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Fleury vs Fleurie

Fleury vs Fleurie

Michel Sabourin (View posts)
Posted: 12 Jan 2004 4:53AM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 17 Sep 2004 1:06AM GMT
Surnames: Fleurie, Fleury, Lake, Bothillette, Mainville, Dubé
Hello All,

My grand-mother name is Fleurie, do you know if the Fleurie was originally Fleury?
Waht I got is:
Winnifred Fleurie married to Edouard Lake (14-10-1922)
John Fleurie married to Elizabeth Bothillette (05-05-1897)
Jean Fleurie married to Philomène Mainville (1873 in Maskinongé Qc)
Joseph Fleurie married to Julia Dubé ( no date)


Re: Fleury vs Fleurie

Yolande Michaud (View posts)
Posted: 21 Feb 2004 4:49PM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 17 Sep 2004 1:07AM GMT
Surnames: Fleury, Fleuri, Dube
I have also found different spellings of the name Fleury in my research. This is not uncommon when doing genealogy research.

As it relates to Joseph Fleuri and Julia Dube. My research shows that it was Fleuri but the next generations spelled it Fleury. A genealogy report received from the Algonquin Nation shows it as Fleuri with a birth date of Abt. 1800, death June 4 1877. Julia dube was b. Abt. 1811.

Best regards,

Re: Fleury vs Fleurie

sfleury4 (View posts)
Posted: 9 Mar 2010 4:03PM GMT
Classification: Query
Hi Yolande--I see a reference to a report from the Algonquin Nation. What is it & would you mind telling me how to get it as well?

Re-Joseph Fleury & Julia Dube were my gr-gr grparents. They were married in Maskinonge Quebec & subsequently moved to the Ottawa Valley area. They both died in Chapeau Quebec across the river from Pembroke Quebec.


Re: Fleury vs Fleurie

colleenfleury77 (View posts)
Posted: 28 Dec 2010 8:29PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: fleurie vs fleury
they r also my g- grandparents. Did u ever get a reply about the Algonquin report? Fleuri born in Maskinonge, Que. and appears to be a descendant of a Fleury dit Mitron
Many of us asked the same question; why the name change? Julie Dube was Algonquin and I believe the Chief's daughter. One of the Fleury's either sibling or cousin was Louis Riel's right-hand-man.
Fleury's in France are descendants of King Henry I; arriving from Ireland around 1065

Re: Fleury vs Fleurie

suzanne_fleury (View posts)
Posted: 28 Dec 2010 11:05PM GMT
Classification: Query
Hi Colleen-- don't know if you were speaking to me specifically. I still don't know what this Algonquin Report is or where to get it.

How do you know that Julia Dube was Algonquin? Where did you find that info?

Re the name change --It's my impression that is was only a spelling difference dependant on who was writing it e.g. someone who wasnt French may not know French spelling.

Also the info re King Henry I, where did you find that?

Sooo interesting!


Re: Fleury vs Fleurie

colleenfleury77 (View posts)
Posted: 29 Dec 2010 3:29PM GMT
Classification: Query
Hi Suzanne.
Julie Dube: while working on my family tree, I got in touch with a cousin from the Pembroke area who told me that all the family had a band card and that we belong to the Bonnechere Band of Algonquin Aboriginal People. It turns out that Julie Dube was a princess (the Chief's daughter. Her name was changed to a Christian name when they baptized their first child in Maskinonge, Que. The story goes "our great grandpa wanted their child baptized and in order to do so; baptized Julie, married them and baptized the child Julie Fleury who later married a St Jean.) This event was documented and the papers kept- she became on that day a person of interest "in accordance to Federal recognition as an aboriginal”. Last year I travelled to Allumette Island and met with that cousin’s mother (who is the family genealogist) and saw for myself the documentation. I now have my band card.
Name change: when I corresponded with Michel Sabourin and he said that his grandmother told the same story as my grandfather about the name change- I figured something was up. The Fleury name in France is Fleury and not Fleurie. There are a few Fleurie’s in France but that line returned from Canada with the name change. So I don't know for sure why they said that their name was Fleurie (but they hid the fact that Julie (not her real name) was native- maybe to avoid reservations?? or be affiliated with Louis Riel??? I guess we will never know...maybe it was that someone miss spelt it....thought because they were French that it should have a French spelling...but Cardinal Andre de Fleury(who was the prime minister of France during the reign of Louis the 16th) spelt his name Fleury and the Fleury Abbey in France is ie...Fleury’s are well to do people in Ireland(so an Irish friend of mine says)so I researched the name in France and found that that they immigrated from Ireland around 1060...and that they were a descendant line from Henry I. One thing I did see even from Marie Mouton of Versailles (married to our ancestor Fleury) Fleury’s are married to someone of interest; Marie Mouton a descendant from the House of Ajou. Jeanne Gilles a “fille du Roi- coming to Canada with 200 pounds more that the other King’s daughters….The Cardinal’s family owned a clothe manufacture in southern France- they imported to Canada and returned with fur. One of the family’s descendants ran the exploration company here. My grandpapa delivered mail Pony Express and his son was a Forest Ranger in 1910…a tough time back then to get work…but they got favors….I guess it’s too bad that we lost the war and hit the dirty thirties… maybe we’d all have some extra $...tee..he
ps; your contact for native status is Nancy Ward(i can get u the contact info if u want)and the France info is on line through the liberary; can u read French?
here's my contact info are you building you documenting your family tree. Michel and I are using the same database and can make's free if u keep it to less than 250 people- can't remember the name right now...but can get to u---if u upgrade we can share photos....i have some Julie Fleury, the St Jean's (by the way the came from L'Isle St PEI)and the Chartrand's.
my email:

regards, Colleen
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