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John Freed of Montgomery County PA

John Freed of Montgomery County PA

CWWolf (View posts)
Posted: 11 Feb 2006 11:20AM GMT
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Edited: 28 May 2006 3:50PM GMT
In what became Montgomery County PA there was a John Freed (d. 1777) who married Susanna Detweiler. There was also a John Freed (d. 20 Jan 1819) who married first Maria KOLB (d 1786) and secondly Mary KOLB (d 1826). There was a John FREED (d. Dec 1744) and his wife Christina, who were the parents of one of the them. Which one? And who were the parents of the other John Freed?

Re: John Freed of Montgomery County PA

Allen Fredrickson (View posts)
Posted: 13 Aug 2006 5:03PM GMT
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I hope this answers your question. There is more on a second generation. I found this information from 2 books, both called the History of the Freed Family.
Husband: Johannes (John) AspisheimFriedt
His Birth: 16 Nov. 1725 Lucon Twp. Montgomery Co., PA

His Death: 8 Dec. 1777 in Franconia Mennonite, Montgomery Co., PA
His Death: 20 Jan 1819 Skippack Twp., Montgomery Co., PA
There are 2 death dates because the 2 books gave different dates. I don't know which is correct.
His Father: Johannes Friedt
His Mother: Catherine Aspisheim
Emigrated: Aug 1 1747 on the ship Bilander Vernon From Germany via Rotterdam.
Arrived: Aug 1, 1747 in Philadelphia.
First Settled: Quakertown, Bucks Co. PA
Religion: Mennonites

1st Wife: Maria Van Sintern Kolb (m) 10 Jun 1746
Her Birth: 3 July 1725
Her Death: 3 January 1786
Her Father: Martin Kulp/Kolb
Her Mother: Mary Magdalena Van Sintern

2nd Wife: Susanna Detweiler
Her Birth: 1718 in PA
Her Death: 8 Oct. 1777 Franconia Twp. Montgomery Co. PA
Her Father: Hans Derweiler
Her Mother: Anna Susanna ?
Their Marriage: Abt 1758 in Montgomery Co. PA

1st child: Catharine Detweiler Friedt
Birth: 12 Apr 1759 in Montgomery Co. PA
Death: Deceased in Ontario, Canada
Spouse:Abraham Souder (m) Apr 12, 1799 in Montgomery Co. PA (b) Abt 1757 Montgomery Co. PA (d) ? Canada
Children: Susanna Souder (b) 1/4/1779 (m) Henry Moyer 1802

2nd child: Susanna Detweiler Friedt.
Birth:1759 in Franconia Twp. Montgomery Co. PA
Death:Nov. 7, 1825 in Montgomery Co. PA in Rockhill Cemetery
Spouse:Jacob Bergey (m) Abt 1781 in Montgomery Co. PA
(b) Mar 31 1758 Franconia Twp. Montgomery Co. PA (d) Feb 8, 1836 Bucks Co.

3rd child: Mary Detweiler Friedt
Birth:7 July 1771 in Montgomery Co. PA
Death:8 December 1843
Spouse: Peter Conver (b) 30 Apr 1776 (d) 15 Nov 1850

4th child: John Detweiler Friedt
Birth:Abt 1766/68 in Franconia Twp. Montgomery Co. PA
Death:1829 in Montgomery Co. PA in Morewood Cemetery
1st Spouse:Mary Stauffer (m) Abt 1796 PA
(b) Abt 1775 PA (d) Abt 1800 in Montgomery Co. PA
Children: Hannah (b)1787; Susanna (b)1789; Elizabeth (b) 1791; Catherine (b) 19/9/1793; Mary (b) 1792/960; Sarah (b) 1795; John (b) 1797; Anna (b)Abt 1800;
2nd Spouse:Susanna Hagey (m) Aft 1800 PA (b) Abt 1788
Children: Lydia (b)1812; Magdalena (b)1813; Jacob (b)1815/20; Sophia (b)1819

