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Cheek's from TN TX

Cheek's from TN TX

Kim in Houston, Texas USA (View posts)
Posted: 25 Jul 2000 5:55PM GMT
Richard Cheek's children: Randall, Ellis, JAMES WILLIAM John.
JAMES WILLIAM married Francis Attaway; their children were Elizabeth born 1845, William Borgess born 1846, Flora P., Martha Jane born 1851, PARIS born 1855, Newton. They may have lived around Nashville, TN.
PARIS married Susan Elizabeth Childress; their children were Laura born 1875, Henry Millard born 1877, Della born 1880, Joe Manuel born 1882, June or Julis Frank born 1885, Robert Eph born 1887,Amanda Eveline born 1889, James William born 1892, Minnie Myrtle born 1894. They lived around Tarrent, Texas and Comanche Co., Texas. Paris died in Forth Worth, Texas.
Does anyone recognize or have any info on this family?

Kim in TX.......Richard Cheek family

Rhonda Cheek (View posts)
Posted: 26 Jul 2000 5:08PM GMT
Richard Cheek had 4 sons,one whom is
John Cheek.....He is my Great Grandfather!
And John Cheek had 2 sons (there might be
more children)but one was named John Henry
and he's my Grandad! And he had 2 sons
that I know of very well, Theodore (Ted),
and my dad....Ronald Cheek!
I'm sure that there is more to this family
connection,so if you get any more info.,
that springs up some curiosty , I'm sure
I can help somehow. The Cheek family is a
huge family and anyone who has a Cheek
name is somehow related. My dad has a wall
plaque of the crest in his home,and reminds
the family to always stand straight and
proud when the name Cheek is announced !
Happy searching.......Rhonda Cheek.

Cheek Lineage

Kim in TX (View posts)
Posted: 27 Jul 2000 5:55AM GMT
How exciting to hear from you! I personally am not related to the Cheek's, but I am searching for my (boy)friend. I believe he would be your 3rd or 4th cousin...I have to check my papers (at home). Do you live in Texas? Where do most of the Cheek's come from? Or, where would be the best place to start? Is this an Indian name? Does the Cheek line start from Europe? Thanks for your reply - please send any information - I'd love to collect for my files.

Cheek lineage / Reply

Rhonda Cheek (View posts)
Posted: 28 Jul 2000 4:04PM GMT
Hi Kim, I can try to be as helpful as
possible, but there are some things that I
am unaware of because my dad remembers names and dates about as good as he could recite the entire national anthem word for word with no problem (highly unlikely
Anyway, I dont live in TX, I live in PA.
And my dad and grandad are from NC. The Cheek line started in europe and has ended up here the states , and from my understanding there is an
indian village in one of the southern states that is primarily of the Cheek natives. Supposedly, if an outsider were to travel through this particular village and spoke of the name Cheek, you would be treated like royalty. I guess meaning , the best they would have. Also, the name Cheek in Europe is spelled Cheke. There is an Cheek Estate in Great Britain.
Who is your boyfriend ? Is he a Cheek?
Does he live in TX too? This is very interesting to know that there are relatives I dont know!
Any info you get, let me know .
Talk to me soon!......Rhonda Cheek

Cheek Info

Kim Gibson, Houston, TX (View posts)
Posted: 30 Jul 2000 6:48AM GMT
Rhonda, according to my records, Kevin would be your 3rd cousin, twice removed. You are on the same line as his grandmother Ola Myrtle Simpson Robison, who was born 1907. Richard Cheek would be his gggggrandfather (four greats). Your great grandfather John would be the brother to his ggggrandfather James. Kevin is not a Cheek, he is a Robison, but his connection to the Cheek's is through his Mother. His mother's mother's mother was a Cheek by birth...Amanda Evelyn Cheek, daughter of Paris Cheek who was one of James Williams Cheek's sons.
Where was Richard Cheek born/died? Where were the four sons Randall, Ellis, James and John born? I know James died in Nashville,TN. I know James' son, Paris, was born in TN but died in TX. Did your great grandfather John live in NC? Or, did your grandfater John Henry travel to NC after perhaps being born in TN?
I'm working on setting up a good database, but so far I'm still working out of notebook papers and sketch pads, etc.
This is very interesting. I told Kevin I found a distant cousin of his. He would like to know more, too, as I find out. Kevin and I both live in Houston, TX. Kevin was born in Oklahoma. He says he has Cherokee in his bloodline...would that be from the Cheek's? Were they Cherokee?
Please write when you can. If you would like, we could also communicate privately. My work email is and my home is
Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kim in TX/ Good info .

