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George Simmons (View posts)
Posted: 1 Jul 1998 12:00PM GMT
Classification: Query
Seeking information on Joseph K. Griffin who resided in Houston, Harris County, TX in the late 1800's and early 1900's. Joseph Griffin died in Houston 24 Jul 1915. Joseph's daughter, Edith Griffin, married George C. Simmons in Houston 28 Aug 1903. Need names of Joseph K. Griffin's parents.

looking for biological mother, I was never legally adopted

Kerrylynn Mattingly (View posts)
Posted: 17 Jan 1999 12:00PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: GRIFFIN
My name is Kerrylynn:

I'm searching for my birth mother and two siblings. Helen Francis Griffin
had baby girl griffin (that was me) on Jan 29, 1947 at Methodist Hospital in
Texas. At the time of my birth Helen had two other children. I was raised
under a false name and never was legally adopted. I lived in Houston Texas
until I was 13 years old and we suddenly moved to Indiana because my amother
said she was afraid of losing me. I didn't know until I was 22 years old
that I was never adopted and I was raised under a false name. By that time
I was married and had one child, I was devastated when I found out that
Hobbs wasn't my legal name, I went to a lawyer to make sure I was legally
married because I had a child, I was told that the name I got married under
didn't make any difference in Indiana. I then had the lawyer to obtain my
original birth certificate, which was easy because I had no closed records.
I didn't start searching for my biological family until just recently,
because my amother didn't want me to search before, and while she was living
I honored that. She is deceased now, and I want to find my biological
family. I thought it would be easy to find them since I had my original
birth certificate. Well since I was never adopted and
raised under a false name there is no record of baby girl griffin anywhere
except the original birth certificate. The lady that raised not only
my name, she obtained a ssn under that false name. So Kerrylynn has no
birth certificate, but a ssn. And baby girl griffin has a birth certificate
and no ssn.

This is what I have done re: my search so far:
Someone in Texas was helping me search for my biological family, then I
stopped searching due to my health problems (I have high blood pressure).
We have eliminated all the Helen Griffins in Texas. I had a DFW genealogy
search done, and the results concluded what we already knew (except we
thought she was born in Houston Texas). Helen Francis Griffin was born in
Houston County, (not city) on May 20, 1925 and her birth certificate #32903.
I have called (in the state of Texas) All the helen Griffins, including all
the helens with the birth date of May 20, 1925. I also did a social
security death index search and did not find her there. The Helen Francis
Griffin found by the DFW genealogy search lived only a few miles from the
address listed on my birth certificate(she lived there the year I was born
in 1947). The doctor that delivered me, his office was located only a
people of blocks from the address listed on my birth certificate, he is
deceased. We found a doctor with the same name in Houston Texas, thinking
it might be the doctors son, I called him but he was not related to the
doctor that delivered me. On my birth certificate it states that Helen
Francis Griffin is her maiden name, we are not sure if Griffin is her
married or maiden name, so we ran a credit check on the name Helen Francis
Griffin and came up with no hits.

This is what the lady that was helping me did:
She went downtown to the Clayton Genealogy Library. She looked under the
Texas Birth Index, the years: 1924, 1925, 1926. The one she came up with as
a match was:
Hellen Francis Griffin (Hellen she believed to be misspelled)
Born in Houston, Texas
Date of birth May 20, 1925
Birth certificate number: #32903
Now this is the same Hellen Francis Griffin that the DFW search showed
except there is one difference.......The DFW showed she was born in Houston
County not Houston City. The only other Helen Francies Griffin was born in
Tarrant Co., Texas on September 4, 1926, birth certificate number: 61579. *I
called her, it wasn't my birth mother. Then the lady that was helping me
drove to the
Houston Public Library and checked out the archived Houston Chronicle
newspaper from May 16 through June 15 of 1925 to see if there was a birth
announcement about Helen F. Griffin, which would have listed her parents
names. Unfortunately, there wasn't. She then went to another building
where archived Houston City Directories are kept and looked under 1946-1947
for who lived at 3806 Ruth Street. The address wasn't even listed. Other
addresses on Ruth Street were. 3806 Ruth Street was not in the 1948
directory either. It first shows up in 1949, and
has a Mrs. Mary Langham living there. She is a waitress at Thornhill's
Cafeteria. Did a Tx drivers license search and only found one that might be
that Mary Langham. The one she found was:
Mrs. Mary Langham
4618 Shaun Drive
Pasadena, Texas 77504
Phone: 713-944-7399
Date of birth: February 18, 1923
I wrote her a letter several months ago and she did not reply as of this

The address 3806 Ruth Street was an apartment building and presently owned
by Robert Lee Brown, I called them, unfortunately they do not keep past
records of who lived there.

I know we did a lot of other things re: my search, but when I first started
searching I didn't keep very good records.........I guess I thought that
since I had my birth certificate, the search would be a "piece of cake." I
do believe that the lady we are looking for is the Helen Griffin born on May
20, 1925.

I cut and pasted this: this is a note from the lady that was helping me.
This is something we didn't get a chance to check out:

"I did see one other thing that I wondered about on my trip to downtown
Houston. In the old city directory for 1948, there was a Mrs. Helen Griffin
listed. She was a waitress at Welch's Cafeteria and lived at 1018 San
Jacinto, Apt. 12. I wondered now if she might have just added the Mrs. to
her name. 1018 San Jacinto is located only 3 1/2 miles from 3806 Ruth
Street. Very suspicious! Now I wish I would have had time to followed up
on her in later city directories. The Mrs. threw me a curve."

I checked the 6 names that David Duffey (at Marywood) gave you when he
ran the database by date of birth and first name of Helen that showed
up in Texas. It was a drivers license based search, so if our Helen
doesn't drive, she wouldn't have showed up.
You could try calling or writing these:"

I called all of the names she has given me, the fact is I think they have
all been called. Well anyway this is my story.



forfun11 (View posts)
Posted: 24 Aug 2005 6:49PM GMT
Classification: Query
My greatgrandmother was married to James K Griffin. They had twins Edith and Eddie.

Re: looking for biological mother, I was never legally adopted

goodsearch (View posts)
Posted: 10 Sep 2012 11:32PM GMT
Classification: Query
Did you ever find your birthmother?
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