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Ozment Genealogy for Ozments from Guilford Co. N.C and Tennessee and beyond

Ozment Genealogy for Ozments from Guilford Co. N.C and Tennessee and beyond

Doug ozment (View posts)
Posted: 8 Jun 2009 10:30AM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Ozment - Osment
I both have and need Genealogy information for Ozments from Tennessee, North Carolina and possibly Maryland.

Also Ozments later in Arkansas, Texas and Beyond.

I am a Descendant of Daniel Jasper Ozment and possibly Samuel Ozment born in Guilford County North Carolina in 1800

I have found other information here and there and I am trying to piece it all together.

Both Daniel Jasper and his father Samuel had plenty of children and also other relatives from Maryland moved to the areas.

please email me at soonerdoug @

Doug Ozment

Here is my tree going in reverse

Doug J Ozment
James L Ozment (Born in St Louis Mo)-Father
Leroy A Ozment (Born in Centerville Tenn)- Grandfather
John Clinton Ozment (born in Montezuma Tenn?) G Grandfather
Daniel Jasper Ozment (Born in Wilson County)
Samuel Ozment (born in Guilford County North Carolina)

Re: Ozment Genealogy for Ozments from Guilford Co. N.C and Tennessee and beyond

joanhorsey (View posts)
Posted: 8 Jun 2009 1:38PM GMT
Classification: Query
Thank you for sending the information on the Ozmans...
my grandfather was George Melvin Ozman and my great grandfather was Thomas Ozman. I have been unable thus far to link Thomas definitively to Ozmans past Thomas. My Ozmans are primarily from Caroline County, Talbot County, Dorchester County - all in Maryland and possibly from Sussex County, DE... please let me know if you have further questions. Joan Horsey

Re: Ozment Genealogy for Ozments from Guilford Co. N.C and Tennessee and beyond

Doug ozment (View posts)
Posted: 8 Jun 2009 8:59PM GMT
Classification: Query
Email me...I may be able to tie your Osman's to my Ozments.

They came from Maryland to Guilford N.C. (as far as I can).

There is also a John Ozment who is trying to get Ozments - Osments and Osman's to do DNA testing.

soonerdoug @ (without the spaces of coure)

Re: Ozment Genealogy for Ozments from Guilford Co. N.C and Tennessee and beyond

joanhorsey (View posts)
Posted: 9 Jun 2009 2:24PM GMT
Classification: Query
My Ozman uncle has done the DNA test and is registered with Family Tree Maker ... I have been trying to work through Capt John Ozman from Centreville, Queen Anne's County, MD. William is another name that frequently pops up ... as well as Thomas ... any help would be appreciated!

Joan Horsey

Re: Ozment Genealogy for Ozments from Guilford Co. N.C and Tennessee and beyond

loved1960 (View posts)
Posted: 9 Jun 2009 5:11PM GMT
Classification: Query
Many trees online show that Daniel Jasper Ozment's parents were a James Thomas "Thomas" Ozment and Mary Bland. Do you have documentation for his father to be Samuel Ozment? I descend from an Elizabeth Ozment that was born and married in Guilford North Carolina but moved to Indiana with her husband Hartwell Knight. I believe she is the daughter of a Thomas Ozment and Elizabeth Russum but I haven't found any proof of that yet.

James Thomas Ozment Reply

Doug ozment (View posts)
Posted: 9 Jun 2009 5:44PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Ozment - Osment - Osman
I have 1 or 2 things that suggest that Daniel Jasper Ozment was the son of James Thomas Ozment and another that suggested that named a son Daniel Jasper also.

There was clearly some relationships there with at least two Ozment households being listed in Guilford County in 1800.

Please correct me if I am wrong but I think at least two of the groups of Ozment's in Guilford were Descendants of John Osman (and other spellings) in Maryland.

It looks like cousins and brothers came down from the 1780's through 1810 and a third Osment family showed up.

Now I believe my Daniel Jasper Ozment was the son of Samuel Ozment (b 1800 in Guilford) because they went to Wilson County Tenn together and...

Here is from the 1850 Census ... same household

1850 Hardeman Co TN 12 Dec
Samuel OZMENT 50 NC Nancy 50 NC Sarah 26 TN
Daniel 24 Jonathan 16 Newton 12 Rachel 9 William 3

and a document in Hardeman County Tenn shows land being transfered (Samuels death in the 1860's?) naming Daniel Jasper as one of the descendants.

I do not have a copy of the document but have text from it...

"J. M. Ozment
To Deed, Registered February 22nd 1868
D. J. Ozment

Whereas by descent from Samuel Ozment, Daniel Jasper Ozment, Johnathan
M. Ozment, Newton McDonald Ozment, Sarah Caroline Holloway, heirs,
Alexander McCearley & Elizabeth McCearley, Rachel King have derived titled
to and now hold equal and undivided interest in the following tract or
parcel of land, lying and being in the 16th Civil District Hardeman County
and State of Tennessee, on the waters of Piney Creek, Range one, and
Section five, "

I do wonder if James Thomas Ozment also had a son named Daniel. It is also possible that Daniel went to live with his uncle Samuel or something of that nature...who knows without birth certificates and they lived on rural farms with no towns around. I would love to document every Ozment from the late 1600's through the late 1800's and really find out all our history.

I do have a question as to who a Campbell Ozment may have been which one family document lists as being Samuel's (b. 1800 in Guilford) father.

Many other people online show it is Jonathan Ozment...could have been Campbell middle name.

I know in my family line several went by their nicknames even.

If any of you have anything please let me know.

