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JODI (View posts)
Posted: 12 Jul 2005 11:57AM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: SRAMEK
I am researching my GG grandparents from Czech. Where in Czech and when? I have no clue. They had a child, Charles II (my gg) that moved to WI. I have listed that Charles the 1st one (born 1872)- died in Cedar Rapids as well, when? I don't know. I have nothing on Stazy. I also did an online cemetery search of all the cemeteries in Cedar Rapids (nothing) I had something posted on the net and this was a response I did get:

1917 Cedar Rapids city directory shows Charles Sramek wife Staze, baker ll00 s 7th, residence same. There is also listed a miss Stazie Sramek clerk Iowa Tel Co rooms 522 S. 18th. If any were still alive in 1925, special county census will tell you maiden name of mother.

What does this person mean by a "SPECIAL CENSUS"? I am at odds. 1937 directory shows sramek bakery that address. Charles & Stazie home at rear.The building is still there.

Could you direct me in the way of some one in this are that may be able to help me? Any help is more than greatly appreciated.



marylevesque256 (View posts)
Posted: 3 Nov 2005 7:27PM GMT
Classification: Query
Hi, Jodi. Let me see if I have this right. Your gg gpts are Charles and Staze (unknown) Sramek. They are listed as bakers in the 1917 Cedar Rapids directory, and the 1937 directory shows the bakery at the same address, 1100 S. 7th.

To answer your question about the census, some states had censuses on the half-decade years, e.g. 1885, 1895, etc. I checked Ancestry; they only list the Iowa 1885 census. That does not mean there weren't other ones. You can sometimes check out a microfilm with an inter-library loan. Hopefully you can find a librarian who will help with this. If you live in a large enough city, a local genealogical society would love to help. Sometimes the special censuses listed very interesting facts. The 1885 census in Nebraska lists how many horses, cows, and chickens my great uncle owned.

I checked the social security death index, and there are two Charles Srameks listed for Wisconsin. One was born 1894, died 1966. The other was born in 1924, died 1998. It costs quite a bit, ($27. I think) but you can order a photocopy of the original application. For my relatives, it listed the village in Europe where they were born. Of course, if the 1894 Sramek was born in the US, this will not help you much. But if he WAS born in Europe, it would have his village.

I don't know how the churches are in Iowa; here in Nebraska one diocese does not permit anyone looking at the old directories. But if your ancestors were Catholic, you could check with the Czech parishes in Cedar Rapids, and see if there is a baptismal record for Charles II. Once in a while the priest listed the village in Europe of the parents.

I am interested in your Srameks, because we don't know where our Srameks were from 1877 to 1882. Yet they ordered a cemetery monument from Spillville, IA. We have often wondered if they spent part of that time in Iowa. However, since Charles was not one of the names used, I consider it unlikely that your Srameks are closely related to my Srameks.

To summarize: if the Charles Sramek who died in Wisconsin is your relative, consider buying the Social Security application copy. Check church records. If anyone in the family has the original documents brought over from Europe, examine them for the name of a parish or village.

I couldn't tell from your message: are you researching back into Europe, or forward into the US?


Cathy Minor (View posts)
Posted: 2 Jan 2006 3:48PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Sramek, Lewandowski
I don't know if this is the same family,but, I have a picture of a Chas.Sramek Bakery with family members standing in front of the bakery.
My grandfather was George Sramek. His father was Fred Sramek. I do not have any information about Fred Sramek's parents or how they got to the United States.
Our family is from Northwestern Indiana.
I remember that George and Anna Sramek, my grandparents, use to go on fishing trips to Iowa and Wisconsin. Perhaps there is some connection, perhaps not.
The bakery thing got me thinking however.
Cathy Minor


sum1stale (View posts)
Posted: 26 Aug 2008 3:46PM GMT
Classification: Query
the charles sramek that moved to wisconsin is most likely to be my great great grandfather! my names Charles E. Sramek the 5th, my grandfather was a police officer in Plymouth, Wi (chuck) charles the 3rd, he was married to geroldean Lemahew (my granda jerri) (not sure how to spell it) shes still alive and lives in Plymouth, Wi. if anybody knows history of family it would be her!


