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Jeremiah SIMPSON -- of Manningham

Jeremiah SIMPSON -- of Manningham

SavvyDaze (View posts)
Posted: 25 Oct 2006 2:42PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Simpson, Ferguson, Watkins, Ashcraft, Ashcroft, Heaton, Bolling, Allen, Hammond, Rainer, Paling, Coleman
Does anyone have any information on Jeremiah B. Simpson aka Jerry Simpson aka Jere Simpson who was a merchant in Manningham and one of Butler County's wealthiest men? (Or any information regarding the others mentioned below.)

Jerry Simpson first appears in Butler County on the 1850 census of Butler, Beat 2, House #108. He is living with a Dallas Fergerson, age 33, Merchant, born in AL. Jerry is listed as age 24, Clerk, born in Alabama.

In 1860, Butler County, Alabama, Precinct 9, House 731, he is listed as J.B. Simpson, 30, Merchant, born in Kentucky. Wife is listed as M.E. Simpson, age 22, born in Alabama, and daughter E.C. Simpson, age 4, born in Alabama.

Jeremiah's obituary states the following:

The Greenville Advocate 14 Sep 1898

Jere B. Simpson, an old citizen, died Sunday from a disease of the foot which caused amputation. He was born in NC. His father served in the War of 1812 and died near Manningham. Jere moved to Greenville about 10 years ago and married Miss Emma Watkins who survives him along with his adopted daughter, Lizzie.


Emma Watkins was Jeremiah's 2nd wife. I would love to know who her parents were. I think his first wife was Martha Ashcraft/Ashcroft.


Now the E.C. Simpson, daughter of Jeremiah and Emma Simpson, her obituary says the following:

The Greenville Advocate
14 Feb 1878

Eugenia C. Heaton, wife of Frank E. Heaton, and daughter of J.B. And M.E. Simpson, all of Manningham, died Feb. 10th from consumption. Was born in June 1854 and married Oct. 1873.


In 1880, Manningham, Alabama, District 40, House 54 are the following:

Jeremiah Simpson, 52, General Dealer, Born in Kentucky
Martha E, wife, 44, born in Alabama
Frank E. Heaton, Son-In-Law, 30, Widowed, Born in Alabama
Elizabeth Simpson, 4, Adopted Daughter, Born in Alabama

I am unclear if Elizabeth is the daughter of Eugenia & Frank Heaton, adopted by her grandparents, or if she has no blood relation to them at all and was just an orphan adopted. Would love to have further information on this.


Jeremiah Simpson is the son of Robert H. Simpson and Matilda Elizabeth Bolling.

Other children of Robert & Matilda are: Nancy, Frances, Helen, Robert "Bobby" or "Bert."

Nancy 1st married Julius Allen, born abt. 1823 in Pennsylvania. They married abt 1850 in Butler County, Alabama. They are living next door to Robert Simpson (listed as Robert Simson) in the 1850 Butler, Beat 4 Census House # 525.

Julius Allen died before 1860. He and Nancy had a daughter named Elizabeth L. Allen, whom is mostly called Betty, Bettie, or Bet.

On 26 Jan 1860, Nancy Allen married William Hammond in Butler County, Alabama at the home of Robert Simpson. Nancy left William Hammond in early 1866 according to 2 letters I have written by her to Martha Ann Rainer. Apparently she really despised him & his houseful of kids/teens. These letters were written from Manningham, Alabama.

Elizabeth "Bettie" Allen married Henri Paling on 28 Apr 1867 in Butler County, Alabama. According to Nancy's letter, Henry was a Professor, a great pianist, a Frenchman, taught music at the Tuskagee Female College (1886), then in Montgomery, and was currently teaching in Wetumpka. (1867) I can find no record of Henri at all whatsoever. HELP! (Butler County marriage records states their marriage was 20 Apr 1867.)

Nancy also mentions in her letter dated 20 Aug 1867 that her sister, Helen Simpson, married Jesse Coleman, a cousin of Felix Reid's wife. He had a wood shop & blacksmith shop there . They were married on 25 Apr 1867 in Butler County.

Would love to locate Nancy, her daughter, Bettie, Henri Paling, and Robert & Matilda Simpson on the 1870 Census. I haven't had any luck yet. I think Nancy's father, Robert Simpson, died in 1878, but it's possible he died before 1870 because in the letter dated 1867, Nancy said he was very ill.

Thanks for any help!