Re: James Thomas Ozment Reply

loved1960 (View posts)
Posted: 9 Jun 2009 7:53PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Ozment, Osman, Knight, Messenheimer
Thank you for providing the link to Samuel. I think people are confusing 2 different Jaspers. I agree with your research. Since you have researched the Ozments from NC to Wilson, TN - I am wondering if you could help me with the following?

Have you been able to connect you family to a family headed by John Lafayette Ozment who lived McNairy and Wilson, Tennessee? I am trying to find the link to a Varnum Ozment and my Elizabeth Ozment Knight and I believe Varnum may have been a son of John Lafayette. Here is more info:

My Elizabeth "Betsy" Ozment was married to Hartwell Knight on Apr 24, 1827 in Guilford, NC. James Johnson was the Bondsman and Jno G. Hanner was the witness and I believe the county clerk. She is listed with her husband Hartwell in Clay City, Decatur, Indiana in the 1850 census, age 50 and listed as born in VA (but so is Hartwell and he was actually born there). She is buried in Milford Cemetery in Milford, Decatur, IN and depending on whose transcription is used, she either died on 1-4-1857 or 1-1-1852. Her daughter and my 2nd great grandmother Malinda Jane Knight Messenheimer's death certificate lists her mother as an Osman. Elizabeth's son and Malinda's brother Henry lists his mother as being born in Maryland in the 1920 census. Hmmm....

A descendant of Malinda's brother Henry has a diary of Henry's that lists a relative Varnum Ozment visiting from Texas. The following information is available on Varnum.

In 1835, he puchased 40 acres of land in Shelby, Indiana
1838-1845 Deed record in McNairy, TN
1839 Purchased Land in Galveston, TX
1845 Married to E Henderson in Fayette, TN
1849 Immigrated to Texas Landing at Galveston
1850-1860 Cherokee, TX Census
1850 Married to Susan Mallard Cherokee,TX
1870 Bates, MO Census
A Biography is listed for Varnum's son JW Ozment at that explains more about this interesting character.

I am trying to understand the connection to my Elizabeth. I really do think she descends from the group that traveled from Maryland to NC based on the limited information I have. Varnum's "story" that has been passed on seems embellished somewhat but my mtDNA which goes to Elizabeth suggests a french background interestingly. I am an H5a.

I would love to see more information in the guilford county records but I am in California which makes it difficult to research from here. Any help would be appreciated.

Re: James Thomas Ozment Reply

Doug ozment (View posts)
Posted: 9 Jun 2009 9:31PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: o

I will look to see what I find.

I see things from the Eleanor woman on

I know a woman with the screen name genny1 used to post a lot of things also.

Dwight Ozment from Virginia used to do a ton of research and had spoke to my father 5-10 years ago. He passed away in 2005 but he sort of had become the online Ozment Patriarch in a way.

I strongly suggest you have a brother, father or male first cousin on your Ozment side go to the dna website and take the test as I am going to do.

John Ozment of California is sort of the site administrator and has been very helpful to me this week.

He is a Descendant of the Maryland Ozments as I figure I must be.

My guess is there seems to be 3-4 groups of Ozment/Osments and Osmans that came to the US from the late 1700 until early 1800's. Don't take this as fact but that is what appears.

Why would John Osman/Ozman's grandkids go to Guilford County N.C. from Maryland and then be joined by more Ozments and Osments from elsewhere from 1790 - 1810. There was almost nothing in that area so it couldn't have been a coincidence surely.

John Ozment (from the DNA group) did mention that an osment who recently took a dna test does have the markers to be related to the Ozments (Maryland Ozments) up the line a little. These osments appear to have went from Guilford to Tennessee to Arkansas over the years The Actors Haley Joel and Emily Osment (Emily is co-star with Miley Cyrus on Hannah Montana the Disney Show) My 74 year old father James L Ozment has a photo from when he was 5 or 6 and has the exact same eyes and features as Haley Joel Ozment did when he first started acting. The Osment actor family comes from N.E. Arkansas.

When I was a kid back in the 70s and early 80s I used to visit my grandparents and my grandfather Leroy A Ozment told me once we had distant relatives living over there and that once as a very small boy they visited some. Seems like he mentioned both Ozments and Osments.

There are Ozment family cemeteries in Wilson County Tenn, Montezuma (was McNairy county now Chester?) and then some near a place called Osment or Ozment Bluff Arkansas.

I was told there are a number of Ozments buried in Tennessee from the early 1800's on.

I will post everything I find on here and will gladly include anyone in emails who wants to be included.

I would be more than happy to hear any corrections or input on anything I post.

Ozment Reunion in Guilford County ???

Doug ozment (View posts)
Posted: 9 Jun 2009 10:33PM GMT
Classification: Query
Here is an idea.

Maybe we all should plan a Ozment family reunion in Guilford County N.C. for 2010 or 2011.

We could invite every Ozment and known desendant of an Ozment. Have them bring any family information and history of Ozment's they have and try and put more of it together.

That would give people plenty of time to dig out what they can, plan the trip and even do the DNA testing thing if interested.

I believe the Osments do a family reunion in Arkansas every year.

Re: James Thomas Ozment Reply

loved1960 (View posts)
Posted: 10 Jun 2009 2:29AM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Ozment, Osman, Knight, Messenheimer
Any help you can provide would be much appreciated. Unfortunately, I descend from a female Ozment and so the YDNA does not carry through to the male side of my family. I would need to find who was Elizabeth's father or brother to even look for a cousin at this point to do that. We just carry the mtDNA for Elizabeth Ozment and her mother's mother's line etc.
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