/1942.
Sarah BEASLEY died 10/26/1904
William D. BEASLY's--late of Fremont county--minor heirs: Robert H., Edmond E., John F., William W. D.; their guardian isn Margaret E. Moss.--August 11, 1869.
Amasa BEASON died 7/5/1923
Francis BEASON died 4/16/1913.
Willie BEASON, aged 2 years, has died.--4/12/1888.
"Al" BEBOUT, old timer and former postmaster in Eastport, died 25 years ago.--3/11/1952.
Flora BEDE died 1/21/1885 aged 27 years; bur. Tabor.
Dorothy BEDFORD died 9/5/1906.
Sara Leona Kiser BEDFORD d. 1/3/1908
John William BEEDLE 12/28/1852 - 12/24/1924
T. BEEMS (f) died 1/18/1887 aged 3months; bur. at Hamburg
Anna BELL, senior, died 10/25/1907.
Fred BELL 9/3/1879 - 5/1/1945
John BELL died 4/20/1886 aged 62y 11m 1d; born in England -died in Green township; bur. at Tabor.
Julia M. BELL 3/9/1882 - 12/21/1902.
Martin BELL died 8/17/1881 aged 15y; born in Fremont county - buried at Tabor.
Mary H. BELL died 8/1/1881 aged 49 years; born in England; burial at Tabor.
Sarah BELL married James Winslow; one of eight children, four of whom with the father and mother have died of consumption within the last four years, died May 31, 1906 aged 31y 1m 28d; no children.--Hamburg.
Herschel Leon BENEDICT died 5/21/1912
Martha Jane BENEDICT ('s?) newborn daughter died 5/16/1885; bur. at Parsley.
Mrs.Elizabeth BENNETT died 1/30/1923
James BENNETT died 10/27/1891 aged 41y 1m 1d at Sidney; buried at Sidney.
Lewis BENNETT died 9/1/1911.
Lewis BENNETT died Thursday of last week at his daughter, Mrs. E. V. Wright, 3 miles north of Hamburg; 95 years 4m 9d; born in Kentucky, but had lived in Illinois many years; buried at Colchester, Illinois.--Sept. 12, 1911
Mary Lorena BENNETT died 4/30/1915.
Smith BENNETT, 62, d. 11/25/1932; since 1905 has been a Hamburg blacksmith.
Thomas BENNETT died 1/15/1909.
Lydia BENSON died 10/22/1908
Peter BENSON's funeral was in Shenandoah, Wednesday, and was buried in Farragut.--12/14/1911.
Mrs. Peter BENSON died Sunday at her foster daughter's Mrs. A.F. Daland: Eliza McIntyre, b. Delaware co., N.Y. 8/30/1840 ; married Peter Benson at Oregon, Wisconsin on 2/26/1857; came to Fremont county in 1870 to farm 4 miles north of Farragut; no issue, but 45 years ago gave a home to motherless little girl, Mrs. Daland. Leaves 2 brothers and 3 sisters. Burial Farragut.
Charles V. BENTLEY died 2/17/1915.
Martha J. BENTLEY died 8/27/1885 aged 71y 3m 17d at Burnett, Antelope county, Nebraska; bur. Hamburg.
Thomas J. BENTLEY died 12/18/1907.
Charles BERKIMER died 10/19/1884 as a young man.
Thomas BERKLY died 6/24/1910.
____?____ BEST died 12/6/1911
____?____ BETTS died 6/21/1911
Mrs. Sarah (Cowles) (Samuels) BICKEL 7/15/1860 - 4/27/1945.
L. W. BIDDINGER died 9/15/1903; former Sidney druggist.
Samuel BIDNELL (BIXWELL?) died 2/27/1874 at Hamburg.
Kenneth Virgil BIGGINS 5/18/1915 - 7/26/1925.
Lorena Helen BIGGINS d. 3/16/1911
Patrick Henry BIGGINS died 11/21/1915.
Nellie (Nelson) BILLEEN, b. in Sweden in 1818 -d. 6/21/1903; bur. at Locust Grove.
Alta Mary BILLINGS died April 12, 1906.
George BILLING's dau. Alta died Thursday aged 12y 6m 10d; bur. Riverton.--4/13/1906.
Mrs. Sarah BILLINGS died last Thursday at son's Vessie in Riverton.--2/8/1912
Ada Bell BILLSLAND died 1/16/1881 aged 6y 4d; bur. Farragut.
Mrs. Mary BINGER died 12/8/921 aged 80 (89?) years.
Richard Leroy BINGHAM 3/14/1922 -5/4/1922
____?____ BIRD died 2/13/1916.
Margaret (Foxworthy) BIRD, born 11/29/1883, has died.--11/14/1968.
Ham BIRKBY has died aged 55 years; married Jessie, dau. of Col. B. Reeves on 2/4/1886; brothers Thomas and Jack Birkby.--7/18/1905.
Jack BIRKBY has died at Spaulding, Nebraska.--4/29/1910.
Ruth Rebecca BIRKBY d. 2/15/1916.
Cynthia Malinda BISHOP 7/27/1855 - 3/2/1928.
W. W. BISHOP died Monday; bur. in Sidney; was a pioneer in southwest Sidney township.--12/5/1912.
William Wallace BISHOP died 11/25/1912.
