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William O. Harris and Mary Ann Milliway

William O. Harris and Mary Ann Milliway

hamige (View posts)
Posted: 9 Mar 2003 3:16PM GMT
Looking to identify William O. Harris' parents. William was born 1810 Fredricksville Parish, Ablemarle County and married Mary Ann Milliway Nov 9, 1837. I believe William's father was Henry but unable to verify.

Re: William O. Harris and Mary Ann Milliway

schomakers1 (View posts)
Posted: 26 May 2005 6:29AM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Harris Millaway Milloway Mahanes
I think it is possible that William O. Harris is the oldest son of Overton Harris (b.c.1785-d.c.1817) who m.1806 Albemarle Co. Elizabeth Brockman (b.c.1785-d.<1850).

Overton Harris is in the 1810 Albemarle Co. census with two sons under 10. The family may have travelled to Tennessee about 1811, since their next two children, Mary (Polly) (b.c.1812) and my gggrandfather, James Brockman Harris (b.25Apr1816), were born in Tennessee, according to later census records. After Overton died, Elizabeth remarried Samuel Mahanes Dec 1818 back in Albemarle Co.

My grandmother told me that her grandfather James had the siblings William, Calvin, and Mary. I have found this corroborated in Brockman family sources. Census data show Calvin D. Harris (b.c.1810-d.c.1875) and his family in Orange Co., Green Co., and Albemarle Co. James Brockman Harris also stayed in the Fredericksville Parish area, living with his wife's family in Louisa Co. near the Albemarle Co. line at Cobham. Mary(Polly) Harris married her stepbrother William C. Mahanes, son of Samuel, and they also lived in Fredericksville Parish, Albemarle Co. If William O. Harris was their brother, perhaps it was with his wife's family that he left Virginia to travel west.

There are several connections between the Mahanes and the Milliway/Milloway family. Samuel Mahanes had a daughter Janette who married George Milloway in 1824. He also had a probable niece, Judith H. Mahanes, who married first John Milloway in 1816 (they may be the parents of your Mary Ann Milliway) and then Isaac Milloway in 1825. And Samuel Mahanes had a probable nephew, William Mahanes (Judith's brother?) who married Martha Milloway in 1826. Sometime after 1840 they all moved to Ohio. In the 1850 Census record for Jackson Twp, Franklin Co., Ohio, (M432_680 pg. 151) the families of William Mahanes, your William Harris, and Isaac Milloway are on the same page!

By 1860 both William Mahanes and William O. Harris have relocated to Mattoon, Coles Co., Illinois. In looking at the census records for 1870 and 1880, I am struck by the fact that William O. Harris named sons James B. and Calvin D. What do those middle initials stand for?

I am very interested in finding Overton Harris' parentage. Could Henry Harris be a grandfather of William O., and the father of Overton?

Re: William O. Harris and Mary Ann Milliway

Michael Harris (View posts)
Posted: 30 May 2005 12:27AM GMT
I've also connected the Milliway, Mahanes and Harris families to Franklin County, Ohio and Mattoon, Coles Illinois. What I didn't realize was that Overton Harris is the father of William O. Harris. I was under the wrong impression that Henry was William's father when he was most likely his grandfather. The 1840 Census of Fredricksville Parish list William Harris, H.S. The H.S. designates son of a Harris whose first name starts with letter "H" I will need to focus my search on Overton. Thanks for the help.

Re: William O. Harris and Mary Ann Milliway

senaham1 (View posts)
Posted: 23 Dec 2006 11:39PM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 24 Dec 2006 4:14PM GMT
Surnames: Mahanes, Milliway
Hi, I am a Mahanes that is related to William Mahanes and Martha Milliway. They are my gg grandparents. Please contact me.

