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Swicord Genealogy

Swicord Genealogy

Clarke Swicord (View posts)
Posted: 2 Jul 1999 7:16PM GMT
Please E-mail me if you know a Swicord


Stanley Chris Swicord (View posts)
Posted: 7 Feb 2000 9:16PM GMT
I'm just looking for info on family history. My dad is Allen R. Swicord from Grady/Decatur County, Ga.


derali (View posts)
Posted: 19 Apr 2000 7:17PM GMT
Edited: 17 Aug 2001 2:29PM GMT
I have a Sarah (or Sallie) Emma Culpepper, who married W.E. Swicord on Feb. 19, 1889 in Decatur Co., Georgia. She was the sister of my great grandfather, Howard Percival Culpepper. My relatives, who are now deceased, said she and her husband ran a grocery store in Attapulgus, Ga. Also said he was an ornery ole cuss! Who knows? From what I remember, they also said he had a son..I think named Eugene or Gene. They also said he had a son whom for some reason Aunt Emma raised. I have no documentation, only hearsay. Maybe this will help you. If you find a connection, I'd appreciate your letting me know.

Swicord/Eugene Howard

Ellen Swicord (View posts)
Posted: 16 Dec 2000 9:12PM GMT
My name is Ellen Swicord and I am researching my fathers family..His name is Howard Swicord, born 1937 in NY... he knows very little about them because his parents divorced when he was a baby, but of course is curious to know more.

Could the Eugene you are referring to be Eugene Howard, who was adopted or raised by the Swicords? He would have been born around 1913..He may have changed his name at some point to Eugene Swicord or Howard Swicord but I can't confirm this.

After doing some research, I found that here is a Howard Swicord that died in April 2000 who was born in Whigham, GA in 1913 and was buried in Attapulgus, GA just this year. This could be the same person but don't have any solid connection yet.

There is also a Eugene Howard who was born in 1917/died 1997 in Bainbridge, GA who might also be my fathers father.

Do you have any other info or memories about the family? Would love to hear more.

Swicord/Eugene Howard

derali (View posts)
Posted: 22 Dec 2000 9:08PM GMT
Edited: 17 Aug 2001 2:29PM GMT
Dear Ellen,
There very well could be a connection here. My Aunt Sarah Emma Culpepper was born somewhere around 1869. She married W.E. Swicord (but I'm beginning to believe it may have been W.B. Swicord(William), on Feb. 19, 1889 in Decatur Co., Ga.
After seeing your reply, I searched for the letter my cousin sent before she died and finally found it. Keep in mind that my research was on the Culpepper side, but I've hit a dead end with Aunt Emma.
The letter stated from my cousin stated:

"Howard Percival Culpepper had a sister named Emma Culpepper(who mother says was a real sweet, nice person. She married a man named Swicord who was from Foultown, Ga. (He was supposed to be an "onery old cuss"). Aunt Emma and Mr. Swicord had two daughters and one son. The son had a little boy named Eugene and after his mother died, Aunt Emma and her husband raised him. They later moved to Attapulgus, Ga and had a small grocery store."

I hope this information helps you in some way. Please let me know if you find any leads as I am curious to know.

Good luck in your research.


Ellen Swicord (View posts)
Posted: 26 Dec 2000 6:24PM GMT
Hi Deral--

Thanks for your post. I am not sure yet how the information fits in, but I think the coincidence is so strong.. The Eugene I am researching would have been born with the last name Howard and then raised by the Swicords. So it would make more sense if Eugene was the child of one of Emma and W.E's daughters and not the son.

From some other research, I have found that W.E. Swicord was Warren E. Swicord (1863-1936) There are cemetary records on him at I am also fairly certain that his son would have been Luther Swicord (1894-1985). I found the obituary for Luther's wife Jettie which talks about a family grocery store in or near Fowlstown. Let me know if you are interested in the link and I will post it.

If you are interested in knowing more about Emma Culpepper, I found info about a cemetery called Griffin cemetary, on a dirt road 2 miles outside Attapulgus, and it lists Culpepper and Swicord graves (but no details in the article I found).

Also I found information about Greenshade cemetery in Fowlstown which has Swicord listed (it would be her married name)..and there is a contact named J.B. address I believe J.B. is the son of Luther Swicord's son who was also named Luther. Emma would be his great-grandmother.

Also, there is a great Culpepper family history site at which list a lot of information about Emma's parents, etc. (I think she also had a sister with the same name who died ten years before she was born).

Have fun!!


Swicord/Culpepper family

J. B. Swicord (View posts)
Posted: 26 Dec 2000 8:40PM GMT
Warren E Swicord Emma Culpepper Swicord were my Grandparents, Emma;s sister ? was yor grand. Would like to correspond. J.B.


derali (View posts)
Posted: 26 Dec 2000 9:15PM GMT
Edited: 17 Aug 2001 2:29PM GMT

Aunt Emma's brother, Howard, was my great-grandfather. Would love to correspond! Can you tell me anything about Aunt Emma? I'm familiar with the Culpepper connections site..have contributed to it but am looking for more info on Aunt Emma, her brothers and sisters and the generations from her to me. Feel free to email me with any info you have. The address is:

Looking forward to hearing from you.
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