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Ecay Muzquiz y Urrutia

Ecay Muzquiz y Urrutia

John Inclan (View posts)
Posted: 14 Jan 2001 12:00PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Ecay, Muzquiz, Urrutia, Uregas, Soberon
Antonio de Ecay Muzquiz y Urrutia m. Vicenta Vera
1-Joseph Antonio b.Moncloca d.San Juan Bautista del Rio
2-Lt.Jose Francisco b. Presidio del Sacramento
Governor of Coahulia 1708-1712
Joseph Antonio m. 1)Ramona Alfonsa Martinez Guajardo, 2)
Francisca Javiera Flores Valdez del Bosque 09-09-1704 Monclova.
Joseph Miguel de Ecay Muzquiz Martinez b.06-03-1698 Monclova
Isabel Maria de Ecay Muzquiz Flores b 03-16-1710 Monclova
Antonia Javiera b. 09-17-1711 Monclova
Francisca Javiera b.09-17-1711 Monclova
Francisco Joaquin b. 10-14-1710 Monclova
Joseph b. 10-11-1722 Monclova
Commandant of San Antonio de Bexar, Presidio at San Antonio
Lt.Jose Francisco Joaquin m.1)Rosa de Uregas, 2)Mariana de la Garza Falcon, daughter of Blas de la Garza Falcon and
Beatriz de Villarreal, 01-20-1735 Monclova
Alferez Pedro Fermin de Urrutia b.12-29-1725 Monclova
Javiera Nasaria b)11-08-1739 Monclova
Maria Guadalupe b)12-11-1740 Melchor Muzquiz
Joseph Antonio b)01-06-1742 Melchor Muzquiz
Lt. Blas Maria b)05-04-1744 Melchor Muzquiz
Miguel Francisco b)10-15-1745 Melchor Muzquiz
Lucas Francisco b) 10-26-1746 Melchor Muzquiz, m. Maria Gertrudis Alderete Rivera 02-26-1781 Melchor Muzquiz
Joseph Maria b) 03-17-1748 Melchor Muzquiz
Francisco Javier b)02-19-1750 Melchor Muzquiz
Marir Gertrudis Luz b)09-1752 Melchor Muzquiz
Mariano Catalina b)11-25-1758 Melchor Muzquiz
Alferez Pedro Fermin de Urrutia m. Maria Catalina Soberon
Rosa Maria de la Acuncion b)08-22-1753 Melchor Muzquiz
Ana Maria Gertrudis b)09-21-1755 Melchor Muzquiz
Maria Justa Francisca b)02-09-1758 Melchor Muzquiz m.Jose de
Jesus Alderere Rivera 01-17-1788 Melchor Muzquiz
Maria Josepha Juliana b)03-24-1759 Melchor Muzquiz
Maria del Refugio b)04-13-1760 Melchor Muzquiz
Maria Guadalupe Antonia Ecay Muzquiz de la Garza m. Juan
Neponuceno Alderete Ramon 02-05-1770 Melchor Muzquiz
Pedro Joseph Blas Maria de Alderete b 08-01-1773 Melchor
Lt Blas Maria Maria Ecay Muzquiz de la Garza m Juana Francisca de Urrutia y de los Santos 04-07-1773 Monclova,
daughter of Joaquin de Urrutia and Rita de los Santos Coy
Jose Miguel Antonio b)06-09-1777
Maria Josepha Juana Deonacia b)04-16-1779
Joseph Silvestre Joaquin b)01-11-1781
Joseph Fernando b)06-06-1784
Jose Bentura b)04-14-1788
Maria Josefa Francisca b)04-03-1791
Miguel Francisco Ecay Muzquiz de la Garza m. Maria Ignacia
Maria Josepha Margila b)09-11-1744 Melchora Muzquiz
Joseph Miguel Antonio Maria b)12-13-1775 Melchora
Rosa Maria de la Acuncion Urrutia Soberon m. Mariano Josepj Yrurgas 10-31-1773 Melchora Muzquiz
Joseph Maria de la Cruz Yreugas b)07-30-1775
Maria Josefa Catalina Rufina b)12-03-1776
Joseph Miguel Mariano b)03-29-1778
Joseph Joaquin Policarpio b)02-02-1780
Maria Antonia Josefa de Asuncion b)09-10-1781
Maria Rosa Josepha de la Asucion b)09-07-1782
Joseph Joaquin Francisco Maria b)02-20-1784
Joseph Maria Antonio de San Joaquin b)06-20-1786
Jose Maria Antonio de Santa Maria b)02-26-1788
Rosa Maria Josefa Felipa de Jesus b)02-26-1792
Jose Francisco de Paula b)02-24-1794 died?
Jose francisco de Paula b)05-10-1797
Pedro Joseph Blas Maria Alderete Ecay Muzquiz m. Maria Petra
Nandin 09-12-1795 Melchor Muzquiz
Maria Juliana b)10-24-1801 Melchor Muzquiz
Maria Eligia de la Concepcion b)12-09-1803
Jose Antonio b)05-11-1808 Melchor Muzquiz
Parish church Santa Rosa de Lima in Melchor Muzquiz, Coahulia, Mexico
I would like to hear from any family member.
Yours truly
John Inclan- Great Grandson(X9)of Captain Joseph de Urrutia


