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William G. Lee

William G. Lee

Harold (View posts)
Posted: 31 Jul 2000 5:47PM GMT
We are trying to locate and/or verify information on William G. Lee, born in GA in 1804/1807? Some info lists l807 but grave marker has 1804. William G. Lee married Unica Stubbs Sep 20, 1828, in Fayette, GA. Her parents were William Stubbs and Sarah Eiknor/Ikenor?? William's parents may have been John Lee and Temperance Knight. He may have had a brother named Isham Bailey and a sister named Martha H. He may have had an uncle named Solomon P. Lee. William migrated to Randolph Co, AL and later to Coosa Co. AL and lived here until his death in 1890.

Temperance KNIGHT husband LEE?

Merry Langlinais (View posts)
Posted: 23 Aug 2000 3:56PM GMT
Well, I am happy to see your query, Harold.
I too am seeking information on this family.
The information I have from paprers of Wm.
Tarpley Prickett notes that Temperance Knight
was the spouse of Timothy LEE and that their
son was John LEE. John LEE had a daughter
named Lucinda, (b. in Randolph Co.,AL?) who
married my GGgrandfather in Coweta, GA, then
later settled in Clay Co., AL. This has to be
the same family but I am going mostly on
information from others and would like to
find lock solid documentation for even part
of it. Let's put pour heads together!

Soloman Lee

Wanda Dopson (View posts)
Posted: 26 Aug 2000 9:36PM GMT
I have a Soloman Lee in my family tree. Do these other names ring a bell. Sampson or Levi. I also have a William in this family. I may not have all the dates that I need for conformation, as I have not worked on this line for very long.

Re: Soloman Lee

B. bean (View posts)
Posted: 12 Oct 2001 3:48AM GMT
Classification: Query
I have a Soloman and Levi in my Family. i think Soloman and Levi were brothers.

Re: Soloman Lee

jyr1951 (View posts)
Posted: 19 Feb 2003 11:58PM GMT
I noticed you mentioned a William and Levi LEE. Please, look this material over to see if there is a connection. Thanks so much.

Lee, Pickett, Rolison
Genealogy; A Summary
Compiled and Written by Jan Rolison Farren, Indianapolis, Indiana, 2003

"...In all of us is a hunger, marrow deep, to know our heritage to know who we are and where we have come from. Without this enriching knowledge, there is a hallow yearning. No matter what our attainments in life, there is still a vacuum, and an emptiness, and the most disquieting loneliness..."
---Alex Haley--

Several years ago, I started researching the Lee/Rolison/Pickett/ Meggs lineage from which many reading this descend. Although, far from complete I felt the need to compile and assimilate the findings thus far. The research is a combination of many sources. Perhaps, the most significant is that of my sister Ruth Rolison Denison who began our family research back in the late 60s and 70s as part of her fulfillment to the LDS/Mormon Church of which she is a member. One of the church's tenet is that families are eternal, they do not end at death. as part of church doctrine, it is a religious obligation to identify their ancestors and link themselves to those ancestors. Members must make special covenants with their ancestors that will unite them for eternity. In doing the initial research, Ruth was fortunate to have an opportunity to speak with and documented oral histories of two of the oldest living descendants; Effie Cora Rolison Kemp (Fresno, California), granddaughter of George W/E Rollison and only surviving child of Benjamin Franklin Rolison and Elizabeth Jane "Betty" Fleming, and our aunt Lela Belle Hutchinson Barnes (Columbus, Georgia) granddaughter of  William Levi (Levy) Lee and Josephine A. Pickett; daughter of Ida Mae Tillery Lee.

Ruth's early research provided a springboard on which I have used to dive into the family genealogy you'll find here. In actuality, the material summarized in these pages is only a modest start. Yet, I wish to share with all those of like mind and sincere interest something of our shared and collective family history.  Where possible, and if permitted, I have included sources and listed the contact information. By so doing I hope to provide a small window to our past which may let in a bit of light and spark an interest in some of you to delve deeper into our small but unique clan and help decipher the role we've all played in a certain place and time.