Re: William O. Harris and Mary Ann Milliway

schomakers1 (View posts)
Posted: 27 Dec 2006 3:32AM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Harris, Mahanes
Hi Bonnie,

The 1840 Census for Fredericksville Parish, Albemarle Co., VA, has these Mahanes:

1. Saml Mehanes 0000100100000,0026201000000;
2. Meredith Mehanes 0000110000000,2000100000000;
3. Wm C Mehanes 1000010000000,1100100000000;
4. Wm Mehanes Sr 2200010000000,1100100000000;

1. Samuel Mahanes born 1776 is my step-ggggrandfather. He was married three times:

From John Vogt & T. William Kethley, Jr., Orange Co Marriages, 1747-1850, (1984 Iberian Pub Co, Athens, Ga):
"1802 25 Nov Elizabeth Brockman d/o William Samuel Mahanes"

From John Vogt and T. W. Kethley, Albemarle County, Virginia Marriages 1780-1853, (Iberian Publishing, Athens, GA 1991), pg 201:
"Mahanes, Samuel & Nancy Humphreys 5 June 1816; [Marr. Reg., 1806-1868, fol.19] b-John Brockman, who also affirms Nancy over 21 wit-William Wertenbaker Nancy gives her own consent wit-John Brockmnan & Daniel Shackelford [Marr. Bonds, 1806-1817]"

From John Vogt and T. W. Kethley, Albemarle County, Virginia Marriages 1780-1853, (Iberian Publishing, Athens, GA 1991), p.497:
"Harris, Elizabeth & Samuel Mahanes 7 Dec 1818; min-John Goss, 22Dec1818 [Marr. Reg., 1806-1868, fol.23] b-Dabney Spicer wit-William Wertenbaker d-Overton Harrison Elizabeth gives her own written consent wit-Dabney Spicer & Robert Brockman [B/C Papers, 1818-24]"
[Note Elizabeth is not the daughter of "Overton Harrison", but the widow of Overton Harris. Samuel Mahanes' first wife was her cousin. Dabney Spicer and Robert Brockman are her brothers-in-law.]

Samuel Mahanes had a son Tandy by his first wife; Tandy Mahanes was raised by her parents Wm and Elizabeth Brockman of Orange Co., VA, and Boone Co., KY. Samuel had five more sons, possibly by his second wife. He had four daughters by his third wife. He died about 1850, probably at the Louisa Co., VA, home of his daughter and son-in-law Mildred Amanda and Charles R. Shepherd.

2. Meredith Mahanes and William C. Mahanes, born about 1807, are almost certainly the twin sons of Samuel Mahanes. Meredith married Sarah Bell Payne 27 Apr 1837 in Louisa Co., VA (source is FTM CD229). He had at least four daughters and four sons and died about 1884 in Albemarle Co., VA.

3. William C. Mahanes married his step-sister Mary 'Polly' Bell Harris:
From John Vogt and T. W. Kethley, Albemarle County, Virginia Marriages 1780-1853, (Iberian Publishing, Athens, GA 1991), p.499:
"Harris, Polly B. & William Mahanes 28 Dec 1832; min-John Goss, 30Dec1832 [Marr.Reg., 1806-1868, fol.53] b-Augustin Mahanes wit-Alexander H. Arthur d-Elizabeth Mahanes, who gives her consent wit-Augustin Mahanes & William Luncford [B/C Papers, 1829-34]"

By 1840 William C. Mahanes had two daughters, A. Elizabeth b.1834 and Mary b.1836 (m.1854 Henry Meeks/Weeks), and one son, Tavener/Laurence O. Mahanes b.31 Dec 1838. He had five more daughters and two more sons and was living in Albemarle Co., VA, in 1860.

4. William 'Sr' Mahanes is almost certainly your gggrandfather. Later census records imply he was born about 1803. Since Samuel Mahanes had another son named William it seems unlikely that this William is also his son. I think instead that William Sr is the son of Sam's older brother Charles Mahanes, who was tithed in Lancaster Co., VA, in 1800 and who died there about 1808. Charles' wife Mary Mahanes is listed with two sons and four daughters in the 1810 census for Lancaster Co. (The oldest of those daughters, Judith H., is likely the Judith Mahanes who married first John Milloway in 1816 and then Isaac Milloway in 1825, living in Franklin Co., OH, next to William Mahanes and William Harris in 1850.) Note that William Sr named his first son Charles. Research in Lancaster Co. records may provide more evidence for William Sr's parentage.

