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Webster County Missouri and Beyond...My Baby family tree

Webster County Missouri and Beyond...My Baby family tree

Stacie (View posts)
Posted: 31 May 2004 2:48AM GMT
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My name is stacie cantrell. I am 25 and from Webster County Missouri. My great grandmother was Sarah R. Bagby. She was married to Joe Cantrell.... We would like to know more about this family or if there are any mistakes in our family tree. Please email me at if you want to say hi or to share info.
We also know their is more of a cantrell/bagby connection or that their are more cantrell/bagby connections. We would like to know more about this.

Generation No. 1

Robert Bagby

Generation No. 2

William Isaac Bagby was born in 1770. William was the son of Robert Bagby. He married Dursilla Semmes.

Generation No. 3

Clayton Bagby married Nancy (I am unsure of the maiden name). Clayton was born in 1776 and lived in Prince Edward County, Virginia.

Generation No. 4

Clayton and Nancy Bagby had a son in my direct line. His name was Littleberry Mead Bagby. Littleberry was born about 1806 in Charlotte County, Virginia. He died after 1880 in Missouri. Littleberry Bagby married America "Anna" W. Dixon. America was born in 1802 in Virginia and died in Missouri.

Generation No. 5

Littleberry Mead and America "Anna" Bagby had a son named John C. Bagby. John was born in 1826 in Virginia and died around 1905 in Bodark Springs, Fannin County, Texas. John Bagby married Sarah Todd. Sarah Todd was born around 1831 in Indiana and she died around 1900 in Bodark Springs, Fannin County, Texas.

Generation No. 6

John C. and Sarah Todd Bagby had a son name William Samuel Bagby. He was born on Nov. 10, 1851 in High Prairie, Webster County, Missouri. He died on March 13, 1927 in Webster County, Missouri. William Samuel Bagby married Nancy Caroline Lord. Nancy was born on Sept. 25, 1855 in High Prairie, Webster County, Missouri. Nancy passed away on Dec. 14, 1927 in Webster County, Missouri.

Generation No. 7

William Samuel Bagby and Nancy Caroline Lord are the parents of my Great Grandmother Sarah R. Bagby. Sarah was born on June 16, 1873 in Webster County, Missouri. She passed away in 1951. Sarah Bagby married my Great Grandfather Joseph M. "Joe" Cantrell

I was also reading in a history of Webster County, Missouri Book. High Prairie Township is the area where a lot of my dad's family lived when they moved to Webster County. Many of the children in this area went to the Nation School (named Hindoo Nation after Osage I didnt understand this and none of the people in my Dads family appear to have any Native American background that I have found yet). Anyhow, the Nation School opened as early as 1840. It is located on the farm that was later known as the John Bagby farm (later still known as the Walker Smith farm). In my family Cantrells, Bagby's, Manors(my grandma cantrell's family), and other family members and friends of the family attended this school. It wasnt so many years back that this school was still open. In fact some of my older first cousins attended this school.

Re: Bagbys in Webster County Missouri (View posts)
Posted: 1 Jun 2004 3:33AM GMT
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Edited: 17 Feb 2005 1:29AM GMT
Surnames: Bagby

There have been two responses to your post. You may read them in the Bagby List Archives at the following URLs:

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Hope you join and hope that this info helps you.

There is also a search engine on If you recognize anything that looks familiar, feel free to post a response.

Sherri Schaefer Bagby
Bagby Admin

Re: Webster County Missouri and Beyond...My Bagby family tree

jbagby_1 (View posts)
Posted: 13 Oct 2004 6:35AM GMT
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Edited: 22 Oct 2004 12:17AM GMT
Surnames: Attention Cantrell
I wrote to you one other time . Littleberrys real name is James M. Bagby,born 1806, Prince Edward Co. Va. His father Clayton Bagby ,born abt. 1776, Prince Edward Co. Va. His father I am still looking for.. John C. was married to Sarah Todd 4th. cousin to Mary Ann Todd Lincoln.John C. was my G.G.Grandfather Claytons father may have been William ,born 1750, but I think it possible it may have been Major Robert B. Bagby Jr.,born 1740 who married Elizabeth Pinnick in 1768, in Prince Edward Co. Va. Joe Bagby