It is time to sit down and reminisce with our older kinfolk be they grandparents, great-grandparent, granduncles, grandaunts, great-granduncles, great grandaunts, older first and second cousins, and even older neighbors and acquaintances of these people. It is time to pull out that old forgotten box of family mementos, family photographs, and records and start sharing the valuable information with others. You never know when a photograph or an old letter might bring to light a clue or lead someone else has been looking for years.   It is time to share what we know about ourselves and our families, no matter how small or insignificant we might feel the contribution to be! It is time to search for and locate those old family cemeteries that will surely be gone in years to come. It is time to reconnect with living relatives both near and far as we learn more about our family's origins. It is time to gain pride in ourselves, our family and our heritage. It is time!

Below are brief profiles of key ancestors which are currently being researched. Where possible I have include birth and death dates, and geographical locations. As the information that is presented here has come from many sources, and the spelling sometimes varies dependent upon the source, you would be well advised to look under all possible spellings. Always take phonetics into consideration. For example: The surname Rolison is also spelled Rawlinson, Rollinson, Raulerson, Raufson, Rollison, Rawinson. Likewise the name Pickett can be spelled Piggot (French pronunciation) Piggott, Picket; the surname Lee can be spelled Lea, Leigh,…etc.

William Levi (Levy) LEE born 1846 Leetown (?) North Carolina died in Midway, Alabama 1925. Buried in Pinkard, Alabama, place UNKNOWN. Son of Sampson LEE and Suzanne UNKNOWN. Below is part of the 1910 Dale County Alabama Census...with William Levi LEE and Josephine PICKETT listed online 172. Also listed is my Aunt Lela Belle (Hutchinson) Barnes, age 13, who lived with William and Josephine after her mother Ida Mae Tillery LEE married my grandfather George Emmett Rolison. I am unable to show the complete document but it does show that Josephine PICKETT was born in Florida and William Levi LEE was born in North Carolina. Here William's age is recorded as 60 and Josephine's as 45. Both of these ages are incorrect or at least do not reconcile with the records we got from  Lela Belle Hutchinson Barnes, nor, do they, reconcile with the census records provided in this document. Josephine's death record show a different age as well. With this document we do know conclusively that our LEE line resided in Dale County, Alabama in the early 1900s. Aunt Lela was again right about the family moving from Pike County, Alabama to Dale County, Alabama around 1900. William Levi (Levy) LEE is the father of Acie Greenberry LEE, Ida Mae Tillery LEE, and Robert LEE; other children may include
Cader LEE, Lemuel LEE, and Helen LEE.

Josephine A. PICKETT born 1848 Quincy, Gadsden County, Florida. Died 1929, Columbus, Georgia. Buried Pine Grove Cemetery, Phenix City, Alabama. Daughter of Asa (Acie) PICKETT and Martha Ann (Carter?). (See attached death record.) Josephine was the 5th daughter born to Asa Pickett and Martha Ann Carter (?). Josephine PICKETT married William Levi (Levy) LEE in Duval, County Florida, 1877? She was the mother of Acie Greenberry LEE, Ida Mae Tillery LEE, and Robert LEE. There is some indication that Josephine Pickett's family
may descend from the early Florida settler John Seymour Pickett. Seymour Pickett was one of the first signers for Florida to become a territory of the United States. After Florida became a territory in 1821, Pickett petitioned the government for and was granted the 640 acres on Sibbald's Tract in Duval Co.,that he had settled. It was called Lains Branch and is now part of Lane Avenue in Jacksonville. There is a bridge there now called Pickett's bridge, bounded on the north by Trout River (now at Dinsmore). He settled the area of Lane Avenue and Old Kings Road and it became known as Pickettville. In 1821, he was given the right to keep his Duval and Nassau County lands. Pickett Road, south of Callahan is part of that land grant, also. John Seymour Pickett, II b. 1774, Virginia, occupation Seminole War Veteran, m. (1) Rebecca Collier, m. (2) 22-Mar-1798, Maria (Mary) A. B. Pons, b. 26-JUL-1791, St. Johns County, St. Augustine, Fl, (daughter of Juan Pons and Juana Catherine Andreu). John died 1847 or 1848, Pickettville, Duval Co., Fl, buried: Plummer Cemetery, Duval County. Seymour and his bride, Rebecca, came by ship from Charleston, SC to Savannah, GA where they boarded the ship of Capt. George Murray. He was heading a colony to settle in Florida, as the Spanish Government encouraged settlers to come in and develop the land and to help control the Indians. Just off the coast of St. Augustine, they encountered a tropical storm and the ship was washed up on the bar and wrecked. Some of the passengers were lost. Among the lost was Rebecca, wife of John Seymour. He did manage to save his small daughter, Mary Rebecca. As Captain Murray's ship was wrecked in service to the Spanish government, he and his colonists were granted land in 1803 in what is now New Smyrna.