Celia Roesser (View posts)
Posted: 27 Apr 2001 12:00PM GMT
Classification: Query
I have found that my decendants came from Coahuila or Nuevo Leon. The HERRERAS that I am looking for are from Atascosa County, Texas (south of San Antonio). The El Carmen Cemetery has many many HERRERAS and URIEGAS. Do you know the relationships between these two families. There are also two other cemeteries of HERRERAS nearby also. From what I have found my great-grandfather was Nicolas Herrera Jr (wife Maria Basquez married 1897) and his father was Nicolas Herrera Sr. (wife Beatriz Montalbo married 1869). The records appear to show that both had their marriages at El Carmen Church in Losoya (very near Poteet) in Atascosa County. Also Herrera Sr's father was Victor HERRERA (wife Rafaela Flores abt. 1840) possibly from San Buena Ventura, Mexico. I do not have all this verified by birth certificates, etc. but by information from the Bejaranos genealogy articles and county records.

Thank you,

Celia Roesser or


martie13 (View posts)
Posted: 6 Jul 2001 6:31AM GMT
Edited: 4 Jun 2002 2:16PM GMT
I, too, have most of the surnames you listed from the Coahuila and San Antonio area. My ancestors names are not the same though. I wanted to know if any of your Montalbos were married to a Capt. Davis. My grtgrdfather was Pantaleon Herrera Sr. from Coahuila.
Does this Bejaranos Gen have a web site?
Martie (Herrera Reyes) Carreon


celiasgenes1 (View posts)
Posted: 6 Jul 2001 5:27PM GMT
Classification: Immigration
I found the Bexarenos Genealogical Society through a couple of place. Try

This is just the index. They do have a local office open on Saturdays here in San Antonio. They might be at the SA Public Library downtown. I found my copy from my Aunt Gloria that used to belong to The Bexarenos. The Atascosa Genealogical Society in Poteet also has copies.


Melissa Jane Cesaria Montoya (View posts)
Posted: 23 Jul 2001 3:32AM GMT
Surnames: Herrera, Martinez, Gallardo, Flores

Please see this website. There are intermarriages between the 2 families.

Hope this helps.



celiasgenes2 (View posts)
Posted: 23 Jul 2001 5:00AM GMT
Classification: Lookup
Edited: 24 Jul 2001 7:10AM GMT

Thanks! I have looked at that website and I have spoken to Andrew Martinez. At this point, my Herrera family is not connected to the Uriegas (at least not at this point). I have ordered the LDS Microfilm from San Buenaventura, Coahuila and it should be here by next week. These Herrera were also in Medina, Bandera County, Texas and I'm moving on to other church records in the area. From church records, I've located an additional brother to my great grandfather, Nicolas Herrera Jr. He is Rafael HERRERA. And a sister named Anita. Their father was Nicolas Herrera, Sr. and his father was Victor Herrera from San Buenaventura, Coahuila.