GeorgeLewis96 (View posts)
Posted: 25 Oct 2006 3:56PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Simpson, Heaton, Ashcraft
Researching my Mother's birthplace, Manningham
I am familiar with most of the folks in your search.
Franklin Eugene Heaton is my Grandad. I have
kept up the Ashcraft Cemetery that holds all kinfolk,
including your Simpsons. Pailing is buried at
Pollard as is others mentioned. I had it that
Robert Simpson was the wealthy one. The only
Nancy Simpson I have married a Yankee Soldier
named Tom Allen, daughter married Pailing.
Eugenia married 10-28-1873 Eugene Heaton and died early, b. 2/10/1854, d. 2/10/1878 with no children.
I placed some iinformation in our Butler County
Heritage Book found in all Alabama Historical
associations if you are in Alabama, you can take a look.

Re: Simpson, Allen, Ashcraft

SavvyDaze (View posts)
Posted: 25 Oct 2006 11:27PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Simpson, Allen, Ashcraft
George, I checked the Cemetery Listing at USGenWeb and looked through the Ashcraft & Pollard Cemetery listings and couldn't find a "Pailing" mentioned. I looked a few times, but never found a Elizabeth "Bet" Pailing or Henri Pailing. I also didn't find a listing for Robert Simpson or his daughter Nancy Simpson Allen Hammond. Am I missing something?

As far as your mother's "black book" I know what you mean about all the nicknames. I have figured some out for the most part. Nancy used many nicknames in her letters, too.

From what I gather from one of her letters, it sounds as if she also had a son whom she referred to as Bobby. This might be a son by the "Allen" she married. In the 1900 census, Nancy says she had 2 children and only 1 living. Betty was still living at that time, so I assume Bobby had died. She could have named a son Robert after her father and called him Bobby.

Another reason I feel Bobby was her son is that in a letter dated 20 Aug 1867 to Martha Ann Rainer, she wrote, "Bobbie is well and grows fast. He can spell very well. He says to tell the little boys that he wants them to come and play ball with him. His sister bought him a new fashioned ball from Montgomery and two suits of Linen and a new hat." At this time, Nancy's daughter was married and living with Henri Pailing in Montgomery. She mentioned in the letter that Bet came to visit them in July. So, if I am understanding it all corrently, Bet is Bobby's sister, and both are children of Nancy (Simpson) Allen Hammond.

Does your mother mention a Bobby in her black book?

I found a listing for a Robert Allen born 1852 in Alabama on the 1870 Butler, Greenville, Alabama Census living in House # 87. He is living with an Alford Gandy, a merchant. Robert Allen, age 18, listed his job as "Clerk in a store."

If this is the "Bobby" Nancy was referring to, then he would have been about 14 or 15 at the time the letter was written, if the age on the census is correct.

Also, In the letter she says "Fate's family are all well except that Fannie has the chills." I am thinking that "Fate" was a nickname for James Lafayette Ashcraft and "Fannie" is his wife, Nancy's sister, Francis Simpson.

Bet/Bettie was the nickname for Nancy's daughter, Elizabeth Allen.

I would love to see what else your mother wrote in her black book such as the names & nicknames she mentioned, etc. It would help a lot. I would be happy to provide you copies of Nancy's letters in return.


Re: Simpson, Allen, Ashcraft

GeorgeLewis96 (View posts)
Posted: 26 Oct 2006 3:08AM GMT
Classification: Query
This is what I have on Nancy, first child of Robert Simpson and Matilda E. Bolling. Nancy Simpson m. Tom Allen, a Yankee Soldier (shoe maker) had one daughter, (Artist) Betty Elizabeth Allen. She married (1) a Pailing
(German) (His parents operated a Stage Inn just
West of Fort Dale (Whch is 3 miles East of Manningham. Elizabeth Allen married 2nd to a
Rashbaum of Pensacola., 3rd to an Isley., 4th to
Joe Hammond. ( Henri Pailiing may be buried at
Bay Minette) 1911/1912. When Betty was married to Joe Hammond, they had a son, Joe. who died at age
of 12. Then, they divorsed. The Ashcraft-Heaton
cemetery was mis-named as the Manningham Cemetery. That cemetery was at the North-east corner
of the Ashraft home lot. no one is buried there. When I took over the job of
establishing the grave sites out of the forest, I renamed it because I found that it was a Family cemetery rather than a community one. The new name is listed in only a few places. B'nard.

Re: Joseph SIMPSON -- b. 1819

Sandi Simpson (View posts)
Posted: 26 Oct 2006 3:41PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Simpson, Traweek, Trawick, Middleton
Our Joseph Simpson b 1819 was in Butler Co AL in 1850 with his wife Susan and family. The majority of the family removed to TX about 1853. Daughter Louisa remained and married Thaddeus Trayweek/Traywich. One son married into the Middleton family. After more than 10 years of research we have been unable to link our Joseph with any specific family. I had initially thought he might be a son of Robert and brother to Jeremiah. If you or anyone else has any clue as to where Joseph fits in we would be very grateful.