jodilynn68 (View posts)
Posted: 27 Aug 2008 2:09AM GMT
Classification: Query
My grandmother was Mary (Sramek)Sartori Of Plymouth WI. Charles the III would be my grandmothers brother! I have a lot of family still there but no one seems to have any history! Last year I traveled to Cedar Rapids and took some photos of the old Sramek Bakery (which is now a home). Most of the area there was flooded recently. I also have some tombstone photos and added a few few other Czech names to our tree! Charles the III would be my grandmothers brother!


marylevesque256 (View posts)
Posted: 16 Aug 2009 4:49AM GMT
Classification: Query
I got busy today and found a lot of your information. It's very hard to do something like this in a logical order; please just print this off and forgive me for the jumble.

If you happen to be an Ancestry subscriber, you can get to the records I will describe.

The 1925 Iowa State census is a gold mine of information. To get to it in Ancestry, click on Search (I used the old search), then Iowa, click on view all 20 Iowa Census & Voter Lists, find the Iowa State Census collection, 1826-1925 and enter Sramek. In the 1925 census, the person LISTED THE NAMES OF THEIR PARENTS, including mother's maiden name!

Each entry took 3 pages, I think, so once you click on the name, look at the image, you have to click on the next page.

But first, let's look at the 1915 census.

In the 1915 census, the entries are on cards, possibly 3 x 5. When you locate one of the Sramek entries, scroll backwards and forwards. They are in alphabetic order, not by household. The first one is image 35082 of 41917. You can identify the family members by the P.O. box entries.

Grouped by family:

1932 S. 8 St.
Joseph age 44
Josephine age 41
Adolph age 17
John age 11
Mary age 8
Paul age 8
Vlasta age 14

1607 K st W (who are these kids living with? No parents with surname Sramek.)
Albie age 9
Anna (or Alma) age 3
Christie age 14
Frank age 15
Joseph age 12
Tillie age 10

1100 7 St. (your group)
Charlie age 42
Anastasie age 36
Chas age 21
Francis age 14 (female)

573 So 10 St W
Lewis J. age 53
Marie age 38
Edward age 3

1001 So 8 St.
Staze age 18 (occupation stenographer)

Room 123 Grand Hotel
Frank W. age 19

From this list, we cannot tell where Staze age 18 and Frank W. age 19 belong. One or both could be children of Charles and Stazy.

Now for the 1925 findings.

The second entry from the top for all Sramek for all census years is Frances Chehak, who appears to be married to Norbert Chehak, and whose parents are Charles and Stazy Sramek. They have transcribed Stazy's maiden name as Cock, but that is obviously incorrect. When I look at the image, line 81, image 185 of 207, I see Cvak, Stazy.

It gets better. About the 16th entry down, you get Stazy Sramek, 1925 on line 94, which is the 4th line from the top of the image which makes it easy to keep track of. She is age 45, and on image 2077 of 2274, her father is Wencil Cvrk (born in Iowa -- I don't think so) and her mother is Josephine Charper born in Bohemia. So now you have possible last names of Stazy's parents. Stazy is supposedly born in Bohemia, so I seriously doubt that her father was born in Iowa.

For Frances, age 24 in 1925, the marriage place of her parents from column H is Iowa. This means Charles and Stazy were married here.

And Charles Sramek is on line 93, his father is Matys Sramek, his mother Anna Vokurka. Does this take you back a generation?

Looking further, I located Charles and Stazy in the 1900 census, indexed as Sremek. Son Chas is 6, born Jan 1894, and daughter Stasy is 3, born July 1896. Charles and Stasy (parents) have been married 1 year, but Stasy is listed as the mother of 0 children, 0 living. Therefore, she must be a second wife. Charles immigrated in 1885, Stasy in 1883. Therefore, we can conclude that the Staze listed in 1915 is their (step)daughter.