William Walter BISHOP, 83 years, died Nov. 25, 1912 at his home about five miles southeast of Thurman; leaves 2 sons and two daughters; one daughter is Mrs. Brown of Sidney. Buried at Sidney. Mrs. BISHOP died some years ago.
Mary Emily "Bonnie" BIVENS 12/3/1884 - 1/6/1908; bur. at Blanchard Cemetery.
Albert Roy BLACK b. 7/12/1883 - d. 10/28/1922; bur. Mt. Zion.
Mariam BLACK died 10/9/1911.
Nolan BLACK died 12/6/1968 aged 64 years.
James E. BLACKMAN died 5/2/1892 aged 9y 9m 22 d in Farragut; burial at Farragut.
Olive T. BLADES died 12/4/1904
Mary BLAKELY died 1/1/1908.
Rose BLAKELY died Feb. 27, 1913; came to Tabor 1880; married George H. Starrett 3/22/1888; burial in Omaha.
Thomas BLAKELY died 3/25/1893 aged 15 years; bur. Randolph.
Ernest C. BLANCHARD died 3/20/1915.
________BLEEZEK died 12/19/1910.
Oliver BLODGETT died 1/10/1903; a Civil War veteran.
Thomas K. BLOOM died 3/18/1909
Frank BLUNK died 8/10/1916.
May BLUNK died 4/24/1908.
Eli M. BOAN married Josephine Henrietta ___?____ in Decatur county, IOwa; she was born in Lafayette, Ind. 10/24/1849 died 6/20/1913. Seven children baut only husband, William P. and Edward G. survive.--Farragut News.
E. G. BOATRIGHT, 88 years, died Friday at Newton, IOwa while enroute home to Russell, Ohio; was the grandfather of Mrs. J. R. Stuhr.
Charlie BOBBITT's mother, 92 years old, died Friday at Sabetha, Kansas.--March - May 1908.
Frances BODE died 7/16/1887 aged 1y 1m 9d in Walnut township; bur. in Shenandoah.
Adolphus N. BODINUS died last week.--5/15/1938
Charles P. BOGAN died 6/20/1905 at Husted, Colorado.--Sidney Argus-Herald of 6/27/1935
Earl BOGER died 8/1/1893 aged 1 day; bur. Hamburg.
_____BOLDRA died 1/3/1915.
Mrs. Alex BOLSTER (nee Spittler) died 11/14/1928
Volley BOLTEN died 6/5/1908 aged 22 years.
Mrs. A. C. BONWELL died last week.--8/17/1916.
Hiram BOONE, grand-nephew of Daniel Boone, born 3/3/1830 -died 105y 3m 3d.--6/20/1935.
Stanley Emerson BOONE died 6/28/1907.
William Donald Ray BOONE died 7/22/1915.
Fred BOOTEN died 5/20/1908
Fred BOOTON, son of George Booton, born 5/17/1886 in Fremont county -died 1/5/1912
Augustus BORCHERS died 11/23/1885 aged 68y 3m; buried at Rock Port, Missouri.
C.F. BOSWORTH died 1/25/1932; married Ella, a cousin of Mrs. Coleman Smith on 9/30/1884 in Riverton; bur. in Nebraska City.
Saida (Pettit) BOURNE, born 9/5/1865 in Clinton, Illinois -d. 7/13/1932 at Rushville, Nebr.; came to Fremont county as a girl; in 1888 she went west and took up a homestead on the Niobrara river near Hay Springs; md. Richard H. Bourne; 9 children, 7 are living.
Hamburg: BOWEN child died 4/26/1903 aged 18m; bur. Utterback
Mrs. Kathrine BOWERS died 7/20/1936; nee Roberts.
Asenath A. BOWMAN died 3/22/1910.
Benjamin F. BOWMAN died 1/14/1905.
Bert BOWMAN has died; brother of Mrs. Carrie Willey and Mrs. I. J. Brinegar.--8/13/1936.
Robert BOWMAN died 3/27/1925 aged 48 years.
Abram BOYD, Hamburg dentist, d. 1/1/1884 aged 55 years; buried in Canada.
Fred BOYD 8/22/1892 - 8/8/1968
Row N. BOYD died 7/27/1884 aged 7m 26d; born in Green township; bur. in Fremont City.
Laura Elsie BOYER died 4/25/1909
John BRACKNEY died 9/23/1883 aged 61 yrs; died at home near Sidney; bur. Sidney
Hon. A. A. BRADFORD died Mar. 14, 1888
Lilian Marie BRADLEY d. July 21, 1914
Elizabeth F. BRAKTON died 5/8/1881 aged 61y 10m 11d; bur. Farragut.
David Brannian, 78 years old, died 5/23/1936
Elizabeth BRANDT died 12/25/1880 aged 12y 7m 13d; born in Sidney township; bur. at Riverton; died in Prairie township.
Mrs. Lizzie BREDENSTEIN died at Walkerville Sept. 23 or 30, 1917; bur. at Northboro; husband died 15 years ago; leaves daughters Mrs. E. Steinkamp, Mrs. Chris Rolf, Mrs. Bovenkamp, Miss Emma.
Mrs. BREWER died 3 miles east of Tabor on 7/24/1908
Clayton BREWER died Saturday in Des Moines.--4/14/1905
Mrs. John BREWER died Friday; bur. Riverton; leaves husband and 9 children.--4/18/1905
Arabella BRIDGES b. 5/5/1851 - d. 2/11/1935
Mrs. Garrett BRIDGES died 5/3/1936
Catharine Grace BRIDGES 9/20/1936 - 9/7/1968