If you would like me to do lookups from San Buenaventura while I have the microfilm, email me at




leknien (View posts)
Posted: 17 Dec 2001 7:22AM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 20 Jul 2003 8:33AM GMT
Surnames: Herrera, Moran(?)
I have a Petra Herrera, b. june 29 1887/88 in Villa Garcia, NL and was raised in Monterey, NL. She came to USA, married Richard (Ricardo) Downes. Settled in Runge, Atascosa County, & San Antonio, TX. Died Aug 16, 1973 in San Antonio and is buried at the Baptist Church Cemetery, Sand Branch, in Atascosa County. Also, her father, Felipe, came to USA w/ her. He dided May 10, 1945 in San Antonio.

Before coming to USA, her mother and only sister died. A cousin later came to USA. Petra had relatives in a small village (believed to be San Felipe) in Zacatecas (sp). The main way in/out was by train. It was located about 150 kilometers north of San Luis Potosi.

Any additional information or suggestions are appreciated.

Re: Ecay Muzquiz y Urrutia

Horacio (View posts)
Posted: 12 Nov 2003 9:45PM GMT
Classification: Query
Recently in the parrish archives of Zaragoza, Coahuila...I discovered one of my ancestors on the De Hoyos side of my mom's family, had a daughter Ma. Enemencia de Hoyos, daughter of Jose Joaquin de Hoyos & Ma. Columbina Martinez, married Mariano Eca y Muzquiz, son of Joaquin de Eca y Muzquiz & Mariana de la Garza on 30 Nov. 1780.
Enemencia & my ancestor Joseph de Hoyos, were primos hermanos.
Joseph de Hoyos was the son of Jose Miguel de Hoyos & grandson of Domingo de Hoyos & Juana de Montemayor, all from Monclova.
Domingo de Hoyos' father was the sargento Santiago de Hoyos, who under the command of Alonso de Leon, was among the first vecinos of the re-populated Nuevo Almaden, that De Leon renamed Santiago de la Monclova in his acta of 1689.
Among his testigos on that acta were, Juan Bautista Chapa & Jose Antonio de Eca y Muzquiz.


Re: Ecay Muzquiz y Urrutia

214paneto (View posts)
Posted: 9 Sep 2005 2:10AM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Muzquiz,Musquiz, Coahuila, Mexico
Hello Horacio,
Yes, it's me again. I understand that I've written to you recently concerning Augustine Muzquiz (05/05/1900 to 05/29/1972)...and I'm afraid that I "may have" sent you erroneous information, and I am truly apologetic...I have been trying for some time to trace my family tree, and the major problem is that I continually, and much too often, get contradictory info from various relatives. It is frustrating, because jsut when I think that I am on the right path, something else comes up...So I sincerely apologize for wasting any of your time on this matter.
I previously wrote that "Jose Maria Musquiz" could possibly be my Grandfather (and a reference to Zaragoza,Coahuila). Now I'm not quite so certain that reference(s) is correct.
I am now being told that "Jose Louis (Luis) Muzquiz" and Piedras Negras (possibly born in...). My niece posted a inquiry on a genealogy board stating that my Father Augustine Jr. was born in San Antonio, Texas (1944) and incorrectly that Augustine Sr. was born in Spain...
She received a response from a woman named Marie (Carrizo Springs, Texas) stating: "His father's name was Felipe... and under the subject heading: "His Grandfather Jose Louis Muzquiz was from Piedras Negras..." I am a bit confused, and I am writing her in order to clarify the "who from what" sort of thing...Which leads me to this note for you.
If you have any reference(s) or connecting information that relates towards clarification, it would be truly appreciated. Anything connecting "Jose Louis (or Luis) and/or "Felipe" to my Grandfather...Whether it's in Mexico(Zaragosa or Piedras Negras) or Texas (San Antonio, Carrizo Springs or Crystal City) would be of consideral help...Once again: I offer my sincere apologies, and I do appreciate any information you could provide.
John D.Muzquiz

Re: Ecay Muzquiz y Urrutia

Mary Esther Zahradnick (View posts)
Posted: 10 Feb 2006 4:57PM GMT
Classification: Query
The information that I have is on Jose Maria Musquiz y Echaiz his parents
Eugenio Musquiz
Maria Guadalupe Echaiz y Carrasco he baptz at Santa Rosa de Lima. 29 Nov 1842 Muzquiz Coahuila, Mexico.These Musquiz were military at La Babia,Coahuila, Mexico

Mary Esther
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