Rhonda Cheek (View posts)
Posted: 30 Jul 2000 10:46AM GMT
Hi Kim, I am headed out the door right now,
but I wanted to let you know ,the info. you
have put together is absolutely right! I am
going to see if my dad can tell me more in
regards to where my Great Grandfather was
born. Let Kevin know that I look forward to
meeting him and you also. I have been reading some of the other entries that people are entering under the Cheek Surname
and I wonder if they are sure of their info.
Some entries link up to ours when you put it down on paper, while others seem to be very inaccurate. I will tell you this, there is a
couple of books you might find interesting,that links the name Cheek originating to The Isle of Wight in Great Britain . And the natives from there intermarried with Europeans and on into the US. Which is why it is difficult for everyone who is trying to put together a link
under the Cheek name. That is one reason why it's important to get accurate info. I will be in touch with you very soon . You can always Email me at anytime. And any confidential info. you or I might have wont be exploited on the internet. False information makes me! Talk to you soon !


cheekfamilytree (View posts)
Posted: 21 Sep 2000 7:58PM GMT
Edited: 10 Jul 2001 5:20PM GMT
My name is Kathy,I read your post and my family is also from N.C .
You spoke of a village but you did not say where it was,do you have that info? I am part cherokee trying to find any family members.
Thanks Kathy


evajcares (View posts)
Posted: 22 Sep 2000 8:51PM GMT
Edited: 8 Oct 2001 2:51AM GMT
Hi! There are quite a lot of us Cheeks in Texas. My Great, great grandfather, John Cheek, was born on a farm in Northbend, OH 1816, and died in Sandcreek Township, Decatur Co., IN. 3-4-1878. John was married to Catherine Goodwin 8-9-1839, b. in Platt Co., MO in 1808, d. 1877. I too have heard rumors that there is American Indian blood somewhere along the line. I have no idea where. My Paternal great grandfather was James Cheek, b. Sandcreek Township, IN 4-11-1840., m. 10, 27,1869 to Miranda, Margaret, Best, b, 3-24-1848 in Platt Co, MO. They moved from Decatur Co., IN. and came to Texas in about 1877 on the train, to Ellis County, TX. He died 4-19-1892 and is buried at Tellico Cemetery, Ellis Co., TX, She died 9-16-1921 in Kemp., TX. They had 10 children. He was first married to another lady in IN, but I am unsure of her name, possibly Margaret Nicum. according to correspondence I got from a Cheek descendent in IN. They had 4 children. I can give you their names, if you like. I've probably given more info. than you wanted. If interested I will send more. You can contact me at Let me know if we are kin!


Adriane Linam (View posts)
Posted: 16 Feb 2001 8:04PM GMT
I am trying to find some info on my great-great grandmother Nancy Cheek. She married William Anderson. The only info I have is that she was from Cheek's Corner, Tennessee sometime in the early to mid 1800's. Is she in your family line?

Nancy Cheek

Adriane Linam (View posts)
Posted: 16 Feb 2001 8:05PM GMT
I am trying to find some info on my great-great grandmother Nancy Cheek. She married William Anderson. The only info I have is that she was from Cheek's Corner, Tennessee sometime in the early to mid 1800's. Is she in your family line?
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