Re: Joseph SIMPSON

GeorgeLewis96 (View posts)
Posted: 26 Oct 2006 4:30PM GMT
Classification: Query
My Mother's book simply says third child of Robert
and Matilda Simpson, ROBERT SIMPSON large
family moved to Texas . Designated as the
"Black Sheep" I find no Joseph listed anywhere.
I do have a small problem with Jerre B. Simpson,
the 6th child, b. 1827, b. 1836, b. 1817. all died
May 5,1888. One is buried at Ashcraft-Heaton and the
other buried at Greenville in the Magnolia Cemetery.

Re: Simpson, Allen, Ashcraft

SavvyDaze (View posts)
Posted: 26 Oct 2006 8:46PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Simpson, Heaton, Watkins, Hammond, Allen
GeorgeLewis wrote:

Nancy Simpson m. Tom Allen, a Yankee Soldier (shoe maker) had one daughter, (Artist) Betty Elizabeth Allen.

George, On the 1850 Butler County, Alabama Census Beat 4, in House # 525 is the following:

1) Julius Allen, 27, M, Shoemaker, Pennsylvania, Married within the year
2) Nancy Allen, 19, F, Kentucky, Married within the year

Next door to them in house 524 are the following:

1) Robert Simson, 57, M, Farmer, North Carolina
2) Elizabeth, 50, F, Tennessee
3) Francis, 11, F, Alabama
4) Helen, 7, F, Alabama

Perhaps "Tom" was another nickname for Julius? Or perhaps his first or middle name was Thomas?

According to the census, Nancy and Julius married abt 1850. And we know that Nancy married William Hammond on 26 Jan 1860.

I can see Julius/Tom being a Yankee as he was from Pennsylvania, but it appears he died before the Civil War began. Or at least I always thought he had died, but perhaps he just left Nancy and Betty and went back to Pennsylvania and fought for the North? I guess that is a possibility.

As for Henri Pailing being German...the only thing I have to go by is Nancy's letter where she said he was a French man with lots of money and family in Europe and in the Northern U.S./Canada.

Thanks for all your help and replying to me queries. I have letters in my possession from folks I do not know. These letters were written to my ancestors. I am trying to figure out if perhaps they were related or just friends. Chatting with you has been very enlightening. You've given me more to investigate when I felt I was at a dead end.

Do you by chance known when Nancy died or where she is buried? Or her parents?


Re: Children of Robert & Matilda SIMPSON ??

SavvyDaze (View posts)
Posted: 26 Oct 2006 8:52PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Simpson

Can you list the names & birth/death dates of the children of Robert and Matilda Simpson that your mother had in her black book? You said they had 6 children. I only have 5 listed.


Re: Ruth SIMPSON -- b. abt. 1801

SavvyDaze (View posts)
Posted: 26 Oct 2006 9:06PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Simpson, Jones

Aren't the Simson bunch a fun group to research? I have been at a brick wall as well.

I began with very little. All I knew was that my GGG grandmother was named Ruth Simpson. She was born about 1801 according to the 3 census reports I can find her on. (The 1870 Census is still a mystery to me!)

Anyway, she married a Joseph Jones & they resided in Pike & Butler Counties. Joseph died between 1850 & 1860. I have bits and pieces of clues, such as first names mentioned in letters by her children, and I have been following them up lately hoping they will lead somewhere.

The names Susan & Louisa are also in my line. Ruth named her daughter Susan. Also, the names Isham, Benjamin & Robert. I have always assumed those names came from the Simpson side as I can not find those names among the Jones' we're related to.

Do any of those names sound famaliar?

Who are the parents of your Joseph Simpson? And where was he born?


Re: Children of Robert & Matilda SIMPSON

GeorgeLewis96 (View posts)
Posted: 26 Oct 2006 9:55PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Simpson, Allen, Ashcraft
Children of Robert and Matilda Simpson:
(1) Nancy "Nan", ( d. Wilmer, Al.??) m. Tom Allen
(2) FrancesM., b. 2-22-1840, d. 5-25-1910 bur. Ashcraft.Ceme. m.James LaFayette Ashcraft, b. 11-11-1833, d. 8-24-1910, bur. Ashcraft Ceme. 8 Children (one-Grace Louanna, my Grandmother)
(3) Robert Simpson went to Texas.
(4) Helen b. 1833 m. Jesse Womack Coleman.
(5) Joe Simpson no info
(6) Jerre B. Simpson m. Evelyn Ashcraft4-28-1835, d. 5-5-1888 bur. Ashcraft Ceme.
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