William 'Sr' Mahanes appears to have married three times:

From John Vogt and T. W. Kethley, Albemarle County, Virginia Marriages 1780-1853, (Iberian Publishing, Athens, GA 1991), p.202:
"Mahanes, William & Martha Milliway 14 Aug 1826; [Marr. Reg., 1806-1868, fol. 36] b-Thomas T. McCullough wit-A.H. Jameson [B/C Papers, 1822-29] d-Isaac C. Milliway, who gives his consent wit-Thomas T. McCullough & James McCullough [B/C Papers, 1822-29].

From LDS IGI, M513352 1840 - 1852 0285143 V. 4-5 Film,
Marriage: 23 DEC 1845 , Franklin, Ohio
Extracted marriage record for locality listed in the record."
Note Frances Sidney Harris (nee Marshall) was the widow of John M. Harris, of Albemarle Co., VA. (John M. Harris may be a younger brother of my Overton Harris; I would like to find out more about him.) She brought son Benjamin Harris, daughter Sarah Elizabeth Harris and probably a daughter Mary Harris to her second marriage.

From 1870 Census, Piatt Co., Illinois, Series: M593 Roll: 268 Page: 351, Goose Creek Twp., Monticello P.O., 21st July 1870
" 183 183 Mahane William 67 M W Farmer 1200 500 Virginia
Rhoda 52 F W Keeping House Kentucky cannot read and write
Andrew 20 M W Farm Labor Indiana
Daniel 17 M W Farm Labor Indiana"
William appears to have married Rhoda sometime 1860-70, and Andrew and Daniel may be step-sons? Rhoda is also listed with William in the 1880 census.

By 1840 William 'Sr' Mahanes had four sons and two daughters by his first wife Martha: Charles b.1827, George Wilford b.1831, William Clements b.1837, James b.1838, Susan b.1829 and Julia/Jennie b.1836. That matches well with the 1840 census record. They had one more son about 1841, Garrett Lucas. From later census records it looks to me like he had three more daughters by his second wife and two step-sons he raised with his third wife.

I have put together all this from census and other published records. How does it match up with stories passed down in your family?

Your step-cousin,
Christine Schomaker
(I live in Washington state also!)

Re: William O. Harris and Mary Ann Milliway

senaham1 (View posts)
Posted: 27 Dec 2006 4:33AM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 28 Dec 2006 1:15PM GMT
Surnames: harris, milliway
You have filled in some unanswered things for me. William Sr. I have married twice. Martha Milliway ( what happened to her?) Sindey Harris window and she had five children. I have that her and william had a daughter. Then I lost them. But I did find the census that had the Rhoda and was wondering if that could be him again. I have a copy of William and Sidney's marriage licenses from Ohio. But can not find anything on Martha's death. Please email at I live in Packwood.

Re: William O. Harris and Mary Ann Milliway

senaham1 (View posts)
Posted: 29 Dec 2006 10:56PM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 30 Dec 2006 3:43PM GMT
Surnames: Harris, MIlliway
William Mahanes and Martha Milliway had Charles Major Mahanes, b 29 June 1827 m Mary Priest 11 Nov. 1849. George Wilford ( my gr grandfather ) b 17 May 1830 m Mary Melinda Miller 25 Feb. 1855.Susan b 1832. William Clemons ( Cap ) b 10 April 1834 m Sarah Elizabeth Harris( his step-sister )m 01 Feb. 1859. (Her Mother was Sidney Frances Marshall Harris widow of John Harris.)Julia Ann b1836 m.Peter Butler 20 April 1871. James b 1837and Garrett b 1841. Sidney's children are: Benjamin Harris b1838. Sarah Harris b 10 Jan.1842 m William Clemon Cap Mahanes. Mary Harris b 1843 and Frances Harri b 1845.

Re: William O. Harris and Mary Ann Milliway

senaham1 (View posts)
Posted: 29 Dec 2006 11:11PM GMT
Classification: Query
I also need to know if you will, Who is your mother and grandmother? So we can have a connection to work on for you. Who isa James Harris' wife?