Sampson LEE  ca.   1812 North Carolina, died unknown.
Father of Joseph T. LEE, Robert A. LEE, William Levi (Levy) LEE. Married Susan (Susie) UNKNOWN. Sampson LEE, Susan Unknown and three sons can be found on the 1860 Gadsden, County, Florida census. Although, little is known about Sampson LEE's life, there is a long standing bit of family lore that states Sampson LEE died, along with his oldest son Joseph T. (Tommie?), during the Civil War. William Levi (Levy) LEE, age 11, and youngest son, Robert A. LEE, age 8, were too young to enlist. Also included in the family history, but not shown in 1860 census, is a sister, Susie. (See attached census record.)

Susan UNKNOWN ca. 1813, North Carolina. Some indication she was buried in or around Bainbridge, Georgia. Susan was the wife of Sampson LEE and the mother of Joseph T. Lee, Robert A. LEE, and William Levi (Levy) LEE. Family history states Susan's father was a white man but  reportedly, her mother was of Choctaw or Seminole Indian bloodline. There is a long standing bit of family lore that states Sampson LEE died during the Civil War, along with their oldest son Joseph T. (Tommie?). Susie was overcome with widow's disappear and died shortly afterwards. William Levi (Levy) LEE, age 11, and youngest son, Robert A. LEE, age 8, were too young to enlist. Also included in the family history, but not shown in 1860 census, is a sister, Susie. It is thought Susan moved into Bainbridge, Decatur County, Georgia with William Levi and Robert A. sometime in the late 1800s. Genealogical notes taken from Lela Belle Hutchinson Barnes.  

Asa Pickett born bet. 1800-1810 North Carolina, died UNKNOWN.   Asa was the husband of Martha Ann (Carter ?)   and the father of Josephine PICKETT and Asa Crow PICKETT. Other children included Cely Ann PICKETT, Mitty Mosella PICKETT, Cynthia PICKETT, Peney Ann PICKETT, and Frances L. PICKETT. Asa and his family are found in the 1850. 1860, and 1870 Gadsden County, Florida census (see attached census). It is thought that prior to moving to Gadsden County, Florida, Asa PICKETT lived in Pulaski County, Georgia. (See attached related census, land records, and early marriage records for Pulaski County, Georgia.) On the census for 1850 Gadsden County, Florida. Asa PICKETT and family are listed on line 120. Here Asa is shown as a 48 year old man with 6 young children under the age of 11. This would indicate that Asa was 37 before he started having children. This is highly unlikely since the average age of marriage during this time period was between 16 and 20 for males -- earlier for females. Likewise Martha is 40, showing, she too, would be at a much older age (29) than the norm for starting a family. My gut feeling is that this is a second marriage for Asa and Martha and both may have other children already grown and out on their on. Note a Martha Lambert, 16 at the bottom of 1850 Gadsden County, Florida census list. This may very well be the daughter of Martha from a previous marriage (hence the name Martha). The first two girls Celia (Cely) and Mitty Mosella are born in Georgia, as is the Martha Lambert. The first child born in Florida to Asa Pickett and Martha Ann is Cynthia age 7 which indicates that the family was in Georgia prior to moving to Florida around 1843. Our Josephine is listed as 3 years old indicating her birth date to be 1847 which may prove closer to the true date given the chronographic order of the other children ages.

Asa Pickett found in:
Land Records: AL, AR, FL, LA, MI, MN, OH, WI, 1790-1907 Document number:  5467     Description number:  1     
Number of acres:  39.7800     Accession number:  FL0120__.338     
Patentee Surname:  Pickett     Patentee given name:  Asa     
State name:  Florida     
Volume:  120     Page number:  338     
Land office:  Tallahassee     Aliquot part reference:  NESE     
Section number:  34     
Township:  2 North     Range:  5 West     
Meridian or special survey area:  Tallahassee Meridian     
Title transfer authority:  Sale-Cash Entries     
Combined signature date:  Apr. 20, 1837     
Multiple patentees:  N     Multiple warrantees:  N     
Signature:  Y     Canceled document:  N     Subsurface rights reserved:  N     
Metes and bounds:  N     Fractional section:  N     
Data Introduction    

Martha Ann (Carter?) born  South Carolina. Died UNKNOWN. Martha Ann was the wife of Asa PICKETT. Born in South Carolina died UNKNOWN.   Martha was the mother of Josephine Pickett and Asa Crow Pickett. Little is known about Martha Ann and the two references pertaining to her are include here. The may be a clue to Martha's identify on the 1850 Gadsden County, Florida census. At the end of the list is a Martha Lambert, age 16.  This may well be Martha's daughter from a first marriage.