Re: Clayton Bagby - Bagbey (View posts)
Posted: 13 Oct 2004 3:19PM GMT
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Edited: 17 Feb 2005 1:29AM GMT
Surnames: Bagby, Bagbey
There was a reply to this thread of discussion sent directly to the Bagby Rootsweb List. It may be viewed in the Bagby Rootsweb Archives online at:

Bill Bagbey is an extremely good researcher. His research may be viewed online in the Clayton Bagbey report on by web site at

I do hope that you read the responses in the archives that I made mention of when you posted before. That would have been this post of mine:

which refers to two other posts in the archives that would be very beneficial in your research. Both of those archived posts also come from very good researchers.

Sherri Schaefer [Bagby]
Bagby Admin

Re: Webster County Missouri and Beyond...My Bagby family tree

Dan Dunham (View posts)
Posted: 13 Oct 2004 4:22PM GMT
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Surnames: Bagby, Simms, Pennick, Evans, Lewis, Vickers, Flinn, Hansford, Vorthcutt, Byland
Documentation does not support Clayton Bagby being the son of either William and Druscilla (Simms) Bagby or Robert and Eizabeth "Betsey" (Pennick) Bagby.

Clayton Bagby is not mentioned in the 1806 Will of William Bagby, born 1840 (married to Druscilla Simms). Nor is the there a son born to William Bagby listed in his family bible before the birth of Reuben on February 5, 1777, who is identified as the "1st son of Wm and Druscilla Bagby" in the Bible.

Separately, Clayton Bagby is not mentioned in the 1820 Campbell County, Kentucky, Will of Major Robert Bagby. Said Will lists: sons - William, David, Charles, James; daughters - Nancy Price, Judith Vickers, Sally Flinn, Theodosia Bagby; son-in-law Thomas Lewis; daughter-in-law, Elizabeth, widow of Robert; grandchild - Lucy Bagby, daughter of Charles; also Tavitah Evans, no relationship stated, Executor - son David; Testator - Alexander Hansford, Benjamin Vorthcutt, Samuel Byland.

The marriage bond for Robert Bagby and Betsey Pennick in Prince Edward County, Virginia provides the date of July 30, 1788, thus eliminating Robert Bagby and Betsey Pennick as the parents of Clayton born in 1776.

Re: Clayton Bagby, 1776, and Will Bagby

Barry Wood (View posts)
Posted: 16 Oct 2004 2:19AM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Bagby, Gilliam, Sale
To support Dan Dunham's posts on this subject, please note that the William Bagby who married Drusilla Simms was not only not the father of Clayton Bagby; he was not born in 1770. As Dan noted, his birthdate of 1750 appears in his own family Bible. The marriage date of 1770 is also in the Bible. (Dan's typing finger slipped in writing, in one of his posts, 1780). The 1770 date is recorded in the register kept by Rev. Douglas, where the groom's name is written as "Will. Begbie."

Regardless of the date of marriage, a man born in 1770 could not have fathered a child in 1776.

It has been quite a while since I studied Clayton Bagby, but if I recall correctly, when I did so it seemed that there was reason to believe that he was connected with the Bagbys of Buckingham County, Virginia. Buckingham is adjacent to Prince Edward County as well as to Cumberland County where William & Drusilla lived.

Buckingham is a "burned" county and therefore a very difficult venue for research. However, it's my understanding that the lists of tithables survive in Richmond (at the Virginia State Library) for a number of years in the latter part of the 18th century. They may provide some clues for you. Most significantly, when a man became "tithable," at age 16, he is most often listed in the same place as his father. The record typically doesn't say that X is the father of Y, but it's a reasonable assumption in light of the paucity of other sources.

Good luck in your search.
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