Re: William O. Harris and Mary Ann Milliway

schomakers1 (View posts)
Posted: 31 Dec 2006 5:08AM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 1 Jan 2007 5:45PM GMT
Surnames: harris, mahanes
Hi Bonnie and others interested,

This is my relationship to the Harris and Mahanes families of Fredericksville Parish, Albemarle Co., VA:

My grandmother was Mary (Harris) Harlan.
Her father was Overton Miles Harris (1848-1930).
Her grandfather was James Brockman Harris (1816-1888).
Her grandmother was Permelia (Barden) Harris (1815-1900), daughter of Miles and Mary (Hugle) Barden.
Her great-grandfather was Overton Harris (c.1785-c.1817).
Her great-grandmother was Elizabeth (Brockman) Harris (c.1785-bef.1850), daughter of William Jr and Mary (Smith) Brockman.
Her step-great-grandfather was Samuel Mahanes (1776-1850), who was the second husband of Elizabeth (Brockman) Harris, married 22 Dec 1818.

Although my goal is to track down the ancestry of Overton Harris, I have found connections between his children and grandchildren and the Mahanes, Milloway, Leake, and Barden families. So I've ended up trying to sort them all out!

It looks like Overton's eldest son William O. Harris left Virginia after 1840 with his wife's parents, Isaac and Judith H. (Mahanes) Milloway, his wife's uncle, William Sr Mahanes, and possibly with John M. and Sidney Frances(Marshall) Harris. I wonder how he was related to John M. Harris (c.1805-c.1844).

Christine Schomaker

Re: William O. Harris and Mary Ann Milliway

schomakers1 (View posts)
Posted: 31 Dec 2006 6:25AM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Milloway, Mahanes
Here is what I've put together from census and marriage records for Martha 'Patsy' Milloway's family:

Isaac C. Milloway (c.1751 Delaware - bef.1840 Virginia)
[He has a Revolutionary War Pension application of 1820 from Albemarle Co., VA, Pension NO. S38227. He enlisted in Kent Co., Delaware.]
m1. 1 Aug 1791 Louisa Co., VA Sarah Faris
1. Nancy Milloway b.c.1793 m.1812 Alb. Co., VA John Sims
2. John W. Milloway (c.1795-c.1819) m.1816 Alb. Co., VA Judith H. Mahanes
2a. Mary Ann Milloway (1818-1900) m.1836 Alb. Co., VA William O. Harris (c.1808-1870)
m2. 19 Apr 1797 Alb. Co., VA Susannah Fitz
3. Isaac Milloway (1799-1851) m.1825 Alb. Co., VA Judith H. (Mahanes) Milloway (c.1795-aft.1880)
3a. Robert B. Milloway (1825-aft.1900) In 1880 his mother is 85 and living with him in Franklin Co., OH.
3b. 5 more children
4. George Milloway (1800-bef.1850) m.1824 Louisa Co., VA Janette Mahanes (1805-bef.1860)
4a. 10 children; to Boone Co., MO. bef.1836
5. William Scott Milloway (1805-bef.1860) m.1833 Alb. Co., VA Mary Garrison
5a. 4 children; to Boone Co., MO bef.1845.
6. Martha 'Patsy' Milloway (1807-c.1841) m.1826 Alb. Co., VA William Mahanes (1803-aft.1880)
6a. Charles Mahanes (1826-1892) to Montgomery Co., MO.
6b. Susan Mahanes (1829-1874) m.1850 Lewis Ford, stayed in Franklin Co., OH.
6c. George Wilford Mahanes (1831-1888) to Illinois, then Kansas.
6d. Julia Mahanes b.c.1835
6e. William Clemens Mahanes (1837-1923) to Coles Co., IL, then Kansas.
6f. James Mahanes (c.1839-1859) to Coles Co., IL.
6g. Garrett Lucas Mahanes b.c.1841 to Coles Co., IL.
7. Susan Milloway b.1809 Mentioned as sick in the pension application.

Two of Martha's brothers (Isaac and George) married Mahanes girls (Judith H. and Janette) who I speculate were her husband William Mahane's sisters. Martha apparently died after the birth of Garrett Lucas in 1841 in VA and before her husband remarried in 1845, but I don't know if they were still in VA or not when she died. All the Milloways seem to have left Albemarle Co., VA, for Ohio, Illinois, Missouri, and Kansas by 1845. Possible exception is Nancy who m.John Sims - I haven't tried to follow her line yet.

Christine Schomaker
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