Asa Crow PICKETT born March 1850. Son of Asa (Acie) PICKETT and Martha Ann Carter? Married Zelpha UNKNOWN. Father of Ferdinand PICKETT, born June 1885,  Asa S. PICKETT, born August 1889, Carl A., born 1891, Walter PICKETT born September 1898, Delia (Celia?) born March 1878, and Mattie PICKETT Rogers born February 1882. This information was found on the 1900 Decatur County, Georgia census. The older children listed here may have been born in another marriage, considering the ages of Asa and Zelpha at the time of this census. Asa Crow PICKETT is the only known brother of Josephine PICKETT.

Ida Mae Tillery LEE born April 16, 1892 in Midway, Dale County, Alabama, 1892. She died November, 30, 1943 in Hilton, Alabama and is buried in a family cemetery in Old Columbia, near Dothan. Ida Mae Tillery LEE was the daughter of William Levi (Levy) LEE and Josephine PICKETT. At 15 she married Lewis Hutchinson a marriage from which a daughter Lela Belle Hutchinson was born in 1907. Lewis Hutchinson died soon after and she remarried George E. Rolison in 1910. It is not certain how George Rolison and Ida Mae met but the story goes that George Rolison had a cousin who work for a local telegraph and cable company and it is he who introduced the two. George reportedly sent for Ida Mae LEE and they were married in Clark County, Mississippi. It is true the young couple spent the early years of their marriage near the ancestral home of George's father Benjamin Franklin Rolison in Pierce Springs, Mississippi. Both George and Ida Mae were widower's with young children. George had 3 children from his first marriage to Georgia Kemp: Annabel, Ollie, and Calvin Berry Rolison. Ida Mae had a daughter, Lela Belle Hutchinson. Together they had 5 children: Wilbur, George Emmett, Joseph IM, Billy Glen, Pearl, and Myrtle Jewel.  Ida Mae was a strikingly beautiful women with delicate features and Indian physical characteristics. She was a small woman of statue, dark skinned with high cheek bones and piercing brown eyes. She was lovingly remember by my father as a women who knew much of the Indian lore and medicine. Ida Mae was often called upon when neighbors and kin were ill and helped birth many children in her community. She had a natural aptitude for music and played the piano for the Methodist church of which she was a member until her death.

George E. ROLISON born  January, 1882, Pierce Springs, Clarke County, Mississippi; died. George E. Rolison was the only son of Benjamin Franklin Rolison and Elizabeth Jane Fleming. He married Georgia Kemp in Mississippi, date unknown. They had 3 children; Annabelle, Ollie, and Calvin Berry Rolison before her death, date UNKNOWN. George married Ida Mae Tillery Lee in 1918. Their children were Wilbur Rolison, Joseph IM Rolison, Billy Glen Rolison, Pearl Rolison, Myrtle Jewel Rolison, and my father George Emmett Rolison. After Ida Mae's death in 1943, George continued to live near his son George Emmett, in Eufaula, Barbour County, Alabama. During the early years of their marriage Ida and George lived in Crandall, Clarke, County, Mississippi, near the ancestral home of George's father, Benjamin Franklin Rolison.

Acie (ASA) Greenberry LEE   was born August 9, 1881, Pike County, Alabama; dead Phenix City, Alabama, March 11, 1965. He is buried in Lakeview Memory Gardens, Phenix City, Alabama. Acie Greenberry Lee is the oldest documented son of William Levy Lee and Josephine Pickett. He married Vassie Ordella Meredith. Their children are Albert Carlton Lee (twin), Calvin Cason Lee (twin, died at age 2 or 3), Claudia Mae Lee, Willie Matilda Lee, Augusta Jane Lee, and James William Lee, Patricia Lee.