I finally located them in the 1905 census, indexed as Szamek, on 1205 K St. Only names and addresses are recorded, Charlie, Frances, Stazie, Charlie, and Stazie.

So now you have two addresses where they lived: in 1905 on 1205 K St., and in 1915 1100 7 St. (but you already knew about this one.) In addition, you can read the addresses on the sides of the federal census. I don't recall if any were different.

I could not find either Stazy or Charles in the 1895 census, but the images are not available, so one is dependent on guessing how the names were transcribed. I did not try the 1885 census, but Stazy could be in it, since she came here in 1883.


jodilynn68 (View posts)
Posted: 16 Aug 2009 2:00PM GMT
Classification: Query
Wow! Okay so I am looking through my info-Found marriage info on obit. I have a Charipar, Mary married to Joseph Cvrk. The name Wencil Cvrk has me wanting to investigate more. Something is peculiar here. ?

I have no info on Charles Sramek parents. This is his obit info:Charles Sramek, 85, Retired Baker, Dies Charles Sramek, 85, of 1610 Second Ave SE, who owned and operated the Sramek Bakery at 1100 Seventh st. 37 years, until his retirement in 1941, died at his home 1:15 a.m. Friday. Born in Czechoslovakia Nov 8. 1872, Mr. Sramek came to Cedar Rapids from Chicago 70 years ago. He was a member of BPOE NO. 251. Surviving are a son, Charles, of Plymouth Wis., two daughters, Stacia Jordan and Frances Chehak, both of Cedar Rapids, and a brother Fred, of North Judson, Ind. He was married in July 1899, in Cedar Rapids to Anastacia Cvrk, who died Nov. 8, 1956. Services: Berta-Hesser chapel at 10:00 a.m.. Monday by the Reverend D.A. Loferski of St. John`s Episcopal church, Burial: Cedar Memorial. Friends may call at the chapel after 2 p.m. Sunday.
1917 Cedar Rapids city directory shows Charles Sramek wife Staze, baker ll00 s 7th, residence same. There is also listed a miss Stazie Sramek clerk Iowa Tel Co rooms 522 S. 18th. 1937 directory shows sramek bakery that address. Charles & Stazie home at rear. The building is still there.

So yes, you have taken me back another generation! It is all a bit confusing and overwhelming! I LOVE IT!

And you see the Chehaks were related because he daughter Frances married into them.

Sincere Thanks! JOdi


marylevesque256 (View posts)
Posted: 16 Aug 2009 5:30PM GMT
Classification: Query
Obviously, I couldn't sleep last night, because I found some more!

The WWI registration cards show Charles Sr. born Nov 9, 1872, and Charles Jr. born Feb. 12, 1894.

In the 1920 census Charles Jr. has been married for 1 year to -- you are never going to believe this -- Annastacia! So not only did your family have 5 Charles persons, they apparently had 3 Anastasias at least. But the last one went by Anna in the 1930 census, thank goodness.

In 1918 Charles Jr. was working for the Goodrich Transi Co as a Marine Engine oiler. The company was based out of Chicago, but his home address is still the 1100 S 7th address.

Do you have access to Ancestry, either at home or at a library?


marylevesque256 (View posts)
Posted: 17 Aug 2009 8:42PM GMT
Classification: Query
You can e-mail me off board at

Whose obit was it with Mary Charipar married to Joseph Cvrk?


William_Schriever (View posts)
Posted: 22 May 2013 3:30PM GMT
Classification: Query
Hi Cathy, I live in Cedar Rapids, IA. I have been helping a class-mate (Patricia) with her Sramek family. Charles Sramek was her Grandfather. Patricia is wanting to get involved more finding her family, and I would like to put her in touch with you to share information. Please reply, Bill Schriever
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