5th child: Jacob Detweiler Friedt
Birth:Jul. 7, 1768 in Montgomery Co. PA
Death:1847 in Montgomery Co. PA
1st Spouse:Anna Nancy Frey (m) Mar. 31, 1789 in Montgomery Co. PA
(b) 1 July 1768 Montgomery Co. PA (d) 1821 Montgomery Co. PA
Children: Susanna Fry Freed (b) 8/Nov/1790; John Fry Freed (b) 21/10/1792; Mary Fry Freed (b) 29/9/1794; Jacob Fry Freed (b) 14/12/1796; Anna Fry Freed (b) 30/12/1799; Joseph Fry Freed (b) 17/6/1803; Abraham Fry Freed (b) 13/2/1805; Catherine Fry Freed (b) 8/2/1809
2nd Spouse:Susan Moyer (m) 1822 Montgomery Co. PA
(b) 24 March 1777 (d) 22 Dec 1864 Montgomery Co. PA

6th child: Abraham Detweiler Friedt
Birth:1773 Franconia Twp. Montgomery Co. PA
Death:Abt 1792 in Franconia Twp. Montgomery Co. PA

7th child: Joseph Detweiler Friedt
Birth:Jun 24, 1776 Franconia Twp. Montgomery Co. PA
Death: Nov. 15, 1850 in Franconia Twp. Montgomery Co. PA
Spouse:Elizabeth Souder (m) 1801 PA(b) June 6,1781 PA (d) Feb.14,1853 Franconia Twp. Montgomery Co. PA
Children: Isaac Souder Freed (b) 1800; John Souder Freed (b)1802; Joseph Souder Freed (b) 1807; Abraham Souder Freed (b) 1820; Samuel Souder Freed (b) 1817; Anna Souder Freed (b) 1821; Maggie Freed ; Susan Freed; Elizabeth Freed

On 10 June 1760/69 Johannes Fried bought a 130 acre farm and hotel from Jacob & Frances Grove for £700, in what is now Franconia Square.

Re: John Freed of Montgomery County PA

CWWolf (View posts)
Posted: 14 Aug 2006 6:23AM GMT
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I'm sorry but this doesn't any of my questions. You have merged two different men into one. What you posted should tell you as much. If it was one man, he married Maria KOLB in 1746, and he married Susanna DETWEILER about 1758. He would therefore be a bigamist, as Maria lived till 1786 and Susanna till 1777.
The John FREED who was married to Susanna died in 1777; the John FREED who was married to Maria, and is my ancestor, died in 1819. Which one of these two was the son, and executor, of John FREED (FREIDT) who died in 1744?

Where did that immigration date of 1747 come from? Considering that one of these two John FREEDs was born in what became Montgomery County in 1725, and that the elder John FREED died in 1744, having brought 123 acres in Bebber Township in 1724, the date 1747 seems very odd.

Re: John Freed of Montgomery County PA

Allen Fredrickson (View posts)
Posted: 14 Aug 2006 11:32AM GMT
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The information I sent came from three books, History of the Freed Family 1920 by Henry W. Freed of Richland Twp. PA . and the other is History of the Freed Family 1919 by Isaac G. Freed "Historian of the Freed Family." The third book is the History of the Freeds and related Families and they all had the exact same facts except for that one death date..
Sorry if you don't like the fact that divorce happened even in good Mennonite families.
The books quoted court land records to indicate the land sale, and ships manifest fore the arival date.
If you don't like my information, just toss it out.

Re: John Freed of Montgomery County PA

John Freed (View posts)
Posted: 31 Aug 2010 10:53PM GMT
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There is so much misinformation out there, as well as sheer speculation merged in with documented relationships, that I sometimes despair.

I am descended from Johannes and Christianna Friedt through their oldest child, Heinrich (Henry), not their youngest, Johannes (John). But I believe that their son John is the one who married into the Kolb family, not the Detwiler family. His date of birth is variously given as July 3 or Nov. 16 in 1725. (Further evidence that this John Freed married into the Kolb family is that there's really no doubt that his sister Maria Friedt also married into the Kolb family.)

Judging from what I've read about the other John Freed, he may well be the Hans Friedt who emigrated on the Bilander Vernon in 1747 and was at least 16 years old then. It's entirely possible that he, too, was born in 1725. The story recounted in the Yellis Freed book is that he was an innkeeper who died after the battle of Germantown during the Revolutionary War at the age of 52. I very much doubt that the John Freed in my family line would have been involved there, as they were strict pacifists. See

As to the parents of Hans Friedt of the Bilander Vernon, I have no idea.

On the other hand, the Friedts, the Kolbs and the Detweilers were all neighbors in Skippack Township, so I'd rather see some documents than engage in speculation.
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