Vassie Ordella Meredith born  July 13, 1888, Geneva County, Alabama; died April 9, 1965, Columbus, Georgia. Buried Lakeview Memory Gardens, Phenix City, Alabama. She married Acie Greenberry LEE December 10, 1905 in Dale County Alabama.  Their children are Albert Carlton Lee (twin), Calvin Cason Lee (twin, died at age 2 or 3) Claudia Mae Lee, Willie Matilda Lee, Augusta Jane Lee, Patricia Lee, William James Lee. Vassie was the daughter of Jim Meredith and Henri Alice Conner of Pike County, Alabama.

Robert LEE  born between 1893-1900. Died Phenix City, Alabama.
youngest son of Josephine Pickett and William Levy LEE. Robert Lee never married and had no known offspring. He lived at home with his parents and was beloved by his nieces and nephews. He was a teacher all of his adult life. Died at home from heart failure. Buried Lakeview Memory Gardens, Phenix City, Alabama.

James Meredith   born March 4, 1860. He married Henri Alice Conner. Children of James Meredith and Henri Alice Conner are: William Meredith, Georgia Milton Meredith, Vassie Ordella Meredith, Alice Francis Meredith, Mary Meredith, Margie Elizabeth Meredith, Claudia Lee Meredith, Rosa Meredith.

Henri Alice Conner born November 28, 1863. She married James Meredith. Children of Henri Alice Conner and James Meredith are: William Meredith, Georgia Milton Meredith, Vassie Ordella Meredith, Alice Francis Meredith, Mary Meredith, Margie Elizabeth Meredith, Claudia Lee Meredith, Rosa Meredith.

Benjamin Franklin Rolison born 1858 in Dallas County, Alabama, died 1940 Pierce Springs, Dallas County, Mississippi. He married Elizabeth Jane Fleming, November 16, 1880 in Clarke County, Mississippi. Their children are: George E. Rolison, Alice Virginia Rolison, Leody Bidlay Rolison, Sallie Dallas Rolison, Effie Cora Rolison, Maggie Ann Rolison. Benjamin Franklin Rolison was a prominent citizen of Clarke County, Mississippi. He owned much land. He, and brother William Francis Rolison, were responsible for the development of many businesses in that county including a mercantile and grist mill. A nonconformist by nature Benjamin Franklin loved the outdoors, and raised eyebrows in the community by spending a great deal of time among the local Native people, cultivating an intense interest in Indian religion and customs. After Elizabeth Jane Fleming's death he never remarried and lived an isolated existence on the old homestead, which was still standing a few years back. Oral history states benjamin Franklin took an Indian woman as a partner in his later years but this has not be confirmed. Benjamin was also known for fiery red hair and a quick temper. It is reported that he had great love of music and was known to play the piano until the wee hours of the morning. Another humorous, albeit dubious, tale about Benjamin relates to his horse carriage. He was particularly proud of his horse carriage, the largest and grandest carriage in the area. Every now and then Benjamin Franklin, being a widower, developed a hanking for socializing. He would have his stable boy bring his carriage around and take off for the Alabama line in search of music, drink, and camaraderie. Early the next day the horse would find his way home devoid of any help from Benjamin Franklin who was fast asleep in the carriage. He and his brother William Francis were said to be polar opposites; William, tall and dark, Benjamin, shorter and light. Benjamin Franklin Rolison and William Francis Rolison married Fleming sisters. Several of the Rolison sisters also married into the Fleming line. Today Clarke County, Mississippi is still a county here many Fleming and Rolison descendants live. Both Benjamin Franklin and William Francis are buried in Stroud Cemetery, Pierce Springs, Clarke County, Mississippi.

Re: Soloman Lee

Rachel (View posts)
Posted: 10 Aug 2003 3:46AM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Lee, Goleman/ Goldman
I have a Soloman Lee from Ga in my family tree. Did he marry Eliz`beth______?Did he have a daughter named Lydia who married Thomas Jefferson Golman/Goldman?Lydia is said to be Choctaw Indian.

Re: Soloman Lee

Jerry Paasch (View posts)
Posted: 6 Feb 2012 12:36AM GMT
Classification: Query
You mentioned that you had a WIlliam Lee, part of the family of Soloman Lee. I am searching for a William Lee who came to Choctaw Co. Al. where he lived out his life. He married in 1835 Wilcox co. Al, Susannah Alma Edwards. Could we be of the same Lee family line. Hope to hear back from you to see if we can connect families. Thanks for sharing.
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