Additional information on R. Jane SLUSHER BROWN

ellenbugs (View posts)
Posted: 31 Dec 2002 4:41PM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 1 Aug 2003 4:23PM GMT
Just an FYI on R. Jane SLUSHER BROWN, who is included in Walter's last list of B deaths...

R. Jane SLUSHER was married to James BROWN (8/11/1844-1918). He was the son of Leonard Doss BROWN and Sophire BEASON.

According to the History of Fremont County, Iowa 1881 - Franklin Township p. 631:

"BROWN, JAMES, farmer, P.O. Hamburg; born in Warren County, Indiana, August 11, 1844. In 1947 came to this county. In 1864 he was married to Miss R.J. Slusher, a native of this county, and the daughter of an old settler. They have four children; Charles, George, Leonard D., and an infant. In 1861, Mr. Brown enlisted in company C, Fifth Missouri cavalry, serving two years, when he was mustered out."

I have the children listed as: Charley Boy (b. 1868), Leonard D. (b. 1872), Georgia (b. 1874), Joseph (b. 1876), and Fred (b. 1878).

Another child of L.D. and Sophire BROWN, Nancy Jane BROWN, was also married to a SLUSHER, but I believe the two Slusher families in question were cousins.

Keep them coming, Walter! I really appreciate your hard work!!!

Does anyone know more about this Gordon Farm listed in Jane Brown's death info? Many of my Browns are buried in Hamburg Cemetery.

Re: Additional information on R. Jane SLUSHER BROWN

Terry Girardot (View posts)
Posted: 1 Jan 2003 5:22AM GMT
Classification: Query
I have the children listed as

Infant, b. 12 Jan 1862 d. 10 Oct 1862, bur. Slusher Cem.
Merida, b. 23 Oct 1865 d. 03 Oct 1867, bur. Slusher Cem
Sophia A., b. 16 Mar 1868 d. 06 Nov 1870, bur. Slusher Cem
Leonard D.
(Male), b. abt 1881 in Hamburg

Gathered from a variety of sources, can't guarantee accuracy, FYI

That Gordon farm.

Walter Farwell (View posts)
Posted: 12 Jan 2003 9:53PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Darby, Gordon
Ellen: Did you happen to see on "Second: "D" Deaths, With Fremont county Connections" that additional bit about the Gordon farm under "D.D. Darby's sister" when she died?. The search space will locate the Darby sister.--Walter

That Gordon farm.

Walter Farwell (View posts)
Posted: 12 Jan 2003 9:53PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Darby, Gordon
Ellen: Did you happen to see on "Second: "D" Deaths, With Fremont county Connections" that additional bit about the Gordon farm under "D.D. Darby's sister" when she died?. The search space will locate the Darby sister.--Walter

Re: Additional information on R. Jane SLUSHER BROWN

ellenbugs (View posts)
Posted: 13 Jan 2003 5:40PM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 1 Aug 2003 4:23PM GMT
I think you are right! Sorry about that. The children I listed are included in the History of Fremont County, Iowa book. They would be the living children. The cemetery book for Fremont County lists the other children, who apparently died at a very young age, as their children as well. Thanks for the clarification.
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